Seven and a half online | Guide to the best sites and the best strategies

Are you one of those who love to have fun, maybe at Christmas, playing in seven and a half with relatives and friends? Have you spent hours observing others to understand how to win with this most loved game in USA? Now just look, with this complete guide the time has come to become a real expert by finding answer to all your questions about it.

And not only that, because seven and a half now is also one of the most popular Casino games To play at any time, so learning to win has never been so precious!

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What is seven and a half and how do you play?

Let's start by saying that seven and a half represents a great classic of American card games which, at least for its general functioning, can somehow remember the most famous BLACKJACK: It is a game that for the majority of young and old in USA can remember somehow Christmas, because it has always been one of the typical amusements to be shared with family and friends during the holidays.

But beyond his family and festive connotation, seven and a half is still considered as a gambling, obvious cataloging since it cannot be separated from cash episodes of any entity (it all depends on how much money decides to play since from the beginning by establishing a minimum episode).

Unlike other Christmas games such as the tombola (American version of the Bingo) Seven and a half is a game that is based on the skill and speed of calculation, therefore it requires a certain mastery of its rules and also a good dose of experience: the more you get used to playing, the more easily you do He finds to obtain good results, but like all card games obviously lucky still plays his important role.

How to play seven and a half

The game takes place "Banco against one or more players" and the goal of the players is precisely to be able to total a score of 7 and 1/2 through the sum of the cards received by the Mazziere, or in any case of approaching as much as possible ( Without getting over, though, or overcoming this score) by beating the result made by the banker.

As for the counter, the goal is to achieve the score of the other players, but also in this case, being careful not to exceed a maximum of 7 and 1/2, thus finding himself going out in turn.

There are two main variations of seven and a half concerning the management of the stakes, but this is a topic that we will deal with in detail of a chapter following it.

And if these are the general lines of the game, now let's find out the real rules.

The rules of seven and a half

Let's start by saying that seven and a half is played mainly using a deck of traditional American cards (the so -called Neapolitan), but that a deck of the American can also be used, however taking care to eliminate all 8, 9 and the 9 in advance 10.

The number of participants in the table can vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10/12, even if we can consider the playing from 4 to 6 as Optimus so as not to make each shift too long and with few cards available to the banker.

First of all, it is necessary to establish, normally drawing it, those who start as a club (also called the counter or banker), who will distribute the cards of the first hand starting from the player from his right (anti -erally) giving a card to each participant, paper that will remain covered in front to him.

Game flow

Always counterclockwise the game begins and each participant, when his turn arrives, views the card and decides the episode to be done by placing the money (or the chips) in front of him.

Based on the value of its card then the player will ask the desk for an additional card (in this case discovered) trying to reach or approach the score of 7 and 1/2. Once received, you can choose whether to "stay" (stop with that score) or if to ask for another, a procedure that can go on until you decide to stop or find yourself bouncing (go "out" or overcome the score of 7 and 1/2).

If the player reaches 7 and 1/2 or if he goes out he will be forced to declare it by discovering the card he has in his hand, in the event that he decides to "stay" with a different score he will have to keep it hidden.

The hand continues thus allowing all the other participants to play in the same way, up to the last play which is that of the Mazziere himself (who will start by discovering the card that has his hand immediately).

If, on the other hand, the banker who is then forced to pay all the posts on the plate by the participants still at stake (all those who have not gone out by getting), if instead he decides to "stay" all the papers of the others will be discovered so as to Establish those who won the hand (i.e. those who get closer to 7 and 1/2).

The value of the cards

Let's see now how much all the cards are worth in a seven and a half hand:

  • All the cards from Ace to 7 are worth how much each expresses (the ace is worth one, the 2 Vale 2, etc)
  • All figures are worth 1/2
  • The king of money (or hearts if we play with American cards) is the "crazy" and is worth what the player decides to assert it

Well -known

When you reach 7 and 1/2 with only two cards (one 7 and a figure) we speak of seven and half a legitimate (or seven and a half -real) and this allows the player to be paid by the Mazziere twice as much as the mail was and to obtain the role of banker in the next hand.

When a player at the first Turus receives a 3 or a 4, he has the right to choose to "burn it", that is, to cancel him and ask for another "free" card at the banker: a procedure that allows you to avoid going out since Immediately causing an immediate exit from the table of too many players.

The best online casinos to play seven and a half

A large number of online casino allows you to access this famous card game and many of its variants, keeping the Active H24 rooms and offering players the opportunity to choose between different versions of the samenull Among the most convenient, we point out:

  • Starcasino - Considered one of the best portals, it offers an excellent registration bonus and great variety of games, including slots, poker and instant games. Equipped with a simple interface and punctual assistance guarantees fun also to players with less experience;
  • 888casino - awarded as the best online casino in the year 2021, it offers several Welcome bonuses and daily promotions to players; Optimized for PC, smartphones and tablets, it allows you to play wherever you are;
  • Lattomatic - Leading casino for bets in USA, it is updated in real time on the results of lotteries and sports betting. The online slot section that hosts hundreds of games are also excellent;
  • SISAL The casino area is remarkable and has several interesting bonuses. There are traditional games such as roulette, blackjack and slot machines, instant games and a live section;
  • EuroBet - one of the wider casino and betting sites and with offers for registration divided by category. Always updated in real time, it is built to offer excellent game experiences even to debutant players.

