Safe online casino: our most reliable online casino list

It is not easy to identify safe and reliable online casinos, because on the net there are really many sites that offer the opportunity to play with laps of slot machines, roulette and live poker.

To understand how to identify i Best Slot Machine websites And roulette it is necessary to take a step back and understand what are the requirements that make a casino a safe reality.

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In this article, we will talk about:

  • ADM license (what is it and what is it for?),
  • the prizes and awards that are conferred on serious mess;
  • di rtp by rng;
  • of the customer service;
  • of the level of safety and protection of privacy.

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How to know if a casino is safe?

When we talk about safe online casino, reference is made to all those platforms that adopt a series of measures with the aim of protecting the player.

Safety in a mess is one of the aspects that users look at, before registering. But what is meant for safety? How do you know if a mess is really safe or not?

Safety is a very large and varied topic that includes:

  • the level of reliability of the platform;
  • the safety of game software;
  • transparency of transactions (both incoming and outgoing);
  • security for the player.

Gambling and security: why do we have to be careful?

For those who love gaming, they are slot machines or card games, safety is always a theme on the agenda. Unfortunately, there are still many pitfalls that the web, also in USA, reserves for those who love online games, for example slot machines or live episodes, so much so as to involve a sur of attention by users on mobile null

In USA, however, the number of safe online casinos and games platforms in which the bets safely are not limited, thanks to extremely sophisticated software.

The ADM license: a guarantee of safety

The ADM license (Customs Agencies and Monopolies), known in the past with the acronym Aams, is the body that controls the game of the best lotteries and bingo in USA.

Starting in 2001, the aforementioned body also deals with supervising the work of games and bets, both of agencies and on the web.

To obtain the ADM license, in USA, it is necessary that the online casino website exceeds, with a positive outcome, the checks of the agency and that its games are part of the list of those defined as "safe".

Once the tests are passed, periodic checks are provided for the RTP (the percentage of returning to the player) and for the contractual obligations that must always be respected.

The former AAMS license is a guarantee for those who want to play on the best American online casinos, opening a deposit account that can be used in total safety.

Premiums and acknowledgments: the most confident casino awarded

One of the elements that help to identify the best safe online casinos in USA are the prizes and awards that are periodically awarded.

These are compensation conferred by associations operating in the sector or specialized magazines.

The most prestigious prize in the sector is Egr Awards of which, in recent times, there is also an American version: the Global Gaming Awards, the Iga Awards and the Global Regulatory Awards.

Obtaining one of these awards in USA increases the prestige of the website significantly

Our criteria for evaluating the reliability of an online casino

Identifying the best online game realities USA means reviewing a safe casino site that respects evaluation characteristics.

The bonuses also make the difference, but the aspects on which to emphasize are others.

Specifically, we consider the online casinos sure that they prove to be in possession of the ADM license, without disdaining to visit those who offer bonuses (such as free laps, welcome bonuses or first deposit). But also:

  • a variegated games portfolio;
  • they accept different payment methods;
  • They have an excellent variety of both live and mobile game sections;
  • they have a customer service at the height of the situation.

Obviously every safe online casino, with self -respecting AAMS license, has its strengths and weaknesses: it is up to the player to decide which games website in which he feels at home, based on his personal review.

Checks of game systems and payout

Among the aspects that should never be neglected when it comes to online casino security there are the methods of controlling the game systems and payout.

When we talk about control systems we refer to the best agencies that are responsible for ascertaining the safe game. In fact, in addition to the ADM (ex AAMS) license.

The best online casino can also have other control certifications such as the ultrasound or Gambling Therapy.

The Payout, on the other hand, refers to the winnings for players.

Each single game of an online casino is characterized by an RTP (Return to Player, or back to the player).

It is an expressed figure as a percentage that allows you to identify the part of money invested that returns to the player's availability, in case of victory (also using the bonuses).

The greater the value of Payout and the more the games will be attractive, encouraging a greater number of users to open an account and make the first deposit.

Safe online casinos are subjected to monthly supervision by the competent bodies, with the intention of drawing up a report on payouts.

These documents are released monthly and identify all the episodes made by the players in the casino and the actual winnings.

Payout reports should not be underestimated, because they allow you to easily recognize the sites with major payout, simply by checking everyone's percentage.

RTP (return-to-player) e RNG (random number generator).

