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Leo Vegas is a very large quality portal that offers a very wide selection of games inspired by the best classic casinos, all projecting himself simultaneously to the future with an excellent mobile app.


  • Good senza deposition
    50 free giri
    Bet requirement: 1x
  • Welcome bonus package
    1000 $ + 200 giri free
    Bet requirement: 35x
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🔗Website www.leovegas.it
🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 1997


💬Chat 08:00-01:00
📞Phone 02 00620 264
e-mail [email protected]

Top games catalog
Immense live mess
Absolutely safe site
Site imagined for mobile
Many payment methods
Lack of poker area
Lack of bingo area

Telling all the most important online gambling realities is definitely one of the things that do it best and today we will use our talent to talk about LeoVegas Casino, an online casino that teased us a lot and to whom we decided to dedicate one of our complete reviews.

Leovegas is not an online casino online but it is rather an excellent and huge online casino that depopulates above all in what concerns the mobile game, where the platform immediately imposed itself with an exceptionally well organized and extremely performing service.

But to begin with, it must be said that Leovegas proposes itself on the market as an absolutely safe platform that is strong of all the main guarantees to protect the consumer who authorize only a few realities to operate in the world of gambling, such as authorization AAMS (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) of which Leo Vegas is naturally equipped.

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🎁 Welcome bonus 1000$ + 200 free spins
🎲 games Slot machines, board games, live casino, sports betting, poker, football, horse racing
🇮🇹 License Sì, AAMS/ADM

From what aspect of Leovegas then start?

As always, we like to start from the most general issues and approach the most important characteristics of the service and then gradually go more and more detail by discovering everything there is to be discovered in Levegas Casino in any aspect you look at it.

So ready for this little big trip to Levegas to find out why we decided to insert it in our collection of all Casino Online?

Levegas Bonus: the bonus policy of the site

We then move on to another fundamental chapter in the evaluation of Levegas Casino and its services, or his policy of bonus, which is not only decidedly lively but is also very clear and well organized.

The available bonuses are many and reachable at various times, not only to the opening of the account, moment for which they are however considered welcome bonuses.

Welcome Bonus Leovegas Casino

First of all let's talk about the Welcome bonus of Levegas, which in particular is one of your choice between the two possible proposals:

  • Welcome Casino offer: it is 25 free spin to be obtained immediately and a bonus up to $ 1,000, oo at the first deposit, when they can be obtained up to another 100 free free spins, to be used in the casino section.
  • WELCOME OFFER LIVE Casino: it is a bonus up to $ 1,000.00 to be obtained at the first deposit to use it in the Live Casino section of the portal.

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Levegas no deposit bonus

One of the characteristics you will like most of the promotions of the site is the Leo Vegas no deposit bonus Which accompanies, and somehow anticipates, the real welcome bonus allowing you to immediately get to the heart of the game without even having to complete the registration procedure by the first deposit of funds.

I no deposit bonus They are by far the most loved of the moment and they are also among those we prefer since they allow players to play immediately and "take their own" time to choose whether or not to complete the registration procedure: a very right way to feel Immediately at home in the midst of a multitude of games without having to first spend a penny.

But that's not all, because the Levegas bonus no deposit is also proposed in the most loved way by users around the world: i Free spin, to be precise 25 free spin With which to play immediately as long as the registration on the site took place.

And then? And then once you have played and you will be convinced that you want to continue your adventure on Levegas Casino you will only have to make your first deposit to find you to collect the welcome bonus in its suit which, just to remember it, consists of a bonus 100% deposit up to a maximum of 1,000.00 $ and in another 200 free laps reaching a total of 225 free spin in homage.

A truly satisfactory promotional policy that puts users at the center of attention immediately.

Game bonus

But let's see some other example by discovering the game bonuses made available by Levegas for its users:

Finals d 'estate

For the last four weeks of summer, a weekly extraction with premiums up to $ 5,000.00 for a total of $ 20,000.00 to be obtained by relying on the tickets received at the time of deposit:

  • $50 – $99 = 1 ticket
  • $100 – $249 = 3 ticket
  • $250 – $499 = 7 ticket
  • $ 500 or more = 10 tickets

Twenty -one victory

A special ranking for the BLACKJACK With which to acquire points to aspire to the special prize of $ 3,000.00 each week, this until the end of October.

Roulette of Thursday

Every week at stake special prizes of $ 500.00 simply playing at roulette select for the event.

LeoVegas: IL Program VIP Experience

His name is Levegas Casino Vip Experience and is the loyalty program proposed by the portal for all the most active users, who will be entitled to special prizes, benefits and ever -growing awards based on their position accrued in the ranking of the site.

