Best online casino: our ranking of the best casinos in USA in 2022

Once the visit to the casino was an event for a few elected, it was a truly exclusive holiday,

Today with the Internet the pleasure of the best casinos is within the reach of anyone, directly from home. The online casino offer in USA is endless, therefore it becomes difficult to understand what the platforms are where you can make money and those where you risk the scam.

But don't worry! At this point we enter the game with our reviews of the best online casino containing all the necessary information! Here we will explain what is behind each of our reviews so that we can make the best choice at the time of registration.

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Highway Casino255% up to $3,000
Lucky Tiger Casino250% up to $ 2,600
Red Dog Casino225% up to $12,250
El Royale Casinoup to $12,500
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Welcome among the best online casino, the best bonuses and all the tricks to win

Welcome to our site that, as we said right away, there is both for you and for us, because it is dedicated to all American players who really love online casinos and who want to live their passion always relying on the best.

The best casinos, the best bonuses, the best game conditions, the best software, but also the best payment systems, the best mobile applications and the best customer support services: it is not easy to define the "better", because it is a 'Amalgama of all these details with the addition of the unique feature that every single game portal can give with their own personality.

Why use only the best online casinos?

Choosing to have fun always and only using the best online casinos is not only a matter of usual search for the best, there are reasons for so practical in making it advisable to do it that it is really essential to start for the security of the player.

All online casinos that we present on our site are legally authorized to operate, all equipped with international certifications or national authorizations such as AAMS or ADM: that is, real guarantees of safety, seriousness, performance and protection of the player.

And then clearly the fun has to do with it: the best online casinos have immense games catalogs and use guaranteed software that ensure proper winning probability and for the benefit of the user, offer a perfect game habitat and quality support services.

Who is it that no longer has fun when security is in these terms?

How do we write our reviews?

If our mission is to offer you the best reviews, written by real gaming enthusiasts, to offer you only the best online casinos, then everything must start asking the right and more precise questions when we find ourselves browsing in a new game portal To analyze it.

The second step is then obviously that of direct experience: every aspect of the portal must be deepened, proven, tried again, put in difficulty and "snack" as much as possible, only so it is possible to really make a personal idea with the knowledge of the facts for Write an honest and complete review.

What are the aspects that we always consider reviewing a new online casino?

  1. bonus: The promotional policy with which a game portal takes care of its users since their first entry on the platform.
  2. Games: The catalog of titles with which a casino makes players available for their fun, satisfying it both by variety and by number of games.
  3. casino live: The new frontier of online gambling that becomes live using real tables and real Croupier.
  4. app: Playing on the move from smartphone was the first great evolution of online casinos, this thanks to the application or mobile sites created for their users.
  5. Payment methods: Cash in and comfortable cash operations comfortable, quick and safe, a fundamental detail to have fun without worries.
  6. Safety: There is no fun without safety and there is no security without every aspect of user protection being respected in a careful and complete way.
  7. Customer service: The quality lies in never having problems, but in seeing them managed quickly, competence and resolveness when they are verified.

What is an online casino?

An online casino is nothing more than a site authorized to work in the same way as a real gambling room.

In a nutshell you can deposit your money to focus on available games, and you can request the deposit on your bank account account.

All this takes place by interacting through the platform with various software that simulate the classic slot machines or the rumors.

You can even connect live directly to rooms where a meat croupier manages the game in a mixed real-virtual mode.

Today the playing platforms are increasingly popular and the best collide with each other with welcome bonuses, no deposit bonus, offers of Free Spins And Rollover increasingly lower to attract as many players as possible.

With this review we want to make it clear what is behind it, to guide those who want to play in the future by choosing the most suitable platform.

How to choose the best online casinos?

We now arrive at the beauty of our article, how to go to the best casinos to play on the internet with slots and cards.

When visiting a platform on which to open an account and make a deposit there are some parameters that we could define indispensable, from which it cannot be ignored in any case, while others are equally important but linked to personal preferences.

The first category, that is, of those indispensable conditions are part of the AAMS (today ADM) license of the site, safety and customer support service.

All online casinos by category

The category of personal preferences are part of the available games and software, an absolutely subjective element, the bonuses offered and the redemption conditions (rollover requirements) which will be more or less suitable for the style of play and the finances of each and finally i payment methods.

So let's see what to be careful when you visit a casino.

List Casino Online Adm

Do you want to play by referring only and only to the best online casinos among those recognized by the American government through the AAMS or ADM certifications issued by the Customs and Monopolies Agency? It is an excellent idea and we have created a section on purpose to make you the simplest choice.

