Probability of online casino winning: everything you need to know about RTP, RNG and Payout

Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, bingo, lotteries, poker, gambling games attract players of all ages, beginners and experts who want to try to become millionaires with a stroke of luck.

Gambling is as luck as probability. Any casino game has its own probability of winning, which depends on very specific variables and rules. The first of these is to rely on Best online casino.

The probability of casino winning, the return to the player, Payout casino: all aspects that we explain in our detailed guide.

The return to the player (RTP) what is it?

It is a percentage value that indicates what the return to the player is the return to what has focused on.

Se a un Gratta& Vinci viene vinto 1 euro con molta probabilità il player userà questa vincita per comprarne un altro e tentare la fortuna un’altra volta.

The Return To Player is calculated by subtracting the advantage of the counter and the operator from the victories that have been made.

It is not possible to calculate it for each single game, but it is done on a great amount of bets and consequent victories and defeats.

It therefore refers precisely to the return percentage of the episodes in the pockets of all users, compared to the money bet.

How does the RNG work?

RNG is the abbreviation to indicate the Random Numbers Generator.

It is the generator of random numbers, the tool that ensures regularity in video games.

RNG is a software that guarantees non -rigged games and complete randomness for slot machines, lotteries and room video games in general.

It is the Random Numbers Generator that guarantees that the ball of the Roulette online video or the sequence of symbols in a slot machine are random and that nobody can cheat.

The RNG software is made up of algorithms, which are certified by the entities that manage gambling.

It is therefore a legal tool found on online casino regulated by license and authorized to operate legally.

In USA it is AAMS, the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, now called ADM, acronym of the Customs Agency and Monopolies to manage and regulate the Random Numbers Generator (RNG).

Probability of winnings of casino games

Slots Machine, Poker, Blackjack and Lotterie, also in the live version, which are more likely to win?

Our review aims to make known the probability of winning, here is a collection of all types of digital games:

Slot machine

Slots machines have variable winning hypotheses: it is considered a share that oscillates with percentages from 40% to 60%.

Slots machines have a software mode with RNG, so it is not easy to calculate and establish the symbols and the probability of winning a priori.

It all depends on the providers who create the software, and on the online casino operators who make the slots available to the players.

Any platform has the obligation to publish the average winning values and the maximum prize pool on its website.

Our advice is to view them before trying luck. In case of doubt, most operators have excellent assistance for the customer, ready to answer also live, to all questions and thus resolve the doubts of the players.


Roulette are divided into two categories: traditional ones in well -defined places and virtual roulette.

European roulette is made up of thirty -seven slots, and the numbers range from zero (equal and green in color) to thirty -six (the numbers are divided into red and black as a color).

The probability of casino winning are simple to understand: if the player plays a number has a probability of winning out of 37, therefore 2.7%, a low percentage but a potential high prize, the collection is in fact equivalent to thirty -six times the amount bet.

If you choose to focus on columns and dozen (twelve numbers), the probability of casino winning is equivalent to 32.4% (almost a third of one hundred).

The chances rise when you focus on red/black and peer/odd with a percentage of 50%.

The zero does not fall among these is considered equal, but it is neither red nor black, but green.

It is a number that is played as a single, in fact it is considered by professionals to the sector as the advantage of the counter.

American roulette have double zero, which works like zero and therefore the advantage of the counter is greater, but the chances of lower casino winnings.

In fact, if the probability of casino winnings are greater, the lower the deposit for the prize pool of victory.


Let's start with a concept, this is among video games with the most probability of winning the casino.

You just have to know the game rules well and learn the stages of the game.

In fact, the calculation is not simple, since the game depends on different variables, such as the raid of the decks, the pre strategy during and after, ask for an extra card when the score is equivalent to thirteen or fourteen.

Always playing consciously and without haste, the desire to want more and more would lead to rash moves.

Instead, it is possible to calculate that the winnings at Blackjack is equivalent to a 49%collection, and that of the Banco manages to reach two%more points, then reaching 51%.

It is a game of cards with precise rules to follow.

For example, if under the seventeen, the Mazziere necessarily calls a card or staying on a score equal to or greater than seventeen.

These rules give user clear ideas on how to deal with games.

In fact, the Blackjack is among those with the most chance of winning, as it happens in poker, we must know the rules well, the phases of any games and think of a well -defined strategy.


The lotteries have their own percentage of the possibility of victory. For deferred extraction lotteries, it is given by the ratio between the number of winning tickets and the overall one of the total tickets placed on the market, sold and purchased by buyers.

For example, there is talk of the lotteries on television, including the prizes of the final extraction, of the daily and/or weekly ones that are awarded during the program on television.

The chance of victory of the instant extraction lotteries is 1 out of 3.60, therefore the average of the value returned to the prize is 73%.

Instead, the newslots have very minimal victory chance and it is not possible to precisely calculate the actual probability of winning the casino of any machine.

In any case, the legislation provides for a winning base.

Casino Aams and Casino without license: what is the difference with the probability of winning?

ADM and casino casino without license: the differences.

As a greatness of video games catalog there is no substantial difference between the two.

In fact, some unregulated ADM platforms in USA are very rich in securities, and although not having American license they have licenses from other states, such as Malta, Cyprus, Curacao, etc. It is good to remember that these online sites are not recognized in USA.

Victory chances depend on the video game, Lot, Cards, etc. They are available on both types of operators.