Let's say "they will have" because the Levegas Vip Experience program is announced but not yet active, it will arrive soon and all the details to explain it specifically.

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Leovegas Casino: the whole catalog of games

And now we immediately take a next step by finally entering the specific merit of the offer of Levegas Casino and going to look closely at the catalog that the house proposes.

To begin with, we must note that Leovegas even from a graphic point of view in the organization of its site gives absolute prominence to everything that concerns its online casino, leaving a secondary space to the albeit well -stocked section dedicated to sports betting.

And it is precisely from the Levegas casino that we want to start our overview of all the types of game it offers, this because we are talking about the beating heart of the game platform and the area in which most of the quality titles are kept.

Ready to move on to the facts looking at all the sections of Leovegas?


We precisely said that the Levegas casino represents the true load -bearing column of the general offer of the site, this by virtue of a truly impressive selection of games in all the sub -categories present, but it is not only a question of quantity because that attracts attention It is also the general quality of the software used that make Levegas a literally modern online casino.

What can we expect? To begin with variety and technology, two of the fundamental ingredients for a successful offer that now we are going to wade in detail section by section:

  • Slot machine: Leovegas currently proposes exactly 379 slot machines with the most different themes and prizes at stake but all characterized by a first -rate technological quality that acts as a trait d'union of the offer of the section. The even more interesting thing is that the Leo Vegas slot section is however subject to periodic updates in which the offer expands from time to time.
  • Board games: the Levegas board games section is in a slightly less supplied proportion, but we are talking in any case of an important selection of games that consists of 12 tables with all the most important titles and different variants on theme: Euopean Roulette, American Roulette, American Roulette and Black Jack.
  • Jackpot: Leovegas will probably grow over time also as regards its section dedicated to games with Jackpot which at the moment, albeit interesting and with rich prizes, is still a little too poor in available options. There are 5 games with jackpot and at the moment the maximum prize pool offers it the divine fortune slot with a jackpot that exceeds $ 22,000.00!
  • Classic slots: another section that enriches the Levegas online casino is the one dedicated to the classic slots that have made the most fun in the past, a selection of 11 other titles that are added to all those presented previously. We really like this differentiation that allows you to also enjoy the titles of the past but underlining the technological difference with the more current and advanced ones.


As we mentioned at the beginning the section VIDEO POKER It is not available on Levegas and we sincerely do not know if this is a momentary lack or a company choice that will be maintained that in the future excluding this game forever from the offer of the online casino.

Having said that, our opinion is that it is certainly a lack but that Leovegas still comes out as a gaming platform in which the abundance of what present rather than the weight of what is missing is known.


Practically superimposable speech is what we can do to define the link between Levegas and the Bingo, another game that is currently not contemplated on the platform and which also in this case is not known if it will find space in the future.

But equally we speak of a lack undoubtedly to be counted that, however, does not predict the general goodness of the Levegas catalog.

Leovegas Slot

As always happens in most of the game portals, also in this case the heart of the catalog of the portal are the Levegas Slot, which in particular are more than 800 and have been chosen from all the best that the world of online gaming has to offer players and we refer to the excellent software house responsible for the catalog that we will present better in detail between not Very.

What we refer to is a truly enormous quantity of quality titles in which one could literally lose, but in the case of Levegas the conditional is truly a must, because another element of luster of the Levegas Slot is that they are also excellent in as for theirs organization in subsections: a very well managed logical order that allows you to have everything you care about without having to look for it at hand.

As we well know the quantity and quality are not everything, but there is also the need to make available to users a very simple and intuitive way to move inside the game offer and we must say that this is another aspect in which Levegas really does very well.

But to be even clearer we immediately enter specifically, discovering what are all the most important sub -categories in which the slots have been organized:

  • popular: The section dedicated to all the slots most loved by the users of the site, the real best of of the titles of Levegas who are most played every day by the players active on the platform.
  • New slots: a selection of all the latest news just published on Levegas, that is, a very simple way not to miss any of the new entries and remain the most updated as possible, also finding the opportunity to always discover new ways to have fun with the slots.
  • Megaways: Of course there is not even a section dedicated to all megaways slots on the site, the most customizable titles that are enjoying enormous success among players around the world.
  • slot con jackpot: Playing is naturally beautiful, but winning huge prizes is more, for this reason there is also a section in which to find all the titles that make jackpot prizes capable of reaching even astronomical levels.
  • slot online: Finally, there is obviously also the possibility of viewing all the slots as a whole, which as we have said are more than nineteenth century.

