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Totosì Review
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📅Founded 2004


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Rich and frequent bonuses for both casino and betting
Very well -stocked and continuously updated gambling section
Really advantageous betting odds
Significant jackpot in many sections
All American portal
App improved and to be integrated even if in any efficient case

The most loyal readers of are definitely used to seeing everything that most interesting in the world of hezzard online, for this reason we talk about Totosì.

Update August 2022: An important novelty is that Totosì is no longer available and probably it will not even be in the future since the portal itself suggests to the interested users to register on the site of Lattomatic.

What makes Totosì so interesting? Two aspects that are very well combined with each other: to begin with because it is a reality born back in 2004 and that therefore has a real tradition behind it, and secondly because it is a reality born in USA as an alternative to Snai And which well interprets the taste for the game in our country.

If at the beginning the Core Business of Totosì was certainly linked double -thread with sports betting, now as now we must instead see how balance the section Casino And gambling in general has integrated, creating a truly first -class portal whatever your tastes are.

Totosì boasts all the most important certifications, first above all the AAMS (Accredated Asset Management Specialist) authorization which certifies its full legitimacy in the way it performs its service in the online game industry.

Then? Ready to discover all the details?

All the advantages, disadvantages, game offers and bonuses made available by Totosì? It is a very interesting reading that is starting right now.

Totosì: advantages and disadvantages

As we know, quality means balance and it is therefore normal that many positive characteristics are joined by others to testify that the development work is not yet finished.

Clearly also Totosì in the midst of many advantages also has some flaws, let's find out:

What does Totosì offer

But we still enter a little more on the specific merit of what Totosì has to offer its users on a portal that appears very simple and orderly in which the frills seem to be "banned" to give as much space as possible to the substance.

As Totosì said, it was born as a betting site, for this we want to leave them last to give more emphasis to the sections that have struck us most: those of casino and gambling in general.

Sections that were born over time and that have now expanded to the point of being equally important than the sporting bets themselves, a success for the choices of Totosì which has certainly given further impetus to the spread of this portal at least among American users.

But let's see in detail what are the "macro areas" of Totosì:


To take more space is certainly the description of the offer for everything concerning the casino section, which as we said has grown over time to the point of transforming into one of the top and tow sections of the whole Totosì portal.

There are really many games made available and we will limit ourselves to making you make a general idea of what is the offer of the portal "rationalizing it" in groups of types of game.

No fear, whatever your taste in gambling we are sure you will find satisfaction!

Let's look at what Totosì offers us:

We are talking about more than 500 slot machines of all genres including all the best known and most played in the gaming halls throughout USA. All possible themes and prize pools for a selection of among the most impressive slot machines. All the most famous board games in a section that is among the main protagonists of Totosì expansion:

  • Texas Hold’Em
  • baccarat
  • 7 and a half

But also Black Jack, Roulettes and many other games all dedicated sections. And many many others all to be enjoyed on the same game platform.

Totosì also offers 25 games with all -important variable jackpots games, a selection also in this case protagonist of constant growth. What are the entities of the jackpots? All to be discovered moment by moment, but varying from tens to thousands of $ depending on the game and the opening time of the contest. Totosì also offers 12 truly intriguing videopokers that allow you to play for different prize pools using different systems. A nice selection of titles that in this case will also be expanded gradually over time becoming increasingly important for the site.

Live casino

Totosì also provides more than twenty live games tables to join live to enjoy the definitive gaming experience.

European Roulette, Roulette, Black Jack, Hold'em and much more played by real Croupier with real first category casino tables.

The last step to definitively combine the experience of online game with the original one from Casino in a single environment where you win in fun to begin with.


Playing poker on Totosì means relying on the Poker Club game platform, which is a real guarantee of quality both in terms of variety and efficiency of the game tables, on which to find games and tournaments in progress practically any hour of the day e of the night.

The Poker Club platform has very easy access and allows always interesting bonuses including the entry bonuses to the registration that are made available immediately.

In short, even as regards Poker Totosì, it offers us a quality solution that really agrees everyone.

