Best horse racing sites in 2022

Horse bets are loved all over the world already in ancient times.

Today it is possible to make bets on horses both by participating in the main American or world events in the Hippodromas, or by accessing the most important online bookmaker, where not only you can make your episode but you can follow streaming events.

The functioning of the betting on horses is easy once some concepts are clarified. The important thing is to find a good online casino to rely on and use the advice to increase the chances of winning.

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Happic bets how do they work?

The history of horse racing was already common in the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures, where they were already popular, they also made part of the ancient Olympics.

To be considered the winner in those days it was not the jockey who held the reins during the race but but its owner.

Initially the horse races were held inside special structures, such as the Hippodrome of Constantinople or the Circus Maximus Rome.

During the Middle Ages, on the other hand, the horse races took place along the streets of the city or around the squares, we speak of palii or the barberous races, the latter were ancient popular parties now falling in disuse.

However, reaching horse racing which we know it today means waiting between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in England, where in fact the rules were better defined according to the different types of tender.

The rules on horse bets change based on an initial cataloging of the equestrian events themselves.

Inside what are the best online casinos, in fact, it is possible to find competition horse racing competitions, totalizing or national.

Types of running: here are what they are

The betting on horses are divided into two different types of horse racing.

In this type of events the horse has a pace ranging from 10 to 55 km per hour. It moves with a two -stroke pace. Start with the right rear and the left front and then go to the left rear and the right front and between the two there is a suspension time. In turn it is divided into two different groups. You can choose between the sitting trot, where the jockey is sitting in a slight wagon from which he controls the animal, or he can sit on the saddle from which he detaches himself rhythmically.
The horse racing is faster and in fact the thoroughbred horses are used which quickly reach 70 km per hour. The jockey can be placed sitting and indulge the animal's movements or, in light set -up, this during events of jump to obstacles. It is divided into four types of gallop, that is, the meeting, work, medium and elongated.

How do you play horse racing?

The horse racing sector can also be appreciated today online.

The player visits the portal to which he recorded himself and according to his preferences, put the episodes on the types of races he prefers.

What are the basic steps to play and start?

Below we propose a step by step guide.

Today you can choose between a high number of gambling websites and this is an advantage, because it means that the user must not be satisfied. Soon we will explain what the technique is in order to choose the best to make bets on horses.

  • Once the site is identified where to bet (e.g. Snai Egt Interactive or Eurobet) the player visits the Terms and Conditions page so as to understand if the portal does it or not to its case based on the internal rules, which change from site to site. If he accepts and shares them, he moves on to the next step.
  • Registration is essential if you want to start betting. It is requested to choose future access data and to enter the personal data, as well as a copy of a valid identity document, with compliance with the anti-agricultural laws. All ADM (ex AAMS) portals respect this rule.
  • Taking the episodes to the various horse races requires the user must make the first deposit on the appropriate page within the virtual account of his account. A minimum budget is usually indicated.
  • Today most Gambling sites allow you to activate a welcome bonus. The most common are those with deposit. An extra credit is returned on the basis of a percentage set by the portal and present on the info page, which serves to achieve real winnings when achieving certain episode requirements.
  • By entering the specific betting page you can choose between the various active races, decide the shares with which to participate in the games and cross your fingers.
  • Once you have obtained the minimum winnings that allow you to take the withdrawal, you can withdraw the money and transfer it to your private account.

How to choose a site to make bets on horses

Making a bet on horses is easy once you learn the rules of the game. The difficult for many users is to recognize from the initial visit to the page whether an online casino is reliable or not capable of meeting your needs. Here is the way to identify the most profitable based on a simple analysis.

Most people when they start betting on the horse racing sector or a another game Inside the online Gambling website, it goes in search of a welcome bonus. In fact, these bonuses can represent great help during the attempt to win real money, however, trying to invest as little as possible.

There are basically two different types of welcome bonuses. I'm:

  • Bonus with deposit: they are the most common inside the field of horse racing. The player deposits a certain sum and the company returns a variable sum agreed in the contractual phase with a percentage. Usually there is talk of a 100% bonus where, for example, the person deposits $ 100, he receives another $ 100 for a total of $ 200.
  • Without deposit bonuses: they are less common and usually more present for games, where there is greater volatility. The no deposit bonus also has decidedly higher episode requirements. However, initially the registration process must be completed.