Lensgas sports betting

Are you a fan of sports betting? The right answer then is certainly Levegas Sport, The Bookmaker section of the site in which to find everything related to Betting.

Although the site was born as an online casino, today as today Levegas bets is one of the sections more loved and frequented Absolutely, this is because in time a simply incredible job has been done to create a Sportbook section that really has nothing to envy to other specialized sites.

Levegas Sport allows you to bet on New Diverse Discipline including finding football, basketball, volleyball and tennis, but it is as always the first to make the difference and in this case it does it in a truly incredible way.

Leovegas football is not only the American one (Serie A and minor series) and it is not only that of international cups, the real peculiarity is that of foreign championships: it is in fact possible to bet on all the major competitions of even 39 different countries around the world , a type of abundance that is really rare among the pages of the best bookmakers.

But that's not all, because there is also the Levegas live betting section in which to find all the sporting events on which point live, the moment in which they are happening: one of the most followed Betting forms of these years to which the site dedicates more space another time through international events to be found at any time.

Sport bets

As said and repeated Leovegas was born as a casino online and it is in what the vast majority of its offer is concentrated, or so at least it was at the beginning and throughout the first part of the portal growth path, because today as today Levegas offers also a section Sport bets Really serious.

Levegas Sport is the section of the site dedicated to the Sportbook that over time has been joined by the whole casino offer: a well -stocked betting room that presents itself in a very dynamic and efficient graphic design that offers users a use experience Very significant.

As always also in Levegas' Sportbook it is football to keep the ranks of the game, but there are also many other reference sports on which to bet as many live events of all kinds.

Levegas Roulette: all the rooms of the Live Casino

And here we come to one of the true distinctive points of Levegas Casino, which presents itself on the market as an online casino supplied and modern and therefore cannot be separated from a live quality casino.

In truth, Leovegas makes much more than proposing a live quality casino, because it has come to propose one of the most interesting and varied live game environments that there are generally around.

If normally a live casino proposes some differentiated tables that of Levegas needs subsections to contain in an orderly way all the live rooms that makes available, reaching the monstrous number of 79 live tables.

Let's see briefly which sections are present in the live casino of Levegas and how many titles they are proposed:

  • Chambre Séparée: 15 VIP tables between roulette and Blackjack live with different variants and among the most varied entrance costs.
  • Live Roulette: 29 different roulette with all the most varied possible rules, almost thirty live tables for a single game.
  • Live Blackjack: 23 other live tables all dedicated to Blackjack and its possible variations with which to immerse yourself in a world of cards.
  • Table games: 12 more live rooms with all the main table games most loved in the most classic casinos.

Levegas Italia: the mobile app

The mobile world of Levegas Casino is another of the main flagships of the house, and this not only because a very well made mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices, applications that you can find for free both on AppStore that on Googleplay.

The real reason for excellence in the relationship between Levegas and the mobile universe lies in the fact that immediately the platform focused on its apps as the main and preferential game method, reaching today as today the result of a majority of propioal traffic from mobile devices.

What does the Levegas app allow you to do? Practically everything, or at least everything we could do on the platform website, but doing it through a different and more dynamic competent user experience.

Levegas Casino: the support methods supported

Another practical detail of all importance is that relating to the systems supported by the portal to carry out the cash in and cash out operations by your game wallet.

Also in this Levegas Casino gets a high vote, because the proposed payment systems are many and include all those who mainly expect or simply hope to find.

Which systems are supported for withdrawal and funding?

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Clear
  • Neteller
  • PaySafe Card
  • Apple Pay

Levegas It: Safety space

We are now talking about another very important chapter of our reviews, namely the one in which we go to evaluate the safety levels with which the portal characterizes its action to protect users.

Levegas Casino is a very sure game portal that is strong of AAMS certification with which all the most important are guaranteed Security features necessary on a portal, and the financial transactions carried out on the platform can be said, protected in this case by the safety systems of the various giants of digital finance.

Finally, Leovegas also does a lot towards gambling addiction by proposing the program we play safe with which to have dozens of resources available to know, understand, manage and face ludopathy.

Live Chat Levegas: Customer Service of the Site

But the quality of an online gaming site is not measured only from its catalog, because practical aspects such as customer assistance are also very important, in which Leovegas Casino must be said that it is quite well by establishing a high quality standard.

How is it possible to get in touch with customer support Leovegas?

  • Livechat
  • Phone
  • email

The proposed Help Center is also very well done, which allows you to solve a good part of the most common problems without even the need to customer support.

Which provider software can be found on Levegas?