As told at the beginning, the section of sports betting is also the first with which Totosì took shape back in 2004, a game of gambling now very well sailed that still represents one of the most important slices of what the portal has To be offered to an audience that has always been used to interesting shares and a quick and efficient system. It is clearly possible to bet on many different sports, although it is equally obvious that both football and national and foreign, to act as a driving force for all sports betting. But time at the time, we look closely at some more details:


Almost 1200 betting possibilities left on the American championship as well as on foreign ones, referring to more than 50 countries in the world. The quotas made available are among the most interesting and it is not a mystery that it was precisely in this that Totosì has found the origin of its popularity.

Other sports

Totosì also allows you to bet on 14 other sports different from football by offering other hundreds of betting possibilities. Only tennis proposes 143, followed by basketball with 40, another long list of possible events on which to put the interest of their predictions.


Tens and dozens of events that start every minute to experience the adrenaline of the bet on the thread of time and referring to privileged altitudes for the last minute. Any sport of any country: dozens of events every hour, thousands of events every month, always available at every hour of day and night

The Totosì app

The chapter linked to the mobile apps for smartphones and tablets is certainly one of those in which Totosì will be asserted in the future, because at the moment it is still enough behind the quality standard that more generally characterizes the portal.

The app available, both for iOS and Android, is that linked to sports betting on football, an app that is worthwhile to say its job worthily but which certainly does not stand out for aesthetic taste or programming technology.

Instead, those applications related to the various games of the sections that are headed by the casino are still absent: apps during processing that will soon be added to the offer, making us then we will see another step close that Totosì will take towards the competitors D 'excellence.

Bonus with Totosì

What are the bonuses recognized by Totosì?

Let's make it clear right from the start: Totosì does not propose a welcome bonus. And however much this is a news that will probably make the displeasure of many, let us say that the portal knows well forgiven by giving a lot of other bonuses and proposing a very interesting loyalty program. All bonuses are linked to the individual game areas, so as to allow more promotions and more precision on where to allocate them. The thing we like most is that each section offers bonuses aside, but the gaming experience gained using the various sections is instead calculated as only one and clearly is the basis of the loyalty program mentioned a little while ago that we will soon analyze in detail null


Crazy multipliers, prize pool of tens of thousands of $, reimbursement shares and much more made available for all casino games at any time. Every week new promotions and a lot of convenience to climb positions for the loyalty program faster and faster and faster


Also in this case many different solutions every week to enjoy the best bonuses dedicated to the game of poker: free tournaments, rankings with $ 10,000 prizes, tables with shaped shares of 20% and with as many refunds. Bonuses and promotions really constantly

Bonus Sommess

The policy of sports betting bonuses is no different, also in this case characterized by very strong conveniences and promotional programs that start constantly every day and every week

Fidelity program with Totosì

As we mentioned previously, the loyalty program proposed by Totosì is quite interesting, which is divided into 6 main levels to be achieved by maturing points and experience in all the game sections. For each section of the site there are internal reference levels, but then everything converges in this classification that gives a hand access to best benefits for users who reach them.

Level 1 - bronze

It is the entry level that allows you to play by exploiting all the normal reference shares and enjoying the normal benefits of users just registered or not particularly active.

Level 2 - silver

It is the first real increase, the first step forward that, depending on the section in which we will play, will give us entitled to different reference percentages in the accumulation of bonus.

Level 3 - gold

When you become gold, always depending on the section in which we will play, we will begin to be entitled also to bonuses in terms of different shares or reimbursement bonuses.

Level 4 - Platinum

To all the benefits previously seen must be added some increased reference levels that make the gaming experience even richer.

Level 5 - Smeraldo

We are talking about the level immediately preceding the maximum one, an elite of players who are entitled to even higher and more convenient percentages, both in terms of gaming bonuses and of reimbursement right, always depending on the section of the site where we will operate null

Level 6 - diamond

It is the top level that few reach and to which everyone aspires: a truly important benefit of benefits that obviously includes everything we have seen in previous levels by embellishing it even more exclusive reference shares to be exploited differently in each section.

Totosì Customer Service

In the more than virtuous description of Totosì it certainly cannot be missing a mention at its customer service that presents itself as one of the most effective on the whole American panorama.

