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We know well that there are many real tops among online casinos is therefore not always easy for growing realities like Carefully why i online casino of quality with which to compete are really several.

But Betman is really putting it all, just to start in terms of guarantees and authorizations, which has all understood the famous AAMS authorization (accredited asset management specialist) which acts as a major guarantor for the quality and safety of the service proposed by the best casinos Online and gambling reality in general.

But not only because Betman is a society that comes from a "famous brother" that many will know, that is, that replatz who has made a big name over the years and which is now in some way as a guarantor to the quality of the smaller little brother.

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But what can we expect overall from a site like Betman?

We are talking about an online casino in the process of growth and consolidation and it is therefore normal to expect here and there some naivety and some small sin of youth, but in truth, however, the site is already much more mature than it could be as far as it is certainly not immune to imperfections null

Benvenuto Betman Bonus: all the bonuses on the site

Betman's bonus policy is perhaps not as rich compared to other large online gaming portals, but it is still varied enough to prove interesting both for us in this review and, of course, for all users who have considered it convincing to the point to be enrolled in the site.

Let's find out in detail starting from what is the prize with which Betman opens the doors to new users who decide to give confidence to the platform.

Betman welcome bonus

Starting from Welcome bonus It must be said that Betman prefers to differentiate his types of different users starting from the Welcome Bonus, it is in fact possible to find one for each section:

  • Welcome betting bonus: a $ 100.00 bonus against a minimum deposit of $ 10.00 which is collected for 20 weeks through a weekly bonus of $ 5.00 to be used for bets.
  • Welcome Bonus Poker: exactly as above but this time dedicated to the poker section.
  • Welcome Bonus Mix: same principle this time received and to be used in the area dedicated to slot machines and various games.

To find out more about free giri is and no deposit bonus, read our guides.

Game bonus

But let's see what are the other promotions active on Betman, without prejudice to this separation logic for sections:

  • Promo Poker: every month a 20% rake back on what has gained with Gross Commission from 0 to 500, 30% with Gross Commission from 500 to 2,000 and 40% with Gross Commission from 2,000 upwards, this all months e completely automatically.
  • Promo Casino: also in this case every month a 20% cash back is proposed with a ratio played/won between 0 and 500, a 25% cash back with a with a ratio played/won between 500 and 2000 and a cash back 30% with a ratio played/won by 2000 to rise.
  • Promo Mix: In this case the monthly promo includes: a 10% cash back for sports betting, a 10% cash back for poker and skill games and a 10% cash back on casino games and slot machines null

Betman Bonus: the loyalty program present

For all lovers of loyalty programs this will be a bad surprise because Betman does not propose any VIP program, or at least does not propose it now, what will happen in the future is clearly another chapter in which everything remains possible.

However, the lack of a VIP program is not a big problem considering how rich and varied the portal bonus policy is for how we saw it a little while ago and the result remains very satisfactory.

Betman Casino: the games offer

But beyond all possible preambles it is appropriate to go to see specifically what Betman has to propose in terms of content, this taking into consideration all the main sections with which the game offer is diversified, which also in This case is definitely very rich and varied.

In truth, Betman has its main origin as a sports betting site, so we like to start entering in detail by talking about how much more recent on the site: that is, the whole section dedicated to gambling and online casino.

Ready to see what Betman offers in his game catalog? We are here to make you find out:


The Casino di Betman section is probably the youngest and that is experiencing a continuous phase of development that sees it from month to month most populated in titles and with an increasingly articulated catalog with which to entertain your users whatever their taste in terms of gambling.

Let's understand, Betman is already more than rich in his online casino, but this constant re -implementation of titles clearly no more than benefiting an offer that becomes increasingly attractive.

What are Betman's main game sections? Let's see them below.

Slot machine

There are more than 500 Slot machines Available on Betman, each with different themes and prize pools for an offer to say not very amazing of available titles.

But that's not all because as we also said this section, despite the enormous catalog, it is still in continuous expansion and update.

Table games

We are talking about more than 45 possible board games including all the main most famous and all their most exotic variants can be found.

Do you want some examples of board games on Betman?

And precisely an infinite number of variants with which to make your games favorite even more attractive.


There is no shortage of games with Jackpot, in particular at the moment on Betman there are 23 different games that allow you to aspire to truly succulent prizes with which to really have an extra shock of adrenaline.

As normal, jackpots change continuously but this is some examples of what is available now:

  • Cowboys Go West jackpot che supera $ 1.800.000
  • Hero War Jackpot who exceeds $ 1,800,000
  • Lovelab Jackpot that exceeds $ 1,800,000

And these are only three of the richest, but there are many exceptional jackpots for competing.

Video poker

The video poker available on Betman are 21 and also in this case they cover a very large spectrum of possibilities in terms of themes and possible game functioning, as well as obviously in terms of varieties of prizes.

But even in this case the most interesting feature is that the video poker section is one of those faster expanding which, especially in the future, will reserve several surprises.

To keep out constantly.


Betman's poker area is also particularly well organized and offers a vast choice of tables, tournaments and games sit and go with which to have fun every time in a perfect way for the moment.

The computer quality of the game app is really excellent and the user experience is definitely very fluid and totally immune to slowdowns if not even blocks: a reliable platform that allows you to focus all attention on the pleasure of the game.

There are precisely special tournaments, promotions and rankings with which Betman keeps his poker area alive and with which he is passionate about users who often find themselves choosing this online casino for the quality of this section.


