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Here we are still here all together to go to the discovery of new ones Casino Online of quality, a research that today leads us to this review Lottomatica Casino, a reality of reference in our country.

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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 1990


💬Chat 9:00 - 00:00
📞Phone 800 900 009
e-mail [email protected]
Excellent bonus policy
Rich and well organized site
VIP program with very rich bonuses
2 App mobile
Sito 100% Made in USA
Mobile app improves in quantity

We have already seen how our country has a lot to say in terms of online game, this not only by virtue of the enormous and ever increasing American public that uses the digital casinos, but also and above all thanks to the presence of some 100% Made in USA game realities, among which there is also Lattomatic, which now are the master in our market.

The story of Lottomatica begins in the now distant 1990, when it was born to become a dealership on behalf of the American government of extremely popular games such as lot, struggles or scratch cards, and has always been characterized by direct institutional control that has not changed now, When Lottomatica Casino began to propose itself as a complete online casino.

This control is transformed into an operation totally legitimized by the most important government concessions, among which the ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies) authorization stands out which in essence certifies quality and legitimacy to operate underlying all the most important trappings of safety.

🎰 casino Visit the website
🎁 Welcome bonus Up to 1030 $
🎲 games Casino, slot machines, sports betting, horse racing, football, struggles, scratch cards
🇮🇹 License Sì, ADM/AAMS

Clearly the Lottomatica portal is entirely made in American and is specifically designed to respond first of all to the tastes and habits of the players of our country, resulting extremely simple and functional in any respect you are analyzed.

The quality put on the plate by Lottomatica is such as to enter by right in our selection of the best online casinos that are in circulation and it will be our commitment to use each chapter of this review to explain in detail everything that has affected us about this service.

Ready to enter the world of Lottomatica? We are here on purpose for Guidarvici.

Lottomatica Review: our experience

Every our guide and review is always based on a direct experience And so it is also for this of Lottomatica review that we wrote trying first the long and wide site so as to understand it at the best and offer you an in -depth analysis as detailed and precise as possible.

We spent days curious in every corner of the Lottomatica offer and we must say it was an experience to say not very compelling: The site, which is well achieved, literally offers everything that can serve any type of player to have fun at best surrounded as much as a great choice as it is from great quality.

We certainly don't find out that Lottomatica is "an institution", but it was really interesting to see how such an organization was able to make itself the protagonist of A generational leap Like that of the online game which, moreover, counts much more competition both in terms of variety of games and technical system: both aspects in which Lottomatica offers real excellence and which will be discussed in detail by facing all the fundamental points of this review null

To put it in a nutshell, the Lottomatica site is simple, it is userfriendly and is organized in a fantastic way if we consider how much it makes it easy to access An offer of endless titles Both speaking of casino games, and sports betting or lotteries, or the three most important macro-areas of the portal, which are not the only ones in an offer to say not very generous.

All the greatly positive sensations that we had on the Lottomatica website were then also confirmed by its mobile universe composed of Six Apps Which are perfectly divided into the entire amusement catalog, to which is added a site optimized for mobile once again very well made.

Lottomatica casino bonus: all offers for users

The first step we are used to moving to proceed with the analysis of a new online casino is always the necessary to find out what the policy of the reference bonuses is, that is, the promotional philosophy through which a portal like Lottomatica goes to reward his own users, both those just arrived on the platform and those now usual.

As we know, there are various types of bonuses, among which the most important are undoubtedly the welcome bonuses, through which the having chosen to rely on the services of an online casino, and the game bonuses, which instead reward loyalty of those who remain linked to the game reality.

Lottomatica from this point of view behaves in a complete and interesting way and we immediately explain to you in detail because we see it like this.

Welcome bonus

For all new Lottomatica members, he created several welcome promotions with which to thank the trust of users, these are various possible Welcome bonus which underline the varied nature of the portal offer, which precisely offers specific bonuses for the major game areas.

