Casino bonus: our selection of the best online casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are certainly one of the ways that online gaming platforms have to attract new players. Those who know the sector well will know that orienting themselves among the bonuses is complicated, given that often pay attention only to the absolute amount without taking into account everything that these offers entail.

no deposit bonus
Welcome bonus
Bwin Casino
no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
200$ + 50 free spins su Book of Ra DeluxeBet requirement:
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NetBet Casino
no deposit bonus
50 free giriBet requirement: 35x
Welcome bonus
Up to 200 $ + 100 rpm for freeBet requirement: x40
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william hill
no deposit bonus
200 free spinsBet requirement: 40x
Welcome bonus
10 $ Immediately + 1000 $ Bet requirement: 40x
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888 casino
no deposit bonus
20 $ FREEBet requirement: 30x
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 500Bet requirement: 35
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BIG Bestingame
no deposit bonus
55$ gratis + 200 free spinBet requirement: 150x
Welcome bonus
300% up to $ 300Bet requirement: 60
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no deposit bonus
15 $ FREEBet requirement: 20x
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 20x
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no deposit bonus
5 $ FREEBet requirement: 50x
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 500Bet requirement: 50x
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Digital game
no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Fino a 500$ + 300 free spin + 50 FS su Book of Ra DeluxeBet requirement: 30
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no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement: -
Welcome bonus
100% up to $ 500 + 5 $Bet requirement: 7x
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no deposit bonus
100 free giriBet requirement: 35x
Welcome bonus
Up to 200 $ + 200 rpm for freeBet requirement: 35x
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Leo Vegas
no deposit bonus
50 free giriBet requirement: 1x
Welcome bonus
1000 $ + 200 giri freeBet requirement: 35x
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no deposit bonus
30 free spinsBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
10 $ + 100% up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 60x
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Voglia Di Vincere
no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement: 70x
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no deposit bonus
10 $ FREEBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to 100 $ Casino + 25 $ bettingBet requirement:
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no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement: -
Welcome bonus
100 $Bet requirement: 25x
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no deposit bonus
7 $Bet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to 500 $ + 100 $ SportBet requirement: 25x
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no deposit bonus
30 free giriBet requirement: 50x
Welcome bonus
100% up to $ 1000Bet requirement:
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Betfair Casino
no deposit bonus
25 $ freeBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement:
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no deposit bonus
5 $ FREEBet requirement: -
Welcome bonus
Up to 1,050 $Bet requirement: 40x
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Admiral Yes
no deposit bonus
40 $ + 50 Giri FreeBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000Bet requirement:
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Playing area
no deposit bonus
10 $ FREEBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 50Bet requirement:
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Betclic Casino
no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement: -
Welcome bonus
30$ Bet requirement:
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no deposit bonus
20 free giriBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 1000 Bet requirement:
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Betaland Casino
no deposit bonus
UnavailableBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
100% up to $ 100Bet requirement: 1x
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no deposit bonus
25 free spinsBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
up to $ 100Bet requirement:
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no deposit bonus
UnavailableBetting requirement: not available
Welcome bonus
1.000$ Bet requirement:
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Casino Mania
no deposit bonus
Not availableBet requirement:
Welcome bonus
Up to $ 500Bet requirement: 1x

In fact, the promotions are of various types and have several requirements, for example of deposit or rollover, for this reason we have decided to write this guide.

We will explain to users how to orient themselves among the many offers of Best online casino And above all how to maximize earnings.

What is an online casino bonus?

An online casino bonus is a promotion offered by legal gaming sites as a benefit to its users.

Usually an important bonus called "welcome" is given to players at the time of registration, while a large number of other bonuses is offered every day to the users already registered (the so -called "recurrent").

We point out all these offers in our every review.

They allow you to play for free and try the various games without risk of losing money and make it possible to multiply your money as long as you know how to use them.

This is because the money that is offered by the platforms is actually virtual, they cannot be used to play "really" but must be converted on a real balance.

This does not mean that casino bonuses are a scam, indeed!

