AAMS online casino: the list of online casino with AAMS license

When you approach the world of online casinos, you are overwhelmed by the enormous quantities of information on the topic and each of our reviews is designed to help those who are in this situation.

Sifting through the lists of Best online casino In USA it will have to be noted that often refers to the AAMS online casinos and that these are always recommended for players.

But what is behind this mysterious abbreviation and why is the visit and above all the game mainly on these sites?

In this review you will discover everything you know about the safest portals on which to play from our country, what it means for players in terms of software, bonuses and everything else ... let's start!

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The list of the best AAMS online casino

What is the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM)?

The Customs and Monopolies Agency can be defined as a public authority With the autonomy to administer, among other things, public games in USA making them safe for those who want to play.

One of the functions performed by the aforementioned agency concerns theAdmission of online casino game licenses Even mobile but, more generally, this body deals with different aspects of the state economy.

The ADM, as we know it today, does not have a very ancient history because over the past decades it has undergone several changes that have led it to adapt to the needs of the historical period.

In reality, an agency that managed the customs and monopolies of state was founded for the first time in the year following the unification of USA (1862). More than an institution in charge of controlling economic issues, in the beginning it was a regulation that allowed commercial activities to be carried out in compliance with the laws that were in the territory of USA.

l’Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies, on the other hand, was born in USA in 1927 following a decree law and remains such until 2021 when, always with the same legal form, it is transformed into ADM.

Those who attend the best AAMS online casinos know that the license issued by the aforementioned government agency certifies the reliability of the site with which you want to play.

What does the Customs and Monopolies Agency do?

The ADM is a public body Equipped with legal personality that a large autonomy in different areas of the country's economic sphere.

This important ministerial body has several purposes such as:

  • Contribute to the economic development of the country, making it easier to move products to and from USA (import/export);
  • Take care of the collection of the taxes that compete, fighting the plague of the tax evasion;
  • Represent the state in the gambling sector and lotteries;
  • Protecting the safety of American citizens by controlling the goods circulating in the area and contrabling the smuggling of unsafe goods.

As for the administrative function performed by the agency in USA, it must be said that it is based on three basic principles: legality, transparency and honesty.

Transition from the acronym AAMS to ADM

In this review we will deal with the best AAMS online casinos, software and games that comply with the requirements of gaming laws, safe payment methods, etc.

We often hear about Casino Aams or Adm: what changes? In fact: nothing! One is the evolution of the other.

AAMS is the agency that has been dealing with the management of American economic issues and of the 1927 Protection of playersnull It, starting from 2012, has become ADM following a general renewal due to spread of internet and online casino AAMS that were to be regulated specifically.

In fact, we can say that the abbreviation Adm completes the gaps in the gaming field of the AAMS. However, both licenses are able to offer the same level of safety to customers and to present the more reliable gaming offer to those who want to play on the best portals from both mobile and live.

What are AAMS online casinos?

We open the review by saying that the AAMS online casinos are very short those play platforms on the web that have the official permission of the American state to operate in USA.

This means that the games site has passed all the tests that the American control bodies consider it necessary to certify the platform and its software (including the one for live games) as a 360 ° safe.

The license is given to those who work on the web by the Customs and Monopolies agency (ADM) and in fact, although we still talk about AAMS platforms it would be more correct to refer to the online casino Adm, in fact this is the symbol on the web.

The certificate guarantees that the game platform is not a scam for users and that a whole series of conditions are respected, which make these sites safer (and therefore better) than others in terms of safety for players, games (slot, Casino 'Live, Free Spin and more) as will be seen shortly.

How do you get an AAMS (ADM) license?

To obtain the AAMS symbol (or more correctly ADM), the operator must request the Customs Agency and Monopolies, the body that regulates the legal game in USA.

The number of licenses is limited, and these are given only to those online casinos that are able to respect all the rigid standards imposed by the agency.

Some requirements concern the operation of the casino ’online such as payment methods, data security when visiting the casino", guarantees on the welcome bonuses and recurring bonuses (including free spin or free laps), the reliability of the mobile platform.

However, there are also very stringent financial requirements, among these, companies are required by a minimum annual turnover of one and a half million $, the tax office in European territory and also that they carry out a deposit of 350 thousand $ to the American state.

