Bingo online guide 2022 | Tips and tricks to win

Let's start with this new guide to BINGO online, a great classic of gambling that has an important role also in terms of digital game.

If the Bingo rooms, after a great diffusion a few years ago, are now less and less, its online version on the contrary has never stopped being loved by fans of the genre, which populate digital rooms every day making them very alive.

Do you already know everything about Bingo online? Soon you will know because once I pretend to read our guide too This casino game It will no longer have secrets.

Let's begin!

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History of Bingo Online

The history of Bingo began almost five hundred years ago, in 1530 on the occasion of the first lottery never promoted, but to get to a more consistent form with today's game you have to get to 1929 with Beano, a very similar game that is considered a parent null

Between the 1950s and 1960s there was then the real boom of the Bingo, a success to which the crisis of cinemas in the United States was also complicit: the spread of television had significantly changed people's habits, forcing i Cinema owners to have to convert many rooms precisely in Bingo salt.

After the commercial explosion of the 80s/90s, the popularity of the Bingo achieved a global dimension, a success that of course prepared the ideal scenario for the spread of online bingo, which has always been the protagonist in the growth and affirmation of the digital game.

Rules of Bingo Online

Although the online bingo is a game, all in all simple to understand and master, there are still main rules that it is appropriate to know well.

If for the individual versions the rules must be verified from time to time, now we would like to start instead by summarizing the general ones applicable to any variant, or the most important to be known right away:

  • Start playing: to choose a room ready for the game, you need to know that to "start the dances" a bingo room must count at least 3 participants including no one has to have more than 50% of the total folders.
  • Purchase folders: you can play by purchasing a minimum of a single folder, but if we wanted to buy more, you must remember never exceed the limit established by the room, which is established both in terms of cost/folder and of the maximum permitted number of the same null
  • Awarding intermediate prizes: in order to collect the prize relating to all the scores below the Bingo, precisely the intermediate prizes, it is necessary to be the first to complete the sequence.
  • Order of prizes: it is always played for the highest score still not reached, for example once someone conquers a terno is played for the Quaterna, after which for Cinquina and finally Bingo.
  • Number of draws for the bingo: it is not only important to reach the hoped for bingo, making it within a certain number of extractions in many cases it is also possible to have the right to a jackpot prize.

How to play Bingo Online

The game is available on a large number of online casino, among which we advise you to register only on the portals in possession of ADM licensenull To play, in fact, you must necessarily create a gaming account and enter some personal data such as your name and surname on the site, residence and tax code address. An email address, the telephone number and probably the upload of an identity document (for the procedura KYCKnow Your Customer"Requested by American laws and able to guarantee maximum security of the site).

Once you have created your personal gaming account, you must find the Bingo section, which is often dedicated to a category in its own right. In fact, the best online casinos divide their schedule in several pages, where you can find games such as slot machines, board games (such as variants poker, roulette, BLACKJACK and variants baccarat) and, in fact, the web rooms for the bingo.

It is also possible to play for free, using the free demo versions that make it possible to make bets with virtual tokens.

Rules of Bingo Online

Each web casino site can offer diverse sale, which follow different game rules. The Bingo, however, takes place according to predefined and substantially standard game phases. American players are benefited, because these rules are very reminiscent of those of the classic bingo.

Game phases


Select the folders to buy

Each folder is different And there will never be a player in possession of a group of numbers equal to yours. Furthermore, each of the folders has a cost and it is possible to choose how many episode. This phase of choice and purchase provides for a timer (usually 3 or 5 minutes) and the countdown will start the draws.

Extraction of numbers

The draws begin at the end of the purchase phase of the folders and continue until you decrease what the players who go to win. In particular, series of numbers are extracted (from 1 to 90) which correspond to those impressed on the folders.


In this game it is possible to win with two types of score:

  • Cinquina point, i.e. 5 numbers aligned on the same line;
  • Point bingo, which is obtained when all the numbers of a folder are extracted.

When one of the players realize a point, the corresponding cash prizes that are winning with the bet carried out are immediately announced in the rooms online and immediately added to the gaming account.

Premium collection

The prize is calculated on the basis of the sum of all the money of each individual initial episode and is awarded only to the first player who goes to win. In case more players get the winning score at the same time, the premium scheduled is equally divided among all the winners.

End of the match

The game ends when they get it makes both the cinquina point and the bingo point. Each game, therefore, always counts 2 players who can win and cannot end before the prizes have been collected.

