Progressive jackpot: what is it, how does it work and how to unlock it?

We also live in a technological world and with the advent of digital also the slots machines and the various gambling have evolved and transformed.

In fact, we find these video games in playable version on the web. Slot Machine, Bingo, Roulette, Blackjack: games that can be found in Best online casinos And that refer to a community.

The difference between the normal jackpot and the progressive jackpot was born from the digital era. If the normal one is known to be obtained from the victory in a specific game, the progressive one gives a win by a network of related slots.

Here is our review to find out what progressive jackpot is, how it works and how to unlock it.

What is progressive jackpot?

The jackpot is the maximum winning that you can have a video game.

The progressive one is a particular type of jackpot. It is commonly found in slot games: the progressive jackpot is a bonus payment generated by video games inside the casino with which you are operating (both online and offline).

The different and numerous games that are made on a specific slot without victories increase the award.

In fact, the jackpot constantly increases during the Gamberrs play in the network of different slots.

These are the highest and most substantial prize pool that can be overcome to the slots or to a game of gamble on the web in general, but the chances of victory are not very high.

It all depends on how many slots and platforms are connected to each other in the various networks.

The jackpot that we all know is substantially fixed, given by a certain bonus decided by the platform and independent of the number and volume of the games made. The progressive jackpot has a starting point, and once awarded it does not start from scratch.

How do you win the progressive jackpot?

Winning is not simple and takes time, patience and money.

A method to attempt luck without any risks is to exploit the free bonuses.

Free spins, then free turns on certain slots or casino video games, which are offered by platforms as a welcome bonus or as prizes.

The no deposit bonus at the time of registration is a way to play, aim and have fun without spending anything, and understanding rules and functioning of any video game.

Each victory will be considered for a possible jackpot. Progressive jackpots are not all the same and the sums are counted in different ways and including:

  • Prizes assigned after each lap, random and regardless of the result. Usually, they are free turns.
  • Certain combinations of symbols: same mechanism as traditional jackpots. It is a prize awarded when any player finds the right combinations or predefined symbols. For example, when a royal scale takes place in the video poker.
  • Bonus levels: assigned when the player unlocks and wins a bonus function, such as the center of the wheel in mega fortunes.
  • Minimum qualification bet. Any episode must exceed a minimum amount set by websites and game platforms.
  • Meters of play: the players who most often operate on slots and casinos are more likely to victory.

The video game regulation is always updated and available before putting on the machine and bet.

Types of progressive jackpot

There are various types of jackpot, and also this type of prize pool is divided into categories, based on the slots connected to the same network, the combinations available are:

  • Stand alone
  • In-House
  • Enlarged

Jackpot stand alone

The Stand Alone Jackpot is the single jackpot. It is given by a single game (or slot) at a time. Thus, the sum of money from the prize is given by the deposit that players make during their games in that particular game (or slot).

In this way, the combinations available are minor and the chances for this type of jackpot are low.

Jackpot in-house

In-House is a progressive jackpot connected to two or more slot machines connected to each other.

In this case, the prize will be greater than the case of the Stand Alone Jackpot, but with different slots connected the chances of victory are low. The prize is given by the sum of the money (or tokens) filed in two or more slots/casino games belonging to the same group.

Jackpot enlarged

The enlarged jackpot (or enlarged area), also known by the name of Jackpot Network is the most widespread of progressive jackpots, especially online.

The network is made up of all the casino slots, which being connected to each other, during the various games collect the (very high) sum of the Jackpot, which is remunerative, especially in the case of the most famous slots on the most famous and appreciated on the various games platforms.

Once the enlarged jackpot has been awarded, in the case of the jackpot, the prize pool is eliminated on all the video game/slot of the network.

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Progressive jackpot and probability of winning

This category of Jackpot is the dream of all slot players. A sort of Eldorado of all winnings.

The chances of victory are, therefore, very low. In fact, for example, the Megabucks video game estimates the probability of victory by 1 on over 49 million.

The mechanism and victory of money (we speak of MLN of $) are based on the various individual slots and casino platforms, as in the case of Age of Gods.

To have a clear percentage data, you need to check the players' gain percentages and make an analysis of those who have gained large sums of money. Thus, the victory frequency will be more clear and intuitive.

