Free Blackjack online: Play now for maximum fun!

That Blackjack is one of the most loved game in the world is certainly not new, but certainly not everyone knows that today we can Play free blackjack online: a real gift that digital game makes to those who do not want or cannot devote funds to their fun activities.

When we talk about Casino games It is taken for granted that they are paid, but it is not always the case and our new guide precisely wants to explain to you how to have the best to rely on so much to start on the gratuity.

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Free Blackjack: our selection

Of free Blackjack online now find many versions really, enough to allow us to proceed to A selection in which we included only the most valid and compelling software: a little great resource that will allow you to have immediate access to the best that there is in circulation without missing any of the most delicious occasions, but without even wasting precious time with the most questionable options.

What are the best games present at this moment online? Here they are, ready to be discovered without any expense to be incurred e presented in a simple list To make them available to our readers and giving them a way to immediately visit those who find most interesting.

The guide to play for free online blackjack

To summarize in a nutshell, enjoy the free Blackjack for free you have to follow Some basic steps which may perhaps be obvious, but in truth they represent a real step by step procedure to do it.

Further on our guide we will explain in detail both the rules that all the options you have to play for free online free online, but we want to explain what the general process that you will have to follow whatever the gaming portal that we will choose as a person null

What basic steps do we refer to? Here they are:

  • Choose the right gaming site - To begin with, you have to visit a gaming portal that allows you to have access to one of the possible ways that players put in a position to have fun (for example a portal has the test mode or any promotion useful to play for free) ;
  • Study first regulation and scores - Once the reference portal has been chosen, you must then reread and re -down the Blackjack regulation so that you can play by really taking advantage of each of the occasions to be encountered (this reminding itself that it is played against an expert Croupier, be it a software or a true professional how they meet in the many live tables);
  • Check the details of the chosen variant - Before starting, you must then check the possible particular rules present in a specific variant of the main game, in fact the Blackjack is so popular as to do account on countless titles even very different from each other, this practically on any gaming portal;
  • Check the knowledge of the decks - Check the type of decks used is important to be sure to always recognize the cards and to be able to quickly calculate the score;
  • Choose the desired game mode - proceed with the choice of the mode with which you want to play for free (whether it is the demo, the real one through a promotion, rather than a live table to have fun live);
  • To have fun - Once you did what above all that remains is to have fun with the Black Jack, which is one of the real best sellers of online gaming sites according to only slot machines.

What is free blackjack and how does it work?

Black Jack is one of the most famous card games in the world, a real must have for any online and terrestrial casino: Its operation is very simple And it consists in playing against the counter trying in every hand to beat it with a sum of cards (less than or equal to 21) higher than the one that is totaled by the Croupier.

The game is played with Two decks of American cards And it is structured in various hands in which the Croupier, under the request of the player, discovers them one at a time until the user decides to "stay" to maintain the score reached, leaving his turn to the Croupier himself.

Each card has a value equal to what it expresses, this with the exception of the ace (which can value both 1 and 11 according to needs) and figures (which are worth 10): the operating principle is absolutely very simple and it is also for this reason that we are talking about an absolutely compelling title in which it is first of all to make the difference the strategy applied.

His name, Blackjack, is due to what is the highest score that can be obtained: A total of 21 made through only two cards uncovered (an ace and a figure), a circumstance in which it is made A winning equal to 1.5 times the episode made.

What happens if the Croupier also does a blackjack in the same hand? The game considers itself "flap", therefore neither the player nor the bench win or forgive anything.

So how should the wording "free jack" be understood? It is very simple: if normally every play is made against a cash episode, With free blackjack, we are aiming for the pure pleasure of aiming.

The rules and functioning of the game always remain the same, the only difference is simply in the fact that there is no real credit or to be won or to lose, and this applies to both the "normal" blackjack and the one played on live tables.

How to play for free online blackjack?

Speaking more specifically than What are the ways to have fun for free With this title, we now want to present all the major situations in which you can meet this opportunity, sure that you too can find the ideal one to your gaming style:

  • Free Games - There are some games that are specifically published to be free (precisely for this reason called Free Games) and with whom you can have fun at any time without having to first or subscribe to any gaming portal or proceed with any deposit;
  • no deposit bonus - Many gaming portals offer bonuses to be obtained simply by subscribing, promotions that normally consist of small figures or few free spins to be used on any of the games in the catalog (even if in some cases they may be dedicated only to slots, possibilities that must be verified through a visit to the terms and conditions of use);
  • bonus - like what has just been seen, a way to play for free consists in doing it by exploiting the benefits that are obtained on the deposits made, which most of the time consist of additional credit portions that in fact allow to have fun for free even with the Blackjack;
  • Free spin - in the promotional policy of many gaming portals, free spins, options (offered as an integral part of a welcome promotion or as a promotion in its own right) that can naturally be used on this title are ample space;
  • Demo mode - last, but not by order of importance, then there is the option to exploit the test mode that is often proposed by many sites, a mode that obviously does not allow you to win the royal credit, but which in any case gives way to have fun and practice at zero expense.