How do they work? As soon as you subscribed we immediately entitled to a first recharge bonus equal to 100% of the amount paid up to a maximum of $ 100.00 while immediately after we can choose between:

  • Welcome bonus in the casino: get a bonus of $ 25.00 immediately and then another equal to 125% on the first top -up up to a maximum of $ 1,000.00.
  • Poker welcome bonus: you get a special bonus that can go up to $ 950.00.
  • Lotto welcome bonus: get a bonus of $ 10.00 to play immediately at all the variants of the lot.
  • Other welcome bonuses: all those relating to the betting section, Skill Games, Bingo and Scratch and Win, all the others periodically proposed.

Game bonus

However, promotional campaigns do not concern only the new members, because for all the others there are also the gaming bonuses of which they enjoy as the experience on the platform proceeds, and we speak of bonuses mainly aimed at rewarding us in the areas of the site that We attend the more and to which we are most interested.

What are the game bonuses proposed at the moment by Lottomatica? There are really many for each section and it would be impossible to bring them all back, but below you can find some with which to get an idea of how rich and complete the offer of the site is rich.

Casino game bonus

Each section as we have said offers various bonuses and those present in the area reserved for the casino are currently 12, of which we report the most significant ones also as an example:

  • Blackjack Hunt: playing on the live mess gives the right to aspire to a special bonus up to $ 2,500.00
  • Rank $ 15,000: Choose the slots indicated to climb the Refirmary ranking and win up to $ 15,000.00
  • Casino Sunday Free Roll: a special tournament that every Sunday allows you to win up to $ 3,000.00.

Game bonus for the card games section

The card games section also has its selection of dedicated promotions, which are in this case four in addition to the welcome one, and are the following:

  • Solitaire: press the prize pool dedicated to one of the most used card games in the world
  • New schedule: all the new proposed card games become a way to climb the ranking and aspire to the relative prize pool.
  • Freeroll: special prizes for freeroll card games are available every day
  • Smile freeroll: every Thursday there are prizes up to $ 250.00 for selected freeroll games

But that's not all because there are active promotions in all sections of the site and I am always in constant evolution, we advise you for a while to discover one for a browse in the sections that most interest you specifically.

To find out more about no deposit bonus is and Free spin, check our guides.

Lottomatica online casino: the VIP Premium Club program

To cuddle even more, its Lottomatica Casino users also made the VIP Premium Club program available, a collection of points that allows you to be transformed into rich bonuses in the section of the site you prefer.

How does it work? It is very simple: for every $ 1.00 played in any game 1 game, 150 status points are obtained while you get 250 by playing at the band games 2. As our game career continues and the accumulated status points will be sufficient, it will be possible to turn them into our favorite bonus by choosing from all those relating to each section.

What are the bonuses of the Premium Club of Lottomatica? Here are some examples:

  • Casino bonus of $ 4,000.00 - with 5,700,000 status points
  • Casino bonus of $ 2,000.00 - with 2,900,000 status points
  • $ 600.00 bonus poker - with 1,212,500 status points
  • $ 500.00 betting bonus - with 800,000 status points

Of course, the prizes are many more than these four reported, which however certainly work well by way of example to understand the system proposed by Lottomatica.

Lottomatica casino: here is the games catalog

But we cannot say that we are really doing a review without talking about the game catalog proposed by Lottomatica Casino, also because in the end that is precisely the main reason to choose and attend your favorite online casino.

The sections in which the site is divided are different and all easily understandable, as well as all the relative subsections that are completely clear and intuitive by offering easy access to all our favorite games that we now go to introduce section by section.


Entering the section dedicated to the Casino di Lottomatica we find ourselves in front of a quantity of games so rich as to highlight the excellent organization of subsections that well rationalizes everything. What games can we expect? All the real great classics:

  • Slot-Machines: they are more than 600, a true enormity of brand new software among which you can obviously choose every possible variant of operating and beyond, because there are also many with which to aspire to very important jackpots.
  • Casino games: we talk about 26 tables in which to find everything that normally leads us to enter a mess, American roulette, European roulette, American roulette, Texas Hold’em, BLACKJACK, Baccarat and many many other classics and all the variants.
  • Videopoker: in this case there are 9 titles available, a number certainly not high but in which a lot of quality is guaranteed both on a technological level and on simple fun.


