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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 1946


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Lots of welcome bonuses
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Safety from all points of view
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Welcome back to our pages to go today to discover a new excellence with the review Sisal Casino, a brand that in USA is synonymously of gambling regulated by the American government.

We are certainly used to dealing with all the most valid online casinos, among which we have also encountered many realities all Americans who really have quality to sell, but Sisal is a case slightly apart because it represents the most "institutionally valid" way to play in USA.

The story of Sisal (which stands for Sport Italia limited liability company) begins in 1946, making it by far the most ancient and more rooted players in the culture of American enthusiasts: a brand that through the decades has promoted games such as Totocalcio, Totip, Enalotto and Superenalotto (only to mention the most important) who are not simple possibilities to win by playing but who have represented and represent real institutions for all Americans in the last seventy years abundant.

But Sisal is not only past and tradition because today as today it also means great security and latest technologies: so much to begin with an online casino that presents all the AMS certifications necessary to operate in USA in addition to that (Gaming Labs International).

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🎁 Welcome bonus Up to 1050 $
🎲 games Casino, slot machines, poker, sports betting, football, horse racing, lotteries
🇮🇹 License Sì, ADM/AAMS

In terms of technology we are talking about a highly advanced level of IT security and a very abundant variety of payment systems proposed, as well as the one that more specifically characterizes all the games made available as well as the platform itself, simple, well done and strong of a truly excellent user experience.

What about more? We have without too many doubts inserted the Sisal casino among all the realities that we consider to be Casino Online Absolutely and our review will be used to explain this choice in all the details.

Ready to discover Sisal Casino closely? We are here on purpose and we start immediately starting from the bonuses it offers to its users.

Sisal Casino bonus: all offers for users

From what world and world the first detail that any player goes to verify by approaching a new game reality are the bonuses proposed, which then also go to define what is the promotional policy of an online casino.

As we well know, there are several ways to apply a bonus policy and the most common are certainly the promotion of offers for both new subscribers and for those who already attend the platform actively: we are clearly talking about welcome bonuses and game bonuses and Now we enter specifically to find out what Sisal does about it for its users.

But now enough preambules and we enter the heart of the question:

Welcome bonus

Sisal also uses the moment of Welcome bonus To reiterate the "multiplayer" nature of his platform, which is a point of reference for any specific passion: the player's taste is central and is remarked in importance so much to start by the welcome bonuses, which are varied and that must be chosen based on your passion.

What are the welcome bonuses available to the Sisal Casino currently?

Let's discover them closely one by one:

  • Slot Machines Welcome Bonus: Receive $ 5 after sending your documents and a progressive bonus of $ 1000 on your first deposit (just use the Wlccasino-1005 code). For the casino: Receive a 10% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum of $ 100 (just use the casino-100 code).
  • Welcome bonus poker and cards: up to $ 1111 bonuses. Get a progressive bonus of 300% to add to the amount of the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 1091. Then a 30% gift of your deposit up to $ 20. (Just use the Welcome-111 code)
  • Welcome Bonus Betting: Receive up to $ 350 for welcome bonuses.
    • 2 x up to $ 25 bonus on the first virtual play (1) minimum bet of 2.00 to receive 25% of the amount bet of up to $ 25 if the game is losing or (2) receive a bonus equal to 25% of the amount bet of up to $ 25 if the game is loser)
    • Up to $ 250 bonuses in 25 weeks: up to $ 10 of betting bonuses, released with increases of $ 1.
    • Up to $ 50 of blue bonuses (European 2020 Special): $ 5 for each victory of USA in the 6 games up to the final and $ 20 if USA wins Europeans.
    • 5 $ Extra bonus if you share one of your first bets on Tipster within 7 days of your registration! (Just use the European Code-2020)
  • Other welcome bonuses: of course, there are also many other welcome bonuses and they are all to be discovered, we refer in the particular to the welcome bonus for the Lotterie and Bingo section, that all the games and that store.

Sisal no deposit bonus

Do you like bonuses? Then you will certainly also like the SISAL no deposit bonus, the promotion that this game site dedicates to all those who proceed with the registration.

The welcome bonus presented a little while ago is certainly a very rich and complete promotion, but to obtain it it is necessary to complete the registration procedure by also carrying out the first deposit of funds on your gaming account, while for the Sisal Bonus no deposit is sufficient. signing up.