It is understood that only the most serious and more solidly solid companies, which therefore have the means to protect the account and deposit of users, as well as the payment of the winnings, can obtain the ADM license, we are certainly not talking about a document obtained free.

Equity guarantee: obligation and promise of AAMS casinos

Fundamental information in this review are related to online casino equipped with AAMS license, details that are all of extreme importance for a performing game experience from every point of view.

These details refer to the guarantees that must guarantee the safest gaming sites to their players, the license can in fact be obtained only by following recommendations that are real rules.

Among these rules to follow for the gaming market in USA, the first is theRNG: Random Number Generator. In American it is a generator of a number of random variables, which is responsible in the online casino of regularity in the exit of the numbers to the roulette, or the combination of symbols of a slot machine.

Other very important details to ensure the equity of the Adm-Aams Casino website for the player is the index RTP: the latter, literally Return to player, is the index that calculates the return to players offered by a gaming product. This figure indicates, in fact, on the basis of the live collections contracted by a slot machine, the percentage that is returned to the player's account.

With the spin (rpm) of a slot machine with an RTP of 98% returns to players 98 "Coin" on the 100 collected.

Payout minimum AAMS for game category: how does it work?

Let's talk in this part review of the PAYOUT, or the percentage of payment, very important in choosing the right online casino Adm - AAMS.

Payout is the term used to define the percentage number of payment of each AAMS casino, that is, among how much money is bet on a website, or mobile, and what is returned to the player for each individual play, this percentage is called as the first explained RTP.

Trivially, therefore, is the relationship between all the money placed by users to play the various games on the platforms and the winnings paid to the players.

If a site features a 97% payout always means that for every 100 $ collected by the latter, $ 97 are first distributed, in prizes, to the players, or will be part of the jackpot. The remaining money, in this case $ 3, is the winnings on games.

l’Customs agency and monopolies (ADM) In USA, it establishes that each online casino with this license must make all Payout data available to the customer, to always guarantee transparency players and make choices safely.

Information on the casino bonuses

The platforms that are part of the AAMS online casino list are all regulated also from the point of view of the welcome bonuses, which can be used with deposit on the account through the payment methods made available to the players.

The rules of these bonuses generally provide different details, which we can summarize within this list:

  • maximum roof obtainable by a bonus;
  • period of time to unlock the bonus;
  • requirements to play;
  • List of games - Games list where you can spend the bonus;
  • Free game promotions.

These are the mandatory details but they will not be free spin or other forms of free bonuses.

Why choose a casino with AAMS license?

At this point of the review it will have been sensed that choosing an AAMS-ADM online casino is a guarantee for players from all points of view.

First of all, this is a guarantee for what is the point that worries users more and more, that of the financial management of the account.

On casino 'ADM then you are sure to receive the best assistance and the best processing of your personal data on the web, which are kept in compliance with European regulations.

Finally, the absolute guarantee when visiting an AAMS site is also on fun (and on any earnings), all live and software games are provided by the best gaming providers and are required to respect the laws.

Among the games, for example, the slot machines are required to guarantee the payment of a percentage of the play, net of the free laps (free spin), and in the same way they must make roulette and all the games that can be found on the site.

The game portals with certification are better in every aspect and now let's move to see in detail because it is better to always play ADM:

Deposit and withdrawal

The deposit and withdrawal are guaranteed with safe payment methods, and has ensured in the event that something goes wrong such as an intrusion on the user account.

For this reason, the agency's requirements require the company to adopt safety procedures that are a guarantee for affiliates.

Customer assistance and service

AAMS platforms guarantee that players have always available all the necessary information.

There must always be an operator that can be reached to respond to doubts on deposit methods, welcome bonuses, free laps (free spins), operation of both software games such as slot machines and live ... in short, everything related to gaming!

Assistance is usually also reachable from Mobile, with the very comfortable live chat mode that practically appears to be like exchanging messages with a friend.

Identity and security of personal data

It can be safely affirming that the Casino 'ADM guarantee the maximum security of the personal data of users, both from computers and from mobile.

Any use not allowed by the players 'personal data platform would be liable to ADM's severe sanction, so it is in the interest of the casino' to protect them to the maximum.

