Paypal Casino | The real Wildcard of online payments

How can we talk about payment systems for online game without talking about Paypal Casino? What is meant? We clearly talk about one of the most important synergies that we can find online, the one between an industry that we all know to be in great growth and one of the most recognized, used and valid payment systems that there is in the global panorama.

Regarding Paypal, we are sure that in itself I do not need great presentations, it is one of the most common and loved online payment methods that there are absolutes and probably most of you have been using it for years, so we will put greater emphasis Especially on its relationship with online gambling, which instead is an extremely significant specific frontier for us.

On our site we are giving a lot of space to the most popular web payment system And clearly a deepening on Paypal could not be missing, which in its own way is a real milestone, as well as a point of reference, for all this industry.

Casino Paypal - The best mess with which to use this method

The list of paypal casino, or simply online casinos on which it is possible to pay with Paypal, is really very long and moreover it is enriched day by day since we are talking about one of the first payment methods that any game portal would make "cards False ”to understand in his offer. But what are the game realities to consider as top 3?

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Soon what they are and, as you can easily see, are also some of the real top realities in general of the whole online gambling sector: a fairly obvious result that is simply explained with the presence of PayPal in all the realities of value.

Paypal online casino: the story of this payment system

But before entering the specific merit of the relationship between Paypal and the online casinos we find as always right to take a step back, starting a lot to start from a few short historical nod on the birth of this payment system that made its debut in the United States in 'By now very far 1998 when it was still called confineity.

It was 1999 when Confinity began to operate allowing the transfer of money between users registered in the service, but already in 2000 he had seen his first "revolution" being merged with, another company active in banking services created and managed by Elon Musk, today Coo also Tesla.

From that moment the revolutions (all to tell the real revolve to its growth) have no longer stopped and Paypal has evolved year after year until it culminated in 2015 with its teasing from its mother -a -sized society (which until then was eBay , always properties of Musk) and to the stocking listing.

To give some numbers on how Paypal grew in a portentous way we can say that if in 2004 the amount of transactions carried out by the service had been equal to $ 18.9 billion already in 2005 had reached 27.5 billion dollars, then grown up up to 71 billion in 2009.

Online Casino Paypal - How to use it?

Incredible numbers really that they have certainly been achieved thanks to the technological reliability and the safety of the service but not only, because the true secret of PayPal's success is certainly its absolute simplicity of use that we will now be going to tell.

Do I have to register?

Using PayPal is really simple at the limits of the banal and provides for registration on the site: operation that needs very little time and very few steps following which we are ready to send or receive funds through its system.

Not much more effort is used to combine your credit card and/or current account, and at that point we will really be able to make the most of the potential of the service through all the features of this e-wallet.

How to use it in an online casino?

As we said at the beginning of this page, the relationship between Paypal and the online casinos is truly symbiotic and ideal, this is because the simplicity, safety and speed with which this e-wallet operates are the perfect characteristics for this kind of transactions. But let's look a little in detail how the most common operations work:

Deposit operations
Deposit funds in your game portfolios using PayPal is truly a banality: just select it as a favorite payment system and choose the amount of the transaction and then the synergy between the online casino and paypal will do everything else by requesting only a few clicks. The casino will automatically refer us to the page of our PayPal account where we will only have to select our preference on the source from which to take the amount (for example the credit card or a combined bank account, or perhaps our direct credit on the platform) and Once the game is confirmed, it will be practically done.
Withdrawal operations
The process with which to pick up the funds by transferring them from the game portfolios to our Paypal account is equally easy and completely identical: from our game account we will simply choose PayPal as a favorite system and, once the amount to be liquidated is selected, just a click To see it transferred to our E-Wallet Paypal, finishing accredited on the circuit we prefer among those already mentioned previously.

Casino with Paypal - Rates

How much does it cost to use Paypal? Let's immediately discover it by analyzing both the deposit operations and the sampling of the funds.

Deposit rates
Using Paypal to transfer credit from our credit card or bank account is a completely free operation, as is normally paying for this method as a favorite (even if some sites could include a minimum commission from them policy).
Withdrawal rates
Equally free are the withdrawal operations of the funds which, at the limit, could undergo the same recharge (if required by the specific policy of the casino in question) as it would however have happened for any other possible payment method.

Online casino with paypal - pros and cons

One of the parties we prefer in these insights is this linked to the definition of all the most important pros and most critical against that characterize the service presented. It is an analysis that we love to perform in a completely schematic way and the one that follows is the elaborate one by studying the service offered by Paypal.

greater advantages PayPal works with all the circuits based on the cards that we combine with our account
Greater disadvantages Nobody
greater advantages It happens in real time, free of charge and through all the channels we prefer
Greater disadvantages Nobody
greater advantages Also in this case free and possible towards all circuits
Greater disadvantages Nobody
Online shopping
greater advantages Almost all e-commerce sites in the world accept Paypal
Greater disadvantages Nobody
Game portals
greater advantages Excellent part of the online casino Accept Paypal as a favorite method
Greater disadvantages Nobody
Cost cost
greater advantages It is a totally free service
Greater disadvantages Nobody
greater advantages Paypal is among the safest financial services in the world
Greater disadvantages Nobody
greater advantages Greater disadvantages Assessment
Circuit PayPal works with all the circuits based on the cards that we combine with our account Nobody
Recharge It happens in real time, free of charge and through all the channels we prefer Nobody
Withdrawal Also in this case free and possible towards all circuits Nobody
Online shopping Almost all e-commerce sites in the world accept Paypal Nobody
Game portals Excellent part of the online casino Accept Paypal as a favorite method Nobody
Cost cost It is a totally free service Nobody
Safety Paypal is among the safest financial services in the world Nobody

As we can see use Paypal is practically all an advantage, there are no real defects and this is probably the real reason for global success for this system.