Why is it a good idea? To begin with, because it is a guarantee of legality and safety, and then because the fun always earns us when the agreements between the game portal and the player are clear and to the benefit of the user.

The AAMS and ADM certification ascertain that the portal complies with all the conditions of protecting privacy, the processing of personal data, financial transactions and the possibilities of winning, and which respects them for the benefit of us players.

Legality and security are fundamental, so we have created The AAMS and ADM online casino list


Safety means two things, on the one hand the technical safety of the platform, on the other the customer's safety.

Technical security is nothing more than the degree of protection that the platform guarantees to personal data and funds that users deposit on their own account.

That of the customer represents the attention that the site places on the customer's psychological health, and in the tools made available to this to make the game remain only fun.


Passing to the Casino games We move to the most subjective parameter of all.

Some will love games such as roulette or slot machines, others will prefer poker or live casino games with croupier that start the roulette on video.

Basically on this point it will be necessary to choose following your tastes in terms of games and preferences.

Payout and return to the player

Payout's concept is closely connected to that of ARG and control agencies in the gaming sector. How? We know that the Back to the player It has a more or less high percentage based on the game and represents the sum that the casino returns to the players.

And game with a 97% payout Returns 97 $ for 100 $ played, even if this does not indicate that by pointing even $ 1000 you are sure to see at least $ 970 go back. There are those who win decidedly higher sums and those who could lose everything.

The payout or RTP of the best online casino cannot be changed in any way and a generator of random numbers is strongly linked to ARG that It does not follow any default scheme. In practice it is not possible to cheat the casino through the strategies, because there are no methods to understand. Everything is linked to luck and games like slots are free from manipulations.

Finally, to ensure that a gamble site does not get out of any way the members, there are special control agencies (such as the ADM, ex AAMS, with their respective license) to make sure that the laws are respected.

Bonus e rollover

The number of bonus (both the welcome and the recurrent ones such as the free spin) and the relative rollover (the times a bonus must be replayed to be taken), are certainly an important element in deciding whether or not to register for a certain casino.

However, security should be in first place, as an excellent welcome bonus can also be used as bait to attract in a non -compliant site.

The rollover is then essential to understand the actual entity of the bonus, useless to be attracted by a huge bonus which, however, is virtually impossible to recover.

Nowadays, however, the most serious platforms (certainly AAMS) give excellent bonuses with acceptable and usable rollover on any game as a starting point.

However, keep in mind that the bonus is not money for free but rather a way to "support" one's capital and play while elaborating their strategies.


Il software It is a relatively important factor in choosing casino, in the sense that in our day there are now a good number of established software house that guarantee the top of the quality.

The slot machines and roulette's laps are simulated by the game program which automatically provides for money from the bonus, to consider the rollover or to withdraw the money from your deposit.

The companies that create games cooperate with all the main casinos operating in USA and just read our reviews to understand if the chosen casino leans on these companies.

Payment methods (deposits and withdrawals)

I Deposit and withdrawal methods they hold a fundamental importance in the personal evaluation of the casino.

In fact, not all sites allow the deposit with PayPal or with other electronic wallets, and maybe you are not very inclined to pay with paper or make a bank transfer if you don't consider them safe.

Other sites even allow Bitcoin deposit and sampling, ideal solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is understood how it is a personal but definitely very important choice.

Customer service

The assistance that the sites offer to users, the amount of information it is able to provide is an excellent indicator to evaluate the overall quality of the site.

The assistance is that is related to games and relating to problems such as a deposit that does not seem to be credited.

For this reason, in our reviews we pay close attention to this point and recommend evaluating it at the time of registration.

Mobile offer

In our day we travel a lot, for this reason it is difficult to imagine a casino without mobile app to connect to play when you are not at home.

In addition to the game, a good app must also allow full management of the account, access to bonus or free spin and assistance every time it needs it.

Furthermore, there may be bonuses, free laps (free spin) or games such as slot machines accessible only by mobile.

Conditions for the withdrawal of winnings

And AAMS online casino He chooses his conditions for the withdrawal of victories. For this reason, our suggestion is to secure in advance what are the types of payment accepted by reading i terms and conditions of the platform to which the player wishes to register.

Many sites of AAMS operators of gambling set conditions relating to:

  • The minimum and maximum sum that can be withdrawn.
  • The payment methods accepted for the withdrawal, such as PayPal, a Mastercard/Visa card or through bank transfer.
  • Some of the smaller portals may require a tax on the retreat of the win.
  • After what the Award on the account is credited.