Transparency of the platform

The web game platforms certified by the Customs Agency and Monopolies are absolutely transparent in their operations, under penalty of sanction by the Authority for the maximum protection of the players.

The license number of a casino ’online can be verified with a visit to the Agency's website, where all the licenses that have been granted to date are found.

Responsible game

To obtain the ADM license, online casino sites must implement a responsible game program designed for the safety and protection of the player.

These consist both in some settings without which you cannot play (for example the setting of the maximum deposit on payment methods), and in an assistance service if problems with gaming should arise.

Dispute management

If there are disputes against an AAMS online casino platform, there is nothing to fear as being regulated companies by the state, they can be easily ed.

If the dispute does not resolve, it can then be taken into consideration to resort to legal routes knowing that the company has the registered office in Europe and as such is governed by European laws, without risks of surprises as instead in the case of Casino 'based in exotic countries.

How to distinguish an AAMS casino from an without a license casino?

We continue the review by explaining that the clearest way to distinguish the online casino sites from those without certification is to usually try up or below the web page the symbol of the agency.

We must be careful because sometimes there could be a slightly different symbol or the old Aams one, but the best portals have the symbol updated correctly.

In addition to the symbol, the site must also report the number of licenses granted by the agency.

Once this is done, the best thing (indeed, it would always be to do when you come across a new online casino) is to check on the Agency's website that there is correspondence between the game site and the official list.

In fact, on this there is the complete list of game licenses granted by the Ministry, if the casino 'which is visited is not in this list then there is no symbol (or super bonus welcome) that holds: we are in front of a platform of play not AAMS (ADM).

At that point if you decide to open an account and perhaps to make a deposit on this games site because they are attracted by a bonus, by a slot or alternative deposit methods, you do it at your own risk.

In fact, there are no guarantees in case the deposit is lost, on the goodness of the welcome bonus and free laps or even on the functioning of the most common games such as the Slot machine.

Game legislation in USA

We continue our review with a little history of the game platforms and regulations in our country.

Gambling legislation in USA has ancient origins, given that the first game rooms like that of Venice are ancient, which visited nobles from all over the world to play unimaginable figures.

The regulation of all the games that have the end of money has always been very rigid, at least until the 90s of the twentieth century.

With the advent of the web since the decade 1990, the regulation has obviously been extended to this category of casino ', but parallel there was a relaxation of the legislation that allowed a real boom in the sector.

As mentioned, online gaming, whether it is slot machines, and in the connection to real live casinos, falls under the ADM authority even if colloquially refers to the Casino 'Aams.

Although non -Adm games sites are reachable from USA, they are not compliant with American legislation, and therefore the visit would be avoided since problems are risking in the game or in any case requires more attention.

The most famous AAMS online casinos in USA

The best AAMS online casino are those who have the ADM license. Some of the names that we will hear in this review are quite famous and are characterized, as well as for their safety, also for the Most interesting offers (eg welcome bonus, free spins, etc.).

The player who approaches the world of gaming should always opt for web games of gambling who are in possession of the aforementioned game concession in USA. In our day, this is the only way available to players, for Reborn from scams.

All online sites that do not have a regular AAMS license are to be considered illegal and with unsafe methods, even if American.

Here is the list of the best AAMS online casino collected in this review, which offer the best welcome bonuses in USA even without deposit on the bill, free laps on slot machines and much more:

  • SISAL: This online casino Aams does not need presentations is, in fact, one of the most renowned and is particularly appreciated by American customers to be well equipped with games software and for its free 5 euro bonus. In addition, this online casino is also available in free mobile version.
  • Star casino It offers up to 30 free laps with slot machines and $ 200 on the first 4 deposits (on different days) with a bet of 35x.
  • Pokerstars Casino It is a gaming site that has a rich schedule of games including slot machines, live poker, etc. For those who register, this website offers 25 free laps and up to 500 free spins (free laps) to be used on slot machines with promo code.
  • william hill Give 200 free spins (free laps) to those who register on the site and 100% of the value of the first deposit up to a maximum payment of $ 1,000.
  • Lottomatica has thought of a welcome bonus of $ 5 for all newly registered in the online casino and 10 $ for those who visit the site and use the "Free Spins" promotional code.

