Online casino software: detailed analysis and guide

The popularity of a Gambling site is strongly linked to the online casino software to which it relies on, to offer the best games to its users.

If someone had escaped, the betting sites that have a casino section do not produce the games with which the players have fun (slot machines, poker, roulette, blackjack).

In fact, each game portal holds agreements with other companies, outside the platform, in order to enrich its catalog and become Among the best online casino.

Normally betting companies hold more than one agreement with the company owners of the software, with the aim of having a large and varied offer.

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The best online casino software

Those who visit the online Gambling sites know that there are softwerehouses that, in this sector, are a guarantee of reliability and fun.

The best online casino software bear the names of:

Those listed are among the most famous names in the sector and are guaranteed as they are all in possession of the AAMS licenses provided for by the law.

These certificates, of which digital gambling software must have, are intended to guarantee the impartiality of the winnings.

Another question that determines the convenience of one society compared to another concerns the disbursement of the bonuses. In fact, there are promotions wanted by the casino and others who, however, depend on the games software (this is the case of free laps to slot machines or the game of roulette).

To find out more, you must consult the information that accompanies each bonus, whether it is to play with the slot machines and for roulette.

Why is it important to consider the software?

In this review we will take care of digital gambling software and try to understand what their usefulness is and what are the characteristics that such a product must absolutely have.

Each single Gambling platform exists thanks to the game software. The two elements (IT program and electronic portal) are one the reverse of the medal of the other.

The former would make no sense if the digital platforms were not existed, the latter, on the other hand, would be without entertainment without the games.

It is, therefore, a combination that can only work if both products are able to guarantee the player the same level of safety and reliability.

The renowned companies, that is, those that in this sector are major, have years and years of experience behind them.

Generally we are talking about companies that put on the market dozens of new products every year, guaranteeing a good replacement between old and new proposals.

Veterane softwarehouses are the favorites of those who visit the platforms and play because, in addition to being the ones that offer games with cutting -edge graphics, they are also the most solid and serious.

Young companies, that is, those who try to create their sequel by focusing on the niches left uncovered by large companies, must drain a lot to demonstrate their reliability.

There are online gaming platforms that prefer to produce casino games on their own. In this case, the owner of the software and that of the site are the same person.

This solution is not very popular because it requires an important expenditure of energy and does not always guarantee performing results.

Often these sites that produce their games are unable to offer good promotions, given the low profitability of the products (eg roulette, slot machines and live games).

Another important aspect that concerns the evaluation of the best software by those who visit the sites and play online are the bonuses.

These too, in fact, are a part not to be underestimated when judging a provider (such as Playtech, Microgaming and Netent).

Unlike this, many of the users who access the best mess to play think: the bonuses do not depend only on the Aams Italia portal, but also on the companies that enrich the schedule of games (such as slot machines, roulette and live tables).

Each company, in fact, periodically offers bonuses aimed at encouraging the use of their product to those who visit the casino or simply to entice users to play.

What are the different types of software?

When it comes to Casino software manufacturers, it is inevitable to talk about Playtech, the market leader.

This Estonian company is so popular, rich and famous that it is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The secret of the success of Playtech, which produces Games for online casino, lies in the quality and variety of products and in the solid agreements established with the Gambling sites.

PlayTech He purchased Snaitech Spa in 2018, officially entering the American market and adopting a vertical approach (which includes the whole supply chain).

With 600 titles, this Estonian company proves to have a truly large offer producing software for Betting, Network Poker, Bingo, Lotterie and Casino.

Microgaming It is another big name in the sector and collaborates with the most important world gaming platforms.

It is one of the oldest companies in this field, just think that the first software produced by Microgaming is dated 1994.

At the beginning of the new millennium (in 2004) there was the first game for the mobile version.

Given the popularity and aptitude to anticipate the times: Microgaming is another leader in the field of slot machines.

NetEnt It is another large company in the world of gambling and is listed on the Nasdaq market in Stockholm.

His games are particularly appreciated by players for graphics and payout which oscillates between 95 and 98%. This company

ISoftBet It is a certified English operator in the main European countries including USA, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

While dealing with all types of game, the flagship product of this company are slot machines: with an online and mobile version.