Different the speech for the withdrawal of the bonus winnings with and without deposit. The ADM operators in this case require that extra requirements are met, such as it Bet the sum received at least 20, 30 or 40 times from browser or mobile before collecting the victories obtained by her. Or they can offer the bonus only for a certain game category.

Live casino

Who enrolls today to one of the Best online casino It certainly does it to try to get the most satisfying possible game experience. Which translates into many cases into the desire to approach the sensations that can be experienced in live game homes. That's why today more and more American online casino make available one or more sections dedicated to live, With many professional tables and croupiers with whom to interact.

This offer of the best American online casino usually has a rather high range of possibilities, With over 20 live tables to choose from. The most popular games are roulette and blackjack in the live category. Or there are those who decide to play Baccarat and Texas Hold'em. The most advanced also turned to a niche audience, such as fucking lovers, briscola or board games such as monopoly.

Fidelity promotions and VIP programs

Within each online casino, they are made available to Faithful promotions and VIP programs. Unlike the welcome bonuses, they are not aimed at new players, but to those who periodically register periodically pay payments and constantly use the game account of the best AAMS online casino.

There is a dedicated page that explains in detail the specific rules to play on the platform. Let's not forget that a casino like Lottomatica will offer for example bonuses for members other than William Hill, Betfire or digital game. While always respecting the rules imposed by the State Monopolies.

These VIP programs are scalable and usually They are based on points systems. That is to say that, the more a person bets, the more points it accumulates over time. Each step of the program derive certain prizes, which can be:

  • Fun bonus to spend in the casino or the Bet section
  • Spin gratis alle slot machine
  • Reimbursements on losses

As you reach the highest levels you have better profits. The best ADM online casino generally offer these promotions, but it is not always the case. For this reason, those who consider it an indispensable point should be ascertained of their presence even before proceeding with the registration.

Premium is AVARDS

I Best online casino Often they are honored with prizes and can win the Awards dedicated to them. A good evaluation parameter remains to be taken into consideration by those who regularly visit the world of gaming.

Among the most famous we find theEGR Awards, vInto da Snai, Lottomatica, Star Casino and Levegas. Or the GG Awards.

Ou Global Gaming Awards. The 2021 editions ended in the summer and the best online casino prize took him home for the fourth consecutive year Leovegas. This Swedish portal has now become famous also in USA.

It is among the safest and has high quality as regards the games. In second place there are 888Casinò and Mrgreen. As best providers, on the other hand, he recognized Evolution Gaming (first place), Pramatic Play and finally Yggdrasil.

Slot Machine: The Punta Delle Casino Product Online

People consider the Slot machine The top products of the best online casinos. Indeed they are the ones that attract the most players and the reasons are many.

First of all the Slots do not require particular skills. It does not matter to learn techniques and strategies such as in poker, everything there is to be done is to possibly set up a few simple parameters (or leave everything as it is) and then click on "Spin", that is, the central button to start the laps.

If a winning combination of symbols comes out with the spin within one or more of the payines you win, otherwise no. The winnings are automatically calculated by the game.

Since there are no skills to acquire, it is clear that everything is based exclusively on luck. And that's just like that, the slots have the RNG mechanism at the base, that is, a generator of random numbers. They are not based on predefined patterns and there is no way to tamper with virtual slot.

Among other positive aspects there are:

You don't have to wait long before you know if you won or lost. At the end of each of the laps we know if luck kissed us or not.

Il Back to the player It is usually quite high, this means that the chances of winning with each spin are there and can also be substantial.

Some of the best slots offer the progressive jackpot, Thanks to which it is possible to win truly high figures in a few laps. Every time a player spends money in a specific machine, a little is set aside to go to the format this prize. Once it is won, the slot count it starts from a minimum base that never is ever at zero.

The best software house in the world, Specialized in gambling, they focused on the creation of the slots. For this reason, there are hundreds of different types between them, despite the fact that the mechanism is basically always the same and is based on the revolutions of the rollers.

There is no shortage of occasions when the best online casino offer free turns to users, which increases the chances of winning without having to make a further deposit

There are totally free versions of the slot machines, for players who only want to have fun in the safe AAMS portals.

Other game categories offered by many casino sites

The best online casino certainly cannot limit themselves to offering slots. For this reason, the game categories are numerous as mentioned already in the review. The more varied the offer and the greater the chances of being able to guarantee those who love to play the right choice.

