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Thelotter Review
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Thelotter is an aggregator of unique physical lotteries that allows you to participate in many lotteries from all over the world by proposing a service to users able to physically buy the coupons and then follow their draws: it has a really impressive historian of winnings, especially thanks At the lotteries with Jackpot.

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Physical lotteries from all over the world
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We are sure that, once here on our site, you are certainly enthusiasts of Casino Online, but are you equally lotteries? We hope so, because this new review is entirely dedicated to TheLotter, the site capable of making us participate in all the most important lotteries in the world without even having to get up from the sofa. And they are not online lotteries, but the physical ones for which it would be necessary to go to buy a real coupon. Sound magical huh?

How particular service works capable of combining physical game together with an online system Able to bring pleasure for the game and great winnings all over the world, even when we are far from the place where the lottery is called? Let's find out immediately!

Thelotter has no bonuses, but many offers

We are used to starting our reviews by immediately going to find out what the bonuses and promotions that an online casino offers its users are, but but Thelotter's case is certainly different Because, despite talking about a game site, this is not a real online casino like everyone else.

Thelotter does not propose games and does not reward us directly, therefore it does not even provide for real bonuses for users, even if they are there Many offers To save money playing.

Let's talk about a Lotterie aggregator which offers us a service to buy the coupons: in essence it is proposed as an intermediary between us and the organizers of the various lotteries in all the countries of the world that covers with its services, which of course does not even make a promotional activity based On bonus.

Does Thelotter have a welcome bonus?

Of course, this lack of promotions also involves the new members who, unlike a normal online casino, once registered on Thelotter will have undergone access to all the portal services without taking into account an entrance bonus.

Is it a limitation? Surely no, it would be if we were talking about a "whatever" digital casino, but this is not at all the case of Thelotter.

Thelotter has special offers?

In this case the answer is affirmative, because if it is true that Thelotter does not offer real bonuses, as we have seen a little while ago by talking about welcome bonuses for new subscribers, it is also true that it presents special offers However, capable of increasing convenience for users.

Any examples of the special offers present right now on Thelotter? Here they are to you.

Subscription offer

For all the most usual players it is present a subscription Able to make life easier: it is possible to buy a subscription that will allow you to automatically participate in the extractions of the favorite lotteries by keeping (or possibly changing, if desired) the reference numbers we want to play.

What are the benefits in case of a subscription to Thelotter? They receive immediately 25 VIP points and especially, A free ticket every ten purchased.

Multi-draw package

Another possibility for the most active players is to proceed with the purchase of one of the so -called Multi-draw packages which allow you to participate in 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws (based on the chosen package) saving up to 25% of the total cost.

Also in this case the advantage is not only economic, but also in terms of comfort: with multi-draw packages in fact there will be no risk of losing any extraction and it is possible to buy them both on behalf of a single player and a group.

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Is there a VIP program on Thelotter?

Thelotter also proposes a Program VIP At the same time very simple to exploit and very advantageous: every time we recharge our account for the purchase we are attributed to the VIP points (1 point for $ 1.00 paid) that will be accumulated allowing to obtain increasing advantages in terms of discount null

What are the VIP levels of Thelotter program?

Thelotter VIP program is structured in 5 different levels which are entitled to incremental discounts capable of saving more and more in the purchase of tickets.

What are these levels? How many points do they need to reach them and what discount entity do they allow? Let's find out immediately:

  • Bronze level (from 51 to 200 VIP points): 2.5% discount
  • Silver level (from 201 to 500 VIP points): 5.0% discount
  • Golden level (from 501 to 2,000 VIP points): 7.5% discount
  • Platinum (from 2,001 to 5,000 VIP points): 12.5% discount
  • Diamond level (5001 VIP points): 20% discount

The Theotter Games Catalog

But let's get a little bit of the heart of what Thelotter has to offer to its users, namely a more unique than rare torture that allows you to have access to what are probably the only gambling ever contemplated by all the most common digital casinos : The lotteries.