Then there are a series of minor prizes that are offered to the already loyal customer. For example, a partial reimbursement for losses in the games played, bonus for the birthday, or to the achievement of investment thresholds made. They are the most sought after by veterans in the sector because they have us usually lower episodes.

When the user chooses the casino To which you can register it, it is also based on the type of quote. It is in fact one of the first aspects to consider during a sporting bet.

In the races it indicates the probability that a specific event will occur and what is the sum obtained from the favorable play. They are applied to the episode so as to calculate the profit.

However, many users find it difficult to choose from the various types of shares spread inside the horse racing field. Without considering that there is many ways to indicate them, based on the European, American or English method. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to this aspect.

In the AAMS portals, American shares are usually used, called European shares. It is expressed with the decimals and must be multiplied to the episode to understand what is the sum that is paid. In fact, we know that at the beginning the user pays the bet and, in the event of a win, he receives his premium.

It can be fixed and in this case the probability of winning is predetermined, therefore the amount of the win is established through the multiplication of the episode with the quota.

In the horse racing sector, however, there may also be the fixed totalizing one, where the payment takes place on the basis of the sum of the various episodes that are made, from which a part that goes to the tax authorities must then be removed.

The totalizing can be single, multiple and multiple.

Horse racing calendar
Quality betting sites can also be recognized according to the calendar of horse racing.

It is a useful tool for the user because it allows you to see what are the most important appointments from all over USA or cities per city.

For example, it is possible to see events in the Hippodromas of Naples, Rome, Pisa, Milan etc.

On the choice of the platform, the possibility or not to see those of other nations such as USA falls again.

Each online bookmaker, for example Betflag, Eurobet, EGT Interactive, Sisal Matchpoint and Snaitech S.p.A draws up their calendar, based on what are the direct guaranteed bets.

Horse racing online with streaming
The best legal betting sites offer online races with the streaming visit service. We obviously talk about websites of the caliber of Betflag, Eurobet and Snai.

This is good news because in this way the user has the chance to obtain all the info and see the races on which he pointed, so as to ascertain in real time if the horse on which he pointed his money proves to be the right choice or it still comes among the first to be able to study future game strategies.

From the info page of the site you can learn this kind of information, also present on the home page of the Gambling website.

The payment methods adopted by the bookmaker for horse racing bets change according to the portal itself.

Those always present are bank transfers, both for the deposit and for the withdrawal, the main credit and debt cards (Visa, Maestro and Mastercard) and several electronic portfolios are usually also accepted. Among the most common is Paypal, but there is also Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Webmoney and U Kash.

The most popular races

Now that we have broadcast the functioning of the bets, let's see which are the most popular on sites such as Snai, Betflag, Egt and Eurobit.
We know well that everyone has their own preferences in terms of gambling, the same applies when it comes to equestrian bets, one of the first sectors where people love to invest their money with the hope of having always focused on the lucky horse.

To date there are more popular races than others. It is one of the richest gambling fields and it demonstrates the fact that it is also frequented by several multimilionary characters enthusiastically in the sector.

There are runs that are real two -day events, during which many international celebrities find themselves.

We therefore see some of the most popular and famous.