Seven and a half bonus

Specifically, the bonuses that are provided at the time of registration in the casinos that offer the game of seven and a half online vary according to the site that offers the service. For all the sites mentioned above, the best offers can be considered the following:

200 $ of cashback bonus on the first deposit
20 $ Free + Bonus 125% up to $ 500 on the first deposit
100% on the first deposit up to $ 950
10% on the first top -up up to $ 100
10 $ free + 100% on the first deposit up to $ 1,000

In all these online casino sites, players who register can be guaranteed, as safety, from regular AAMS/ADM license, which offers maximum reliability on all games and promotions available in the schedule. The bonuses are obtained opening a regular gaming account And, in general, they can be taken by reaching the Rollover requirements, as well as providing a valid identity document for verifying the account itself. However, we suggest always reading all terms and conditions provided for the individual bonus, so as to have the functioning of each promotion also on the side of the collection of the winnings.

Seven and a half tricks

Seven and a half is a game of skill in which, as in all card games, luck also has its own important role: there are no real "tricks" to condition its trend and this actually makes it even more fun.

The trick that we can advise you is only the practice, because the more you play the easier it becomes to try to predict the progress of a hand based on the cards that are given to us, as well as gaining sensitivity to avoid "bolt".

Variants of seven and a half

There are two and a half seven and a half "+one" variants, in the sense that two are the most common we can meet, a third rarer that all in all can be considered more or less as a different game.

The two most famous variants are:

  • Flat variant
  • Classic variant

The flat variant, which is also the most used in the seven and a half tournaments, is the one in which it is the counter that chooses the maximum initial episode, which is precisely called "dish". The counter plays one at a time against each player and can take the whole episode of the dish in case of victory, as well as in the event of defeat must pay it entire.

In this variant, the game can basically end in two ways: when a player wins against the counter pointing the whole dish or when the counter has played against all the participants.

In the classic variant, on the other hand, the counter plays against all the players simultaneously, who will be able to point an amount between the minimum and the maximum one chosen by the counter at the beginning of the game.

The third variant, the " one", is quite rare and is called four and a half: it is a mostly identical game at seven and a half in which the target score is precisely 4 and 1/2, point that He also beats the same 7 and 1/2.

Seven and a half seven history and American culture

On the history of seven and a half there is a single certainty: it is a 100% American game that has had its origin in Naples (it is no coincidence that the most used Neapolitan cards are precisely to play), where it is an integral part of the tradition Christmas.

What the least known is instead the when it was born and how it spread first in the national borders (which made it one of the most loved games along the entire boot) and then outside USA, where it was still a widespread title at the point It can also be found in the Las Vegas tables.

A cute anecdote that underlines its "national-population" value in USA are his presence in the song "Nun te reggae more" by Rino Gaetano, where a series of stereotypes of American popular culture are listed.

In short, it is difficult to establish a real history of the evolution of this game, but what really turns out to be its whole origin, also supported by the fact that it can be found in the vast majority of American online casinos supported by "Monsters Sacri ”international such as poker, black jack or baccarat.

7 and a half free: what is and where to play

7 and a half is a Traditional card game of our country, which in the past has always been present in the tables of our grandparents in particular on holidays such as Christmas or New Year. Today it is possible to relive the classic gaming experience thanks to the many online software that are released by the web betting portals.

To play seven and a half online, then, you have to find which of the many AAMS portals also includes this game among those present in your schedule. In this regard, there are several options and, above all, many variants to choose from. To name a few in the best gaming sites, they are:

  • SISAL, with Venetian variant;
  • Lattomatic, with flat variant;
  • Snai, with real variant;
  • EuroBet, with multiplayer variant.

Last option is to look for the Live version of the game (available, for example, on the site SISAL), i.e. the room that allows you to follow games at the table that take place in real time, thanks to the presence of a human croupier and other players connected to the software that transmits the results live.

In choosing the platform on which to play it is important to find the one that offers the variants that the player prefers, without only relying on any promotions. The games can in fact present different rules As far as the score is concerned, the performance of the hand and tasks of the Mazziere: to be on the tables with unknown rules, therefore, could prove to be particularly disadvantageous. It is essential, of course, is the requirement of the ADM license, capable of ensuring the reliability of the software games and the correct conduct of betting against the counter.

Conclusions seven and a half: our advice for players

Thus we conclude this guide on seven and a half, play of card that makes and has entertained generations of American and foreign enthusiasts both in the typical and digital version proposed by the majority of online casinos, all the more American ones with the ADM / AAMS license of the Customs agency and monopolies: a title that finds its fortune in the simplicity of the rules, in its dynamism and in its winnings that never allow you to get bored.

What to say more if not recommended to try it in one of the best online casinos proposed by our site? You will not regret!

If you want to discover other games, read our guides:

Frequent questions | Half past seven

  • Are there special bonuses for seven and a half online?

    Of course, so many online casinos offer special bonuses also for seven and a half, so if this aspect is what interests you most we suggest you check them immediately by making a visit to the sites that interest you most, this is because the bonuses They could add further adrenaline to a game that in itself offers a lot of them.

  • Is it possible to play 7 and a half for free?

    Yes it is possible to play at 7 and a half for free, just choose it in one of the online casinos that allow you to try your games even in demo mode and therefore obviously free, but it should be noted well that playing in this mode so much implies that the game will be free How much it guarantees that even any winnings will not be collectable in real money subsequently liquidable by the user.

  • How much can I win with seven and a half?

    The extent of the winnings that can be carried out by playing at seven and a half depends on headlights of which the main ones are undoubtedly both the guidelines in terms of maximum winnings established by each online casino and obviously the amount that we ourselves decide to aim, This in addition to the number of games that we will decide to do, which naturally makes the answer to this very variable and impossible question to be defined in an absolute entity.

Are there special bonuses for seven and a half online?

Of course, so many online casinos offer special bonuses also for seven and a half, so if this aspect is what interests you most we suggest you check them immediately by making a visit to the sites that interest you most, this is because the bonuses They could add further adrenaline to a game that in itself offers a lot of them.

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