Which casino to choose to play free online blackjack?

At this point There are many online casinos that allow you to play for free black jacks: Some do it through software test mode to which you can also access also for a fee, others instead offer ways born specifically to have fun without having to make any deposit, still others allow you to play free by exploiting the rich bonuses to which the registered players are entitled.

So how can you orient yourself in the choice of the most right mess? It is actually very simple: we talk about playing for free, so the best you can do is Make a visit to each site that offers this opportunity To then possibly choose the one that most gave satisfaction in terms of experience of use, or perhaps the one that offers the best promotion to play against a payment of real money.

To begin with, however, we suggest you Try those we have selected for you: These are high quality Blackjack variants proposed by proven fame sites, which obviously turns out to be a simply perfect starting point.

Play free online blackjack from your furniture

For those who love Having fun using above all your smartphone There are other excellent news: most of the free Blackjacks online (including naturally those presented in our guide) can also be used by mobile.

What is even better, however, is that most of the time There is not even to download any app To do this: almost all the free software in circulation are in fact published to be played directly by browser, which obviously means that it is possible to access it even when using the browser of a smartphone.

It is naturally a simple possibility, but also extremely welcome since most of the players find themselves using the online game (all the more in its free and therefore only recreational mode) as a pastime for Investing dead times in a pleasant way of the day.

The rules of online blackjack

How to play Blackjack online?

In Blackjack, both digital and traditional, the winning hand is the one that beats the counter without exceeding the value of 21. So a maximum of 6 players opposed the desk with a deck of 52 cards.

The distribution of 2 cards begins to all participants, who have the opportunity to ask for one or more additional cards, also called hits: in the end the values of the individual cards will be added to decide who the person who passed the sum of the others is without without But exceed the value of 21.

Apart from the rounds of the bets, the other important thing to know to understand how to play Blackjack is the numerical value of the cards, which is then what makes it possible to count the number of points obtained to determine the winner of the hand.

The points of online blackjack

If you receive one of the cards from 2 to 9, the value is the nominal one. Instead, the figures and 10 points are worth 10 points.

As for the ace, the player can assign him the value of 1 or 11 points to his total discretion, naturally choosing the one that most will help to win the game.

In the case of a card that is worth 10 (10, Jack, Woman and Re) and an ace, the latter applies to convention 11. But for example it can also happen that a player arrives at the sum of 18 points: in that case, receiving An ace, it would not be reached at 18 + 11 (29), but the value of 1 is granted to this card to reach 19. Often this is an excellent score to win the hand.

On the basis of these data, you can evaluate the probability that a card be extracted from the deck: from the beginning of each game in progress you have to try to know the previous hands, so when the uncovered cards are extracted, you can try to predict the sum of the points of the hands of the other players.

In any case, the highest score is reached with an ace and a figure or a 10, a score defined as "blackjack".

The Blackjack always ensures the win, unless it is the player and the Mazziere have a blackjack. It may also happen that two distinct players manage to have this score and in that case the winning is divided.

But there are also other fundamental points in the blackjack and we present them one by one below:

Il Double Down

As the name says, this action consists in doubling the amount of the initial bet once the first two cards distributed.

If you decide to make this technique you must know that you will only receive another card in the next round. In the American blackjack, the latter card is delivered covered and you will not be able to know its value until the Mazziere's hand has finished.

In any case, the Double Down is advantageous when the first two cards allow you to have between 9 and 11 points.


Are you in the situation where the Mazziere's first card is an ace or a jack? Don't risk so much. In fact, the probability that Blackjack is doing is very large.

By carrying out insurance you can protect your winning possibilities in the best way: it consists in paying half the initial amount of the bench bet as insurance.

If the counter reveals a 10 or any card that makes him get a blackjack, the player loses everything except his insurance multiplied by two. In the opposite case, the player loses insurance, but collects the amount of his initial bet as winner of the game.

If the Mazziere does not get a blackjack but still manages to overcome the value of the player, the latter loses both insurance and the bet.


Unlike the Double Down, the split allows you to create two hands to divide your game: this type of bet can be done as many times as there are the same cards owned by a player.

The technique plans to place a new bet on the table that has the same value as the initial one and playing the two cards divided as if they were two different hands: if you both win the player, he wins twice his initial bet, and of course this eventuality would be very interesting , if instead one of the cards wins does not lose and wins nothing. If both cards forgive the player, he will lose twice his initial bet.

