Scams in online casinos: how to recognize them and avoid them

The world of online casino to play slot machines, roulette, etc. It is a web world where users are often victims of scams and scams, however it is possible to avoid them following some simple and important recommendations.

In our guide we will analyze the various possible types of scams, and above all we will teach you how to recognize an online casino scam with fake bonuses, and how to be able to avoid them.

How do the online casino scams work?

The fundamental rule for making bets and avoiding an online casino scam is first of all to register and play only on the best safe, legal and recognized online casinos.

The world of casino on the web is a world where users who make bets are often victims of scams, but it is possible to avoid them following some simple and important recommendations.

These platform of game on the fraudulent web tend to all steal money from the members, making them pay them on the game account and making these sums disappear.

Or there are online casinos that do not pay the winnings or use rigged software to prevent winnings.

Any type of scam aims to take possession of the money of the members of an illegal bookmaker illegally.

In our guide offered for you we will analyze the various types of possible deceptions, and above all we will teach you how to recognize a deceptive casino and how to avoid it.

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Can software be made up?

Apparently the online casino scam where to make bets and which offers various bonuses, can be safe and legal, it is attractive but pays few or even no win. Players continue without ever winning.

So the software that controls the conditions of the gambling games of these online casinos made makeup?

In safe and legal bookmakers the answer is no.

While there may be online casino scam, if this happens, these are sites and platforms without any license and authorization, so even the bonuses are not real. The only chance not to lose money in these sites is to play for free.

Our advice before making betting on any game, such as example, it is to avoid the game and promises to win easy with a bookmaker that has no type of license, both American and foreign.

The rigged software in the case of online casino scam could lower the possibility of winning offering, both to slot machines and in traditional card games (poker and blackjack) and roulette.

What are the possible scams?

Here is a very important point of our article: what are the ways and conditions with which online casino scams their users deceive?

The casino refuses to send the money you won

We got an excellent win by making bets or playing live poker but the winnings slow to creditate on the game account.

They spend days, we customer service but this replies that the winning is subjected to verification.

Days are over, other s but the win is not yet credited.

The reasons adopted by the bookmaker are the strangest ones, unfortunately the winning will never be credited, the casino will refuse to send the win.

In this case, little can be done if the site is not authorized, one of the fundamental details and which does not have regular and valid license; In this case, however, it is good to close the game account.

Your winnings disappear

After obtaining some winnings the game account balance increases, but then suddenly without any notice it disappears and becomes zero. Unfortunately this is this, but only in illegal casinos.

It is a very common type of Scam, and when you try to customer support the answer will be very evasive, they will say not to worry that maybe it is only a momentary technical error.

The days pass but no trace of the winnings, in these cases you can rarely collect your winnings.
We must therefore avoid online casino that also arouse the slightest suspicion

Even in some cases the site disappears directly, and obviously in this case all the not yet accredited winnings are lost, and the possible sum of money that was present on the gaming account of the casino is lost.

In these cases it is impossible to recover your sums.

Your bank data is not protected

The theft of personal data through phishing, especially banking ones is a now common and very dangerous scam.

The lack of security of bank data means that the bookmaker or casino could even be able to take possession of the money on the bank currents of its members.

How to avoid an action linked to bank data?

If at the time of the deposit or the withdrawal you realize that casino does not use a safe system as the SSL system capable of encrypting and then hide all the data during online transactions, immediately close the account.

Subsequently it is advisable to also change all passwords related to bank accounts.

Customer service does not exist

Before registering and opening an online gaming account, he is to look at the various information of the bookmaker, including the changes of for customer support.

If you notice that customer support does not exist, you must avoid opening a game account.

The absence of a credible customer service is an index of online casino scam. In fact, a legal casino in fact has a customer service to solve any problems for the customer.

Play only in authorized casinos

This is the main and also the most important rule: it only plays in authorized casinos.

In USA it is the Monopoli Agency that issues authorizations to the American Bookmaker companies that present an online casino on their platform.

The license is indicated with the acronym Amms (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies) now ADM, an authorized site presents one of these acronyms on the home page.

The Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies is a branch of the Customs Agency and State Monopolies, with the role of regulating and controlling games on the web.

