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Goldbet Review
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If you are usual readers you already know how much attention we put in the "hunting" of new or increasing realities and today it's up to GoldBet Casino.


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Some game sections to be expanded

If you are usual readers you already know how much attention we put in the "hunting" of new or increasing realities and today it's up to GoldBet Casino.

Why Goldbet? For two simple reasons: the first because it is a great growth reality that has earned visibility by making one considering one of the most serious companies in terms of safety, and the second because it is a site of those who have all the potential for Getting "threatening" towards all those others who today are considered the Gotha of digital game and online casinos today.

What should all this security and seriousness refer to? Certainly derive from the unattachable amount of certifications and authorizations that Goldbet can boast, including AAMS (Accredated Asset Management Specialist) authorization, which really have nothing to envy to what all the best portals in the world unites.

But clearly it cannot be all question only of security and seriousness because, regardless of the guarantees it can give, an online gaming portal must be so to start based on a solid and attractive offer, where Goldbet has a lot to say null

🎰 casino Visit the website
🎁 Welcome bonus Up to $ 200
🎲 games Sports betting, casino, live, slot machines, card games, bingo, lotteries
🇮🇹 License Sì, AAMS/ADM

Born as an online betting site today as today Goldbet offers a really interesting casino and a very convincing quantity of games to which of course is accompanied by all the part of sports betting that still gives prestige to the portal: it is from this path and from his own Fruits every day more visibly ripe that Goldbet's success was born, a success that we are ready to bet will increase even more considerably over time.

Goldbet Casino has conquered a pig in our selection of Casino Online And now we will tell you why analyzing the detailed offer for detail.

Goldbet Bonus: what promotions are waiting for us?

So let's see how the Goldbet Casino gets out in terms of bonus, which as we well know are one of the details that all online players are more attentive and that often make the difference when the time comes to choose which online game portal to rely on.

Goldbet Casino welcome bonus

To begin with, let's take the most expensive thoughts to the most immediately: Goldbet offers an entrance bonus, and is equal to 50% of what we pour to the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 50.00, an interesting starting point but not very rich that It is well completed with an abundant offer of other bonuses.

Some examples? Let's see them up close.

Game bonus

What are the Goldbet game bonuses? They are the ones who follow but they are those active right now and the platform has the excellent habit of renewing them often, therefore we advise you to often keep an eye on the promotions section to see if there is any news.

  • Welcome Bonus Sport: Are you starting your "career" of sports betting on Goldbet? Then the house will provide you with a special bonus equal to 100% of the amount chosen for your very first bet.
  • Welcome Bonus App: Do you use Goldbet via App for the first time? You will immediately be rewarded with a bonus equal to 100% of your first play or the result both positive and negative.
  • Replay bonus: do you make your first multiple bet? You will be entitled to a special bonus, a 50% refund in case of loss up to a maximum of $ 10.00 reimbursed.

To find out more about the casino bonuses, you can read our guides on free giri and on no deposit bonus.

Goldbet Casino: Is there a loyalty program?

We are sorry to tell you but Goldbet Casino does not have a VIP program available to its users, or at least it does not have it for now since as we know these details of a platform that can really change at any time.

To be completely clear, we never see the lack of a loyalty program as a flaw then as important, this clearly as long as the portal already offers rich promotions as in the specific case of Goldbet.

Casino Goldbet: what are the titles to play?

But let's go immediately beyond moving even more in detail of the Goldbet Casino offer to find out what the portal has to propose specifically once we decide to rely on its pages for our online fun.

As you can certainly imagine Goldbet travels to two gears, fast and very fast, as regards the contents it puts on the plate: as we have said it is born as a betting site and consequently the relative offer is truly portentous, but it is also structuring very quickly as reference point in terms of casino games, which is then sincerely the one that most captures our attention.

Precisely for this reason, going to see specifically what Goldbet has to offer, we want to start right from the online casino and gambling side in general.

We enter the specific merit of what Goldbet proposes to his public:


We decided to start in our detailed analysis of how much Goldbet has to offer by going to browse in what the absolute growth section on the site, that is, the one dedicated to online casino and classic gambling.