The section VIDEO POKER of the Lottomatica casino is a separate area totally dedicated to this game, in which an infinite number of different tables, tournaments, rankings, lightning games and everything we can ask for a quality game room are well organized.

Precisely from this section you can download the client for free to play in the most complete way and it is a very simple software both to be installed and to be used that boasts the fame of true "user friendly" client.

Skill Game

All the most classic card titles are collected in this section, but not only, because there are also dozens of tournaments to which to take part, rankings and instant games: the real triumph of American bars games that have become digital and promoted by Lottomatica null

What are these games? Here are someone:

  • Broom
  • Scopone
  • Briscola
  • Lonely
  • Tressette
  • Ace takes everything
  • Airlic

But that's not all, because it is also played for particularly rich prizes: in the last month prizes have been given for $ 56,626,000.00, with a maximum cash prize of $ 326,000.00 and winnings in tournaments for $ 10,626,000, 00.

Other sections

There are of course other sections of which the most important is undoubtedly Better, the one dedicated to Sport bets That on Lottomatica are a decidedly important topic with a large specific weight, there are certainly many users of the portal registered only for the sportbook.

But it is not over because they also stand out the scratch and win lot sections, dedicated to instant and national lotteries, and the Bingo section, also in this case highly appreciated by lovers of the genre.

Lottomatica slot: selection of the best slot machines

In the online casino of Lottomatica there are many games, but as very often happens The real protagonists are the slot machines, or the titles of the digital game par excellence: what are the most loved slots on this portal? They are a lot? How are they organized?

There are many questions that arise spontaneously when it comes to Slot machine And we want to make sure to respond to all by contextualizing the answers in a general overview of the most loved section by users of this platform.

To begin with, it must be said that the slot offer on the site is to say little enormous and there are hundreds and hundreds of different titles that respond to all the main categories and types of variants that the slots contemplate, but there are titles like titles like :

  • Gladiator Jackpot
  • The Way of the three Dragons
  • Batman & Catwoman Cash
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Last Crusade HD
  • Burning Ocean

But beyond the individual names it is particularly interesting to see how Lottomatica organized such a vast catalog Which without a due rationalization would become really difficult to manage for the players, who would literally find themselves lost in looking for a drop in particular in this endless sea of entertainment.

Don't worry, however, because Lottomatica did an exceptional job also from this point of view by dividing the slot section into 9 Categories capable of making us orient in an extremely simple way towards everything that is most reflecting our specific taste.

What are the categories in which the Lottomatica slot catalog is divided? Here they are:

  • All: It is as imaginable in the choice that allows you to be in front of the entire catalog of slots in its completeness so as to get an idea of how rich it is.
  • Free spin: The selection of the slots that can be played by exploiting the free spins that are obtained as a bonus on the site.
  • Jackpot: The category in which to find the slots that give the opportunity to play for jackpot prizes even very high that often exceed hundreds of thousands of $.
  • Bonus Game: The selection of all the slots that include special bonuses to be enjoyed while you play.
  • Three rollers: The selection that allows you to enjoy all the slots on the site that are based on game technology precisely with three rollers.
  • Megaways: That is to find all the most customizable titles that are in the catalog.
  • Slot Bar: Category dedicated to all the games that unite the fun for titles in an online casino with that of the terrestrial games rooms.
  • Age of The Gods: A way to find collected slots that are part of the saga in question.
  • Fire Blaze: Also in this case a selection to easily find all the titles that are part of the Mono Fire Blaze.

Lottomatica Casino Live: playing live

Raise your hand who has never heard of live game? It is the real revolution of the game online and lotteromatic casino did not leave it at all to run away, indeed has set up an entire section dedicated to the live game enriching it with a number of tables objectively above the average.