Among the most famous offers from the various sites we find:

Poker: One of the most loved card games that has always been loved. In order to play well (and win) you need to set up a strategy, for this reason before starting to do it with real money it is better to use the free or free version, so as to get used to the dynamics of the game. One of the most famous is the Texas Hold'em, but others such as the Seven Card also exist.

BLACKJACK: It is always present on the sites of the best online casino. Blackjack can also be live and between the various versions we find Classic, Ponton and Atlantic City.

Roulette: Online roulette in the best online casinos are also live. The three most common types in USA but also worldwide are the American Roulette, the European Roulette and the American Roulette.

Baccarat: Baccarat is among the most appreciated proposals in the gamble sector and is present on any site. There are several versions of this card game and in USA among the most famous is precisely the Banco Punto, it is officially the only one who can be called Baccarat.

Sport bets: The online casino sites also provide the sporting betting section, without a doubt among the most used. It is possible to focus on traditional sports and the most important events, but almost everyone also offer secondary and niche ones. Several bonuses are dedicated to this section, with or without deposit, to bet for free.

Bingo: Before it was difficult to find the bingo on a site of the best online casino, now they have decided to inaugurate a section entirely dedicated to him.

Scratch and win: As happens for other games, it's just a matter of luck. Once purchased, they require a few moments before you know if you have won or lost, there is no need to have particular skills to use them.

How to win real money in online casinos?

Those who register for a gamble website hardly do it to use the free versions, which can be encountered on many other online sites. Usually the goal is win real money. But how do you do it?

The first step is technicalnull That is, you have to open a gaming account in one of the best online casinos, make a first deposit and if available, request the welcome bonus.

Immediately afterwards the games you like most must be identified. Those who do not have particular skills usually opt for roulette, slots, scratch cards or the bingo. For example, poker is reserved for those who know the rules and have their own strategies.

Those who play must do it trying to get the greatest possible benefits, so as to reduce losses and maximize winnings.

In order to respect the last point, you need immediately impose the game limits. That is, identify a maximum budget to be spent on a weekly or monthly level. It is chosen by taking into consideration of your economic possibilities. The best figure to spend is the one we can allow to lose without our finances are affected.

The second step is to identify the categories in which we are most brought and invest our energies there. The best moments to do it are when there is a lower turnout of people, such as night or early morning. The prizes can be lower is true, but the probability of winning increases substantially.

Identify i Progressive jackpot It helps, because the prizes are higher and it is possible in a few clicks to totally upset your life. Finally, it is always necessary to exploit as much as possible i Welcome bonus And the VIP programs bonuses to increase the chances of winning without the need to spend your money.

Best online casino: how do you know if they are reliable?

The theme of reliability and safety of the various online casino sites that you can find on Google for example.

Among all, one of the most important requirements in this sense, is precisely the fact of possessing the AAMS license. If we take a look at the platform principles on the web that work in the Gambling we immediately notice that the most reliable ones have it.

It is thanks to her that games of the games can legally offer their services to the Americans, guaranteeing them as much as possible level of security. However, it is not the only thing to evaluate the AAMS license, we see below the others.

Maximum protection against fraud. We give us several methods and technologies that allow it, such as the SSL that protects sensitive data and at the same time the exchange of money.

Il deposit must be quick and safe. Before making a large payment therefore, it is good to start with a small one, as well as the first withdrawal of the prizes must be done with the lowest possible figure.

From our point of view, another reliability index is given by the quality of theCustomer service same. The best online casino offer assistance in American, both by telephone, live chat and email. A few 24 hours a day, others at established times. The readiness of the answers must also be evaluated.

Games must be promoted with intelligence, without bringing people to spend more than necessary. A good platform must indeed offer all tools that allow the expenses to limit, With special blocks on bets that can be performed weekly or monthly.

They must then respect the law in USA, guaranteeing for example that i Deposit funds and of the customer prizes are separated from those of the company itself.

I Personal data of users They must be protected through the best updated technologies in the sector. The same applies to the identity checks and the anti -fraud struggles, which we will speak soon in this review.

Best online casinos: how to avoid scams?

Helping the player to avoid scams is one of the number one objectives of our reviews.

However, users must first become aware of where the pitfalls are nestled on the web, following what we explain.

For example, you can rest assured that an AAMS casino (today ADM) will never be a scam, in the same way you will have to go with lead feet on a mess without any European certification and that perhaps only accepts bitcoin as a payment.

Another indicator, always as regards casino ’non Aams (or rather not ADM), could be the automatic translation of the pages, another reports of poor care towards the customer and possible mirror for larks.