It is a symbolic bonus if compared to the welcome one, consists of $ 5.00 To be used immediately on all the desired games, but it is a type of promotion that we appreciate a lot in any case because it allows precisely to play immediately and try the site before choosing if and how much to deposit on your new account.

All in all what is better than enjoying the healthy fun before I even have to "put your hand on your wallet"?

Game bonus

But the Sisal bonus policy does not stop precisely at the only promotion of welcome bonus because it naturally also goes to reward the game activity of those who are now a habitué of the platform.

Also in this case there are many and all different game bonuses that can be exploited to make the gaming experience even more dynamic and it is again of many promotions specifically dedicated to the various sections.

It would be impossible to report all the bonuses available right now, this precisely because many, but we still please tell some of them by way of example:

Game bonus for the Casino section

Only in the casino section there are three different bonuses (in addition to the welcome one), which are as follows at the moment, which are as follows:

  • Mobile casino: play on the mobile site and scale the ranking relating to casino games to aspire to a prize pool of $ 3,000.00
  • App Sisal Casino and Slot: use mobile apps to play and get an additional bonus of $ 5.00.
  • Progressive bonus: just recharge your account and play to aspire to a progressive prize up to $ 1.005.00.

Game bonus for the card games section

The card games section also has its selection of dedicated promotions, which are in this case four in addition to the welcome one, and are the following:

  • Solitaire: press the prize pool dedicated to one of the most used card games in the world
  • New schedule: all the new proposed card games become a way to climb the ranking and aspire to the relative prize pool.
  • Freeroll: special prizes for freeroll card games are available every day
  • Smile freeroll: every Thursday there are prizes up to $ 250.00 for selected freeroll games

But that's not all because there are active promotions in all sections of the site and I am always in constant evolution, we advise you for a while to discover one for a browse in the sections that most interest you specifically.

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Casino Sisal: the VIP program that rewards loyalty

However, the promotional policy of the Sisal Casino is not limited to the bonuses only, because there is also the VIP My Sisal program with which to see its business on the site awarded: the more you play and the more points you accumulate in each single section of the portal, thus meeting to special prizes also very rich.

As anticipated, each section has its own ranking to climb and it would be very dispersive to bring them back here, we have therefore chosen to present you with the one relating to the casino section to be used also by way of example for all the others.

VIP Casino program

  • Debutant level - starting from 1,100 points, cash casino bonus of $ 2.00
  • Debutant level - starting from 2,750 points, cash casino bonus of $ 5.00
  • Level appearance - starting from 10,500 points, cash casino bonus of $ 20.00
  • Character level - starting from 50,000 points, cash casino bonus of $ 100.00
  • Protagonist level - starting from 92,000 points, cash casino bonus of $ 200.00
  • Celebrity level - starting from 210,000 points, cash casino bonus of $ 500.00
  • Star level - starting from 550,000 points, cash casino bonus of $ 1,500.00

Sisal Casino Online: the whole games catalog

However, the wealth of the offer of the Sisal Casino is not only relating to the bonus policy or to the proposed loyalty program, also because these promotions would be of no use if the reference games catalog was not as rich and complete.

As we have seen, there are many sections on Sisal and each one presents itself as extremely full of titles, we therefore go to find out what the contents that we can expect to find in each section are:


In the casino section we can find all the games that we look forward to meeting, naturally divided by subsections very easy to navigate in which to go and find all the types of fun that most aggravate us. Some examples?

  • Card games: there are almost 20 tables in which to enjoy all the real great classics from BLACKJACK At Casino Hold'em, from seven and a half to baccarat.
  • roulette: For this other great classic 17 tables are available with all the most famous variants from the European Roulette to the American Roulette, naturally passing through the American roulette.
  • VIDEO POKER: There are 16 videopoker available and they are all brand new and technologically very advanced titles.
  • Slot machines: There are more than 400 slots available and this huge number contemplates all possible variants for both game mechanism and technological level, also including dozens and dozens of titles you can play with enormous Jackpot.

Card games

If in the Casino section it is possible to find all the most popular card games in the game rooms, this other titles to have fun are collected in this, among which it is also possible to find the great classics. Here are some examples of the games available:

  • Rummy
  • Lonely
  • Broom
  • Burraco
  • Briscola
  • Treette


In the world of Sisal, poker enjoys a dedicated section in which it is possible to find all the many tables made available to users, including many tournaments, sit and go charts and tables.