Gambling games with AAMS license

The license issued by the Customs Agency is not only addressed to the AAMS online casinos, but also to each product offered by the latter. In fact, the aim of the concession is to allow those who play (not only from USA), to find not only one platform where to play serious and reliable, but also of the game software that are equally safe.

Indeed, Games must also be equipped with a license issued by an organ outside the company that program the software. In this case, the function of the AAMS concession serves to verify that the digital product in question is equipped with the requirements provided for by the Gaming laws.

This applies to all games also in Live version, including slot machines and any other offer on the platform.

Features game of gambling AAMS

Specifically, in this review, we are talking about characteristics such as the presence of a RNG system, or of a Automatic generator of numbersnull We are talking about a mechanism regulated by an algorithm, which favors the total causality of each number generated by the software.

A gambling with ADM license, like a slot machine, is a safe game, which is periodically checked for protect the players at bestnull The best online casino Aams offer as their offer on their game platforms, only the products signed by the best providers in the sector who are therefore safe and reliable.

AAMS license and game software: how are they connected?

To obtain the AAMS license there is a payment by all the sites of a tribute. In addition, the agency that issued the concession makes periodic checks aimed at verifying compliance with the laws in USA, and the protection of users of the sites.

An Aams online casino would never welcome a game on its website that has not received the authorization. The risk, in this case, would be to lose the license and, therefore, the possibility of continuing to operate legally.

The games that are supervised by AMS are:

  • The lotteries
  • Bets
  • Gambling games such as slot machines, video-poker, live roulette, etc.

In the case of the software in which users' ability is tested, such as live poker or blackjack live, the body verifies that the game is carried out with the use of regular methods.

As for the Sport bets, on the other hand, these have been admitted by the laws only since 1999. All betting websites that have not received the AAMS license are considered illegal.

Finally, there are Video lottery, which include national and instantaneous lotteries which, today, are highly appreciated. They are controlled by the agency in such a way that their management takes place in full compliance with the laws.

AAMS regulations chronology for online casinos

The agency founded in 1927 did not consider the risks relating to gambling for the simple reason that addiction, from slot machines or any other game, was called pathological only in 2013.

This greater awareness of the gaming and Betting from Mobile made prevention interventions necessary. All this led to the birth of the "Responsible game" project which provides for a series of interventions aimed at avoiding pathological addiction and allowing users to play without exaggerating.

The possibility of playing through the web or mobile, in fact, has made the world of gambling more accessible. With the mobile versions, then, players can access wherever they want it.

Here is a short chronology of AAMS regulations:

  • 1927, birth of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies;
  • 1980s abandonment of the monopoly regime on the production of salts and tobacco;
  • 1988, acquisition of national lotteries;
  • 1998 Many AMS functions move on to the new American tobacconist Authority (ETI);
  • 1994, acquisition of the game of the lot and the instant lotteries;
  • 2000, assumption of the management of the bingo;
  • ౨౦౧౨ Once Diventa Adam.

Transactions safety

Another aspect that we deal with in this review concerns the safety of the transactions performed by the players when they carry out a Deposit on the account.

In fact, this care was necessary by the information of the games. First the usual player went to a bar or game room, sat down at slot machines or to video poker machines in total anonymity.

Nowadays, the money that is focused on the games of the platforms on the net come from an account or from the cards registered to the users of the site. For this reason, one is required greater protection that only AAMS sites can offer to everyone.

Auto exclusion of AAMS casinos: how does it work?

The best AAMS online casino are safe because they offer reliable services and protect the privacy of the player. All regulated betting or gaming sites adhere to the "Responsible game" project that serves to prevent some customers, who visit the site, fall into the dependence tunnel.

For this reason, the new Aams casinos can also use the car exclusion. In fact, every player who recording the gambling sites can ask to be temporarily suspended, filling out an online form.

Generally this form is present on the Aams online casino website to which you have registered. The exclusion can be:

  • temporary, whose timing depend on the casino to which they are registered;
  • permanente, in this case, the exclusion does not have a deadline but can be revoked by the player after at least 6 months from activation;
  • indefinitely.

