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Mediabet review
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Huge catalog
Rich gambling bonuses
People platform
Maximum safety
Great customer service
The welcome bonus is missing
VIP program lack

Welcome back for another step forward in this overview of the best online game portals, a step we move to discover Mediabet, and online casino Very particular was nothing more than for its "genealogical tree".

Mediabet was born from Microgame S.p.A., a true giant of digital gambling which is also "mother" of the People's platform of which many portals make use of and of which Mediabet was born practically as a sister.

This type of descent gives great luster to Mediabet, which is certainly strong of any guarantee of quality AAMS authorization (Accredited Asset Management Specialist), but also lets you demand a lot from an audience that has always been used to receiving only the best from the MICROGAME S.P.A.

So how to do it?

We will do as always, we will enter MediaBet's detail and then discover each game section specifically, and this is only to begin with!

In any case, get comfortable because there is really a lot to see, but as we said Mediabet it must only be used to being in the spotlight and magnifying glass and we are sure that it will be able to give us great satisfaction now that it is in our list of the best online casino null

Mediabet bonus: all bonuses to you

The mediabet bonus chapter is particular and we admit that he cannot start as everyone probably hoped: this is because neither the online casino nor the People's platform that he uses make any available Welcome bonus, whether it is those recognized to the opening of the account or to the first deposit made.

Mediabet welcome bonus

We certainly cannot tell us happy with this detail, as we imagine even less all users will be potentially interested in embracing the mediabet offer, but what we can say is that in any case the reasons for enthusiasm must not fail.

Because? Because Mediabet still has an interesting and rather rich bonus policy, it simply prefers to distribute its promotions in each section, where in reality it is possible to find many different promotional ideas and several bonuses recognized on as many different games.

Game bonus

What are some examples of gaming bonuses on the platform? We look at someone immediately up close:

Treasure Mine: more than $ 2,500.00 of prize pool to be conquered by playing with one of the six slot machines selected for the event with which to play maturing points to approach the prizes.

Summer Death Parade: more than $ 2,500.00 on stake on all six slot machines belonging to the series, the more you play the more you ripen points and the more you win.

Immortals War: more than $ 1,500.00 on stake on all six slot machines collected in the same series, press also in this case reachable maturate points in the various games.

To find out more about no deposit bonus is and Free spin, read our bonus guides.

MediaBet IT: Is there the VIP program?

Perhaps it will not be a surprise at this point, but Mediabet does not even have a VIP program to diversify its promotional offer, which at this point is limited only to the game bonuses which, however, as we have seen are in any case rich.

As we see it if a change must be made, it is above all that of the welcome bonus, the lack of a VIP program is never too serious when the game bonuses are already interesting of them.

Mediabet: all games

Once summarily summarizes all the positive and negative highlights with which MediaBet is characterized, the time comes to enter more specifically to find out what the real details of its game platform are, a platform that as we have said has its entire fame.

Mediabet as we said uses the People's game platform, which is among the most choices at least on the American market and which proves to be one of the richest, updated and performing, but if there are many online casinos to make it their own it is only mediabet to be Sister, daughter of the same Microgame S.p.A of which we spoke previously.

What does the offer of the game platform consists of? What are the contents of this online casino created by Mediabet? You just have to find out in detail by reading our in -depth analysis relating to any type of game available.


One of the main features to have made the People's platform used by Mediabet famous is certainly the absolute richness of its catalog whatever the type of online gambling with which you prefer to have fun.

As we will see now by entering specifically Mediabet and its online casino literally provide hundreds and hundreds of games, tables, challenges and technologies for the game: an offer that finds better only among the sacred monsters of online casino and that seems to be Very convincing even looking to the future, this thanks to the multitude of updates with which the catalog is often integrated.

Let's see what are the games that the Mediabet doors opens? Here they are neatly collected here:

Slot machine

With Mediabet you play with more than 500 Slot machines With practically any possible theme and operation of the game, all with very rich prize pool but some with jackpots to say the least amazing that will make the game even more immersive.