Absolutely winning choice of the portal was to focus exclusively on this type of game, which not only is never proposed by the most typical online casino, but which is technically unites Two worlds in distant theory: physical lotteries and digital game.

What does Thelotter do for us in particular?

His service consists in buying on our own tickets for all the major, most important and rich lotteries in the world (they are more than 150 In total): Thelotter is able to provide us with real tickets by buying them physically and sending a scanned copy and is a service that has been carrying out since 2002 with a truly planetary success.

Do you want some examples in numbers? Until now thelotter has allowed Total winnings for more than $ 100,000,000 For more than 5,000,000 winning users, a sensational amount of lucky tickets that touched its peak with a Panamense user capable of winning A $ 30,000,000 jackpot With the Lotto della Florida and another user who from Iraq has been in degrees to obtain a win of $ 6,400,000 by hiding the Oregon Megabucks.

The exceptional aspect is that it is enough to register and use the portal for the purchase of the coupons, which will then be digitally deposited on our user profile waiting for the draws, of which the results are promptly communicated both in the event of a victory and not.

But there is one more thing: in case of winning Thelotter pays us 100% of what we have the right to receive without holding anything as a commission.

But what are the possible lotteries to play with?

Lottery jackpot

They are more than 45 Lotterie with Jackpot In which it is possible to take part thanks to Thelotter's services, and are struggles from anywhere in the globe capable of giving access to truly breathtaking special prizes.

Once on the site it is possible to see them all, choose them based on the proposed jackpot or the date of extraction, and then proceed to purchase.

When we buy a coupon a person of Thelotter will proceed to the physical purchase of the same, which will be scanned and loaded on our user profile together with all the relative information, including the alert On when the relative extraction and communication of a possible winning or loss will take place.

Any examples of the lotteries with jackpot on Thelotter?

  • MegaMillions (United States): $ 91,000,000 jackpot
  • PowerBall (United States): $ 87,000,000 jackpot
  • Eurojackpot (Great Britain): Jackpot of $ 33,000,000
  • The primitive (Spain): Jackpot of $ 26,500,000
  • Euromillions (Spain): Jackpot of $ 26,000,000
  • Lotto Texas (United States): $ 25,800,000 jackpot
  • Superenalotto (USA): Jackpot at $ 13,300,000

All lotteries

Regardless of those with Jackpot, the other lotteries on Thelotter are More than 95 And also in this case it is a total capable of putting together competitions of dozens of different countries of the world.

Also in this case it is possible to buy all the coupons to which we are most interested and then follow the extractions thanks to the alerts that Thelotter offers us to stay up to date: a very simple system which allows us to take part in extractions almost every day, centpping the chances of winning thanks to a number of lotteries to which we could never have access without such a service.

Numbers that easily explain how Thelotter has been able to win more than $ 100,000,000 total to users who have exploited their skills.

Thelotter and live game live

Not being a real online casino Thelotter does not present a live area like those with which we are more used to dealing with, but in any case provides for a live game principle.

How? It is very simple: it allows you to follow the draws Also live so as to truly live the emotion of the moment, a very linear principle that in any case also proposes this kind of pleasure to users of the platform.

Thelotter on smartphones, can you play mobile?

Certainly yes, Thelotter is a portal so voted to make the impossible that could certainly not be missing from the "smart" possibility par excellence, or the mobile game.

To do this, he made available for his users due diverse app, one for iOS to download for free from Apple Store and one for Android instead available on Google Playstore.

They are both very well made apps that "pack" the portal services making them even easier to use the mobile devices: what we can expect is to have access to all features of the desktop site in a form capable of taking advantage of the navigation capabilities of our smartphones 100%.

Which payment methods are allowed by Thelotter?

Another practical aspect capable of highlighting the "flexibility" of Thelotter very well is that of Payment systems allowed by the platform to carry out both deposits and withdrawals from their gaming account.

I am really many The methods contemplated, as often happens are more for the deposit than for the withdrawal, but clearly it is a difference due by the possibilities that each system allows.