But the most important advice is to read our reviews!

We always report everything that we think is suspected in order to make all our readers play serene.

How to use comparison sites?

A comparison site, just as a, aims to help readers choose what for them is the Best online casino. Entering the home page there is our selection of the best online casinos. The our favorite, The one with the best bonus and the one that for many reasons offered us the best gaming experience.

Obviously by clicking on the casino there is the complete review, so that everyone can make their own evaluation on the portal and choose whether or not it is the one suitable for playing.

Even more important the subsequent summary table, Which includes a continuously updated list on the best online casino, which reports the most important information among other things.

In addition to having arranged them in our personal order of approval, we report the evaluation of 1 to 5 (the platforms with less than 4 stars do not fall within the list), if the no deposit bonus is present, as far as the requirement is and what is the requirement wager.

We then report the welcome bonus and the requirement requested by the casino and whether or not the ADM license is available.

In fact, sometimes what seems to be the best bonus, in truth it is not. This is because there is a requirement to be satisfied too high, such as that of Lottomatica which reaches 160x for a bonus of 1030 $. Without a doubt more attractive that of 1000 $ of Levegas which stops at a requirement of 35x.

The best online casino per category

There are many casinos operating today in USA and many of an excellent level.

We have collected as many information as possible so that we can divide them into categories where you can find what for each player is revealed to be the most important thing, and this is the result.

Safe online casino

Players who love security will find our casino list ordered according to the degree of safety offered by the platform. Discover ours Selection of the best safe casinos.

New online casino

If you are always players looking for novelty, our new casino ranking is ideal, every day updated with the latest news on the web, it is what you are looking for. Are you looking for new casino online? Look at our selection.

Casino Online Live

The players who love live mode must not miss our online casino 'review, ordered in the quality of the quality of the live game offer. You discover The Live Live Casino list.

Sport bets

For sports amateurs, many casinos and other gambling sites offer sports betting solutions! If you are a fan of Soccer or a fan of horse racing, there is certainly a platform made for you. And some of them offer fantastic bonuses.
And some of them offer very interesting bonuses, Consult our selection.

Our complete list of the best online casinos

By shooting for our site it will be possible to discover the entire list of online casino ’’ online with a European or American license, with detailed information to help users in the choice.

We always try to maintain the updated list with the latest arrivals and the latest news, such as new operators or mergers between legal game sites, or even the closure of some portals.

By checking the site regularly, even every day, you can always remain updated on all the news of this fascinating sector!

Evolution of American online casinos in recent years

Over the years the American casino gaming sector has grown. This is because the software house of games such as Novomatic, PlayTech e IGT, always commit to making hundreds of slot machines and board games such as the blackjack that bring a breath of freshness every day.

The best American casino sites with ADM (ex AAMS) license allow you to play in live, taking advantage of the welcome bonuses with or without deposit that allow you to play for free with real winnings.

The online casino Italia were born in 2011, when the many gaming are legalized (slot machines, roulette, blackjacks ...) for American players. Need Wait 2019 To see these American sites grow. This way the number of suppliers grows, as well as that of the offer of welcome bonuses, including the no deposit ones. This way of the welcome bonuses to increase the number of registrations.

However, since it is a very particular market, all American casino online in order to operate on the national market must be in possession of the licenza ADM, ex AAMSnull It is granted by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. A casino operating in USA without the ADM license is illegal.

A AAMS website that uses the games of the best software in the gamble sector does not only have to focus on the quality of the product but in these days more than ever to have requirements such as:

  • Easy and safe deposits to be made, with an offer of different payment methods such as bank transfer, Mastercard cards, Paypal and other electronic wallets.
  • Possibility for players to bet online also from Mobile and in live version on the various games such as slot machines, roulette and blackjack
  • Possibility to access welcome bonuses with and without deposit to bet for free
  • Periodically receive free turns to play slots

All casinos are considered legal and safe only if in possession of the AAMS license (known today as an ADM license), which must be exhibited on the site.

The winnings of the casino on the web are insured and the customer can request the payment of the money when he wants, provided that in compliance with the regulation.

Best online casino: what does the law say in USA?

What does the law say in USA when it comes to gambling? In USA, Gambling, sports bets and all those games where it is expected to point money are legal, provided that obviously rather rigid rules are respected by the state monopolies.