When one of the new Aams casino activates the car exclusion of a user, the latter goes against a series of restrictions:

  • It can no longer deposit money on your gaming account on the sites;
  • It cannot take advantage of the welcome bonuses, free spins (free laps) or promotions present in the site offer;
  • can withdraw the money on the account, choosing between one of the permitted withdrawal methods/deposit;
  • It will no longer receive emails concerning any type of offer or a promotion relating to that online casino (e.g. welcome bonus on the first deposit, free laps, etc.)

Auto transversal exclusion

There's a Another type of car exclusion, that American customers can always implement on the best games sites, which is transversal as:

  • The player can take the money from the game account on the site, but cannot use it to play;
  • The user cannot play with the free demo version of the games on the site or use the no deposit bonuses, free spins, or free laps;
  • American customers cannot register with a new account on any other site of an AAMS Italia online casino;
  • He will not receive emails on the promo or on the welcome and game bonuses in general.

Unlike the "normal" exclusion car, the transversal ones always includes the same rules but includes all AAMS online casinos and not only the site to which you are registered.

Conclusions: our opinion on AAMS casinos

At the end of this review we believe that our opinion has emerged on which are the best games of games in a fairly clear way.

We are absolutely in favor of the game on American certified American sites (ADM nowadays), given the countless advantages, all in favor of the player.

In fact, these are game portals that are obliged by law to provide safe payment and deposit methods, a functioning mobile app and that above all does not put the users' account at risk.

The welcome bonuses given by the American Aams casino, as well as all the recurring bonuses (welcome bonus, bonus VIPs, Real Bonus, Fun Bonus, Free Spins, free laps, etc.) are regulated by terms and conditions that can be consulted on the site and there is not These are hidden information.

In the same way, the software are produced by online games clubs that must respect the stakes placed by the law, no slot machines that never pay, bonuses that are not accessible or live casinos where dubious things happen.

In short, there are only positive points in having fun with the American casino ’adm (which are better than foreign ones), in complete safety, both from desktop and from mobile and with the possibility of making real earnings.

📕 FAQ - Frequent questions

Now summarize in some questions that are frequently asked the contents of our review of the American AAMS or ADM sites depending on how you want to call them.

Find out more about gambling in USA with these articles!


  • How to recognize an AAMS online casino?

    An online casino Aams recognizes itself from the logo of the Customs and Monopoli agency (today ADM) on the site and by the number of license that must be reported on the homepage.

    This number can be verified on the Agency's website (where all information is found) in a fairly simple way.

  • Are there other licenses for online casino?

    No, in USA there are no other licenses for online gaming sites.

    There are other foreign licenses clearly, which, however, do not guarantee the same American casino protection standards, especially if non -European.

  • Can I play in foreign casinos?

    Given that foreigners do not offer anything more than American casinos in terms of welcome bonuses, recurrent bonuses, VIP bonus, real bonus, fun bonus, slot machines or live games, etc. Playing or opening an account in foreign casinos is not recommended.

    Often the sites are not even reachable from USA even if there is a discussion on the fact whether or not you can play on the casino ’online European.

    In any case, to keep calmly, it is always better to stay on the AAMS sites since the guaranteed safety degree is greater.

  • How can I be sure that the casino will pay the winnings?

    The online casino 'Aams is required to pay precisely by virtue of the obligations that derive from the certification.

    The license is not a mere symbol to put on the site but the guarantee for the player that the game platform is under the constant control of the agency, where the casino "must deposit 350 thousand $.

    Unfortunately this certainty is not on foreign portals that perhaps attract with very important bonuses (even some offer for free money), with crazy payout slots or other games that promise miracles but that are actually baits to make people play and steal the their money.

  • What do you risk if you play in an unparalleled casino?

    By playing in a casino 'without license, first of all we expose ourselves to the event that it is a scam and the consequent loss of what has been deposited on the account, which takes place for example when the site disappears without leaving a trace.

    In addition, any winnings deriving from a visit to a casino ’without license will be taxed in the tax return, unlike those obtained on AAMS portals already taxed and therefore" clean "to be enjoyed.

How to recognize an AAMS online casino?

An online casino Aams recognizes itself from the logo of the Customs and Monopoli agency (today ADM) on the site and by the number of license that must be reported on the homepage.

This number can be verified on the Agency's website (where all information is found) in a fairly simple way.

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