Only the presence of this ADM license protects against attempts at Scam and also from the non -payment of its winnings.

Furthermore, on these regular sites there is the wording of the "legal and responsible game" program, also an indication of professionalism and safety.

It should be immediately emphasized that the American online games without AMS authorization are illegal, instead foreign platforms without permission are not illegal.

But foreign platforms, however, must be authorized by other licenses to ensure that they are legal.

There are two most famous world authorizations:
  • Gaming Authority (s) in Malta
  • Egaming Authority Curaçao of the island of Curacao, Dutch Antilles

In USA without authorization, any type of online casino is not regular and is classified illegal, these casinos are always to be avoided.

An online casino that presents one of the two aforementioned authorizations is an authorized and regular casino in other countries.

Is there a way to verify the authenticity and terms of the license?

Yes, just check on the ADM website in the dealer section authorized to play remotely, and see what it provides.

In this section the concession code is reported, the name of the company, and which Gambling services is authorized to offer users of its platform.

What does the law on online casino scams say?

If the online casino is managed by an American company what does it provide?

This is subject to the regulation of the American Monopolies Agency, and is also subject to compliance with the rules of the American Civil Code which provides for fines and penalties for scams.

So in the case of scams by an American casino it is possible to protect yourself from law, but for online casinos managed by foreign companies even authorized it is very difficult to intend a judicial action.

Conclusion: our advice not to be scammed

It is clear that not all casinos are safe, being private companies with independent operators, they could always propose deception or fraud actions against its users.

But with some precautions it is possible to avoid them, so how to do it?

Here is a list of fundamental rules on these operators:
  • Before the registration and consequent game opening, click and visit the details of the page in question, to check if the site has a regular license;
  • Before registration click or view the page by checking in the information of the site if there is customer assistance;
  • Welcome bonus, if this proposed bonus seems too rich you maybe it is only a way to attract future customers/users. Most casino offers welcome bonuses equal to 100% of the deposit, up to limits of 300/500 $ generally, so if you see Bonus welcome with too many zeros do not register;
  • Also be wary of too many free options and bonuses on Gambling because it is another way used to attract customers and then perhaps deceive them;
  • Transactions, if during the first deposit note the complete absence of security systems (SSL), avoid the deposit: another rule that applies to these sites, if you notice something it is not to play;
  • For safety, it is good to take a tour on the web in search of news to better understand the legality or non -legality of the site to play on the web;
  • The non -safe gambling site does not usually provide a live section, because they are not linked to safe companies such as Unibet, Betway, Levegas, etc. A quick visit will confirm it.


The problem of scams on websites is very serious, and hits several users with easy bonuses and winnings as bait.

On the internet there is many searches on the topic, all those who play on the web seeks information and advice.

Below we will answer the most common questions asked by users registered in online gambling web platforms such as poker, a series of highposts that can prove to be important for all players.

🚀 I recently recorded myself in a doubtful casino, what should I do?

If you have any doubts also on the bonuses, avoid making economic transactions to avoid any theft of personal data and bank data.

Also avoid playing for free. First check if the site is legally authorized, otherwise click and close your profile and your account.

Also check on the web if there are reviews and opinions, with clear terms on the casino of other users to make you a better idea about its reputation.

One of the most frequent doubts most born when the site offers high and frequent winnings or even safe winnings.

Obviously the winnings are possible but regulated by the probability and are not always safe.

🚀 I can't customer service, what should I do?

A momentary misunderstanding could occur, but if prolonged it means that s with these operators are almost certainly bogus, and insistent customer service service

This situation should immediately make suspicious about the regularity and legality of the site; UNI of our best advice is to avoid and above all to make transactions that perhaps are not safe. And maybe it is also a good practice to change casino and go to another best sites that guarantee legality.

🚀 Is there a legal appeal in case of controversy?

If the online casino is managed by an American company, a legal appeal is possible for scam or for any other dispute.

Since the company based in USA is required to comply with the rules of American legal codes and therefore can be sued through a complaint or by resorting to a lawyer.

The players to make bets must rely only on the best legal casinos, who have clear terms for gambling such as poker, slot machines and roulette.

Discover our other tricks to play the online casino in the best conditions:

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