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Game Zone Casino is a site with authorization from the Customs and Monopolies Agency that offers a real multitude of possibilities: online casino, bets, horse racing, bingo, lotteries and much more.

All this also accompanied by many quality bonuses that make the game more convenient and many truly first -rate services.


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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2021


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📞Phone 0438-798027
e-mail [email protected]
6 welcome bonuses
More than 600 slots
Certification of the Customs Agency and Monopolies
Many payment methods
Manca VIP program is missing

At a time when all of USA speaks of "zones" we do not want to be less, but the area of which we are going to talk about is that of the game, in the particular gaming area Casino, a little big corner dedicated to all the fun that this Online casino can offer its customers.

Very safe area, because it is a portal authorized by the Customs Agency and Monopolies with all the security that this guarantees to the players: a fundamental ingredient that has convinced us to include this site among the Best online casino present in USA.

We tell you immediately.

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🎁 Welcome bonus Up to 50 $
🎲 games Sports betting, live, slot machines, casino, live mess, bingo
🇮🇹 License Sì, ADM/AAMS

CASINO GAME AREA: all its bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, it is a topic that in cases like this becomes very pleasantly varied varied, this is because the online casino play area offers its customers many very varied promotions of which none of them go into the background.

There are mainly two aspects to stand out for "pleasant" in the bonus offer of the site: the abundance, easily translatable into numbers, quoting even the well -possible six welcome bonuses that the site proposes, and the variety, this time expressed by a policy Very active that leads the bonuses to change periodically without ever bringing players to any sort of "addiction".

In short, of the top quality premises which can only be followed by an in -depth analysis of all that the site has to offer us, starting from the moment in which we register up to those instead dedicated to everyday situations.

How about, very inviting right? Now we don't have to find out immediately how much it is in practical terms.

The Welcome Bonus Game Zone

Little but safe gaming area Casino has a lot to offer to users just registered, this is because as mentioned a little while ago the welcome bonuses on the site are really many and they have been specifically designed to offer players a prize that you enter their pocket where more It can make them happy.

But a step back should be taken first because among the peculiarities of the play area there is also a no deposit bonus of $ 2.00 to be used immediately to "taste" how fun the portal has to offer: certainly not a sensational figure (consistent though though At the general average of the no deposit bonuses proposed around), but it is as always a sign of an excellent start.

Returning to the welcome bonuses real, as we said are six, one for each of the major play areas of the site: also in this case they do not consist of stratospheric amounts, but in any case perfect to meet a debut in the name of convenience and free game.

What are the welcome bonuses currently scheduled on the Casino Game Zone? Here are all here:

  • Welcome Bonus Casino: a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 more to be enjoyed in the casino area of the site (use the casino bonus code)
  • Sports Welcome Bonus: for betting lovers here is a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 to be used on bets (use the sports bonus code)
  • Benvenuto Bingo bonus: another 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 more, this time to be exploited for the Bingo (use the Bingo bonus code)
  • Happic welcome bonus: always a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 more, but for horse racing (use the horse racing code)
  • Welcome Bonus Virtual: do you love bets on virtual events? For you a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 (use the virtual bonus code)
  • Mixed welcome bonus: don't you know how to choose? To you a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00 to be used on the whole site (use the mixed bonus code)

Game bonus

However, the promotions of the game area Casino Online are not yet over, this is because all the game promotions are still missing, which are always many.

One of the peculiarities of the site are precisely the "flash" promotions, that is bonus periodically published to be exploited when they arrive on the site: a philosophy that we like very much since it allows you to never really bore and always find a new bonus that can Even inspire to us different games from which we are used to.

Speaking precisely of constantly changing bonuses it is difficult to make it a real list, but we can still give you an idea by presenting you as active when we write this review.

Here is a couple of tastings:

  • Bonus Saint Patrick: To celebrate the party the bingo for a week is played with discounted folders, doubled prizes and many other news
  • Good multiple: a 150% bonus on multiple bets to be enjoyed with all sports

The VIP program of the Game Casino area

For anyone who was wondering if Casino playing area also makes available to its users a VIP program, the answer is negative: at the moment there is still no loyalty program and we cannot exactly tell you if it is a priori choice from part of the portal or a temporary lack that will sooner or later will be smooth out.

Especially for lovers of the genre this can be lived as a lack, and all in some way it is, but as far as we are concerned, it is in any case of the less important aspect of the entire promotional policy of a site and we think that they are Game well do enough in terms of bonuses to "forgive it".

The catalog of gambling gaming casino

Thus we come to the heart of the site, or the catalog in which Casino play area collects all the games destined to entertain all users of all users whatever their most specific passion.

And this last thing is not a way of saying because the site offers such a vast catalog that it really encounters to any type of taste: they range from sports betting to struggles, from slots to bingo passing for more or less any other type of game.

But what is most important is that these are high quality software always updated that allow you to promise far and wide between the genres without ever stopping to maintain the same high level of technological development.

As in any other review we will try to summarize you in the best possible way what the site has to offer naturally from its casino area.

Curious? Here are everything:


The slot machines on the site are exactly 634 and they are essentially a "condensed" of all the best they have to offer giants in the sector such as Microgaming, Netten, Habanero, Capecode and many others.