They can really change the way of understanding the game, making it a fun with which to earn and without becoming an obsession, just understand how they work.

Online casino bonus: how do they work?

The online casino bonuses work according to a mechanism based on the concept of "virtual balance" or an amount that must be "unlocked" before being able to be part of its own account in all respects.

The way in which the money is unlocked on the website changes according to the type of bonus, for example between welcome promotions and the recurring ones or among those without a request for deposit.

Another category are still the so -called free spins, free rpm to do to the slot machines that allow you to bring any winning in the virtual balance to be unlocked.

It is possible that these free spins are added as extra bonus to bonuses with deposit or also given every day in limited numbers.

How to unlock the casino bonuses

In order to unlock the casino bonuses, simply comply with the requirements required by each individual bonus.

Some requirements could be defined as general, they are (almost) always present regardless of which the type of bonus is, for example the rollover, within how many days it must be unlocked or the episode or minimum bet.

Other requirements, on the other hand, are present only in some promotions, for example being bound to some games, being able to be used only on a certain slot machine or perhaps reserved only for live mode.

Before starting to play the best thing to do is to read the terms and conditions found with a visit to the casino website, especially if the bonuses are part of a game strategy

In this way we will not risk losing the amount converted into real money due to the failure to comply with a requirement, for example having expected too many days to use the virtual balance.

How to find the best casino bonuses?

Whether you play desktop or mobile, once or every day, it will be essential to do it only on ADM (ex AAMS) license sites.

The license is a fundamental requirement, in this review we refer only to the offer of online casinos who have one. After registration and in some cases even before the first deposit, you can get a welcome bonus, the first of a series of offers that online casinos reserve for users and with which it will be good to familiarize yourself.

I BONUS CASINO they are the most used tool from the game rooms for Find new players and retain those who have already registered.

How can you find the best casino bonuses? Are there systems to find them and therefore to make the most of their advantages for players?

Reading one review after the other can be an idea, in any case it will be good to keep informed, perhaps even by subscribing to the newsletters of your favorite casinos. The review tool may not be enough. To find the best bonuses you must first learn to know them and understand which and how many types of offers exist.

There are Bonus always available, others linked to certain periods, specific actions or individual games, for example slots. There are several factors to consider to find the best and always take advantage of their benefits to the maximum, at the time of the episode on the chosen game website.

To find free bonuses, one periodic visit to home page of your favorite gaming sites is undoubtedly a valid idea. A visit is not enough once every now and then on an online gaming site to stay on the piece and increase your account.

The various sector sites can surprise with ever new promotions, to escape them would be a shame, it could also negatively influence any winnings of money on the game.

Also download any mobile apps Of the best ADM (ex AAMS) casino, it can prove to be an easy way for users to remain easily informed about any free spins and other online offers proposed by the operators with license.

Getting the highest number of information on offers available online helps players to play more and for the same amount spent to get more winnings of money.

Casino bonus: on which games should they be used?

Not only is it important to find and get the bonuses, but also decide how and where to use them, or on which games. An important requirement to exploit them to the maximum, from desktop or mobile. There are Bonus designed for sports betting, others for online roulette or live games, others that express themselves at their best by playing slot machines, as in the case of Free Spins (free giri).

Some promotions and specific game offers may have requirements that meet users to direct to certain games, such as live ones, perhaps even in specific days. Some bonuses are instead increases in the deposit on the account, money that can be focused on any game.

There will be anyway Episode requirements To be respected, to collect any winnings on your account number. Playing at the online casino must first be fun, always choose safe sites, with ADM license (ex AAMS) and oriented on your favorite games, for example with some spins with slot machines.

The presence of bonuses must not affect the choices of the players, but they can certainly orient them from the first visit to the site where you intend to play. Understanding which games to use bonuses can give many advantages, one spin after the other. This can translate into non -negligible money winnings.

A list of the best existing casino bonuses

The types of bonuses are really many, for this reason in this guide we summarized 10 categories.

However, it must be said that sometimes a bonus falls under two categories, for example a part of the welcome bonus will have to be used as a live or mobile app episode.