Features to consider

When evaluating the goodness of a computer product, such as online casino software, specific criteria must be followed:

  • Quality of the service offered, understood as a attention to detail that in the case of slot machines translates into graphics and playability.
  • Jackpot is an aspect that depends only on the provider, in practice every softwarehouse company establishes what is the percentage of each win.
  • Live games have now become a must. It is unthinkable to have a digital game site without success without a section being a section dedicated to live games, with a real dealer.
  • Mobile version that, in the era of smartphones and applications.

It is an additional service that makes the difference because it allows players to be able to play comfortably from the tram sofa or bus station simply with a network connection and a small device.

All this without sacrificing the quality of the product.

The characteristics that make quality software concern: games, graphics and audio, mobile version and the RNG Algoritmni.


A club that programming casino games must have a large and varied proposal that includes, in addition to the aforementioned slot machines, card games, casino games, video poker and live casinos.

Some of the games put on the market, over time, have become real icons in their categories.

Let's talk about Games like Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Age of the Gods, Book of RA Deluxe, etc. who have made the fortune of manufacturers such as Netten, Playtech, Microgaming, etc.

Graphics and audio

Although a game can have a beautiful setting and an attractive story, what allows the player to identify with graphics and audio.

Having clear images and excellent audio resolution have now become indispensable features in the 4K era.

The computer programmers of games and video games who are reaching truly unique levels of likelihood know it well.

Mobile casino

There are now very few casinos not having the version for smartphones and tablets, this is because all users of the digital game platforms want to be able to access their account everywhere.

It is a convenience of Rielevo that allows those who play to connect and focus money from both the PC (with a browser) and from Android and iOS devices.


RNG is the acronym for Random Number Generator, or random generator of numbers.

In the case of digital games it is the percentage calculated on the overall win and which allows you to understand how much every player can win.

This value is not the same for each provider, but is established a priori by any game software, determining the greater or lesser convenience.

So we will find different RNG indices that we compare information on providers such as Microgaming or Netent.

The software and safety are closely linked

The safety of a digital game program is given by the presence or absence of the AAMS /ADM license issued by the American Agency.

This peculiarity is an indispensable part in evaluating the reliability of a game mess. Without this license, an online Gambling company cannot offer its services to the Bel Paese public.


Online casino software are an essential element for any digital game portal.

Except for the very few and, mostly, unknown gambling mess that "auto -program" are the games, all the giants in the sector make agreements with external companies.

The advantage that derives from the fact that the two realities (the one that manages the site and the one that provides games) are independent of each other, increases the level of safety and reliability.

A very convenient aspect who plays at Casino Aams Italia and not.

In any case, the main companies that deal with the programming and marketing of telematic casino games software are regulated by ADM.

In essence, the American Customs and Monopolies Agency verifies the reliability of the product (including the RNG) and always verifies compliance with the rules of the players.

To evaluate the goodness of a programming company, as we have seen, some information must be carefully observed.

A part of these concerns the quality of the products with which players are called to have fun; Then we have the characteristics that concern safety, RNG and the live version.

These visas so far are some of the most important aspects of a games software.

We recommend that you always choose the mess of USA or to which the competent bodies have provided the license. In addition, it is good to always take a look at the site, to the information section where there are all the details.

📕 Frequently frequent homes

How to know which software uses a casino?

To know the softwarehouses with which a betting site has sanctioned agreements, simply search for the appropriate section on the platform or scroll through the cursor down.

Generally at the bottom of the page, near the voices "Who we are", "Contacts" and "FAQ" there is the list of providers who supply the site.

Instant Play or Download: What is best?

Instant Play is a new service introduced by Google Play that allows you to test games before downloading them.

In this way each user can try the product and decide whether to install it on their device or not.

It is impossible to choose between instant play and download or rather, one in the hike the other.

Are online casinos compatible with all devices?

The software behind the online casino platforms are periodically updated to be compatible with the latest generation arrangements, and with those of a few years older.

In theoretical, the programs are compatible with all devices.

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