In the live section there are 29 live tables in which it is naturally possible to find all more popular games that we make some examples:

  • BlackJack Live
  • Texas Hold’em Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • ROULETTE live
  • Caribbean Stud Live

Lottomatica Mobile Casino: the apps for the game in your pocket

In a moving world it is important that an online casino also gives us the opportunity to play from smartphones, which today as today is one of the most used game methods.

Lottomatica provides two apps and a mobile site, with which it is still possible to access all features.

But to get a perfect user experience there are mobile apps in the iOS and Android version:

  • Lottomatica app - to have access to all the features of the site
  • App Better - To have access to all sports betting

Lottomatic Casino: the support systems supported

A less attractive aspect of bonuses and games catalog to observe the quality of an online casino is the one linked to the payment systems that are contemplated to proceed in all financial transactions such as those of cash in and cash out.

Clearly more methods are planned more qualities is made available to users and lotteromatic casino if he also gets it well in this by providing for many very popular payment system:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • postepay
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Mybank

Which provider software can be found on Lottomatica?

In this Lottomatica review in which there are promised to touch all the most important points that characterize the offer of the site and among these points it cannot obviously be missing a study of what is the "backstage" and with this we naturally refer to the Game Providers who are behind an offer as rich as it varies.

What are the providers in question? These are realities that Lottomatica has carefully selected from all the most famous in the world so as to offer their players a truly Serie A games capable of putting not only many titles at hand, but also a quality level to say the least excellent.

Here are some of the most important names:

  • PlayTech
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Game 360
  • IGT
  • NYX Gaming

Lottomatica Casino Opinions: let's talk about security

Without having to create suspense, let's start by saying that Lottomatica Casino is very safe, it is indeed one of the most reliable game platforms to which you can refer from all points of view.

What points of view? The three fundamentals in which we usually understand safety:

portal safety

It is the General safety of the site In this case, it is guaranteed by the ADM certification that legitimate Lottomatica to operate in a legal and perfectly regulated way, an important level of security that in this case lets you sleep peacefully.

Transactions safety

In this case we speak of the safety of our transactions, which is guaranteed by the payment service that we choose to use and is therefore as much as normal by talking about giants of online finance strong of the best computer systems ever.

Player security

The most important level of security for us is this tied to the security of the player in fact of risk of ludopathy or any other form of discomfort connected to gambling addiction. Lottomatica like all ADM certified casino It is proposed the responsible game campaign and is very sensitive to the subject.

Lottomatica casino: customer support

Another important practical aspect to evaluate is the quality of customer assistance of an online casino, which is evaluated to begin with considering how many and what are the ways to get in touch.

Lottomatica is available to answer us every day from 7.00 to 24.00 and can be reached in the following ways:

  • Chat: available every day from 7.00 to 24.00
  • Telephone: calling the toll -free number 800.900,009
  • INBOX: using the appropriate Applet on the site
  • Email: using the address [email protected]

Lottomatica prizes and official awards

This lattomatic review, based on all the gratifications that this portal gives to its users, cannot exhate to open a small window also on the gratifications that the portal has received, of which the largest is undoubtedly the daily confirmation it receives from the players that They renew their preference, but which is not the only one.

In fact there are also More institutional awards Like all the prizes and mentions that Lottomatica has received in these years from the specialized sites and organizations, among which the Egr Awards are removed in which it has been between the first places for a long time.

But not only that, because as is our Lottomatica review, all the other insights that are dedicated to this portal are always enthusiastic: another form of recognition that this site receives on a daily basis.

How to open a Lottomatic Game account?

If you want to dive into the offer of Lottomatica opening an account on the site, waiting for you there is a very simple and fast procedure that does not differ at all from that necessary on all similar game portals: everything you need is to be of age and have both personal data as well as a system of Digital payment to be used on the platform.