To live even better, the experience of the poker promoted by the platform is also available for a free download client that allows you to optimize the time spent even more by having fun.

Other sections

Clearly there are also other sections made available to users, such as that dedicated to sports betting (another branch of great importance on the Sisal website), the one inherent in the lotteries or that dedicated to the game of the bingo.

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Sisal Casino Live: play live

As a large online casino that it is, the Sisal Casino could not lose blows in terms of live game, which as we well know represents the last large frontier of the digital game experience allowing to virtually reach real tables managed by Croupier Real.

This is the last step to bring the pleasure for the game in online casinos even more closer to the one possible to obtain in traditional ones and that it is possible to live whatever your favorite titles are.

On Sisal there are 46 live tables (a number well higher than that on average) and are divided among all the most important and played types including:

  • ROULETTE live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • Casino Hold’em Live
  • Hi-Lo Live
  • Spin a Win Live

Sisal Slot: the Slots Machine catalog

What is the true pouring heart of the Sisal offer? Is called SISAL SLOT And it is the absolute most loved and frequented section of the site, as well as the one in which they can find most of the game titles in the catalog.

It is not a novelty that the slot section is always the richest in most online casinos and senish slots does not make it a difference: the proposed slot machines are an infinity And they all come from the best providers who exist in the world, this topic that we will deepen better later.

An absolutely virtuous aspect of Sisal Slot is also the organization of the proposed games, which being many would risk getting lost in the multitude in the absence of an intelligent system with which to order them and make them quickly accessible to the players.

What are the sub -categories in which the Sisal Slot catalog is organized?

  • Top: That is, all the most played slot machines by Sisal users, in turn organized in other subsections such as the tops exclusively, the tops between the new and the most played ones of the week, a very well ordered way to always have access to those that of Time from time to time they are to be considered as the most popular and loved titles that there are on the site.
  • Exclusive: A section that gives immediate access to all those slot machines that make Sisal users' experience, and we mean this unique in the true sense of the word because only they have the opportunity to play the data titles exclusively at this online casino.
  • Sts the tarts: A space in which to meet only those slot machines typical of terrestrial game rooms and bars, a much loved type of slot that thanks to this subsection does not go to disperse in a huge offer becoming very simple to find from all fans such.
  • Jackpot: A separate section also deserve the slots that give access to all the jackpots on the site, a large number of titles characterized by special prizes also of great entity that allow you to experience the thrill of the game accompanying it with the thrill of sensational winnings null
  • All: Of course, a space is not lacking to see all the Sisal slots collected together so as to give life to a huge list of ways to have fun every day, perhaps it will not be the most "functional" section, but it is certainly perfect for getting an idea of how much Great is the catalog of this online casino.

Sisal bets

In the world of Sisal there is certainly not only his online casino, this is because SISAL betting It is another section of extreme success that we must not be misunderstood as a "project on the side" of the portal, which as we know is born from an organization that has become famous in USA just to begin as a receiver of betting linked to sporting events.

The heart of the bookmaker is naturally Sisal Calcio, a subsection in which to find A real world of events: the American championship (and all minor series) naturally have their own, but there are even the most disparate international tournaments going from the famous Liga, Bundesliga and Premier League to get to the less popular ones such as the Asian and African championships.

But Sisal Calcio is not synonymous with Sisal bets, this is because it is also possible to bet on many other sports (There are more than 20) including basketball, tennis, formula one and volleyball stand out.

There is also no lack of live bets to do on live sporting events at the very moment in which they are taking place, but what is most important is that all Sisal bets are characterized by odds of excellent convenience That only a quality bookmaker can offer its users.

Sisal Lotterie

What does the portal have to offer aside from casino games and sports betting? The answer is really very simple and it's all in SISAL lottery, the section dedicated to all the most important instant and non -instant lotteries that exist in USA.

From this point of view, the inventor brand of Totocalcio and Totip naturally was born benefited, but it was not obvious that Sisal would have done so well also in its online version, which instead is A real triumph from this point of view.

Sisal Lotterie puts users at hand all the most important and richly awarded The world of American lotteries has to offer and does it in a very complete way that is completely easy to use.