A section that in the past did not even exist and that instead is now starting to attract thousands of new users who are passionate about how Goldbet is growing in this sector, which is also the most important for most online players.

What can you find among the pages of the Goldbet online casino? Let's see it in detail trying to tell it as precisely as possible.

Slot machine

The living room Slot machine Goldbet is certainly one of the areas of the most supplied casino area thanks to more than 400 titles available.

These are among the most common slot machines also of brand new titles proposed exclusively for the platform, which, among other things, offers a small detail that few other sites that we have reviewed so far have ever made available: the possibility of trying The slot machines playing in demo mode, a simple and almost banal detail that however seems to be quite rare.

Table games

The board games department on Goldbet is the one that we will see most grow in terms of numerical offer, because at the moment it is characterized by excellent titles but still a little little: we are talking about 14 tables by putting both the table games and the dedicated one together Only to roulette.

What can you find for now on Goldbet?

  • Black Jack
  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Thread
  • American Roulette
  • American Roulette

And much more already present in addition to all the one that is periodically integrated into the offer.


The Goldbet section dedicated to all the games with which to aspire to Jackpot more than intriguing is certainly one of the most interesting sections of the casino of the site because we are talking about 58 different games with which to try the fate.

A number certainly much higher than the general average of games with jackpot usually present in online casinos but not only, because the reference jackpots are also decidedly important.

What are we talking about?

  • Golden Jackpot: At the moment the main jackpot is $ 197,000.00 and is increasing!
  • Silver Jackpot: At the moment the secondary jackpot is $ 2,400.00 and is also increasing!

Video poker

The world of video poker present in Goldbet is also one of those that will develop most over time since at the moment it has only 4 titles available.

However, the interesting one to note is how, although in the face of a limited offer, it is still a section of the very popular site that creates a lot of traffic: a observation that makes us imagine how it can become when there are much more titles available null


To understand what are the future ambitions in terms of gambling that move the choices of Goldbet perhaps just enough to give an eye to the section dedicated to poker, which is nothing short of very rich.

It is possible to find a huge amount of salt, tournaments, events and quick games, stirring to truly crazy dishes depending on the table in which we will "sit".

Some examples of what can be found now?

  • Tournament 6MaxVelox: Sit and Go tournament with the possibility of winning up to 2000 times the buy in!
  • Velox Tournament: Another Sit and Go tournament that can lead to play for a plate up to $ 120,000!
  • Super Sunday: every Sunday a prize pool of $ 15,000 guaranteed!

And these not only that some of the possible examples!


And for a site that is rapidly burning the stages towards the creation of a complete and completely competitive online game reality, the possibility of enjoying a little fun can certainly not fail through the bingo, which with Goldbet becomes one thing Rather serious.

There are four Bingo rooms available with different entrance and variable prize pool conditions, an offer that allows all fans of the genre to find a room at any time welcoming their games.

Sport bets

As said from the beginning Goldbet was born as a site of Sport bets, therefore, it will not be a strangeness for anyone to see how this section is still one of the richest and most complete that the portal makes available to its users.

The logic is that the Casino section one day will reach precisely this as a wealth of content and this seems to be a road already positively marked that shines with a decidedly valid point of reference.

In terms of bets it is obviously football that brought most of the numbers, but as we can see in detail there are really many sports that Goldbet puts at the center of our bets.

Goldbet Calcio

Goldbet betting means first of all being able to have access to A huge selection of football events linked to all the most important international championships and competitions, with a particular accent of course on what is American football. The countries present in the catalog they are 61, to which are also added all the possibilities of "unconventional" bets such as youth football, fantasy or special football, this always having a selection of REALLY SERIE A quote which is among the most competitive that there are in circulation.

To give some examples of the sporting events on which we can bet we report what are the major national and international competitions that are among the already choices ever:

  • Italia: Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, American Cup
  • England: Premier League, Championship, National League, FA Cup
  • Spain: LaLiga, LaLiga2, Copa del Rey
  • USA: Ligue 1, League2, Cup of USA
  • Germania: Bundesliga, regional league, DFB Cup
  • UEFA competitions: Champions League, Europa League, Conference League
  • FIFA competitions: Football World Cup, European football, Copa Libertadores

Goldbet Live

In the betting offer there is clearly a subsection GoldBet Live to bet on live events Going to the maximum of the adrenaline that Betting has today to offer, a series of events of different disciplines to which to have access to the moment in which they are taking place always taking advantage of the first -rate shares that change as the event proceed.