Dubai World CUP:
It was inaugurated in 1996, and is now considered a real gala event where sportsmen, actors and politicians from all over the world participate. It is the richest equestrian race in the world with a prize pool of 12 million dollars. It takes place in Dubai.
Royal Ascot:
He was founded by Queen Anna and is hosted by the British royal family, his birth dates back to the year 1711. It is an absolutely formal event where all women must have a day and hat dress, and men be dressed in black and in gray and bring a cylinder to the head. It has a prize pool of $ 10.4 million.
Melbourne CUP:
It takes place in Australia and was inaugurated the first time the year 1861. The IPPodrome of Flemington hosts him. All spectators then have to dress impeccablely because in addition to the horse racing, the competition on what are the best dressed people are also under its own. The prize pool is 5.4 million dollars.
Breeder's CUP:
13 The paths that form the event that takes place in the USA and combines 28 million dollars of earnings. The year 1984 was inaugurated. Each of the 13 events of the Breer's Cup has a prize pool ranging from 1 to 6 million dollars per race.
Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe:
Better known simply with the name of The Arc, it is an event for the most famous equestrian bets in the world, also for its being highly prestigious. It is organized by the Longchamp racecourse in Paris and is an event that dates back to 1920. It is organized every first weekend of October. The prize pool is 5 million dollars.
Japan CUP:
It has a prize pool of $ 3.6 million and is organized in the South East Asia, in Tokyo. It takes place every year for the last Sunday of November.
Pegasus World CUP:
one of the most recent. Born on 2017, it takes place every year in Florida and, although it was intended to revolutionize the sector, from an initial prize pool of 12 million dollars, today it is "only" of 3 million dollars.
Kentucky Derby:
It takes place in the US on the first Saturday of May every year. It is part of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. He also boasts a prize pool of 3 million dollars.
Nakayama Grand Jump:
Born 1999 is the most prestigious in Japan. It is set up every year in April. It is a race with very demanding obstacle jump and has a prize pool of 1.7 million dollars.
Preakness Stakes:
The last of the most popular is her, the Preakness Stakes. A race that dates back to 1873 and takes place on the third Saturday in May of each year in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The race ends in about 2 minutes for 2 km of the track. It is the second most important event in the USA and has a prize pool of 1.5 million dollars.
Palio di Siena:
It is the most important American event and is held between the districts of Siena. It is an equestrian carousel that originated the year 1644, in the medieval period. It takes place twice a year, one on July 2nd and one on August 16th. Then there may be extraordinary poles of city or national anniversaries.

Types of horse racing

To facilitate the user the choice and identification of the types of horse racing bets most suitable for him, we will provide below a list with a brief description of all types.

First of all, it must be said that the betting on horses are divided between those with complementary fixed and totalizing fixed.

Horse chestnut bets want to want the bench and the player to choose it at the time of the game. Therefore only in case of exact prediction there is a win. It is possible to modify it subsequently without being influenced the bets made previously.

Here is the subdivision:
  • Winning: The prize withdraws when the animal on which the player has aimed at first.
  • Placed: You win the prize when you get a placement based on your choice. If it is one in 2, you win whether the horse arrives or first second. One in 4 is won if the horse ranks to the first, second, third or fourth place.

Total -type online legal betting provides that all the various amounts paid for each type and better, ends entirely in the same upright.

From the value of this upright the part for the tax authorities is deducted and everything else is divided between the various winning bets.

Here are the various types of totalizing bets as well as those already seen "winning" and "placed":
  • Coupled placed: It is the prediction of two horses that are positioned at the first, second or third place.
  • Tris: When the three horses that will position themselves in the first three positions are predicted correctly.
  • Quartè: It is a type of match combined, where two different types of games are joined. The possibility of winning this is double, but the cost is also. It is possible to choose to combine the winner and the placed or the coupled and the trio.

Finally, there is also a national horse racing, thanks to which betting in the receivers are accepted.

Each race has a number and is reported in Neretto, but forbidden to play no play on the placed, that is, it is impossible to predict what the result will be for the horse at the end of the event.

Conclusion: tips for horses betting

Those who approach the horse racing sector believe that everything you need is a little healthy intuition.

This without a doubt offers an extra gear, but it is insufficient. Indeed, there are many other elements to be taken into consideration to be able to obtain a good prediction.

Some elements may interfere on the race and not keep them in mind can lead to the loss of your money.

There are horses for example that they are more skilled in the trot, gallop or mounted trot.

The horse must always be evaluated on the basis not only to the running specialty but also to its physical conditions, the age and possibly the previous results.

Before focusing on a horse, I need performs an analysis on the jockey's competitions, the winnings and if he has already had the opportunity to compete with the same horse, so as to see the results of both taken individually and in pairs during past events.

To find out more about sports betting and on the types of sports available, read our detailed guides:


  • Are there special bonuses for horse bets?

    Equally to any other gamble event, the best bookmakers offer special bonuses also for horse racing bets. These change according to the platform.

  • How can I make money with horse racing?

    Without forgetting that it is a gambling and as such it has a high percentage of risk, it is possible to win by investing the right and trying to create a little at a time more approved game strategies.

  • How can I know the horses in advance?

    The information relating to horses is obtained both through the sports platform itself or through the dedicated pages.

  • How much can I win with horses' races?

    There is no precise answer. It depends on the type of bet, the altitude and the ability to create winning strategies.

Are there special bonuses for horse bets?

Equally to any other gamble event, the best bookmakers offer special bonuses also for horse racing bets. These change according to the platform.

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