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Betn1 is a still young reality but already mature enough to have his say in the world of online casino, a portal that has been taking an eye on for some time thanks to a wide offer that increasingly grows from month to month.


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Everyone knows that on these pages we only deal with all the best that the world of online casinos have to offer, whether they are online casinos already established that we speak instead of growing realities that deserve interest, and this is the case of Betn1, which we will present today with this review.

Why Betn1? Because we are talking about a fairly atypical reality, an online casino born in relatively recent times that is still maturing its "apprenticeship" on the world scene of digital gambling but which at the same time goes strong in the ten -year experience in the working group sector that He decided to create it.

In short, Betn1 is a young reality that has already given what to talk about himself by receiving numerous prizes and earning an abundant dose of general consent becoming the protagonist of always rather positive reviews and in -depth analysis.

What to say more than what has already been mentioned?

There is really a lot to say and this journey to discover Betn1 and its offer has not even started, we prepare ourselves indeed now to take the first steps going to discover as always all the vices and virtues of what we wanted to consider the newcomer among all Casino Online Reviewed by us.

Ready for this short journey?

Betn1 Review: our experience with the platform

Writing a guide like this on Betn1 USA following our classic method means spending a large amount of time trying and trying each section: a method that gives us the opportunity to write only of direct experiences with the portals we review, but that in this case He also gave us the opportunity to have a lot of fun both enjoying the casino section and that betting of the site.

The experience of use with Betn1 Italia was really very positive from all points of view, not only because it made us entertain but also because it was characterized by a level of intuition and simplicity of really unique use of its kind: The site is extremely well done from all points of view and its quality has emerged at any time by making an excellent value to all the fun that this portal has to offer.

Betn1 Bonus: here are all the bonuses of the site

What is the Betn1 bonus policy? It is satisfying? Let's see what Betn1 has to propose in terms of promotions.

Betn1 welcome bonus

To begin with, we can say that Betn1 certainly makes us feel welcome, because the Welcome Bonus made available are 2:

  • Welcome Bonus Casino: you just need to register on the Betn1 website and access its online casino to immediately receive 50 free spins on the "New York New York" 10 lines, this without even having to make any deposit.
  • Summer Welcome Bonus Sport: you just need to register on the Betn1 website and make the first deposit to receive a welcome bonus for the sports betting section of 100% of the first payment up to a maximum of $ 250.00, to which is added A second bonus of $ 5.00.

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Game bonus

But this is really not all because the Betn1 bonus policy is much much more generous than this: there are many promotions active at any time and it would be really difficult to list them all.

The best we can do is to bring you back below some of the most interesting active at the moment:

  • Medialive Casino: Just play the live medialive casino in September to receive a game bonus of $ 15.00 75 free spins on slot machine
  • Happy Birthday Guys: now active for years, a special bonus of $ 10.00 which is automatically accredited to you on your birthday every year.
  • Play and win 250 free spins: just play the play'n’go machines slot to participate in the prizes that allows you to win, with many intermediate prizes, up to a maximum of 250 free spins.

Betn1 USA: is there a VIP program?

A VIP program is not yet foreseen in the promotional offer of Bet1, which as we have just seen embraces both welcome bonuses and game by proposing great advantages to all users, but which does not seem to want to contemplate a points program for the moment.

If it is a big problem? No, we don't think it is, not when there is much more to "equalize the accounts" in favor of the advantage of users.

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Betn1 Casino: the great games catalog

We take a next step and start entering in detail of how much Betn1 has to offer, but before we still make a small clarification: Betn1 is born as a betting site and as such has a part of casino that is clearly developing and has not yet been reached a real balance between the two sections.

This is to explain so much to begin with why we will begin our analysis of the Betn1 offer going to "investigate" precisely in its casino area dedicated to gambling properly said, so as to start immediately with everything that most recent Betn1 has put available to its users.

But don't worry because, regardless of the order used, we still intend to really talk about everything that Betn1 puts on the plate for those who decide to elect it as a reference online casino.

Ready to enter Betn1's detail? All answers await us below:


Although the Casino area of Betn1 is also the relatively younger section of the site, although as we have said there is still a disproportion between this area and that dedicated to sports betting, in any case we can say that it already has all Numbers to give satisfactions.

Within this section we can really find everything we would expect from a quality online casino and we are sure that all the lovers of the traditional game would have more than having fun than noting various lack of shortcomings or "sins of youth".

What can we find in the Betn1 casino? Practically everything and now we will make some examples by rationalizing in schematic way all the different "subsections" based on the games proposed on the site.

Slot machine

The Slot machines Proposals from Betn1 are almost 300 and they are a real catalog of all the latest technologies dedicated to the most modern and fun slot machines with which to aspire to top -level prize pool enjoying all the most diverse themes and game mechanisms.

And do you know what's more? It is a section that despite the wealth is growing continuously.