What are the main methods for making payments? Here they are to you:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PaySafe Card
  • Trustly
  • Letters
  • postepay

Here are the major systems indicated for the withdrawal of funds:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners)
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Is thelotter a safe site?

The question is always born spontaneous: in the face of so much functionality and a service to say not very brilliant, Is the Thelotter site as well as safe?

The answer is definitely affirmative: One of Thelotter's fundamental characteristics is also his security, both on the level of regulations and on the technical/IT one.

To start thelotter, it is strong of the MGA Certification of the Malta Gaming Authority which testifies to compliance with all the security standards necessary to legitimately operate in the international field, but that's not all because the site protects the transactions carried out thanks to a security system SSL GeoTrust a 128 bit capable of "armoring" the economic exchanges carried out.

We are talking about a portal that has existed for more than eighteen years, and which over time has managed to collect only consents from a huge audience spread all over the world.

How to Thelotter customer support?

In the event that something should be "crooked", or even just that the need to obtain immediate answers from Thelotter staff is created, ing customer support is so easy how much the rest that characterizes the platform.

Thelotter, both on his site and in his assistance, speaks 14 languages different (including naturally American) and is ready to answer us at any time, 7 days on 7 and 24 hours a day.

How? Using one of the following methods:

  • Livechat: using the convenient Applet proposed on the site
  • Phone: by ing the number +44.20.8099.2938

Our conclusions on Thelotter

In short, for what we were able to see Thelotter is a very special site, to begin with because it is well done and extremely functional, but above all because it is unique in its kind.

As we said in our in -depth thelotter has the uniqueness of make something in impossible theory simple, that is, the digital simplification of a principle actually dedicated to the physical game game: a real magic for all Lotterie fans.

It is difficult to compare Thelotter to the other more "typical" online casinos, but despite all the differences we can say that it offers a very high quality comparable to portals such as 32Red Casino: A real top of the range one of a kind.

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📕 FAQ su TheLotter

  • 🚀 Thelotter offers promotions for users?

    Of course yes, as you can learn more in the chapter of this review dedicated to bonuses Thelotter does not include a welcome promotion but proposes several special offers capable of making the game activity on the platform increasingly convenient, including a very simple and benfate VIP program that gives access to increasingly rich incremental discounts. We are talking about a game site other than others with equally different but still very advantageous promotional forms for users.

  • 🚀 Thelotter has a mobile version?

    Of course yes, Thelotter offers two free mobile apps (one for iOS downloadable from Apple Store and one for Android instead available on Google PlayStore) capable of optimizing all the contents of the site to make them immediate use from smartphones also using all the navigation features that mobile devices allow. To find out more, we suggest you visit The relative section of our review, in which there is everything there is to know about the subject.

  • 🚀 How many lotteries does thelotter access?

    As you will find out of our review, Thelotter is an aggregator of lotteries through which you can have access to many lotteries from all over the world, games normally dedicated to anyone who can physically buy a ticket that the portal instead makes available to anyone thanks to a truly system brilliant. The lotteries available are more than 95 and are divided between lotteries with jackpot and "general" ones, all information that we have deepened in the chapter dedicated to games Permits by Thelotter.

  • 🚀 Thelotter has efficient customer assistance?

    Absolutely yes, Thelotter customer support is so simple to as well made. To begin with, it must be said that it can be ed 7 days a day and 24 hours a day, and that it is ready to respond in 14 languages including American, but it is also important to emphasize that it can be reached in a very simple way both by telephone and, Above all, using the comfortable Applet Livechat proposed on the portal. All information about Thelotter customer assistance is found in the assistance chapter of this review.

🚀 Thelotter offers promotions for users?

Of course yes, as you can learn more in the chapter of this review dedicated to bonuses Thelotter does not include a welcome promotion but proposes several special offers capable of making the game activity on the platform increasingly convenient, including a very simple and benfate VIP program that gives access to increasingly rich incremental discounts. We are talking about a game site other than others with equally different but still very advantageous promotional forms for users.

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