Over the years there have been (few) lucky winners worldwide:
  • On Unibet Online Casino, a Swedish young man won just over four million $ on the Netet Arabian Nights slot.
  • The Finnish Klaus E. won Mega Molah's jackpot equal to 5 556 $ 753, his initial episodes were from fifty euro cents.
  • In Aberdeenshire, a fisherman became a millionaire ($ 6.4 million) on the Hall of Gods slot. The winner donated part of the prize in charity.
  • Microgaming The Dark Night made John Orchard millionaire, winning 5.8 million pounds.
  • An amount of almost 12 million $ was awarded on the mega fortune slot by a Swedish gamer.

What are the slots that offer a progressive jackpot?

This type of jackpot is the maximum win to play a casino game.

There are many operators who offer games with this type of prize pool. Slots, Roulette and Games of cards are the most popular to have it. The best are with gaming software of giants such as Microgaming, Playtech and Netent.

They guarantee safety, protection, excellent game, innovative graphics, pure fun and jackpot with over $ 3 million as a prize.

  • The slot machine con jackpot more famous progressive in the world is definitely The Mega Moungah, developed by microgaming in fact, and holds the highest victory record, almost 19 million dollars.
  • Another famous slot machine is Mega Fortune, designed by Netten, gamble video games.
  • Millionaire Genie It is another much loved by Gamers.
  • For example, Age of Gods provides a "multi-level" jackpot. It is connected to the entire series of Age of Gods video games during the various levels.

Which casino have progressive jackpots?

Casino on the internet are increasingly numerous. Most divides their slots and roulette by types, and among these you can find excellent jackpot.

The meter is a voice of the menus of the various websites, for updates and monitoring of progressives in the main screen of the Slots Machine section. If the money counter is constantly increasing, then it is a progressive.

In addition to the Slots Machine, the progressive prize pool is very popular also in the video poker.

To win it, you need to have the highest and most important combinations and make the so -called Royal Flush.

Unlike the slots, where it is not possible to set a victory strategy (to make an approximate calculation you need to know well how many symbols are on the various rollers and the number of them and the combinations). While cards can be calculated the probability of victory and try to implement a strategy.

Conclusion: our analysis on progressive jackpot

As we have seen throughout the review, this type of prize is the maximum winning that can be obtained when playing on a casino on the web (playing both online and in real physical places).

In fact, the sum of money is established, and increases based on the bets of users who participate in the game itself or the games connected to each other in the network.

It is a very low, but not impossible but not impossible victory. There is no prediction, it is a game of luck with the study of the trend of the meter and winnings. With welcome promotions and free spins you can play without risking losses.

Discover our other tricks to play the online casino in the best conditions:


  • How do progressive jackpots work?

    The functioning of progressive jackpots is determined by the episodes of the participants in the game (slot or other video games they are).

    The more bets are made and the more the sum of jackpot money increases.

    There are various types and when it is won, the amount resets itself returning to a "basic" figure of starting, established and offered by the online casino platforms. More slots and video games are connected to each other, the more those who play have the possibilities.

  • Are the progressive jackpot slots better than the other Jackpot?

    No, because the difference lies in the jackpot. When playing slots, a percentage of bets and any game is added to the jackpot. This sum is called "Metro" and is taken from multiple slots and games simultaneously.

  • How much money can I win with a progressive jackpot?

    The progressive jackpot prize is high, it can be one million of $ or more.

  • What is the probability of winning the jackpot?

    Unfortunately, it is not at all simple to win the progressive jackpot. It is necessary to pay adequate attention and not overdo it and play madly.

    It is not making too high episodes (and losing money) that you win. The advice is to observe the jackpot trend, take advantage of the free welcome bonuses, free spin, etc. And to arm yourself with patience and calm, hoping in the luck.

  • Are there techniques to increase the chances of winning a progressive jackpot?

    We must not exaggerate and do follies. The only advisable technique is an analysis of the jackpot trend.

    If the figure is already high, the closer it will be a possible victory. It must be remembered that the chances of winnings machines winnings of an online gambling platform are very low (however it is not impossible) and all depend on the size of the prize pool.

    The bigger and the smaller are the possibilities. The most difficult and unique combination leads the player to earn one million (or more) of $. This kind of jackpot requires very high episodes.

How do progressive jackpots work?

The functioning of progressive jackpots is determined by the episodes of the participants in the game (slot or other video games they are).

The more bets are made and the more the sum of jackpot money increases.

There are various types and when it is won, the amount resets itself returning to a "basic" figure of starting, established and offered by the online casino platforms. More slots and video games are connected to each other, the more those who play have the possibilities.

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