In each of our reviews, the category to which each bonus offered by the casino belongs will be found in detail.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonuses are usually the richest in terms of value offered and therefore they are to be considered the best (and you can see it in our every review!).

In reality, the Welcome Bonus are usually a package of offers that is given to those who visit the casino for the first time, and the amount is based on the total amount based on the first deposit (some casinos offer bonuses also on the following ones, also up to the sixth).

A bit of free laps are often included in the slot machines, perhaps the registration to a poker tournament or other additional benefits to the mere virtual balance.

Casino that also have a betting site could offer Welcome Bonus in mixed mode with a part to be used on a bet and part in the form of an episode at the green table.

Usually the conditions vary depending on the type of bonus but you can recover a good part of what was offered in real money.

How to unlock the best welcome bonuses? Laws Our complete guide.

no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonuses are a type that is offered on special occasions, for example to the registration of the document or when you complete certain tasks.

Also in this case the casino that also offer sports betting could offer a free bet after a total of episodes to slot machines or poker for example.

Usually they are to be played within a few hours and they do not have too complicated requirements, but be careful that they could be used as bait: if a site offers a no deposit bonus and without registration you have to escape immediately because there is something wrong ...

Check our selection of Best casino with no deposit bonus.

Free spin

Free spins are among the most common offers and among the favorites by the players, they are fun and do not involve any risk.

There is not much to say basically, they are free laps to do on slot machines (sometimes only on certain games) and what is won then is subject to the standard requirement for unlocking, usually a rollover as in the case of a normal bonus no deposit.

Which casino do they offer more rpm free? Follower Our guide.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is the most common in online casinos. It is usually offered to players as soon as they make a first deposit and its value depends on the money deposited on the account. Casino usually offer a 100% bonus on the amount deposited, but some game rooms can offer 200%, 300% or even 500%.

The casino bonus on the deposit can also be awarded on other deposits as well as on the first. These casino bonuses are usually issued periodically, for example on the weekend or in any case at specific moments. The weekend is also called "Happy Hour bonus" or "Weekend bonus".

Finally, the deposit bonus can also be offered as free laps to be made on a particular game.

Charging bonus

The recharge bonus works exactly as it is the first deposit bonus, but it is offered to users directly with an email or SMS.

Every time you have selected, just recharge the account within the Deadline established to see the corresponding amount accredited and start playing.

Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus, also known by the name of Vip Club on some sites, is a promotion reserved by almost every site to the most active users.

This is given in various forms (free spins, cashbacks, charging bonus) and is usually divided into levels depending on the importance of the episode of each player.

In the environment they are considered the offer for pro players!

Bonus Casino Cashback

Cashback, the word says it, is the return of the played in the form of bonuses, usually offered by the best web casino.

In this case, each site has its own rules, some apply it on the whole amount played while others calculate only the losses.

Then there are particular cashbacks related to the visit at certain hours or perhaps limited only to the weekend.

Usually cashback has lower rollover than other bonuses (but it's not a rule!).

Bonus on the deposit method

The bonus on the deposit method is basically a recharge bonus but bound to use a certain deposit method.

For example, the offer can only be valid for those who use the credit card but not for those who pay via PayPal or other electronic wallets.

The requirements for the redemption of the virtual balance are not influenced by the payment mode, you simply do not have the right to the extra if you use a different method from the one indicated.

Special promotions casino bonus

Special promotions often concern individual games such as poker or particular slot machines or even to play on combined events (in the case of portals with betting area) with large sporting events.

In this case, the only limit to the bonuses is fantasy, free laps, recharging bonus combinations and free spins or even combo with the betting area of the portal could be given.

Bonus Casino Live

Live online casino bonuses as the name explains are valid only when visiting the live games section of the platforms.

In this case, you will rarely be given free turns since there are no slots, but you can participate in poker tournaments or other card games or live roulette.

Bonus mobile casino

Finally, the best casino ’online offer players also special bonuses for mobile platforms, which have become essential today.