The safety of the Paypal casino

Considering the seriousness, safety and level of control exercised by this online payments giant, Paypal casinos can generally be considered as the most reliable.

But what are the greatest prominent elements that make Paypal one of the most serious, comfortable and versatile payment methods in circulation?

Payment methods

One of the first reasons for PayPal's success is in its own principle of coexistence with other payment methods, which allows an "additional" level of security: making a payment using PayPal means adopting it as an intermediate system between the reality to which payment goes and another financial method.

It is possible to pay credit on your PayPal account and then use it directly in the transactions, but more frequently this system It is used in concert with a credit and debt card, or with your bank account By doubling the reliability by adding PayPal's protections to those already offered by the paper or by the account themselves.


To obtain the license of use of Paypal, a web portal must satisfy numerous fundamental criteria, therefore only the most serious sites can make it available to customers: a virtuous premise to which it then adds the supervision activity that the Fin-Tech giant does the license once released.

Speaking of games, it is possible to say that the PayPal casinos are among the safest also thanks to the control, both preliminary and following the release of the license, which the service performs in depth and continuously.

Customer service

One of PayPal's prominent elements is definitely his customer support, which can be ed at any time and which is extremely rapid and efficient in the answers and information given.

Customer support is Customer's oriented to the point of offering users too A form of insurance on purchases carried out using PayPal: a very important detail that adds another level of protection still in front of any dispute.

Online reviews

The web is full of enthusiastic opinions On Paypal and reading any review, the points in favor that emerge most often are related to its safety, its simplicity and efficiency.

Taking a visit to these reviews, it allows you to find countless comments and insights that agree in defining Paypal as one of the most serious and functional existing payment methods.

How to avoid scams

When choosing quality sites, it is not at all frequent to meet scams, which are mostly prerogative of the more "arranged" portals that do not have series companies capable of guaranteeing all the protections behind them.

There are though Some guidelines that allow you to prevent the "scam risk":

  • Sensitive data - must be wary of the mess that require too many sensitive data, remembering that their most generic data are sufficient for the opening of an account;
  • License - The presence of an international license (better still the ADM / AAMS) is a simple and effective way to be sure;
  • Corporate structure - It is always worth checking which company is holding the online casino brand (data that are at the bottom of the home page): a control that allows you to immediately understand if it is a serious company.

Is PayPal Foreign Casino - Is it a totally safe method?

We have spoken of speed, versatility and simplicity, but one of the real reasons to use Paypal is so much to begin its safety, which makes it such an unassailable system that it can be used even just to add an extra level of protection to your systems personal payment.

All this security is due to start the nature of E-Wallet itself of Paypal, which is precisely going to place above an existing payment system: all the technology put on the plate by Paypal does not bypasse, but indeed it is added , to that already present on our current account or credit card, which clearly acts as enormous added value for our serenity.

It would be really difficult to break into the Paypal system to "steal" funds but also once carried out it would still remain sterile enough because there would be then the accounts with the specific safety levels of the accounts or papers resting: this makes PayPal a 100% safe system who has never made himself talk about risk in terms of risk or fraud.

Online casino Payment Paypal - Bonus dedicated to this method of payment

Are there specific bonuses for those who use Paypal who are recognized by online casinos? It depends, normally not but it is also true that from time to time it can happen to run into promotions to encourage the use of a specific system and in this case things change.

As we know, bonus policies and promotional campaigns are totally prerogative of the online casino and it is therefore from there that all possible initiatives start, not from the payment systems that we use only to replenish the game account.

Having said that nobody prohibits you think that from time to time it is possible to meet specific bonuses to promote paypal casino, and in that case we strongly suggest that you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy them!

The best alternatives to this payment method

Paypal casinos are many and more and more portals try to offer this method of payment, but still there are alternatives equally valid.

Among the best online casinos it is in fact possible to see how PayPal coexist with other payment methods which can be considered as approval Both in terms of comfort and protections.


  • Neteller - useful both in the deposit and sampling phase, this digital wallet is among the most common and reliable and offers conditions completely comparable to Paypal;
  • Skrill - Another increasingly popular digital wallet for online transactions and ideal both in the filing and sampling phase, so much so that it is now as a "must have" in most online casinos;
  • Paysafecard - A different and increasingly widespread system, useful only in the filing but strong of a further level of security represented by the liquidity limits implicit for any prepaid.

Casino Paypal USA - Conclusions

We conclude this guide on the PayPal casino by briefly summarizing everything in one sentence: playing is fun, But there can be no fun at the expense of security And guaranteed it also means choosing a reliable payment method.

About this Nothing is more reliable than PayPal, therefore all online casinos that support it can already be "pre -selected" as sure candidates for the role of new game site on which to open an account.

If you are interested in the payment methods we suggest you also read:


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    The Paypal casino in circulation are now many, but among the most illustrious examples in this category, mainly the names of 888 casino, starcasino, Bwin Casino, Fastbet and William Hill stand out.

  • Are PayPal casinos safe?

    The Paypal casinos are among the safest in circulation, above all thanks to the guarantees that this payment system gives through its use and the control activity it carries out on the commercial realities that support it.

  • What are the best alternatives to Paypal to deposit on casino sites?

    There are many PayPal casinos, but obviously there is not only this among safe and recommended payment methods: some equally valid alternatives are in fact also represented by Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard.

What are the best PayPal mess?

The Paypal casino in circulation are now many, but among the most illustrious examples in this category, mainly the names of 888 casino, starcasino, Bwin Casino, Fastbet and William Hill stand out.

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