And the earnings? When a player gets a blackjack he is immediately paid 3 to 2, which means 1.5 times the amount of the initial episode. Otherwise it happens if the Mazziere also makes Blackjack with two cards: in that case there is an equality and we are talking about "push". In this case, the game is canceled, no payment is made and the game continues.

In the same way, all the players who obtained a score greater than that of the Mazziere without skipping their hand, won the equivalent of the amount of their bet. In case of abandonment to the distribution of the first cards, the player gets half his bet. The rest is collected by the counter.

An example of play on online blackjack

The Blackjack is a casino game that, unlike other entertainment, offers participants the opportunity to influence the course of the game, in fact once the bets are placed, the Mazziere distributes to all the players who are continuing the game an discovery card null

Then start the same process of bets and episodes, which ends this time with a covered card. In the European variant, however, the second card is caught by each player immediately after his turn.

Each player at the table, starting from the left, can request one or more additional cards: if he does not get busy and decides to continue playing the Mazziere, go to the next player and so on.

When all the players have been served, the banker must, depending on the variant, reveal his covered card and decide whether to fish another, stopping when he reaches a total of 17 or when he exceeds 21.

3 different situations can be verified during a game: it can happen that the Banco Vinca, the score of the Mazziere so it must be the highest. Luck can also smile at one of the players: in this case the hand of one of them must be greater than that of the counter, as well as reaching the winning value. You are always winning when the total points obtained by the Mazziere surpasses 21. Finally, there is the case in which a player exceeds the value of 21. The person in question loses his bet and is said to be "he has talked about".

These were the basic rules for calculating the score of the cards and for the performance of a game: if you want to passionate about this game, however, you need something more, you have to know the best tactics that allow you to actually win the games.

Contrary to what you can think, in fact, blackjack is not just a luck game!

Strategies to win at free online blackjack

The first principle to find out how an expert player plays in Blackjack online is to know the percentage of payment of the mess, this to make sure that the strategy basic can reduce this advantage of the casino less than 1%.

But another important suggestion is to never ask for cards when you have a total sum between 17 and 21 or between 12 and 16, in the latter case, in fact, the counter must have a value between 2 and 6.

The basic strategy

However, those who can consider real fundamental points of a basic strategy for the Blackjack game are as follows, which we suggest you learn and always keep in mind when you start playing:

  • Never split two cards with a value of 10
  • Use only techniques you really know
  • Check your bets
  • Talk to the other players around the table
  • Practice

The online blackjack scoreboard

The table Underlying it allows you to express yourself in the best way in all Blackjack actions.

For the legend, the letters R, T, D, sp, and represent respectively not to ask for other cards, ask for other cards, double down, split and abandon

The counting of the cards

To summarize the score of the cards already mentioned previously we will use this time a more schematic form that can be easily kept as a reminder.

Below is the individual value of the cards, below the combined one that they can take during a game:

  • Ace: it can be worth 1 or 11 points
  • Two: it is worth 2 points
  • Three: it is worth 3 points
  • Four: it is worth 4 points
  • Five: it is worth 5 points
  • You are: it is worth 6 points
  • Seven: it is worth 7 points
  • Otto: it is worth 8 points
  • Nine: it is worth 9 points
  • Ten: it is worth 10 points
  • Jack: is worth 10 points
  • Woman: it is worth 10 points
  • Re: it is worth 10 points

The real count

The real count of the cards is what we carry out at the end of the hand and of course it is carried out by adding the nominal value of the cards in possession in that play.

But the real count is susceptible to variations compared to the nominal one and are identifiable differences in the variable value of the ace.

  • The ace can be worth 1: when it allows us to get closer to the maximum score or when alternatively it would force us to bosse.
  • The ace can be worth 11: when it allows us to get closer to the Massimo score without bouncing.
  • The ace is always worth 11: when combined with a 10 or a figure it allows us to do blackjack

The variants of online blackjack

As we told talking about the history of Blackjack,: there are many versions of this game: that they developed in different places in the world and then coded thanks to the spread of the mess, and this principle has completely renewed talking about online casino.

In terms of digital game we can say that online blackjack has an innumerable amount of variants, many of which are also very creative and in fact distant from the original rules.

It would be very difficult to list them all, but below we report: some of the most common variants: so that you can get an idea of what you meet:

Blackjack Europeo

Here are the salient characteristics:

  • It is played with two bouquets of 52 cards classic cards each
  • There is only one bettor against the Croupier
  • The Double Up can only be made with 9 or 11
  • The player can be withdrawn after the division of the axes
  • There is no surrender
  • There is no covered paper
  • If the Croupier has a blackjack, the player loses

Vegas Strip

Here are the main features:

  • It is played with four decks of 52 cards classic cards each
  • There is only one bettor against the Croupier
  • The Double Up can be carried out on one of the first two cards
  • It can be doubled after the division

Blackjack Switch

Below are the major characteristics:

  • It is played with six/eight bouquets of 52 cards classic cards each
  • Two equal episodes for each player
  • The player can change cards in each hand
  • The Double Up can be made on any cards
  • It can be doubled after the division

Free blackjack or real money: what differences?

