Hitstars Review

Hitstars Review
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Hitstars is not yet a well -known name in USA even if the company has a real casino in Nova Gorica and proposes a revolutionary goal: to combine casino physical and online casino under a single brand. By registering, in fact, you will have the opportunity to collect points to use in the services offered by the structure directly in Slovenia!

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  • Good senza deposition
    Bet requirement: Unavailable
  • Welcome bonus package
    Up to 1000 $
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🔗Website Hitstars.it/
🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2011


💬Chat And
📞Phone And
e-mail And
Great welcome bonus
Live casino live
Real Mixed Online Vip program
Many recurring bonuses
SIAE certification and AAMS license (ADM)
Sports bets are missing

Hitstars is a particular online casino, in fact it offers something different to players to try to enter the Best online casinos Available in USA: it is the online platform of a royal casino!

The Hit company based in Slovenia is an operator actually active for years in Nova Gorica, a few steps from USA, and for a couple of years he has decided to take this step.

We went to see what they managed to do and what they have to offer the people of the internet players, and understand if they really will be able to establish themselves in USA.

Our experience

Our review on Hitstars is focused both on those points that most affect players such as bonuses and games available, without neglecting all the technical issues that are often ignored, but which are equally important.

By doing so we want to give a complete view of what the casino offers the operator, allowing those who are taking the first steps to get an objective idea.

The risk when you start, and you want to open an account is to let yourself be dragged by enthusiasm, and to be attracted by a very generous bonus or by a particular game, ignoring any other aspect.

The result is that instead of having fun gaining money, you end up losing them, ruining the game already playing.

But just chat, let's start to see what promotions Hitstars offers us!

Bonuses and promotions

The Hit group constantly offers promotions to make the game experience more interesting to its affiliates.

The bonuses can be divided into the welcome ones (offered to the opening of an account), and in those instead offered on a recurring basis for the members:

Welcome bonus HitStars: 100% on the first deposit up to 1000 $ with the possibility of obtaining another 100 $ extra for a total of 1100 $!

The bonus is made available automatically without the need to enter a code and must be unlocked by playing on the site respecting the conditions established by Hitstars.

The amount will be unlocked to brackets of 10 $, and depending on which Histars section you choose you will need a different amount to unlock a bracket, from 1000 to 4000 $ per bracket.

Slot tournament on new games: Whenever there are new games or new Slot machine Histars organizes tournaments among the players, giving a point for every euro played.

At the end of the tournament, based on the ranking, the players will also receive bonuses up to 100 $ to focus where they want.

Also in this case, like the welcome offer, no code is required but you have to click on the participation on the promotions menu.

Privilege Club: The group loyalty program that is truly unique on the American web since it takes advantage of the group's physical structures.

The player accumulates one point every 5 $ on the slots, one point for every 10 $ at the games at the table and one every 20 at the Baccarat and al BLACKJACK.

In addition, points can also be accumulated to physical casinos in Slovenia and in the operator's structures such as the spa or restaurant.

How accumulated it is possible to spend it at the company's structures in services such as dinners, massages or overnight stays.

To participate in the Privilege Club you don't need a code but you need to register by filling in a special form.

In addition to these three game bonuses (Welcome, Tournaments and Vip Clubs) which represent the heart of Hitstars promotions other offers are proposed on the occasion of particular events or also directly on the user email.

Among these Promo Extra include i free giri Roulette or slots, pass for cards tournaments or even the real-casino 'Reale Mixed offers. Read also our guide on no deposit bonus.

Game catalog

Let's now move on to the part of our review of the catalog of games proposed by Hitstars.

The operator makes use of the collaboration with some of the best software house in the gaming sector.

The offer is really very wide, including all the most popular slot machines, poker, many roulette on which to focus, a wide offer of tables for card games.

However, the real flagship is the live platform, and it could not be otherwise given the nature of the site and the company.

Customers who want to have fun "will" want "virtually from USA directly to Slovenia, in the rooms of the casino’ called Perla

It is thus possible to focus live on the roulette managed by a real Croupier, interacting through the PC or mobile app and playing both against online players and against those present at the casino.

Always on the live section you can challenge the other players in tournaments of poker in various game modes and various bys in the input.

It will really seem to be within the walls of the Resort of Nova Gorica, waiting to be able to go in person perhaps to spend the points of the Privilege Club.

Sport bets

Hitstars when he started operating in USA had an interesting offer of Sport bets Available to play.

Unfortunately for the most passionate, the operator has decided to stop the activity on betting on sport focusing on slot machines and casino games.