In this review we have already named them, but we have not focused on the meanings of RTP and RNG.

The RTP index (Return - To - Player) serves to indicate the greater or lesser profitability of a slot.

By law, all American online casinos are required to report the aforementioned index for the games and bonuses they offer.

The greater the value of the Art of a slot machine or a roulette and the more compelling to the players.

The RNG is the generators of random numbers and is an element subjected to periodic control by the supervisory agencies.

The best legal online casinos are subjected to monthly checks, because the indices do not remain unchanged forever.

Customer Service

Safe online casino sites always offer a multi -channel customer service.

In this way, the player is offered the opportunity to obtain support for services such as:

You can get assistance through an e -mail address, a live chat and a toll -free number for Americans.

Each legal online games site offers customers' support service that visits the casino (both in USA and abroad). It must always be free and active 7 days a day, 24 hours a day.

Quick and safe transactions

Just visit a safe game site to realize that it has a large number of payment methods.

Credit or debit cards are the most used payment tools to make a deposit or withdrawal.

But electronic wallets are also becoming increasingly appreciated solutions (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.).

The deposit of money to play slots or any other game is made within 24/72 hours, while the collection from the online casino can always take a minimum of 24 hours and reach a maximum of 5/10 days (bank transfer) null

All deposit or withdrawal operations performed on the accounts of the legal gambling platform are always protected by software with encrypted systems.

In this way, the data of those who love playing are always safe.

Here is our most reliable online casino list we reviewed:

Visit to one of the 10 of the best online casino sites of the moment which, among other things, always offer excellent welcome bonuses (with or without deposit).

All those listed in this review are sites that allow you to play with software such as slot machines, roulette, live poker and other casino games.

Guaranteed security for players

Safety is the first of the details to which the maximum attention must be reserved for all American players looking for a mobile site, in which games of games on the web can carry on their business with slot machines or other proposed solutions.

Even in USA, in fact, during the past years there has been a large number of controversial episodes, with the violation of the rights of the players. Some games platforms, in particular, have not made any scruple to violate the accounts of their users or scam them openly in the payment.

Precisely for these reasons, therefore, the preliminary step in order to start playing without fear of losing their money before even pointing them is represented by the identification of Sun really serious site. A category in which only and exclusively can return migliori thirst for AAMS of games, the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the body that replaced AAMS, the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies.

These ex -AAMS ADM games sites, for example, use Safe payment methods such as PayPal And tools capable of conferring the maximum of tranquility to American users, in every possible step, including games. These are not insignificant details for this review.

Personal data protection

The safe online casinos for playing in USA are present in large numbers, they are all those who give guarantees not only as regards the deposits of money, but also for personal data. If the subtraction of the money paid as a deposit on the gaming account at the time of welcome is conspicuous damage, no less is the possible violation of the personal data left by users of the game platforms.

Also in this case, the best way to avoid problems in this sense is represented by registration with a site equipped with an ADM EX AAMS license, an process that It offers the maximum number of guarantees.

The enjoyment of a license of this kind, reserved for the best ADM EX AAMS online games sites, in fact, forces the companies interested in deploying a series of measures focused on cryptographic software, thanks to which it is practically impossible for any attackers to complete your raid.

Why is it necessary to defend personal data? The reason is in particular in particular to their possible sale to attackers, who could use them for scams or other operations contrary to the law, triggering legal problems of no small importance.

Registration and control of identity

We continue this review, confirming that, in the best online casinos you visit, the account recording is simple and characterized by any form of security for the players. In the appropriate section, in fact, each user will have to enter all the information about e-mails, website password and payment methods with which they will make, safe, deposit and withdrawal.

To give a first concrete idea of how this takes place on an online gaming website, there will always be the "login" or "registration" option on which the players will have to click, and will be postponed to a form to be able to enter the data on the online casino. Subsequently, the methods that the players will use for payment will then be requested, in which to insert the paper connected to the bank account, which is in any case feasible even in the following days.

Further peculiarity of these is the identity control: In fact, precisely for deposit and withdrawal, the players are responsible in providing information that always attest to the truthfulness of identity, also to underline how much these game websites are safe. The latter, in USA are the online casinos with licenza ADM ex AAMS.

This identity verification procedure has variable duration, always depending on each company that controls the American casino website, which we have spoken so far. All the websites of Casino Aams/ADM are the only ones to be In compliance with the laws in force in USA.