The variety of folders in the online bingo

As already mentioned, there are different variants of this game, which naturally implies that each type of online bingo rely on a different type of folder that in this paragraph we want to summarize briefly.

Traditional online bingo folders (Bingo 90)

These are the folders of the so -called Bingo 90, precisely the most common and widespread form in USA and which is based on 90 possible numbers.

The folders of this version have a rectangular shape and have three lines and nine columns, each line instead has five numbers and four empty spaces for a total of fifteen numbers.

Bingo 75 folders

One of the most popular internationally, the Bingo 75 is based on 75 numbers and on the use of folders substantially different from those seen previously.

The Bingo 75 folders have 5 columns appointed by the B-I-N-G-o letters in which the sequence of numbers (B from 1 to 15, from 16 to 30, N 30 to 45, G from 46 to 60, or from 61 to 75 is presented ).

Bingo 80 folders

Another widespread bingo is Bingo 80, naturally based on 80 numbers, which proposes itself as a sort of middle ground between Bingo 75 and Bingo 90.

In this case, the folders have a square shape and have 16 numbers distributed between four lines and four columns and each column can be identified with a different color (red from 1 to 20, yellow from 21 to 40, blue from 41 to 59 and gray from 60 and 80).

Bingo 30 folders

Last of the main variants is Bingo 30, which based on only 30 numbers is an extremely rapid and perfect game for the "stolen" games at the time.

The Bingo 30 folders have a square shape and a grid of three lines and three columns including 9 numbers (in the first column they go from 1 to 10, in the second ones from 11 to 20 and in the third those from 21 to 30).

Example of play with the online bingo

To make the functioning of the online bingo even clearer, we now proceed to the schematization of an ideal game in its general passages, therefore common to all the versions present:

  • We access the desired Bingo room based on the signposted folder cost
  • We choose how many and which folders to use and proceed with the purchase
  • We await the beginning of the draw
  • As the numbers are extracted, we update our folders
  • If we make an intermediate winnings first we get the corresponding prize
  • We continue in the draws in this way until the bingo is reached by one of the folders at stake.

Strategies to win with the online bingo

One of the immediately fundamental aspects to clarify is that the online bingo is a game based on the random extraction of numbers, which clearly reduces the idea of approaching this game in a strategic way.

Many of the things they hear about "winning folders" or "losing folders" are actually only superstitions, perhaps pleasant and interesting but cannot be considered a strategy.

However, what we would like to analyze for a moment are some of the most typical behaviors:

Use many identical folders

For example, many players decide to use multiple identical folders with each other, which all in all is considered a strategy capable of giving rise to some advantages and some disadvantages.

The main advantage lies in the fact that each win will be strengthened but it is also true that there will be less numbers available and that the chances of winning will be more small.

Use many different folders

Another approach is the one that makes you choose for the purchase of many different folders with each other, and also in this case we can consider it a strategic choice.

Having many different folders allows you to have a greater variety of numbers in hand that in theoretical line will allow greater chances of winning.

Other strategies

Other choices that we can consider in some way strategic are, for example, the choice of less crowded game shifts (such as the midweek night or days), which will give way to significantly increase your chances of winning, or, always for the same reason, to choose the rooms with the least possible participants.

Tips on Bingo Online

As we have just seen Bingo online is a really based game based on the randomness in which even the possible strategies are there up to a certain point, but we still find it important to leave you with some useful advice to start approaching the game in the right way:

  • Choose only rooms with right cost levels for you and never get off your budget
  • Choose your style in terms of number of folders and keep it so as to try it and try it again
  • Find game hours to you comfortable in which the rooms are not too crowded
  • Follow the game carefully taking memory of the extracted numbers
  • Whether you win or get lost, take breaks and ask yourself if it is appropriate to continue
  • In case of losses you never feel forced to continue to recover

The best software for the online bingo

As much as very popular, the online bingo is certainly less competition than the most used games in all platforms, which clearly provides for a lower variety of available software, which however remain several.

The ones we suggest below are the most popular software house in the world of digital game, which naturally also includes bingo:

The advantages of playing Bingo Online

Now let's see another interesting aspect, or the advantages in playing Bingo online rather than in a specific room.

The benefits are of course many and all due precisely to the digital form of this game:

  • The online bingo can be reached at any time without having to reach a room specifically
  • Bingo Online is a quick game that allows you to have fun even in the clippings
  • Bingo Online is a really game for all the pockets in which to play with little even
  • Online bingo can also allow very rich jackpots n any time

Is there a way to play bingo online for free?