In USA the game is prohibited for example in public and private places and is only granted to Authorized gaming houses operators, physical or online. The only ones to be authorized for this form of game are those in possession of the license issued by the state, first known as AAMS, now as an Adm. All other forms of sports betting or games are illegal. All the best online casinos have it.

Attention to this sector is always high, for this reason both at national and regional level, new rules are always developed. On the one hand, the players want to protect themselves, whose number is constantly growing, on the other hand they want hinder organized crime as much as possible, who uses casino online to recycle dirty money.

Much licenses are now granted and more checks are made than usual. Getting the license is not easy, certain requirements must be reflected. The same goes for the software that sell games to the various portals and the related mobile apps.

Americans are also forbidden to play in those portals that are not equipped with a license. Also in this case, several methods are adopted by the competent authorities to find them and reduce their visibility from those who connect from USA.

Personal data protection

Travelers who enroll freely in one of the best American online casinos to play can count on a good protection of personal data. They are sure precisely because they use special technologies which prevent the dissemination of data.

The law requires the best online casino for example the use of SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), a cryptographic protocol used in the field of information technology to ensure safe communication on networks as the Internet. In this way the information that passes from the source to the recipient are hidden. They provide data integrity, authentication and confidentiality.

For gambling sites, free or free versions are not enough, but advanced ones are needed that guarantee the maximum protection possible, Also in view of the fact that there is an important exchange of money and all the steps must always remain safe.

Even when the registration is made without making any payment, therefore in the free mode, the data are not disseminated and are used by the company only for issues relating to the portal itself.

In fact, American control bodies ask operators and game software to maintain maximum confidentiality, above all because they come into with sensitive data and also require photocopy of the identity document. Without considering all the exchanges of money that is made.

Identity controls and anti -theft struggle

All the best online casinos carry out checks on the identity of their members. This happens to encourage the anti -theft struggle and the recycling of dirty money by organized crime.

A user You will not be able to own more than one account in the same casino. For this reason, the inclusion of sensitive data requires each member, and sending a copy of the valid identity document.

In this way the risk that dirty money is recycled is reduced. The underworld to recycle dirty money accesses a casino and buys the chips, necessary to be able to make their episodes and accumulate victories. Those who want to recycle money everything he does is deposit a figure, play a few $ and then Exchange the chips again For cash, thus cleaning the money. Since it is not easy to control this phenomenon, the controls have increased.

If in a physical casino it can be stemmed with the installation of a circuit of cameras, in an online casino it is more difficult to keep the situation under control. For this reason, special safety software and the request to send a copy of a valid identity document are adopted.

Casino registration: How to open an account on online casinos?

The best online casino require the registration. The account opens from browser and, when available, also from the mobile app.

Those who want to play can absolutely do not skip this step, mandatory both to be able to deposit and withdraw the money, and because it is required by law to combat anti-money laundering.

Therefore, you must identify the register button first, enter all the data requested during the various steps and send a copy of the valid identity document to confirmed the account.

Read the best reviews online casino

Internet allows us not only to play remotely at the best online casino, but also of Read the opinions of the players who used them before us. In this way we get an initial idea if the website is considered quality and safe, or not.

Taking into consideration that each review has, for better or for worse, its value, all all deserve our attention. It is true, however, that that user can happen does not write a too truthful review, therefore it is better to pay attention to a series of details that we illustrate below.

On the most famous portals of reviews that can be found on Google, how many opinions are indicated they were written by each usernull A person who has an anonymous profile and continues only written review, is often considered not very reliable.

It should be borne in mind that the stars system It is important, because they represent the sum of the general assessments expressed on a specific website. The minimum value is 1, the maximum is 5. Immediately afterwards the number of total reviews that contributed to reaching the score is also indicated.

Also the best mess have negative pointsnull They can have somewhat slow customer assistance, few games or sporting events available. So if we go in search of a platform with 100% positive assessments, it is possible that we will never start betting.

Unlock the casino bonuses

The players during the search for the best online casino are based a lot on the presence or otherwise of the Welcome bonus. It is actually an important point and this is why we spoke several times during this review.

I Welcome Bonus attract above all the less experienced, who wish to be able to bet without spending their money. At the time of registration we can unlock the bonuses, usually inserting a code or coupon. In any case, it is good to visit the conditions page to understand from the beginning what are the episode requirements to unlock it.

In AAMS authorized online casino sites with the respective license, the amount obtained a number of times is required to play before you can collect the prizes. It is usually not less than one X25, but you can quietly get to an X50.

In addition, to avoid losing the welcome bonus, we must ascertain what is the maximum time that is allowed to be able to use it.