Despite the amount of titles, this section is one of those that are most often updated, becoming from time to time increasingly rich both by number and for the quality of the proposed games.

Table games

The offer of MediaBet table games is perhaps even more impressive in proportion to how many games they are normally made available, they are 50 tables with all the most famous games and all their possible variants:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • ROULETTE online
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Baccarat< /li>
  • 7 and a half


Mediabet thanks to the sister People's platform gives you the opportunity to play for really important jackpots: so much to begin with, these are 25 games that make the jackpot offered, but above all these are figures that also touch breathtaking levels than many other portals online game can afford to reach.

Curious to understand what we mean by saying "breathtaking levels"?

  • LoveLab HD con jackpot oltre $ 1.850.000
  • HeroWar HD con jackpot oltre $ 1.850.000
  • Caribbean Stud with Jackpot over $ 120,000
  • Barbaria with Jackpot over $ 55,000

Video poker

The section VIDEO POKER Mediabet consists of 22 different games with different themes and prize pools but all characterized by first -rate technology totally focused on excellence in the sector.

Not only are we talking about a number of titles already higher than what is normally proposed, but also in this case the section is subject to frequent updates that make it increasingly rich in number while keeping it updated on the technological level.


Very similar speech is the one that binds the mediabet services and those of People's as regards the poker section of the portal, which proves to be decidedly performing to the point of being undoubtedly one of the most popular game areas ever.

MediaBet and People's poker means an impressive number of tables, tournaments and contest sit and go that starts every moment with opening levels and prize pool of the most different: a really rich number of possibilities that ideally allows users to find "bread For their teeth ”at any time of day and night.

To all this is added the value of a specific bonus policy for the poker section which clearly increases a potential entertainment potential which is already high, it is regardless of the various promotions with which to liven up further.


From the link between Mediabet and the People's platform finds yet another outlet of success in what is the Bingo section offered by the online casino: another demonstration of the virtuous value of this synergy that is all the benefit of the users who find themselves in hand a " game package ”that could hardly be more complete.

Mediabet's bingo consists of 4 rooms where the games are open constantly by referring to folder costs and at prize pool of the most varied that give users the opportunity to play every time they want in the way that the more respond to their style of play.

Sport bets

We therefore come to another real load -bearing column of the online gambling world proposed by Mediabet, or the sportbook that offers the betting section of the site and which attracts thousands and thousands of players from all over the country.

The Sport bets With Mediabet they are absolutely compelling: the quantities of betting possibilities, live events, reference sports make this section one of the richest and most complete ones of the entire game portal.

Mediabet Live: is there the Live casino?

Another great advantage of the symbiosis between Mediabet and People's is the integration of the live mess of the game platform, which is really rich and very advanced: these are 31 live rooms with which to play on real tables and with royal Croupier to increase the experience game at the maximum level of what an online casino online can now be offered.

Any examples of the titles present in the MediaBet Live Casino?

  • Black Jack
  • Texans Hold’Em
  • roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Wheel of luck
  • baccarat

These and many other games including many titles to aspire to very rich Jackpot.

MediaBet App: Playing from smartphones with the app

Another mediabet aspect that is immediately proposed as very convincing is that relating to the development of mobile applications to bring the whole game universe of the portal directly in the hands of its users enclosed in their smartphone.

The available apps, released for free for both iOS and Android devices, are three and all dedicated to a different game area on the portal, a choice that makes the experience of use certainly more orderly and lean.

What are the apps in the Mediabet world? Here they are:

  • Mobile casino: the whole mediabet online casino enclosed in a very performing app with which to have direct access to all your favorite games in a version specifically optimized for smartphones.
  • Mobile poker: same principle but different subject, this time it is precisely poker that fills the mobile application enjoying the same virtuous technological advantages.
  • Mobile betting: a variant of the application aimed at having the mediabet sportbook to have fun at all times with all possible sports betting cannot be missing.