Very important in this review is one of the methods of the casino sites on the web to protect all the data that the players enter, during registration and payment phase, in the best online casinos it turns out to be the Encryptionnull The latter, in fact, provides through the use of the best IT protocols (not only in online gaming) which fall within the details of greatest importance.

Example of these protocols is the SSL, “Secure Sockets Layer"(For USA safe socket levels): these guarantee the safety of a connection on the web or on the mobile app. All methods that are created to protect the sensitive data exchanged on servers by online casino players, making it impossible to cyber-criminals any registration and theft of the information transferred between the servers themselves.

This is a web technology that uses algorithms, like RNG, the automatic generator of a number of random variables from which the results of the games derive. This system is adopted by many of the best gaming operators, who promote the responsible game and give players welcome to open an account on their game website.

Responsible game and dependence prevention

To obtain the ADM (ex AAMS) license it is necessary that online casinos adopt measures that serve to reduce and prevent the development of addiction to the gambling of players.

All games such as slot machines, especially when the safe website offers free laps, create a strong attraction that can lead to an addiction.

Free bonus policy is one of the methods used to make games more interesting and entice to aim for the casino.

Legal online casino sites pure offering excellent bonuses, like free laps with slots, welcome bonuses and bonuses on the first deposit also give the opportunity to fix thanks to their software of the maximum roofs of daily episodes.

All these precautions may not be enough to help people suffering from this addiction (according to data, among American players it is widespread).

Why is it important to play only in safe and reliable online casinos?

We are sure that at this point you already know very well why it is essential to play in safe online casinos, but in any case we allow ourselves to summarize everything in two words: healthy fun.

The truth, perhaps the most dear to all true digital gambling enthusiasts, is that playing safely increases the pleasure for the game dramatically: a natural consequence when we find ourselves living a passion with the mind totally clear as concern of whatsoever.

But there is also another thing: choosing safe online casino, certified and reliable also means indirectly engage in promoting the culture of healthy, responsible and sheltering game, or what should be the real game of gambling of quality for all true fans.

American casinos: among the safest in Europe

Before proceeding in this review relating to safe online casinos, or ADM/AAMS, some details must be pointed out, starting from an assumption: all the best gaming ex -AAMS gaming sites present in USA are among the safest ever at the continental level.

A statement which, of course, is always to be reserved for the site with a regular license issued by Adm ex Aams previously. Those who are custodian must in fact follow the directives imparted not only at national level, but also community, to protect users.

For example, they deny the possibility of dangerous mixes between the online accounts of the customers and the corporate ones during payment, but not only. The visit to the best American ADM - AAMS sites to play offers great security from this point of view.

Safe online casino with no deposit bonus

The best American safe online casino, or equipped with AAMS ex Adm license, are used to offer Welcome bonus no deposit Or such as to presuppose preliminary money deposits, for example using PayPal, to be used for free spins (free turns), for example on slot machines or other games.

Also in this eventuality, however, it is always advisable to pay close attention to the visit, not only to any scams that some self -styled gaming sites carry out by offering without welcome bonuses too attractive to be real, but also to the conditions that regulate the possibility to take advantage of it. Not respecting them involves the loss of the game bonus offered.

Safe online casino and real money

The best safe online casinos are a real saving more for those who work real money deposits for activities on the games proposed on the mobile web, even live. For those who intend to focus their money on slot machines or other gambling, it is even more stringent what we have said so far: it is necessary to leverage a site equipped with an ADM ex Aams license, the only really sure, and exclude all the others.

Do not use this strategy can open the way to great risks. Be recipients of a permit of this kind, in fact, obliges the gaming site to move in a well -defined fence, in which behaviors must be marked by respect for Regulations imposed by the European Union to protect users. A review of this kind cannot fail to remember a fact of this importance.

Finding Sicuri online casinos: the Method

For those who intend to find the best safe online casinos for playing, the method adopted by can represent an exceptional vademecum.

The site, in fact, offers a considerable roundup of suggestions capable of identifying all the factors that make the game live on the web safe, starting from the question to which it is impossible not to reserve the maximum attention: how to find safe online casino on which Play with slot machine or do free rpm (free spin) with card games?