This is a question that many often ask themselves and the answer is yes, you can play bingo online for free, even if of course we cannot expect to find many digital mess that advertise the possibility.

The truth is that there is a "trick" to play free bingo and it is an intelligent way of using the bonuses that we explain immediately.

Where to play free online bingo

To play free online bingo it is possible to take advantage of the no deposit bonus That we know well, or of the small cash figures that are credited to we enroll in a game portal without even first of all the need to proceed with the payment.

This credit will in fact allow us to play for free, but in the case of winnings the prizes will be real and will be part of our account.

The advantages of playing bingo online for free

Why play bingo online for free? To begin with because it's free!

Seriously playing bingo for free allows some advantages of which we report the main ones immediately:

  • Allows you to learn the game without risk
  • Allows you to understand our favorite approach by trying and trying again
  • Allows you to try more rooms even when the folder cost is higher than we would be willing to pay
  • Allows you to get used to the new online casino without losing anything

The best online casino for the bingo

An always common question is if there are some online casinos considered as an excellence for Bingo online enthusiasts, and as you know it is our specialty to select game portals for you according to a specific passion.

The bonuses available for online bingo

Many of the best casinos on the web offer different possibilities between welcome bonuses and internal promotions dedicated specifically to Bingo. We therefore made a selection of those that can be considered i Best bonuses to play bingo:

  • Snai Casino, which gives all players a welcome bonus equal to 25% on the first deposit (up to $ 100), as well as a bingo bonus on the mobile app. This includes $ 2 for the following days to the one in which a $ 1 is made.
  • Sisal Casino, which gives all new subscribers 50 $ bonuses on the first deposit. With the first payment, in particular, 100% of up to 20% and an additional $ 5 per week is received for the following 6 weeks;
  • Betflag Casino, after the first top -up all new users can play the Bingo by receiving 100% of the payment made, up to $ 100;
  • Lottomatica casinoFinally, it offers a bingo bonus with a reimbursement of 50% on the first deposit up to $ 50, against a top -up of at least $ 10.
Info bonus
Up to $ 1000
-Deposit Min.
Up to 1,050 $
noDeposit Min.
noDeposit Min.
Up to 1030 $
noDeposit Min.

Is it possible to play Bingo online from smartphone?

In an era in which the digital game is increasingly depopulating thanks to the smartphone applications provided by digital mess, the online bingo certainly could not remain outside this revolution.

Most of the portals that offer the Bingo have actually made available dedicated apps for both iOS and Android with which to have a real exclusive access to this game.

Bingo Online Live

Of course yes, I'm not the online bingo is also available live In live casino, but it is also in some way protagonist, all the more on the portals more oriented to this game.

The live game experience is indeed perfect for offering added value, revealing itself capable of further increasing its adrenaline and adding even more charm to the charm already innate in this title.

Bingo online: our conclusions

If you are enthusiasts, we are sure that this guide to online bingo does nothing but increase your desire to play it, as if you weren't hope to have given you a lot of useful information to discover it in an intelligent and conscious way.

It is incredible how this timeless game has also managed to become a must of the digital era, but in truth we think that everything enclosed on this page can easily explain the reason.

Digital game also means this, making a classic and modern and modern giving life to exceptional online bingo online that become an integral part of the offer of the best casinos exactly like Games of the caliber of video poker, another best seller that we invite you to deepen.

Want to play? We are with you!

If you want to discover other games, read our guides:


  • Is digital bingo comparable to the room in the room?

    Absolutely yes, the game principle (whatever the variant we choose) is absolutely identical, but the online version allows some advantages that we have analyzed in detail in the relative paragraph of this guide.

  • Can you play Bingo online from Mobile?

    Not only playing Bingo online from smartphones is possible, but, as explained in the section dedicated to mobile game, it is also one of the most used game solutions right now thanks to applications specially designed for Bingo.

  • How many variants of bingo games exist?

    The variants of the bingo are different, but the main ones are four: Bingo 90, Bingo 80, Bingo 75 and Bingo 30, all well described in the section inherent to the different types of folders in general.

  • Is there a way to play bingo online for free?

    Of course yes and we created a section of this guide to talk about free online bingo, a possibility not only concrete but also very advantageous from many points of view.

Is digital bingo comparable to the room in the room?

Absolutely yes, the game principle (whatever the variant we choose) is absolutely identical, but the online version allows some advantages that we have analyzed in detail in the relative paragraph of this guide.

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