The list of live events is naturally reduced compared to that relating to "traditional" bets, but it is in any case very well -nourished compared to what is the general average in the sector: There are 9 disciplines to bet on live And there are all the most important sports and exports as a League of Legends.

Any examples of the most chosen sports for live betting?

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basket
  • volleyball
  • League of Legends

Goldet virtuals

Speaking of bets you must then mention GoldBet Virtual, that is, the virtual bets on which to bet at any time following simulated events that replicate in all respects of real events.

The fact that each of the virtual categories is accompanied by A historian of the previous results Very useful for betting in a thoughtful way having always cognition of the facts on what are the virtual protagonists of these events, so that the excellent shares with which to point are always exploited in the best way.

What are the main categories of virtual events? Here they are:

  • Greyhounds
  • Gallop
  • Soccer

Goldbet Live: play live in the Live casino

The Goldbet Casino Live is perhaps the true beating heart of the casino reality of the site: this not only for the availability of titles but for real philosophy.

As we have seen, the live mess are something proposed by all the major sites that make gambling also a question of technological evolution and this already speaks volumes about Goldbet's intentions.

But looking at it in detail the present offer is already enough to capture in itself attention:

  • roulette
  • Black Jack
  • baccarat
  • Texas Hold’Em

All playable in different rooms with different entrance features but all united by the charm of the live game with real live rooms and royal Croupier.

Goldbet Mobile: Apps for mobile devices

In terms of Goldbet Casino mobile applications, it seems to have all the numbers to be able to say its own in an casual and complete way, because at the moment 4 applications are already available for Android and 3 for iOS: a rather full -bodied range of possibilities that suggests attention Regarding the mobile world which will probably bring further enlargement of the offer in the future.

What are the Goldbet apps available at the time? Let's see them below:

  • Goldbet Sport: everything related to sports betting with Goldbet enclosed in a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Goldbet Casino: In this case we are talking about all the games belonging to the Goldbet mess that both iOS and Android can reach with your smartphones.
  • Virtual Goldbet: here is an app entirely dedicated to virtual bets, neatly separated from real and live ones. Also in this case both for iOS and for Android.
  • Goldbet Poker: the whole world of Goldbet poker available in a dedicated app for smartphones, currently only for Android devices.

Goldbet it: what payment methods does it allow?

Let's now see another aspect of fundamental importance in the operation of an online gaming site, or the possibility of payment systems with which to carry out the cash in and cash out operations, an aspect in which Goldbet Casino really offers everything you need to find yourself at ease.

How is it possible to deposit or withdraw funds with Goldbet? Let's see all the possible methods immediately:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • GoldBet Voucher
  • Bank transfer

Goldbet bets: security first of all

Another certainly primary point of view in the analysis of a game site is what is done for the portal safety and players who spend their time enjoying a service that must protect them under any possible appearance.

Security is that of the portal itself, which in the case of Goldbet Casino is guaranteed from the AAMS authorization Which is issued only in the face of compliance with all the most important standards, just as safety is that relating to financial transactions, in this case guaranteed by the protection systems of the payment method chosen.

But it is also security that of the user in the face of important risks such as ludopathy and all that gambling dependence means, an event that is addressed by proposing a support program capable of informing and sensitizing people towards identification and the management of these problems.

Goldbet: Customer Service

But we go out of the world of gambling played to spend a few words about customer service that Goldbet makes available to its users, a very valid and well -made assistance service that not only does it always prove to be decisive but that it is also possible to many different ways.

How to connect with Goldbet Casino in case of need? Here are all possible ways.

  • Livechat
  • email
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Set

How to open an account GoldBet?

Opening an account is really a question of a few minutes and a few clicks And it is a very simple procedure completely in line with that proposed by all the sites of this kind: to open a new game account everything is in the Fill out a standard digital form reporting their main personal data such as name, surname, address and tax code.