It is possible that the mobile bonuses are of various types, both on the mobile deposit and on the use of games via mobile phone or even both and even here they could also consist of free laps.

Casino bonus conditions

Given the types of bonuses offered by casino (which we remember are listed in each of our reviews) we now pass under the conditions.

As mentioned, the bonuses are subject to specific requirements established by the sites and it is important to know what each requirement entails to avoid surprises.

In addition to these stakes, there are then conditions, which can be seen as contractual constraints that if not respected make the right to the bonus accrued regardless of the respect of any indicated requirement.

Conditions of validity

The conditions of validity represent the temporal frame within which the bonus must be used and can vary from a few hours to even an entire month.

If these conditions are not respected, virtual money will simply be lost and will never be credited to the account.

However, there are no serious consequences for users who participate in a bonus and cannot complete it within pre -established time.

The conditions of exclusivity

With even heavy consequences, however, the conditions of exclusivity arrive, that is to say the fact that the offers are intended for individual players and no more accounts can be created to abuse bonuses.

We must pay close attention because every time you visit the site this tracks the IP (the "identity card" of your web connection) and in case of anomalies the manager is authorized by the contract to take measures.

The measures can also be very heavy such as the closure of the account and the blocking of its funds for months.

The conditions of protection

The conditions of protections are those that the casino puts in their favor in the event of an abuse of any kind by users.

In this case you could be punished with the block or even the closure without explanations of your gaming account.

Release method: Rollover or episode requirements

Those who have read one of our reviews will have noticed that among the required game requirements the most important one is certainly the Rollover (known by the name of Wagering to lovers of sports betting).

It is the most important as it is usually the most difficult to complete as it consists in repeating the episode over and over again until you reach the required threshold.

But what does this mean in practice?

It means that the virtual balance will be played a certain number of times established by each site and indicated by a number and by the "x" sign, in the way we explain in the following example.

[Thrive_custom_box title = "Example" Style = "Dark" Type = "Color" Color = "#DDDDDD" Border = "#7A7A7A"] Let's say that a web game portal gives a 100% welcome bonus calculated on the first payment up to A thousand $ with Rollover 25x.

So what should players do? Suppose the payment is 1000 $ and therefore see 1000 $ of real balance and 1000 $ of virtual balance.

The best sites will automatically select the virtual balance while on other platforms it will be selected manually which balance you want to play.

The 1000 $ of bonuses will be played 25 times (the requirement was 25x) but this does not mean that 25,000 $ will be put to take the 1000 bonuses, it would be a no-session!

Simply, upon reaching 25,000 $ run on the platform (if I use 100 $ on a slot and I reveal 100 of it, the net balance will be 0 but I will have run 100 $) you can withdraw what has been won. [/Thrive_custom_box]

Period of validity of the casino bonuses

One thing to always pay attention to before playing online is the period of validity of the casino bonuses, in fact it is not said that these promotions last forever. All bonuses have precise requirements and characteristics as well as, often, also a period of validity of the well -defined offer and generally set in a certain number of days.

An important requirement that distinguishes any player who aspires to be winning live or online, is that of Read conditions of use and information on promotions and rules of the various games. Each serious site, with license, gives ample space to information and everyone specifies in detail the conditions of the bets and the periods of validity of each individual offer.

Playing as informed users means having a number of probability of obtaining winnings to the decidedly greater game.

Why do casino impose these conditions?

The reason why the online casinos impose all these conditions is to avoid an abuse of promotions and to avoid going to bankruptcy!

On the other hand, the web game platforms are companies and therefore have clearly interest in having a profit.

Too simple unlock requirements would mean giving money instead of legitimately promoting the site.

What to do in case of dispute?

In case of litigation it is very likely that the online casino is right or that in any case the game contract allows him to take certain measures.

Of course you must always try a conciliation by addressing web assistance, maybe it is just an error.

However, if the behavior that gave rise to the dispute by the players should be confirmed then you can try mediation with the representatives of the online casino.

The question of legal routes is more complex, to be avoided unless you are in front of an evident and sensational injustice or the failure to recognize an error from the portal.