Table games

The board games on Betn1 are 28 but they are actually divided into as many sections as there are the main games (roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat).

Within each section you will find any possible variant of each game as well as many thematic tables with which to always add something more to the main passion for the game.

Another demonstration of growth and success between the pages of Betn1.


To date, a selection of games with jackpot is not yet present in the pages of Betn1, a lack that will probably be smooth out over time but to which the house responds even by proposing sections that we normally do not find in competitors.

Some examples? The section dedicated to automatic games that has recently opened and that is already expanding.

Video poker

To date are 11 i VIDEO POKER Available on Betn1, a non -boundless number but already much more than respectable considering how many are normally offered by the other online casinos.

But it is clearly not only a matter of quantity, because the video poker present on Betn1 are qualitatively advanced and are already enjoying a strong success among the users of the platform, so much so that we are very well given as for the future development of the section.


Speaking of the poker area with Betn1 it is something a little different from how much one might expect: we will not find tables or tournaments or contest sit and go, but a live table on which to bet by choosing the combinations of cards.

We like it? Yes, we like it: it is a simple, quick and fun principle that also offers excellent shares. This does not mean that we also like the traditional way of interpreting the poker section, so what we hope is that over time Betn1 can integrate the two things in a large rich offer starring the green table.

In any case, what is proposed to us today is a principle that is enjoying excellent success and therefore is far from being able to consider yourself in any wrong way.

Betn1 sports betting

As we said from the beginning Betn1 was born as a sports betting site, it will therefore not be a surprise to see how the section dedicated to this is also one of the richest and best made in general: an area in which to really find any kind of bet to do at any time.

Clearly football is as always the Prince sport as presence and as the possibility of betting offers, but with Betn1 it is possible to bet on many other sports as well as on live events that allow us to always perfect last minutes for those looking for a little adrenaline in more.

Sports betting catalog

It is by itself that Betn1 is To begin with a bookmaker Able to offer users a huge amount of possible bets on a multitude of different sporting events both by discipline and by type of betting.

The betting section of Bet N1 is really very large and gives the possibility of focus on 34 sports using top quality shares and a very well -made organization system that seems to put at hand everything that is mostly linked to the personal taste of each individual user: sports are organized in an easily accessible list, as well as you can select the scheduled events Based on time deadlines compared to when they start, as everything is said, it is easy to access at any time.

What are the most chosen sports in the Betn1 catalog? Here are the main ones:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basket
  • Ice hockey
  • volleyball
  • handball

Il Soccer As always, it is the richest sport of options and, as easily imaginable, Betn1 gives the opportunity to bet on all the most important football events ever, whether they are in USA or abroad: There are 34 subsections to football And they concern all national and international competitions as well as all the major championships in the world.

Clearly we will not lose ourselves in a list of all the subsections present, but the most important ever are these:

  • Italia: Serie A, Serie B, American Cup
  • England: Premier League, Championship, League 1
  • Spain: LaLiga, LaLiga 2, Copa del Rey
  • USA: Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Coupe de USA
  • Germania: Bundesliga, league, DFB Cup
  • UEFA competitions: Champions League, Europa League, Conference League

Be tn1 Live

Of course, there is also a section dedicated to Scommesse live To focus on events at the very moment in which they are taking place, a whole new way to bet by always having available to the absolutely convenient shares that are completely competitive with the best that there are in circulation on the other bookmakers.

The number of sports disciplines with which to bet live is certainly more reduced compared to what has been seen a little while ago, In fact, there are 5 sports, but the number of events is very rich.

What are the sports to bet live by exploiting the shares of Betn1?

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basket
  • volleyball
  • Ice hockey

Betn1 Online: play live in the house live

Despite the young age of the Casino section, a very well -made Betn1 Live Casino is already available and already rich in available rooms: on the site it is divided into two sections called Real Casino and Studio Casino, and consist of live tables with which to play live at all Possible board games (Real Casino) and to all the most diverse card games (Studio Casino).

What games are available between the two sections? Here are only a few examples:

  • Oracle Casino Roulette
  • Portomaso Roulette
  • Roulette Olympic Tallinn
  • BlackJack Vegas
  • Macao

And really many many other rooms to play live with live!

Betn1 Mobile: the app to play smartphone

Here is a small weak point: Betn1 does not yet have its mobile app, which means either that we will soon see it appear on the AppStore and on Googleplay or that for a while we will have to "satisfy" the alternative.

What alternative to a mobile app offers us Betn1? A site optimized for mobile devices that will not have the graphic pleasure of a dedicated app but which allows in any case a complete and pleasant user experience.

In short, we are talking about a lack in half that will be up to your taste to judge as more or less serious or as more or less resolved with what we in any case find one of the possible solutions with which to remedy the "problem".

Betn1 site: what are the payment methods permits?