To do this, the criteria adopted are the identification of the level of reliability of the platform game, connected to the ADM ex AAMS license, the safety of the game software used inside, the transparency of transactionI (the payment and collection methods envisaged, starting from PayPal) and the guaranteed security for players.

Of course, the reference to the ADM/AAMS license, a conditio sine qua not to be able to play safely and tranquility cannot be missing.

But equally important, for those who move in search of safe online casino is the assignment of acknowledgments to sector sitesnull Win the EGR Awards, I Global Gaming Awards, the Every awards is and Global Regulatory Awards It is a business card of considerable importance for these operators.

Safe casino: how to recognize scams?

When you offer a review on safe online casinos, the starting point is the recognition of web scams. Usually they take place with two specific modes: phishing and spam.

For example, in the form of letter in which they propose themselves free giri (Free Spins) On slot machines or card games, game bonuses or other extremely attractive welcome promotions for everyone.

In both cases, those who click on a link are at strong risk, as this can be specially designed to start the subtraction of money or personal data. The easiest way to identify them is to control its language: if they are not in American or are characterized by evident grammatical errors, it is sure, or almost, it is a scams.

In general, however, it is advisable to always be wary, in a healthy way, of everything that is free, or presented under this guise, for example i Free turns or bonuses without too favorable deposits on a game site. Our review on safe online casinos is precisely aimed at putting American players on the notice from these pitfalls.

Check the ADM license recording number - AAMS is always advisable.

What to do in case of doubt?

Our review on safe online casinos cannot of course not address the theme of the many scams perpetually perpetually using email services.

Where you have some doubts, in the case of a suspected e -mail communication relating to welcome bonuses or deposits, free laps (free spins) on slot machines or on live games, payment methods or other, they can always be alearn some tricks very precise.

The first of these consists in preparing the real identity of the sendernull Those who send these emails, in fact, use the logo of gaming sites or try to credit as such. It is therefore necessary evaluate whether the web address Of the page that opens following the links present in the e -mail communication, it can actually be that of the official website of the Casino, the only really safe.

In case of persistent doubts, it is also possible to connect directly to the Casino website, typing the address in the address bar or looking for it on Google, and then start the login process, so as to be able to the assistance service in order to have clarifications about it.

These steps must be considered not simple details, but the basis of a strategy aimed at conferring the maximum security to players who love to bet live on the furniture.

How to report a suspicious casino?

The best ADM/AAMS Gaming sites present in USA represent a real safety for those who love live game, on slot machines or other, as regards software used, welcome bonuses with deposit or without, payment methods (starting from Paypal) and services.

For all the others, however, this security is completely random. Many, in fact, Accredited an adhem ex -Aams license And they carry on their fraudulent activity on the web, trusting on the misunderstanding.

Their hope, of course, is that the least felt players trust the initial reassurance and do not control the truthfulness of what has been said. The doubt is therefore always on the agenda, when it comes to safe online casino.

If you have doubts, you can still report everything to ADM - AAMS, which makes available to users a form for the presentation of complaints relating to the work of online casino.

It can be found inside the so -called "Service card" that all the managers in the sector are required to publish on the Adm Ex Aams Game website. Before starting the games, it is undoubtedly the case that the user is also safe on the methods to be adopted to carve out guarantees.

If you want to find out more on the list of online casino, visit the following pages:


  • What are the safest casinos?

    The only safe mess that protect scams are those equipped with an ADM (ex AAMS) license.

  • What is the safest payment method to play in an online casino?

    When you record a legal casino, all accepted payment methods are equally safe.

  • What should I do if I find that my casino is not reliable?

    When you realize that you have recorded a scam platform, you need to close the account immediately by trying to recover the money deposited on the account.

  • How can we be sure that the winners are chosen at random?

    All legal casinos are subjected to surveillance by independent agencies that control monthly that the RNG is respected.

  • Is it sure to use bonus games?

    Absolutely yes. Each bonus game is created with a high level of security, not just those that give free laps (free spin).

  • How can I protect my personal data?

    Users' data will be protected by the safest computer protocols, present in the best online casino with ADM - AAMS license.

  • How can I be sure that the casino will pay my winnings?

    By collecting feedback from a review like this, it will be possible to derive the seriousness of the Casino site.

What are the safest casinos?

The only safe mess that protect scams are those equipped with an ADM (ex AAMS) license.

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