What are the lotteries to which the site gives access? Here are all the most important with you can play with at any time:

  • Superenalotto
  • 10 and lot
  • Lotto
  • USA Lottery
  • Scratch and win
  • Win for Life Classic
  • Win for Life Grattacieli
  • EuroDay
  • PlaySix
  • Vincicasa
  • MillionDAY
  • Sivince tutto

Sisal Mobile Casino: apps to play at any time

The quality and total vocation towards the latest Sisal technologies certainly does not end in front of the mobile application, which today as today are the means through which to enjoy full functionality of an online casino even on the move using your smartphone.

To begin with, it must be said that it is possible to use all the features of the Sisal Casino using the mobile version of the site, but in any case also in terms of apps for iOS and Android things have been done big.

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What are the apps available to enjoy the Sisal universe? Here they are to you:

  • App Casino e Slot
  • App Poker
  • Card games app
  • App Roulette
  • App Casino Live
  • App Lottery
  • And many others, the apps in total are even 19 !!

Sisal Casino: all the planned payment methods

The quality of an online casino, however, must also be evaluated on the basis of the proposed "infrastructures", among which the payment systems permitted to carry out all the deposit and withdrawal operations of the funds, better known as cash in and cash out operations, stand out null

Which are the Payments allowed on the Sisal Casino? Let's find out all:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • BancoPosta
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer

Sisal Casino Opinions: is it a safe portal?

Let's start from the answer, Sisal Casino is absolutely very safe, this is that the IT security of the platform and that relating to the proposed payment methods are assessed.

What are the main evaluation criteria of the Safety of an online casino? Let's see them up close.

portal safety

The general security of the site is subject to all the excellent certifications that legitimize its operation, such as that Adam A Arms, which are then the main examination to understand if a game reality is considered serious, regulated by the competent authorities and, above all, safe for all users.

Transactions safety

The safety of Cash In and Cash Out operations is another aspect of primary importance by evaluating in general the safety conditions of an online casino, but we are talking about safety levels that are guaranteed upstream by financial companies of world importance that offer total reliability from all points of view.

Player security

But there is also another very important aspect and it is that relating to users' security, which does not depend only on the two factors just mentioned but also on what a game reality does to prevent the risk of ludopathy for its users: topic: Of fundamental importance that Sisal faces through the campaign to play responsible for all the ADM certified casinos.

Sisal online casino: customer service

Another very important aspect is linked to how an online casino behaves in terms of customer support when we need answers and sisal casino we must say that it is very good from this point of view by offering its users an absolutely satisfactory customer service that can come reached at any time using many different methods.

How is Sisal's customer support ?

  • Chat: available every day from 10.00 to 24.00
  • Telephone: calling 800.999.445 every day from 10.00 to 24.00
  • Email: referring to [email protected] (for all general information), [email protected] (for technical assistance regarding the games), [email protected] (for information relating to the gaming account for the address at any time ) and [email protected] (for all documentation).

Which provider software can be found on Sisal?

Let's now make a short jump in what is the "backstage" of Sisal Casino, or the world of Provider who have been involved in the project to provide the game titles that make users who choose this portal so much fun.

Who I am? Which and how many are the software house present in the catalog? The providers present are really many and are all united by a very high quality level which also puts them in the Serie A dei Provider More popular in the world: a list that would be really difficult to report in its completeness without boring anyone.

But an idea of the level we still want to make it, for this reason below you will find some of the most important providers that make Sisal an online casino of this quality:

  • NetEnt
  • CapeCod
  • ISoftBet
  • IGT
  • Pragmatic play
  • PlayTech
  • Evolution
  • Neogames
  • Next Digital

Sisal prizes and official awards

That Sisal is a great quality game portal we imagine that it is not a surprise considering all the luster elements that we have had the opportunity to underline in this guide that aligns with all the many positive reviews that Sisal counts, but its quality was also officially recognized and rewarded.

How? Of course, for the site, the first prize lies in the preference that thousands and thousands of players agree with him every day both by subscribing and using his amusement catalog, but in truth there have also been more official opportunities that recognized the merits of the quality to Sisal that offers its users and refer to several prizes which has been "collecting" for some years now.

Among the most important we can underline the following:

  • Egr Awards 2021 for the best operator of the year
  • Egr Awards 2021 for internal product innovation
  • Egr Awards 2021 as a socially responsible operator
  • Egr Awards 2021 for best lottery operator
  • Egr Awards 2021 for best customer service operator
  • Egr Awards 2020 for the best operator of the year

How to open an account on Sisal?