Discover the best casino games

Once again it is an objective choice. Who for example is passionate about slot machines, It will look for a website among the best online casino that offers the largest number of these machines. Those who have a passion for cards, online casino with various rooms for blackjack and poker, perhaps also in its live version.

Everything therefore depends on everyone's tastes. Below we propose a quick list of the most popular casino games, it is then possible to deepen the characteristics of each one inside our portal.

Slot machine: They are rather famous roller machines all over the world. They do not require particular competence and everything is based on luck. Some of the major software house dedicated themselves to their realization, such as Playtech and Novomatic for example. Some also have the progressive jackpot, who can win truly high figures.

Table games: Some of the most famous proposals of the best online casinos are included in the category of board games and are the roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat. Following, there are those who also propose briscola, broom and burraco. Up to Monopoli or other similar games.

Live section: By now almost all Best Casino online have a live section, where you can play against a real Croupier and live the atmosphere of traditional gaming houses.

Take your winnings

Once the games we like and upload the bill is identified, when you start getting the first victories you can take them or leave them in the casino for the next bets.

We have suggestions for those who now approach the world of gaming gaming:

  • Not all the best online casinos allow you to withdraw the winnings as you want. Often there are minimum limits to be achieved.
  • Leave a percentage of the money on the account to bet it again if the intention is to continue to do so, but a part withdrawing it.
  • We must be sure that the online casino you choose allows you to use the most comfortable payment method.

Best casino and awareness awareness of responsible game

The best online casinos do everything to raise awareness in a free subscribers to a responsible game. In addition to offering the right information, what they do is, among other things, offer free tools valid for the purpose.

Most of the operators who work in the Gambling already during registration allow to set parameters such as the maximum weekly or monthly expenditure limit that can be incurred.

In order to change this limit, customer assistance must be requested, which will only intervene after a week. This serves to limit any head shots, supported by the euphoria of the moment.

The difference between USA and other international markets

The laws in USA relating to Gambling are considered among the most rigid. In fact, receiving the ADM authorization is certainly not simple today and requires to respect stringent rules in order to maintain it, as well as the payment of high taxes.

If we look at the European market, we realize that some states have much more "soft" regulations, such as the United Kingdomnull It boasts one of the freest markets. About 41% of their operators are made up of the country's companies, the others by foreign companies. Also thanks to the growing number of apps for mobile, users have decided to shift their attention to the online sector.

Instead, looking for a state from the most restrictive rules of ours we find the Finlandia, where the state monopoly holds all of them Typologie in Gambling, both online and live. However, they allow you to play foreign casino, provided they are in possession of the game license from Malta or Gibraltar.

Future forecasts and prospects for online casinos in USA in the coming years

This online casino review USA has shown that the offer of this category on websites with ADM license (safe and legal) is constantly growing. The future forecasts for the best sites of American online casino therefore can be nothing but good.

We expect each website operating in this online game sector in the American market obviously has an ADM license, but at the same time it is capable of adapting to more and more specific market demands.

As we have seen in this online review people today want to choose whether to play mobile or pc and, according to statistics, more and more players opt to use the best gaming on the move Using dedicated appsnull Thanks to the fact that you spend less and less time at home, but also the greatest intimacy offered every day from a smartphone and the possibility of using it at any time.

By opening a mobile or desktop account, an increasing number of payment methods is expected to make deposits on the account, for example, the request to be able to do it with cryptocurrencies has increased.

Today, to be sure to register for a quality site, which pays the winnings, it is legal for Americans and offers methods for suitable deposits, the requirements described today during this review on the site must be evaluated.

In USA what casino do they offer apps to play from smartphones?

It would be really very difficult to make a real list, and this is because almost all online casinos offer mobile applications to play from smartphones, all the more in USA where the use of mobile arrangements is definitely above the average.

To tell the truth, there are examples of American online casino that offer up to dozens of different apps, each dedicated to a different type of games, and these are always free apps to be ready for download both on the Apple Store and on Google Playstore, Depending on whether you are looking for the iOS or Android version.

Who we are

We therefore conclude this introduction to our site, also presenting who we are, the staff, who then we are nothing more than a team made up of playing enthusiasts, sports and the internet

We share the love for the game since the time of scientific discoveries in superiors, a passion that has grown over time by leading us to attend traditional and digital casinos together for more than a decade becoming an integral part of our lifestyle.

With the first "important" win, as soon as they are of age, we paid the first trip of our life to the American champion and from that moment on we decided that the game would not be only a passion but a real world in to travel and in which to live.