Not only does the site offers an excellent section of FAQ and Trouble Shooting in general, but it is still possible to come directly into with assistance at any time.

How to get in touch with Totosì's assistance?

  • Applet from the site
  • email
  • Phone

Payment methods with Totosì

Another important point of view in the general evaluation of a portal that deals with online game is certainly the one inherent in the simplicity of the cash in and cash out operations with which to make the fruit of our bets "real".

How is it possible to exchange funds with Totosì by paying the gaming account or by doing cash out? Here is the large list.

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • Pipal, hid
  • Reload and voucher

Our opinion on Totosì

Let's imagine it is not a surprise to note that our general opinion on Totosì is absolutely positive: in the end the qualities emerged from all points of view, this except for some small flaws which is still being resolved thanks to the continuous updating of the site.

As we said at the beginning one of the true distinctive reasons for Totosì is its all -American genesis, a country in which gambling is an important and significant reality that over time has created a real tradition in which it is not easy emerges When you are new: mission in which Totosì has succeeded and with extreme success.

Sports betting yes, but also a lot of game, a lot of technology, all made available in the form of immense variety of offer capable of making happy customers with any possible taste. All perfectly made in USA since 2004.

Is the online casino you are looking for?

Also in this case the instinctive response is, yes, Totosì can absolutely be your reference site, there are all possible ingredients: casino, poker, slot machines, card games, sports betting, bonuses, loyalty program and a lot more.

But as they say "there is always a but", this case everything depends on an honestly minimal detail but for some fundamental: the importance of the mobile app.

As we have seen Totosì has yet to grow on that side that now as now we certainly cannot consider as a strong point, for this reason we also consider it a very valid reality but in any case in the consolidation phase that are working to reach a summit now occupied by giants how Netbet, Unique o 888casino.

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Totosì closes, and now what happens?

    Perhaps you have already heard that Totosì closes, which is clearly a news with a fairly large flow rate at least here in USA, because it is one of the most historical digital game portals among those born in our country. But said between us is a revolution in half because in reality the portal goes to join and a continue its history Integrating himself in Lottomatica, another giant of the American game with which Totosì has always shared part of the genealogical tree. What happens to all those who had an account on this portal? No fear, you will have several options of your choice and in any case you will not lose anything in terms of funds deposited on your gaming account.

  • 🚀 Totosì s: is customer support still active?

    If you are among those who have "an outstanding account" with Totosì, in the sense that you had a gaming account and that you cannot access now since the portal has closed, really don't worry why The Site Service Center It is even more than active and is very ready to give you answers. What we can anticipate is that you will have the opportunity to transfer your account to the Lottomatica website, thus choosing it as a new point of reference for your online fun, or that you can also request their liquidation using the funds as you will believe.

  • 🚀 The Totosì App still does it work?

    Clearly The Totosì app He stopped giving access to services as well as the portal itself, but it is still possible to use it to get in touch with customer support and to check the status of your gaming account. Of course this means that new apps will not be possible, which are already inaccessible from the Totosì website and that they will soon also be removed from the online stores such as Apple Store or Google PlayStore, becoming definitively inaccessible. What to do now? If you still don't have slopes about your gaming account you can simply uninstall it and move on to that of your new online casino.

  • 🚀 Totosì: simple or dramatic account closing?

    Really no drama, Totosì is making things very simple to everyone: if you had an account on the site, just follow a simple procedure to request it or the closure or transfer to the Lottomatica portal, and based on what you choose the fate of yours Game account will be to return to you in a funds transfer or to enrich your new account. In any case there will be no problems, customer support is working as usual and there are no slowdowns or problems in the management of transfer or closing practices.

🚀 Totosì closes, and now what happens?

Perhaps you have already heard that Totosì closes, which is clearly a news with a fairly large flow rate at least here in USA, because it is one of the most historical digital game portals among those born in our country. But said between us is a revolution in half because in reality the portal goes to join and a continue its history Integrating himself in Lottomatica, another giant of the American game with which Totosì has always shared part of the genealogical tree. What happens to all those who had an account on this portal? No fear, you will have several options of your choice and in any case you will not lose anything in terms of funds deposited on your gaming account.

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