If on the one hand the choice is understandable, on the other it is a sin and perhaps represents the greatest weakness of the site since many players love to be able to use a single account for casino and betting.

Payment methods - Deposit and withdrawal

Let's now move on to the technical part of the review, the one to which those who want to be serious should pay more attention, and start from the payment methods.

Histars offers its users a wide choice of payment methods that include almost all the methods of deposit and withdrawal that are on the web:

  • Bank transfer
  • Postepay card
  • Credit and debt cards Visa, Mastercard and Cartasì
  • Skrill electronic wallet (missing Paypal at the moment)

The deposit is almost immediate and the withdrawals are very fast, with the money that arrives on the chosen account just approved the transfer from the manager (usually Skrill is almost immediate while the transfer requires at least 24 hours).

The withdrawals are free and without particular conditions except that they have used a method for deposit before using it to withdraw.


The Safety of its affiliates for the company is very important, and it could not be otherwise given that the company manages physical casinos in Slovenia.

Attention to safety is maximum both as regards the game portal itself (both from PC and mobile apps) both the financial management of the account.

In addition, Hitstars has a program for the protection of customer health in order to protect them from ludopathy, in order to make play on the site only for fun, albeit remunerative.

This high degree of safety on the other hand is to be expected from a AAMS certified portal such as Hitstars, as we will see in the next paragraph

AAMS license (ADM), the maximum guarantee

A casino cannot fully operate in USA if it lacks the AAMS license (Today ADM even if the old acronym is still popular among the players).

To have this license, the sites must respect and guarantee a series of conditions established by the State to protect both the heritage and the health of the players.

Hitstars obviously is no exception, aiming to become an important Gambling brand in our country, just see the AAMS logo on their page with the relative license number.

Customer service

Customer support is very efficient and helpful and can be ed directly from the site (also from mobile app), by email or even by phone for a faster response.

The operators will always do everything possible to resolve each issue, whether related to games, welcome bonuses and recurrent or payment methods, from Skrill to bank transfer credit cards.

Registration - How to open a Hitstars account?

Recording an account is truly a very easy operation, which can be concluded in a few minutes.

Once your data has been entered, you can immediately start playing slots, roulette and poker, both live and software, without any limitation.

In order to withdraw your earnings, however, it will be necessary to complete the procedure for registering documents on the site, sending what is requested.

Hitstars Opinions: our final conclusions

We arrive at the end of this review by trying to draw some conclusion on Hitstars.

The brand is still little known in our country, but deserves to become more and more popular since it has a decidedly original offer.

In addition to the excellent welcome bonus, what distinguishes the portal is the VIP club connected with the Casino della Compagnia di Nova Gorica, a few steps from the American border.

Players who will accumulate enough points in the VIP program will be able to pay overnightly or dinner at the structure in Slovenia.

If you really have to find a flaw, the fact that sports betting markets are no longer available is something that the company should review, even if it is still an excellent site that every enthusiast should try.

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Which games does Hitstars Casino offer?

    Hitsars offers all the casino games that can be imagined, slot machines of all kinds, card tables to challenge real players, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat.

    The top is the live casino, with which you connect directly with the physical casino in Slovenia, interacting directly with Croupier and other players.

  • 🚀 Is it possible to bet online with Hitstars?

    Unfortunately, you can no longer focus on sports betting on Histars, the Betting section was active one or two years ago but the manager decided not to make it more available.

    Who knows, however, that in the future a Betting section does not return, perhaps integrated with the casino games or with some other innovative solution to which Hitstars has accustomed us.

  • 🚀 How weak is the Hitstars platform?

    The Hitstars online platform does not present particular weaknesses, except perhaps the aforementioned lack of sports betting.

    Indeed, the site presents many strong points, first of all the possibility with the Vip Club to stay for free in Slovenia and to access the physical casino of the hit group.

  • 🚀 How much can I expect to win?

    The question is poorly asked as the win depends on how you act in playing, as well as a good dose of luck.

    Unfortunately, there is no money for free but using Hitstars' available promotions well, you can certainly reduce the risk.

    In addition, being the AAMS certified portal, you are sure that each game pays the provisions of the law, both software and in live mode.

🚀 Which games does Hitstars Casino offer?

Hitsars offers all the casino games that can be imagined, slot machines of all kinds, card tables to challenge real players, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat.

The top is the live casino, with which you connect directly with the physical casino in Slovenia, interacting directly with Croupier and other players.

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