The substantial difference lies in taxation: if the winnings takes place on an ADM platform, it is already taxed and no tax return should be made in this regard.

In an without license platform, the prize is not taxed and therefore the money earned must be declared, if this does not happen it is an illegal activity.

Operators holding European license pay taxes in Europe.

On the American web website on the American web web has been inserted in special pages of the games, a probability section of casino winnings.

This page is periodically updated with the average percentages of pay out, calculated regularly on each game.

The pay out is automatically calculated by the software developed by the providers.

The calculation is given by consulting the Random Number Generator (RNG).

The substantial difference is given by three aspects substantially: promotions and bonuses offered (with or without deposit), customer care live and payment speed.

What are the slot machines with a high RTP?

Among the slot machines with a high prize possibility that boast a 96% higher Return to player are:

  • Soldier of Rome (98%),
  • The Steam Tower (97,40%),
  • The Baron Samedi (97%),
  • Sticky Bandits: Wild Return (96,28%)
  • Fruit Supreme (96,27%)
  • Most games have a Return to Player that is between 94% and 96%, such as:
  • The Win Fall (96%)
  • Solar Queen (95,78%)
  • The Book of Ra Deluxe (95,10%)
  • Miss Kitty (94,94%)
  • Holly & Benji (94,17%)

The slot with Return To Player low are those with a greater possibility of victory.

Some examples:

  • The Big Catch (94%)
  • Stormin 7’s (93,83%)
  • Super Lucky Frog (93%)
  • Funky Fruits Farm (92%)
  • Gladiator Jackpot (91,5%)

Most games on the best online casinos have bonuses and a demo version, to try to play and make episodes without running the risk of losing sums of money.

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How to know the return to the player of a casino game?

The Return To Player is in relation to the frequency of winning on a specific video game.

Slot machines are not all the same, and the Return To Player is one of the aspects that differentiate the games, it is not corresponding to the winning frequency.

The minimum values are established by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and the games are divided into categories:

  • 80% card games
  • 90% skill games
  • 90% games with multiple participants
  • 90% fixed -rate games

Taking advantage of the various functions, bonuses and advantages that a specific slot offers, you can use the return to the player to your advantage and get great results.

Conclusions: our observations on the probability of winning

Know the Return To Player and the Payout of an operator P a good strategy to carefully choose the software. thus trying the fortune not entirely thanks to the case.

You have to choose a platform with symbols, indications and clear and transparent information.

No event external to the game affects the fate. There is no time, moment, perfect day, as far as you play for a long time and however budget you bet in every episode, the win is still decided by luck.

Discover our other tricks to play the online casino in the best conditions:


  • 🚀 Where to find the RTP of a slot?

    The Return To Player is always a percentage present. In fact, it is a fundamental fact for each individual user, because with this percentage it includes how much money he will actually earn in the form of victory.

    Any slot has a "info" section and it is in it that this data is found.

    There is an obligation by individual slot machines operators to communicate to what the victory and profit should be at theoretical level.

    Theoretically, the slot machines are around an average of about 95%, this means that the 95% of the money spent on a certain slot is intended for the pockets of the playing user.

  • 🚀 Why are there different probability for several games?

    The secret is to know the real probability of casino winning to reveal the chances of victory.

    Pay Out is the percentage of the played money that is restored to players as a prize at the moment of a win.

    It is not fixed and changes the game at stake. Some extraction games have 43%, while for newslot it is 74%and for 88%lottery video.

    The win will take place when a sufficient number of games have been played to obtain all the combinations available from the slots machines.

    Probability is the number of results divided the total one of the possible results, while ODDS is the relationship between the plausibility of an event and the hypothesis that that particular event happens: it is the number of losers divided the result of the winning numbers.

    Nelle lotterie e Gratta& Vinci, l’odds è cinque a uno.

  • 🚀 Are there any tricks to increase the probability of winning?

    Payout casino and various video games are conditioned by numerous variables.

    There is no trick to move to the jackpot, or increase your probability of casino winnings. The only advice is to analyze and monitor the trends of the game over time, also following live events.

    Studying how poker works and other room "leisure" could help a lot to reduce the margin of error.

    For example, the Return To Player is more or less the same, so the % of winning is calculated on a well -defined base.

    The average of the Payout is given by the games in total, during which there will be those who have won (annexed fortune strokes) and those who have lost.

    The trend of the slot must be checked monthly, in fact if the payout is the same as or greater than 100 the advice is not to play on that specific slot: this means that in the previous month there were wins, even substantial.

    Payouts have high and low pariodici. Better to try on a slot with high payout, this means that it is about to reach the climax, and that it can give victory to a lucky winner.

    A constant low value is better to avoid it.

    The first move to attempt the blow is to make an analysis of both the video game and a predefined budget and create a strategy of blows, symbols, games and bets of a tot of euro.

    Finally, it is good to remember that gambling or bets on a sporting event can cause addiction, and is prohibited to minors under the age of 18.

🚀 Where to find the RTP of a slot?

The Return To Player is always a percentage present. In fact, it is a fundamental fact for each individual user, because with this percentage it includes how much money he will actually earn in the form of victory.

Any slot has a "info" section and it is in it that this data is found.

There is an obligation by individual slot machines operators to communicate to what the victory and profit should be at theoretical level.

Theoretically, the slot machines are around an average of about 95%, this means that the 95% of the money spent on a certain slot is intended for the pockets of the playing user.

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