The opening of a gaming account takes only a few minutes and everything that is requested consists in the compilation of a form in which precisely report your main data (personal data, address, tax code) and in the choice of one of the Payment methods supported through which to then proceed with the first payment of funds on the game account.

It's about a standard procedure that is literally completed in a few clicks, but which is not the only available option: Lottomatica is in fact one of the few game portals that allows you to open an account also at the countless receiver which has on national soil.

Lottomatica Reviews: our conclusions

And here we are always here, in the last lines that we use to pull the latest conclusions on the online casino that we have just reviewed: Lottomatica Casino is an excellent game portal and it was easy to review it as it is easy to express final opinions.

Our opinion is that even Lottomatica enters the Olympus of those totally American online casinos that have so much quality that they now put on the plate that makes it completely superfluous to refer to foreign realities, almost always speaking of brands that, like lottomatica, do part of the history of legal gambling in our country.

In short, we are in front of another online casino really to try that it is able to make any American player happy was even just because it is a site conceived specifically on our taste for the game.

A real discovery!

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  • How to withdraw from the Lottomatic Game account

    A fundamental point of this lotomatic review lies in how to withdraw the winnings from your gaming account, a rather simple and very quick operation that takes nothing more than a few moments: it is sufficient to go to your account and select the withdrawal option, After that to follow the instructions clearly communicated. It will be necessary to choose the withdrawal method (normally it is given by default the same that is used for deposits) and then choose the figure you intend to liquidate.

  • Where I find the Lottomatica Tid code

    The Tic code of Lottomatica, or the code necessary for the recognition and tracking of the operation carried out, can be found on the receipt of the operation itself and is necessary in the event of any subsequent request or clarification that requires a direct and unequivocal reference to operation in question. This applies a lot for the digital receipts that are received for operations carried out online and for the paper ones that are received for the operations instead carried out in the receiver.

  • Lottomatica Login, do you always always go as expected?

    The first question that many ask themselves about Lottomatica, and to which we have tried to respond in our review, is whether it is an easy to use site that allows you to live a fluid user experience without hitches, and so it is: The site is not only all in American (Lottomatica is a national portal) but it was built to prove simple from the simpler and daily operations. So the answer is yes, lucky luck always goes as expected in practical operations.

  • Lottomatica bonus points and premium clubs, what is it about?

    One of the characteristics of Lottomatica that we have studied specifically is that of his Premium Club that you find in -depth in our article: it is the loyalty program proposed by the platform and consists of a collection of bonus points called status points which, once they are accumulated enough, give the right to the collection of cash bonuses that can be used in any possible game on the platform. However, a simple system that contributes a lot to a rewarding experience of use.

  • Better to use Mobile or the smartphone app?

    On the level of the game from Lottomatica mobile, he did so well that he left us with a dilemma, because it makes available Two excellent apps For both iOS and Android devices, to be downloaded for free in the related digital stores, and a mobile version of the site very well made that allows a fluidity and intuitiveness very similar to those offered by the software for mobile devices. In short, it is all a matter of circumstances, opportunities and above all of taste, but the certainty is that playing from mobile with Lottomatica is really very simple.

  • Lottomatica: Is PayPal supported?

    If you are the usual PayPal users you can stay serene because it is absolutely one of the payment methods Supported by Lottomatica both for Cash In and Cash Out operations. As you can find in the relative paragraph of our review, the portal offers a very large bouquet of possibilities in terms of payment methods, in addition to paypal and credit and debt cards, Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill and Mybank are also supported: a selection of all The most popular and safe systems of the world that contributes to offering a service as complete as possible whatever the taste of each user.

How to withdraw from the Lottomatic Game account

A fundamental point of this lotomatic review lies in how to withdraw the winnings from your gaming account, a rather simple and very quick operation that takes nothing more than a few moments: it is sufficient to go to your account and select the withdrawal option, After that to follow the instructions clearly communicated. It will be necessary to choose the withdrawal method (normally it is given by default the same that is used for deposits) and then choose the figure you intend to liquidate.

bonus Up to 1030 $
wagering 160x