Betman provides 4 Bingo rooms to play with both real money and virtual money by exploiting the exceptional frequency with which it is possible to take part in the games and the most different folders purchase shares: the result is that also bingo lovers They find a reliable person in Betman.

Also in this case we are talking about a section that over time can probably offer much more, but it is already definitely ready to entertain.

Sport bets

The sporting betting section is also the one with which Betman was originally born, a portal that when he opened doors he treated a lot to start an excellent sportbook to which all the other sections and all their content were gradually added to become the casino Online completely complete that we presented today.

What to say in particular about Betman and his betting area? Certainly no one will be surprised that the reference sport is football, which offers countless betting possibilities, but there are also many other sports and live events that make the offer even more effervescent and rich.

Betman Casino: the Casino Live

As we are seeing Betman is setting up a respectable online casino characterized by so much quality and last moment technologies, therefore a live casino area cannot be missing with which to play on real live tables trying even stronger the typical emotions of the casino.

There are as many as 26 rooms live in Betman's live casino and below we report some examples:

  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Automatic Roulette
  • Casino Hold’Em

And several others in a catalog that in this case also becomes more fed from month to month.

Betman Mobile: playing from smartphones with the app

How does Betman behave in terms of mobile technology? Even better than many others because the apps made available are two and you can find them for free both for iOS devices and Android respectively looking for the AppStore or Googleplay.

  • Betman Mobile Betting: the app entirely dedicated to sports betting that puts all the functions of the site in a palm of hand regarding this section, optimizing everything through a really excellent user experience.
  • Betman Poker Mobile: the same is worth the other app, the one dedicated to the online poker platform that guarantees the same excellent experience of use also by focusing technology only on the card game.

As for all the other games, at least at the moment, it is still necessary to use the optimized version for mobile of the Betman website, a perhaps intermediate but completely functional solution considering the quality of the portal.

Betman bets: the payment methods permits

How is it possible to make deposits on your Betman gaming account? Also in this case the options are not few and go to reward the convenience of the user, despite the facts to lack some services in our opinion fundamental such as PayPal.

But let's see closely what are the possible payment methods with Betman:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • Skrill

Betman: guaranteed security

Another basic step of our reviews is the one with which we are going to discover the security that a portal offers to protect the proposed services, a very important topic when we talk about realities that put together the passion for gambling with financial transactions.

Betman is very safe from all points of view, whether it's portal safety same (certified by AAMS license as from all the others in possession of the portal) whether it is the protection relating to the financial transactions operated on the platform (this time protected by the computer systems of the various providers).

But Betman is also sure for the player himself, who also finds support for all any problems related to gambling addiction.

Betman App: Customer Service of the Site

But the quality of a portal can also be seen from details then not too small as the customer service with which it is possible to get in touch directly with the company.

Betman's client service is very well done and is easily accessible whatever the most comfortable and congenial method of your choice between:

  • Help desk on site
  • Live Chat
  • email
  • Phone
  • Fax

Betman Promotions: Our conclusions about Betman

We therefore arrive as always at the time of the conclusions by defining once and for all what is our opinion about Betman, a very well -made online casino that comes from a truly avant -garde betting site, now merged together in a game reality that In the future it will be among the important ones.

Betman is certainly an excellent game portal and we liked it from many points of view, but it is not yet perfect as it has to continue to mature to find a real balance between sections that perhaps perhaps still is not entirely harmonious in an environment in which Online bets are still the load -bearing column.

In any case we are talking about a positive discovery that we will undoubtedly keep an eye on in the future when we return periodically to see how Betman grows while keeping expectations.

And do you ready to give him an opportunity?

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Is it more right to consider Betman a sports betting site or an online casino?

    We immediately make a little order, the same order that you will find more richly argued in detail in our review: Betman was born as a sports betting site and Thanks to its sportbook It has established itself on the market by becoming very popular over time, but then it has also opened its offer to other gambling games, becoming even a top quality online casino over time in which in essence any possible variant of fun is available with which you can win rich cash prizes.

  • 🚀 How many welcome bonuses proposed by Betman?

    Betman has a very rich promotional policy that welcomes users since the beginning of their experience on the platform thanks to Ben Three different possible welcome bonuses, each dedicated to a specific game area and all designed to reward a lot for a long time. An example? A welcome bonus of $ 100.00 recognized in 20 weekly solutions from $ 5.00 to feel rewarded for almost half a year! This is that we are interested in casino games, that sports bets or that you want a mix bonus that press a little everything.

  • 🚀 Where to download Betman's mobile apps?

    To take Betman and its offer, a mobile betman app (available for iOS and Android) and the Betman Poker app (available only for Android), to be available, Both available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, as well as easily accessible from the Betman website, where you can find a QR code that allows you to automatically access the desired version without "getting lost" in too many research.

  • 🚀 Is there the possibility of ing Betman's customer support through Live Chat?

    Another winning feature of Betman towards whom he really did not pay attention to expenses is the relative one at his customer service Which, as well as courteous and positive, is always very timely and prepared: characteristics can be seen in highlights whatever the method that we will choose to use to make ourselves help from those who for us. You can also communicate via Live Chat, which is one of the most used among all the possibilities, including telephone, email and faxes.

🚀 Is it more right to consider Betman a sports betting site or an online casino?

We immediately make a little order, the same order that you will find more richly argued in detail in our review: Betman was born as a sports betting site and Thanks to its sportbook It has established itself on the market by becoming very popular over time, but then it has also opened its offer to other gambling games, becoming even a top quality online casino over time in which in essence any possible variant of fun is available with which you can win rich cash prizes.

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