Advantages of casino bonuses

The casino bonuses represent an important advantage for players, indeed the advantages are manifold, let's see some of the most evident for users immediately. The Welcome bonus It often allows a percentage increase on your first deposit and generally carries out a space in each review of betting sites.

A welcome bonus is a valid offer that allows you to play more, having a greater number of (free) turns available. Among the major advantages of the promotions on practically any ADM (ex AAMS) game site, there is as given the increase in the episode potential.

In addition to welcome bonuses, registration or deposit there are also Giri free all slot machine Or other games (including bets and live game), all useful for testing them without risk. Casino bonuses can also be used to retain, going to reward the most active players, such as those of the slots, offering them particularly advantageous conditions on episode, deposit on the account, etc.

Once the recording has been made and these advantages is evident to everyone as each offer must be used to the maximum to optimize the single episode and earn a greater amount from your bets.

What are the limits of casino bonuses?

To obtain online casino bonuses, requirements or at least one episode must be respected, The bonuses have limits, which may be an amount, or relating to the number of days of validity of the offer.

Other limits concern, in addition to the episode, the deposit or number of free laps to be done at the slot machines, before being able to collect winnings on the account. Free spins are among the most popular promotions in the sites of the casino with ADM (ex AAMS) license. A spin is a tour of the slot rollers.

At each tour (spin) potentially you can win, having free laps is therefore a very interesting offer for users. Free spins are all numerically limited turns and often there is also a limit of days to be able to exploit them.

These and other limits must always be known by the players, to avoid losing concrete opportunities to win money. Bonus, like the welcome ones, apparently without limits must arouse disbelief, as well as free spins too numerous, can be due to the fact that the site that proposes them is not entirely serious or legal.

Practical tips to better use a casino bonus

The best way to use a bonus is to understand the conditions for unlocking well in order to avoid doing counterproductive actions.

Once everything is clear, you will have to orient yourself on those sites that offer promotions that best integrate with their own game strategy, trying to maximize the gain.

For example, if you have a strategy on useless slots to focus on a very rich bonus but to use live on the roulette.

Always use your head, read our review on the casino on which you are playing and the bonuses will turn into earnings!

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  • What does Rollover mean?

    Rollover is the number of times that the bonus amount must be played in order to be unlocked.

    Be careful that all games contribute to the Rollover in a different way and we must check in the terms and conditions of the bonus the percentage of value of each game.

  • What are the episode requirements for bonuses?

    The episode requirements for the bonuses are all those conditions to be respected for the release of the bonus, therefore in addition to the rollover also the time interval, the games on which to play and so on.

  • Are there bonuses without registration?

    No, or rather every now and then it happens to come across these bonuses but usually they are not very serious sites that attract with the bonus without registration and then ask for a deposit to withdraw what was won.

    Needless to say it will hardly see your capital again ...

  • What are the most popular casino bonuses?

    The most popular casino bonuses are clearly the welcome bonus (the richest) and the free spins (free laps with slots).

    Very popular but often linked to the activity, the poker bonuses, usually in the form of free inscription to the tournaments, and the mixed ones of the sports casino.

  • Is it sure to use casino bonuses?

    Certainly that it is safe to use the bonuses offered by casino, provided that you remain among the recommended casinos in each of our reviews, with an ADM (ex AAMS) or European license.

  • Is it possible to win real money with the casino bonuses?

    Certainly, unlike a bet, casino games are subject to a minimum payout value by law and therefore you can statistically understand which percentage of the bonus will be able to convert into real money, for example with slots.

  • How often can I receive bonuses?

    Even every day, there are platforms that have some recurring daily bonuses, often to be used within a few hours.

  • How can I avoid scams on casino bonuses?

    To avoid scams on the bonuses, just read each of our reviews, visit the AAMS casinos and be wary of those unparalleled sites that promise bonuses without registration.

What does Rollover mean?

Rollover is the number of times that the bonus amount must be played in order to be unlocked.

Be careful that all games contribute to the Rollover in a different way and we must check in the terms and conditions of the bonus the percentage of value of each game.

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