And this is how our website was born: because we love the game and we want to emphasize all the best they have to offer to those who love it like us.

Conclusion on the best online casinos

Arrived at the end of our guide you should be able to know how to evaluate a casino.

All that remains is to read our online reviews, full of information, updated every day and detailed point on point, just choose which game room to start aiming and earning!

Do you want to know more about the world of the casino in USA? Here are our other articles!


  • How does an online casino work?

    An online casino works like a real casino, with the difference that instead of the visit to the game room and the slots with the buttons to press, here the games are simulated by software or take place at a distance (in the live) and the players interact through PC.

  • Which online casino do you recommend?

    The web offers many best mess, everything is in knowing how to identify what best suits your needs. The purpose of this review is precisely to be a guide for players in USA that go in search of safe sites, in possession of a valid and easy to use ADM license.

    Based on the type of customer service, the welcome bonus, the available games and the various payment and withdrawal methods can be identified what is the best online casino for the single user.

  • How do you play the online casino?

    In a very simple way, as a physical casino would be played during a visit, but by performing the controls on the slots and other games online from your PC or your phone.

  • Is it possible to play the online casino without registration?

    No, it is absolutely not possible to play an online casino without registration.

    If the operators were to ask for a deposit without registration, perhaps also offering a bonus without rollover or free rpm, you have to escape immediately since the site probably wants to steal money.

  • How to open an account on an online casino?

    Opening an account on one of the best casino ’online is very easy, just click on the links of our reviews to be redirected directly on the registration page complete with a welcome bonus.

    Remember to always keep the documents at hand as they will be uploaded above all to be able to withdraw.

  • How do I know if an online casino is safe?

    To make sure if an online casino 'is sure the fundamental thing is ... Reading our every review!

    In addition to this always evaluate the license of the platform for Europe or better yet for USA (AAMS or ADM), as explained at the next point.

    Be careful also as already said to those signs such as the non -recoverable bonuses or free turns without registration that should make you run up with raised legs.

  • What is an ADM casino?

    An AAMS casino (today it would be appropriate to say an ADM casino) is a casino that respects the requirements and conditions set by the American state to operate legally, and that prove that these are safe operators.

    You can be calm that a license with license will never be a scam, the bonuses will be regular and there will be no promises of money for free.

  • Are there free online casinos?

    No, if you come across a casino that proclaims that you are free and give bonuses without rollover or deposit, it is very likely that you are in front of a scam.

    There are certainly a good number of casinos that offer welcome bonuses and real recurrent who have a real rollover, free spin (free turns) but casino that promise free and safe money without deposit are to be looked at with absolute suspicion.

  • Is it possible to win real money with online casinos?

    Obviously you can win real money with online casinos, otherwise what would we exist?

    It will be necessary to elaborate your own strategy, use the welcome bonuses well and recurrent (considering the rollover) and above all to live everything as a game, without having the obsession with the gain at all costs ... and the money will come!

  • Which game do you win most?

    Impossible to determine an online game with which you win the most, it would be not very honest (even if simpler) to do otherwise.

    The winnings are a mix of luck and ability so the most winning game will vary as a player player.

  • What are the most played online casinos in USA?

    The offer of online casino Italia is wide. There are many who have the requirements to be considered safe and legal. We have evaluated the main aspects in this review.

    Some of these are the possibility of accessing the live sections, getting welcome bonuses, free laps for slots, being able to play from mobile, everything related to deposits, winnings and money. Among the most popular names today we find:

    • william hill
    • Leo Vegas
    • Lattomatic
    • BetFair
    • 888CARET
    • Snai
    • Unibet
    • Betway
    • Voglia Di Vincere
    • EuroBet

    These American online casinos are included in the list because they are in possession of specific requirements. They have a safe platform, an easy account to create, payment of guaranteed winnings, simplicity in quality deposits, quality software house, the possibility of accessing an innovative range of gaming (even for free).

    At the same time the fact that the sector is constantly growing, we expect to see this list grow more and more!

  • Do American casino also offer no deposit bonuses and free laps?

    Not only do American casino offer us all that international ones are able to propose to us, but they know how to do even more thanks to bonuses and promotions specifically designed for the local public, a topic that we have explained more in detail in the section of this Page concerning the bonuses dedicated to American players.

How does an online casino work?

An online casino works like a real casino, with the difference that instead of the visit to the game room and the slots with the buttons to press, here the games are simulated by software or take place at a distance (in the live) and the players interact through PC.

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