Of course play free blackjack online or do it for a fee These are two different ways to have fun With the same type of game, but there are two ways not entirely comparable in terms of pleasure for gambling since in free form satisfaction remains more symbolic than economic level.

When we talk about digital game there are some fundamental aspects that change in a rather remarkable way between the paid and free versions, but there are others that remain unchanged, we discover which are both both in this list of all Most relevant aspects in the description of this best seller game:

  • Blackjack as a game - Whether it's having fun free or do it in the face of a payment, Blackjack as a game remains absolutely the same and lovers of this title will not find any difference at the level of pleasure in spending moments of absolute fun by saying to the famous 21;
  • Adrenaline - Card games, as well as all those most typical of online and terrestrial casinos, create a very particular form of adrenaline that is only in part due to the possibility of winning or losing money: the "normal" blackjack certainly finds added value Both in the event of meeting collections and in the certainty of having to expose economically to try to get them, but its free version preserves the typical adrenaline of seeing if their strategies will pay;
  • The winnings - in this case, of course, the two variants are not comparable since in free mode the winnings are only symbolic and in terms of fulfillment in finding that they have applied a winning strategy, while in the paid one the winnings are absolutely real and tangible;
  • Shopping - like what was seen regarding the winnings, even at the expense level the two variants are not comparable: the free blackjack online is pure pleasure also for the fact of not having to invest any figure (and therefore having to make a payment of money on of a gaming account), while the paid mode has the "flaw" of implying an investment in real money by affecting its budget;
  • The risks - According to what has just explained, free blackjack is in fact immune to risks: it is played only for the pleasure of playing and not to try to hurway the mess obtaining any win, a form of emotion that is so an integral part of the game D 'Azzardo, but also one of the "ingredients" that underlie ludopathy.

Which of these two ways can we consider as best? There is no real answer: there is talk of two different ways to have fun and everything is to what are the reasons on which the pleasure for the game is based in each enthusiast.

Conclusions: Our tips to play free online blackjack

This one of ours of ours for free Blackjack online turns to its conclusion, so we want to leave you with one last advice: whether it is to impract you with the functioning of the game, whether to try and try again strategies to be used in the paid versions or that it is to have fun for free only for the pure pleasure of the game, You just have to enjoy the fun that these software will give you 100% at any time.

What to do at this point? Very simple: we suggest you return to our list of the best free blackjacks and try them all without neglecting anyone!

If you want to discover other games, read our guides:

FAQ Blackjack Online

  • How do you play Blackjack online?

    Playing Blackjack, both online and in a gaming room, is all in all simple, but there are some very important rules that we have detachedly described in the chapter relating to the regulation that must be absolutely known to play safely and targetedly.

  • What are the rules of online blackjack?

    The rules of online blackjack are identical to those of the original game, and the same goes for the scores, which are then the most important element to know when you start playing. To always keep the scores at hand, we created a paragraph that summarizes them perfectly.

  • Are there various versions of online blackjack?

    Also the traditional blackjack takes into account different possible versions, but clearly the online version only offers more possibilities in terms of variations on theme and, as you can see in the chapter dedicated to the Blackjack variants, some are really very funny and possible are digital.

  • Can you play blackjack for free?

    The possibility is absolutely there, but we must not expect to find casino online that openly the advertised: as explained in the chapter relating to playing for free, there are at least two different scenarios to be able to enjoy the blackjack without costs and without risks and a very interesting possibility above all For novice players.

  • Is it possible to play Blackjack online without downloading?

    Of course, many of the free Blackjack software are accessible directly from browser and can be used simply through a "click": even the games selected for you in our guide can be used in a few moments (and without any download) directly from browser , be it the desktop browser of a computer and that of a mobile device.

  • Can I win money playing free online blackjack?

    Playing for free online blackjack is a practice aimed exclusively at pleasure for the game in its closest sense or to the desire to try your strategies without exposing itself economically: of course the free nature of these software makes sure that as the player does not have to expose himself At any expense, the same will not meet the opportunity to win money.

  • Is it possible to play real money if I want?

    Of course, many of free blackjack software can be considered as a demo version that allows you to prove their qualities so as to possibly choose them as a reference point for a game activity in which you then invest your money by trying to win even much numbers Consistent: their beauty is just that, it is only to the player to choose how to interpret them!

How do you play Blackjack online?

Playing Blackjack, both online and in a gaming room, is all in all simple, but there are some very important rules that we have detachedly described in the chapter relating to the regulation that must be absolutely known to play safely and targetedly.

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