Once the form is completed, the account is open but not yet operational, to activate it permanently it is necessary to also proceed with the first payment of funds On your new game account, another extremely simple procedure that can be made by choosing one of the several payment methods supported by the site to make all transactions quickly, simple and safely.

And then? Once the site is recorded and active, all that remains is Choose your welcome bonus Favorite and then start having fun moving far and wide in the portal offer!

Goldbet bonus: our conclusions about Goldbet Casino

Let's conclude by pulling a little sums about what we have seen and appreciated by Goldbet Casino, which proves to be an extremely valid online casino that comes out next to a sports betting site already of proven quality.

Our opinion is clearly very positive and even more it will be in the future when many of the sections still growing will have definitively matured and Goldbet will automatically find himself competing for the top positions in the global panorama of online gambling.


  • Goldbet Casino really has more than 500 titles in its catalog?

    One of the details that jump to the eye as soon as you enter the immense casino area of Goldbet, which we tell so detail in this review, is the vastness of its games catalog: it is absolutely true, there are many more than 500 titles if we consider that Only the slot machines are more than 400, but in addition to the quantity it is the quality that leaves their mark: they are all new titles that allow you to interpret the pleasure of the game thanks to the technologies of the moment making the experience of use increasingly engaging.

  • Goldbet: are bonuses and promotions really convenient?

    The discussion on the adequacy or not of promotional policies in certain cases is really subjective, what we can tell you for sure, however, is that Goldbet offers a rich welcome bonus equal to 50% of the first deposit and a very large list of game bonuses in which all areas of the site are rewarded, which clearly for us means that the promotional offer is truly adequate for the quality of the site. That these bonuses can be preferred to those of other online casinos is really another other speech linked only to the taste of each individual player.

  • Does the Goldbet Live Casino offer quality games?

    In the great offer of Goldbet that we have deepened with our review, to stand out is also the great technological quality of the live tables present in the live mess proposed by the portal: a selection of the most loved games that are in the world interpreted by the best software house of the world to be enjoyed directly from home but playing on real tables coordinated by real Croupier, in a nutshell the maximum innovation for online casinos nowadays.

  • But how many mobile goldbets are available?

    Goldbet did a truly exceptional job by talking about apps for mobile devices with which to always have with it all the incredible portal games offer, and this work has led to publish 4 different apps (4 for Android and 3 for iOS, all Available for free) with which all the major areas of the site rationalizes incredibly and effectively: it is possible to find Goldbet Sport Mobile, Goldbet Casino Mobile, Goldbet Virtual Mobile and Goldbet Poker Mobile, including only the latter at least for the moment It is available only for Android devices.

  • Goldbet bonus how does it work?

    Goldbet offers a huge variety of different bonuses relating to all the main sections in which the site is divided, including a selection of welcome bonuses capable of starting to perfectly start their experience of using the site whatever the most suitable type of game For each player: receiving these bonuses is very simple, just subscribe to the portal and activate your account by proceeding with the first deposit, enough to see the welcome bonus that interests us most. As for all the others they have different operating and activation methods, but they are all easily readable in the clear explanations that accompany each of them.

  • How to win to Goldbet virtuals?

    Goldbet also offers an excellent virtual betting section in which to find simulated runs that are in all respects realistic: they are mainly racing racing, horses and football matchi on which to apply truly rich and well -rich altitudes and possibilities of bet articulated. To win in this section, it should first of all proceed to a careful study of the historical results collected for each of the categories mentioned, an excursus on the races and previous matches that explains very clearly which are and how the performances of each virtual competitor have evolved on which to focus on at any time.

Goldbet Casino really has more than 500 titles in its catalog?

One of the details that jump to the eye as soon as you enter the immense casino area of Goldbet, which we tell so detail in this review, is the vastness of its games catalog: it is absolutely true, there are many more than 500 titles if we consider that Only the slot machines are more than 400, but in addition to the quantity it is the quality that leaves their mark: they are all new titles that allow you to interpret the pleasure of the game thanks to the technologies of the moment making the experience of use increasingly engaging.

bonus Up to $ 200
wagering 1x