A large online casino like Levegas naturally involves some game Provider Equally great that are capable of supplying games of a catalog that aims to be among the richest and most exciting that there are in circulation, a wealth that can be found only by offering variety of qualities also in terms of choice of suppliers: the choice of software house On Levegas it is truly impressive, just as the quality that distinguishes them is also.

It would be really very dispersive to report the complete list of all "the actors" that are staged in the Levegas Casino catalog, for this reason we have decided to report below only the most famous and recognized:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic play
  • Evolution Gaming
  • ISoftBet
  • Play’n Go
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Blue Print

How to open an account on Leovegas?

The registration procedure in Levegas Italia is as simple as it is quick And it is in all respects in line with that requested by most existing online casinos: it only needs little information and very few clicks.

To register at the Levegas Casino, only the compilation of an online form with which to record all your main registry is necessary, after which you simply need to choose one of the payment methods supported so as to use it in the future for the deposit and withdrawal operations in the future : This is enough to immediately get the no deposit bonus.

As we said they need Just a few clicks And immediately after the world of Levegas Casino will open wide for all the fun you prefer by giving you the opportunity to have fun immediately using the no deposit bonus and to relaunch the convenience to the maximum when then comes the time to collect the real welcome bonus

Levegas prizes and awards

Levegas Italia's fame is such that it is now recognized as one of the online casinos most important in our country, a fame that is not only recognizable in the consent that it is with the preference of the players who choose it, but which is also in some way "official" by its continuous presence in everyone the major prizes Dedicated to online gaming and by the incredible amount of Levegas reviews, all excellent, which can be found on the web.

What are the collected prizes to date?

  • Global Gaming Awards London 2020
  • Global Gaming Awards London 2019
  • EGR Nordics Award come Casino Operator 2020
  • EGR Nordics Award come Mobile Provider 2020
  • EGR Nordics Award come Casino Operator 2019

Levegas Reviews: Our opinion for Levegas Casino

Going to conclude this general overview of Levegas Casino, arriving at the time of the conclusions, which are clearly very positive thanks to a general sum of merits and characteristics that we have found decidedly very convincing.

Leovegas has a very strong spirit and we like this: the direction that has decided to take is certainly visible, the way it has expanded its horizons is interesting and is by far one of the most oriented online game portals oriented to the universe mobile.

As we have seen, it is not exempt from defects or areas of improvement, but in any case the scissor between pros and against abundantly inclined towards the happy side of the scale.

In a nutshell, Leovegas Casino is a reality that we liked to review it and that you will love trying it!

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  • Leovegas Italia: Is it part of the best casinos for our country?

    These questions are always a little difficult because they imply a little subjectivity and some objective data: what we can say is that, beyond personal taste, Leovegas offers an online casino entirely made in American that offers an excellent games catalog, Very rich bonuses and all the security levels needed to be an ADM license in USA. In short, it is a portal that rightly stands out among the best and most widespread in USA, everything else is only a subjective question.

  • Leovegas offers an adequate welcome bonus?

    Also in this case we let the facts speak, which are then the promotional policy of Levegas that we have carefully deepened in our review: all the new subscribers immediately receive 25 free spin, a bonus up to $ 1,000.00 and then again up to another 100 free spins still. And all this only for the casino area, because that live casino then has another bonus again. What do we want more? That after the welcome bonus there are also many other bonuses still? Leovegas also has those, the VIP Levegas Experience program.

  • Leovegas: access and register, all so easy?

    How are the registration, deposit, access and use procedures of the Levegas website? I am so easy that it is faster to do than to say, really: the site has been created to be absolutely easy navigation and use and this starting from the "practical" and management phases like those we mentioned. The goal was to make the portal simple for anyone, it was to make it a comfortable habitat for any user including those with little aptitude for the web, and it is a goal fully achieved by Levegas.

  • Are the reviews on Levegas reliable or not?

    It is always an old question: how to extricate yourself in the midst of all reviews to Levegas, some enthusiastic and others instead too tranchant? Our advice is to learn to read the reviews by understanding a lot to begin if they really go to the center of the matter or not: in our analyzes we take into consideration any aspect of a platform, not only the best known and "trivial" ones and above all we speak later Having had first -hand experiences compared to what we then tell you. Trust our method and you will always have clear ideas on how to look at a service.

Leovegas Italia: Is it part of the best casinos for our country?

These questions are always a little difficult because they imply a little subjectivity and some objective data: what we can say is that, beyond personal taste, Leovegas offers an online casino entirely made in American that offers an excellent games catalog, Very rich bonuses and all the security levels needed to be an ADM license in USA. In short, it is a portal that rightly stands out among the best and most widespread in USA, everything else is only a subjective question.

Leo Vegas
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wagering 35x
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