Mediabet Deposit: Payment methods

If, as we will see, the methods to get in touch with the mediabet customer service are many to the point of being above the general average present in the similar portals, a little different is as regards the methods of withdrawal and deposit funds from your account of play, which are still many but slightly below the general average.

In particular, Paypal is missing, which is then the most significant minus, but it is not the only service not to appear among those who are normally made available.

What are the systems supported by MediaBet for Cash In and Cash Out operations? Here they are:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • Postal
  • Bank transfer
  • Postagiro
  • Skrill

MediaBet promotions: security

A light under which an online casino must always be observed is that relating to his Safety, because we speak of realities with which we have economic transactions and to which we communicate some of our personal data and it is therefore essential to be able to trust.

Mediabet is a very safe portal from all points of view, both as a portal itself and in terms of processing personal data, both aspects guaranteed by the AAMS authorization of which it is strong, as it is safe in terms of economic transactions , guaranteed by the safety of the financial systems that manage them.

The same is also worth talking about the player's security in front of the risk of ludopathy and gambling dependence, a clearly very serious aspect that Mediabet faces a chest by proposing an excellent information program about it.

MediaBet Mobile: the assistance service

Leaving from what is the offer strictly relating to the game platform we are now going to discover how MediaBet behaves with its customer service, an important organizational detail as and aspect of the site that has given only positive feedback.

Getting in touch with Mediabet is a very simple deal, as it is to receive all the most decisive answers, just use one of the following resources made available:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp
  • email
  • Set

Mediabet bets: our final opinion on Mediabet

And here we are getting as always when you have to pull once and for all sums formally defining what our opinion on Mediabet is, an online casino that offers a solid service embellished with the offer and quality of an important game platform such as that made available by People's.

As we saw Mediabet, positively stands out under almost all the aspects we have observed, the real negative notes are only those related to the lack of some payment services that are normally made available by others, which we are sure is something that will be resolved quickly in time.

What to say? We like Mediabet, it is not yet a top portal but it is undoubtedly a reality that deserves the attention that the public is attributing to her and that in the future will be able to do even better.

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Mediabet telematic games, poker, bets and what else?

    Mediabet is a reality that has managed to put any possible form of gambling under the same roof can be in your taste and passion, this also thanks to the People's platform that uses a platform for the management of most titles of world renowned which clearly allows you to have access to a higher technological level and ad An impressive catalog of gamesnull Reading our review you will see how the answer to this question is "practically everything".

  • Is Mediabet People's Casino is a valid way of playing?

    It is now almost a custom that some portals decide to adopt an external game platform instead of proposing their own, and this does mediabet by making available to its users The Casino di People's platform, which we all know as one of the largest, rich and widespread in the world and which allows you to have access to a catalog of immense titles to play by exploiting truly top -level technological characteristics.

  • Is Mediabet People's bets is an alternative to consider?

    Also The area dedicated to betting Mediabet is carried out by the People's platform, and again we are dealing with an offer of sporting events (also live) and really immense betting possibilities. The speech remains very similar to that seen a little while ago by talking about casino games, it is a choice of the portal that of using an external platform and in this case a top quality level has been chosen.

  • 🚀 MediaBet People's Card Game is happy even the most demanding players?

    We have now abundantly repeated that Mediabet uses the People's platform to propose a selection of immense games and titles to its users, and we now also know that People's is a certainty in the world of online gambling: it comes by itself that all that is also That concerns the most famous and widespread card games in the world is a topic completely characterized by abundance both on a quantitative and qualitative level, this is a feature of People's as it is also of mediabet itself.

🚀 Mediabet telematic games, poker, bets and what else?

Mediabet is a reality that has managed to put any possible form of gambling under the same roof can be in your taste and passion, this also thanks to the People's platform that uses a platform for the management of most titles of world renowned which clearly allows you to have access to a higher technological level and ad An impressive catalog of gamesnull Reading our review you will see how the answer to this question is "practically everything".

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