If after reading this review you decide to register on Sisal, what will you have to meet in terms of procedure? Take a long time? Do you need many data or steps?

Absolutely not, subscribing to Sisal is as easy as it fast and above all it does not require anything different than what is needed to register on most of the game portals in general.

The registration process is basically divided into two parts, of which the first lies in the compilation of a digital form on which to report all the most generic personal data concerning you and, once this step has been made, you have already suffered the right to the SISAL no deposit bonus from $ 5.00 to be used immediately to have fun.

The second step is instead in the Choose one of the payment methods supported by the site to carry out all the deposit and withdrawal transactions of funds on and from your gaming account, but it is not precisely mandatory to make the first deposit immediately: thanks to the no deposit bonus it is precisely possible to start having fun and then proceed to pay in Any following time, thus meeting the real welcome bonus.

Sisal Casino Reviews: our final opinion

Let's go as always to conclude by pulling some final sums on what we think of Sisal Casino which, as you have seen, is a truly first level online casino that offers the American public all the more advanced security and fun guarantees of fun.

It is a reality that we like very much and that objectively proposes everything a player can look for, starting from an immense catalog of titles and passing through an excellent promotional campaign: really all details that explain the absolute success of this portal well.

But the real added value is still another, that is, the value that Sisal has in the history of gambling in USA, which not only guarantees its seriousness but which offers unique tools in terms of knowledge of the panorama of American players that only Sisal It can boast.

In short, Sisal Casino is a real top and must be absolutely discovered.

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  • Sisal offers a live casino adequate to the competition?

    For all fans of the live game in live casinos it will certainly be interesting to know that Sisal, as in detail explained in the relative section of our in -depth analysis, provides 46 live tables, or a number that goes far beyond competition and that rather stands out In the very high range of online casinos that are most believing in this new frontier of digital gambling. The quality of the software used is truly excellent, it is in fact a wide variety of games all of the latest generation that characterize this live casino as an excellence and as a real flagship for the portal, which is clearly capable to attract many users even thanks to the live game.

  • Do you also have a poker section Sisal Casino? It's valid?

    Reading our review, it will be clear how Sisal Casino was born to offer any variant that the passion for digital gambling contemplates, it is therefore natural that a large space has also earned poker, which enjoys a separate section that We have described in depth in our article and which proves to be one of the main game areas on the portal by number of users. With Sisal Casino poker, in addition to having its own section, has the right to a mobile application in its own right as well as to a specific welcome bonus, to which are added many game promotions launched periodically (in addition to the rankings, The tournaments and contests that normally make the section lively).

  • Sisal Casino offers an app dedicated to casino and slot?

    The simplest answer to this question is yes, Sisal Casino offers an app expressly dedicated to casino and slot games, but as you can discover in the paragraph dedicated to the mobile applications of our review, Sisal makes much more than this: in fact it proposes the Huge number of 19 applications for both iOS and Android devices, all available for free on the Apple Store and Google Playstore and each dedicated to a different game area of the Sisal Casino portal, which is far among the most attentive to those users accustomed to having fun in the digital game using mainly your smartphone.

  • Is it true that the Sisal casino is made up?

    It is really difficult to say why these rumors occasionally turn, what we can say with certainty is that they really play a little absurd when they involve a game portal such as Sisal Casino, which is among the safest, referenced and important for American players null Sisal has existed since 1946 and, as well as described by speaking of security in our in -depth analysis, it obviously goes strong of an AAMS concession that certifies their attention in terms of protecting the players. We know well that in the world of online casinos you can meet not very transparent realities, but this is not the case of Sisal Casino, which instead proposes to its users of the transparent agreements and the safe software with which to play against the possibility of correct and guaranteed winnings null

Sisal offers a live casino adequate to the competition?

For all fans of the live game in live casinos it will certainly be interesting to know that Sisal, as in detail explained in the relative section of our in -depth analysis, provides 46 live tables, or a number that goes far beyond competition and that rather stands out In the very high range of online casinos that are most believing in this new frontier of digital gambling. The quality of the software used is truly excellent, it is in fact a wide variety of games all of the latest generation that characterize this live casino as an excellence and as a real flagship for the portal, which is clearly capable to attract many users even thanks to the live game.

bonus Up to 1,050 $
wagering 40x
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