And how do you get it Betn1 in terms of cash in and cash operations? Is it equally comfortable and full of options how much all the main competitors are?

The answer is Ni: Betn1 is as comfortable but it is not as rich in options, it was even just because at least at the moment it still does not allow you to get cash in or cash out through PayPal.

But let's not misunderstand, the options available are still many and we summarize them immediately:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Papaya
  • PaySafe Card
  • Bank transfer

Betn1: Let's discover security

Everything we have seen so far would lose in some way value if Betn1 was not also the 100% portal safe which is: security is a determining factor in the success of an online casino and it is clearly a priority that users are offered under everyone The most important points of view.

Which ones are they? Certainly the Platform safety, which in the case of Betn1 is guaranteed by the authorizations that the portal can exhibit, and then the safety of the transactions, which is instead guaranteed by the protection systems of the financial portals that mediate all operations.

To conclude Betn1, it also moves very actively regarding the protection of users towards all the problems typical of gambling dependence, a theme towards which it offers many support resources.

Betn1 customer support

So far everything is fine, but what happens if there is something wrong and we have to get in touch with the Betn1 customer support service?

Really no fear because the customer service of the site is as simple as it is effective and offers as many comfortable options to get in touch according to what you return most useful.

How to get in touch with Betn1?

  • Livechat
  • email
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp

How to open an account on Bet N1?

Opening a game account on Betn1 Italia is really very simple And doing so consists in proceeding in a common process common to practically all the main game sites similar to this: the opening of a gaming account takes place in fact through the registration of its main registry (name, surname, address, tax code) Using a digital form Immediately proposed by the portal, after which everything is to activate the cons through the first funding of funds.

Once the Betn1 form has been completed, it immediately gives us the opportunity to obtain the no deposit bonus dedicated to all new users, but only after the first payment do we get the Welcome bonus real: the payment is very simple to make and can be managed with one of the many payment methods Supported by the platform and, once it happened, the doors open to the entire catalog ready to have fun as we like it.

Betn1 Casino Italia: our conclusions on Betn1

As we imagine, you have already sensed our general opinion regarding Betn1 is very positive, this obviously taking into consideration that we are talking about a young reality that is evolving year after year in a growth process we like.

There are still many small shorts that make a direct comparison impossible with the giants of the online game, but it is also true that Betn1 is not even trying to pretend to be part of the top online casino, while it is rather applying to get closer to that gradual and solid level.

What we think most generally is that all the realities that aim for quality sooner or later will find themselves collecting the result of a path that is full of valid competitors, but also of inspirations to grow in an ever better way.

Betn1 is a truly to discover portal, and it's up to you to give him an opportunity!

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 is a really all American casino all American?

    One aspect on which we always like to clarify is the difference between American game portals and American game portals instead of birth: it is clear that the game is game and that any quality casino goes very well when we are comfortable and there We have fun, but it is also true that we like it and we find it right to support 100% local realities such as Bet1, just as we think that an online casino born in USA has in any case an extra gear at least in terms of knowing how to interpret The most specific game taste of American enthusiasts.

  • 🚀 Betn1 provides an app for mobile devices?

    Not only Bet1 proposes a mobile version of his service, but in reality Do not offer ben due: In fact, it is possible to find (this both in the iOS and Android versions) both an app dedicated to bets and one dedicated to poker, both described in detail in this review. As for the whole offer of casino games, at the moment an optimized version for the furniture of the site is made available, even if we are sure that over time everything will be integrated in a third app which in some way now as now you hear a The lack of lack.

  • 🚀 How important are sports bets on Betn1?

    Bet1 was born as a sports betting site and also today offers a very rich sportbook based on an infinite number of sporting events among which as always football demands great space, but which actually contemplate a very long list of different sports. The reference shares are always very advantageous and there are also many live events, as well as the virtual ones, which further extend the chances of bet: a very important part of the site and its own soul which is well completed with what it is instead the casino offer.

  • 🚀 Why compare Betn1 to Bet365?

    We do not like to make comparisons very much, but this is actually a parallel that is often done and discussed a lot to start on the basis of what are the personal tastes of those who talk about it. But why is Bet1 compared to Bet365? In our opinion, above all because we talk about two portals born from sports betting and then both also became two excellent online casinos. If we talk about quality, offer, bonuses and possibilities then that it is possible to compare these two game portals as well as all those able to put on the plate just as much, but do not ask us to choose!

🚀 is a really all American casino all American?

One aspect on which we always like to clarify is the difference between American game portals and American game portals instead of birth: it is clear that the game is game and that any quality casino goes very well when we are comfortable and there We have fun, but it is also true that we like it and we find it right to support 100% local realities such as Bet1, just as we think that an online casino born in USA has in any case an extra gear at least in terms of knowing how to interpret The most specific game taste of American enthusiasts.

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