Clearly in a selection of slot machines of these proportions it can only be of everything: any possible technological variant, of theme or operation is more than abundantly represented and this can only go directly to all the slot lovers.

Casino games

Speaking of casino games in general, the selection is definitely smaller since we speak of 26 titles, but again the quality level is very high: we speak of games mainly provided by Habanero, Microgaming, Netten and Capecode and offer everything What we would seek among the green tables of casino from all over the world.

There are all the true timeless classics and many of their most compelling and advanced variants ever released on the market: a small large collection of jewelry capable of offering long hours of fun.

Do you want some examples of the games that can be found?

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Freak roulette
  • European BlackJack
  • baccarat
  • Ace of Spades
  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Three Cards Poker

Sport bets

We had announced it: there is no shortage of bets on events of any sport present in most of the world championships, with obviously a special space for football which as always is the great best seller.

However, we are talking about a feature that returns brilliant for all those who love yes to having fun at the green table and slots, but who do not give up being able to play on their favorite sports from time to time.

Live sports betting

And if betting on sports is not enough for you because you are looking for an extra thrill by playing your chance on live events you will still be satisfied, because this possibility is also present and it is present at the great: the events are many and there are always at the start, this Regardless of the sport you like most since there is for everyone.

Live sports betting

If, on the other hand, you like to bet but your passion is the horses, another time you are still serene: on the site there is an entire section dedicated to horse racing and offers the possibility to bet at any time following racing of any category.

A great betting classic that finds its dedicated space within a site that seems really attentive to lovers of the genre.

Virtual bets

To complete the offer of sports bets, those on virtual sports think about it, an ever -growing fashion that finds space also on this site allowing users to be able to bet into practice on anything that can make them happy more.


Bingo is also a serious thing on this portal, which proposes two subsections that allow you to play both real and virtual money by exploiting in both cases 4 different rooms with play always at the start whatever the level of cost of the folder and prizes that you are most interested.


To conclude there are also them, the lotteries, and we are talking about all the major American lotteries managed by the Customs Agency and Monopolies capable of giving access to the most substantial prizes: Lot, 10 and Lotto, Million Day and of course also the timeless scratch cards null

Live casino game area

To close the circle and conclude our overview of the website games catalog, we now also talk about the game area Casino Live: a collection of other 34 titles that this time allow you to fully experience the experience of live game in live streaming, the last one True great technological evolution of online game.

Also in this case the titles are provided by specialized software house exactly in this type of gaming, names such as Evolution, Betgamestv or MediaLive.

Which games can be played live? Here are still some tastings again:

  • roulette
  • baccarat
  • Three Cards Poker
  • Casino Hold’Em

Mobile casino game area

Another particularly important question nowadays when analyzing an online casino to write a review is that linked to its accessibility from smartphones.

The game area Casino Mobile is a reality, but not through a smartphone app: the portal has in fact decided to put a version of the site optimized for mobile online that returns in any case a first level use experience without having to download or download nor install any software.

The Payment Methods of the Game Zone

How do you make a deposit of funds on your gaming account or a withdrawal once we have made some winnings? Game Zone Casino allows you to proceed very comfortably both to a deposit and a withdrawal thanks to an excellent selection of supported payment methods.

Not only many, but they are undoubtedly universal:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Sella
  • OnShop

The security of the play area

There is only one way to summarize the security level of the site in a nutshell: it is an online casino authorized by the Customs and Monopolies agency, a license that in USA can only obtain the safe sites that best respond to the directives established by American government and which allows them to operate freely in our country thanks to the quality in terms of safety they offer to customers.

Customer Customer Service Casino Game

Is there anything wrong and do you need to get in touch with the customer service of the game area online casino? No fear, waiting for you there is a service of excellent quality that can be reached 24/7 using one of the following methods proposed by the site:

Conclusions: our final opinion on the Casino Game Zone

This journey into the offer of the Game Casino area turns to the end, leaving us the space for a few last summary words: games, bonuses, safety and services, we find that the portal is in all respects any valid is the point of view from which You look at it, a picture made even better by its ADM / AAMS license.

What about more? He reminds us of another online casino that had lately intrigued us, Crazy Luck Casino, but playing area is even more complete.

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Do I have a welcome bonus?

    To be precise we must say that Casino play area has six welcome bonuses, one for each of the main play areas: casino, bets, horse racing, bingo, virtual and a mix of all.

  • 🚀 Do I have quality slot machines?

    Not only are the casino gaming zone slots are excellent, but there are also many, more than 600 and perfect for any taste: an excellent selection of titles from names such as Microgaming, Netten, Habanero and Capecode.

  • 🚀 Do I have a smartphone app gaming area?

    In truth, no, there is no casino gaming zone app, but don't worry: accessibility from smartphone is guaranteed by an optimized site for excellently made furniture that does not make the slightest lack of the app feel.

  • 🚀 It is easy on Casino Game Zone to make a deposit or withdrawal?

    Absolutely yes, deposit or sampling that it is every transaction is simple on the gaming area Casino, thanks to an excellent selection of payment methods that is more or less universal whatever your habits are about it.

🚀 Do I have a welcome bonus?

To be precise we must say that Casino play area has six welcome bonuses, one for each of the main play areas: casino, bets, horse racing, bingo, virtual and a mix of all.

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