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Welcome back to everyone among these pages to discover Betting casino, a game portal born in USA that is developing dramatically.

The detail that has affected us a priori is of course the Americanness of the portal, because if we all know that any Casino Online For us it becomes a source of study for us, even more so it is when it comes to the game portals that are born in our country.

Almost 1000 games to have fun
Fantastic bonus policy
safe site
Excellent payment methods
Very effective customer support
Manca mobile app
Resting video guide

This feature clearly implies that betting is an online casino entirely made in American and that of course respects all the safety and protection parameters of users who are a fundamental prerogative to receive the ADM license which allows you to operate in USA.

The numbers to enter by betting in our collection of the best online casino are really all and with this review it will be our care to tell you all the reasons that make this choice more than just.

Betting bonuses: all the bonuses on the site

This path starts from all the bonuses and promotions planned by betting Casino, which are then the first detail in which it is spontaneous to throw an eye when we find ourselves browsing in a new service: raise the hand who does not immediately want to know the welcome bonuses And the game bonuses that a portal has to offer!

The promotional policy of betting we can immediately say that it is quite lively: there are several bonuses recognized to users and are constantly evolving thanks to time campaigns that, as they say, allow you to never get bored.

So let's get comfortable and prepare for this tour in promotional policies by betting, underlining that everything that proposed is worth so much to start by way of example how the portal acts to reward its users.

Welcome bonus

Betting is a complete portal in which you can find any kind of game to have fun trying the thrill of the azzard, and this variety is also reiterated by the campaign Welcome bonus, that not only are there, but there are even four.

The platform has in fact decided to offer an entrance bonus for each of the fundamental sections of the site so as to precisely reward the specific passion of each player, a choice that we used to appreciate on the "philosophical" level as on the practical one.

What are the welcome bonuses offered to bet?

  • Welcome Bonus Casino: an additional 100% bonus on the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 500.00
  • Welcome Bonus Sport: a 50% refund cashback bonus up to a maximum of $ 300.00
  • Bingo Bingo bonus: an additional bonus of 30% on the first deposit
  • Welcome Bonus Lotto: an additional bonus of 25% on the first deposit

Game bonus

Clearly the promotional policy of betting is not limited to the welcome bonuses and in fact now let's see also which are all the game bonuses present at this moment on the platform, promotions that in this case are also designed to offer advantages to everyone, anything they are The tastes in terms of play.

The promotions of the site as mentioned are constantly evolving since they are mostly time promotions and what follows is all that is active at this moment:

  • Casino ranking: a prize pool of $ 2,000.00 per week for a very special ranking
  • Cashback Casino: a monthly cashback bonus that reimburses 10% of the losses accumulated
  • Birthday bonus: a bonus of $ 2.00 on your birthday an additional 50% on the next top -up
  • Multibonus: an incremental bonus up to 100% refund on multiple betting losses
  • Increased altitudes: a betting bonus with increased shares even up to 30%

To find out more about Free spin is and no deposit bonus, read our guides.

Betting it: the loyalty program present

In the face of a promotional policy that, as we have seen, it turns out to be rather rich, betting Casino, however, does not offer a reference VIP program to reward the loyalty of users who have been active on the platform for longer.

This choice, completely understandable on the other hand, is justified precisely by the game bonus policy more than lively promoted by the platform, which has gone and benefits from those who attend this online casino for longer.

In any case, we always remain faithful to our theory regarding loyalty programs: better not to have it just a simply symbolic unstructured symbolic.

Betting Casino: the games offer

After discovering the bonus policy of betting, the time has come to go to the center of the matter to see how its games offer is made up, that is, how the site is structured in terms of content and their organization.

As we have already mentioned by betting Casino, it is a decidedly wide platform that contemplates various derivations of online gambling and a well -made content rationalization is therefore essential: and this is exactly what we notice when we enter the home page of the portal, where We find us to welcome us an ordered subdivision in subsections relating to any chance of play.

In our case the most noteworthy section is always the one linked to the online casino, and it is clearly the one that we are going to deepen in detail, but to make you do a general idea of what is present on the site we still want to report all the main sections present:

  • betting: all the sportbook on the site
  • Live bets: all the sportbook relating to live events
  • Casino: the play area that we will analyze shortly
  • Live Casino: the live tables that we will deepen soon
  • Poker: the section entirely dedicated to poker that we will analyze later
  • Bingo: all the rooms available at any time
  • Virtual: the section relating to betting on virtual events
  • Horse: where to find all the bets related to horses
  • Lotterie: the section dedicated to the main playable lotteries also online

But now the time has come to deepen what is the specific games catalog of the Casino area by betting.


In the mess by betting almost a thousand titles with which to have fun, a number of monstrous games in which not only the quality abounds but also the quality, because we speak of a real collection of excellent titles coming from the major programming homes that there are ever.

What can we find inside? Practically everything and everything is very easy to enjoy thanks to an intelligent management in subsections that allow you to "take aim" immediately reaching what interests us most.

But there is no better way to tell you this section than to mention all the categories of game proposed and contained:

  • Slot machine: There are 850 slots to play with, it comes that the variety of rules and details is guaranteed in what is undoubtedly the subsection of the richest site ever.
  • Table games: there are 14 tables with which to experience the emotion of classics such as roulette, baccarat, seven and a half or Texas Hold'em.
  • VideoPoker: only 3 videopoker available, for the other of excellent level, but the section certainly does not seem to be the most nourished ...
  • Jackpot: instead there are 22 other games with which to attempt luck towards always growing jackpots that I also reach very important figures.


As often happens in the major online casino, poker enjoys a separate area dedicated to collecting everything that proposed for fans of the genre and equally happens in this section, which is the one in which it is possible to download the free client in order to play as a platform Desktop, but which is also the one responsible for giving access to the online version for anyone who prefers this option.

The tournaments, the rankings, the fast tables as well as the lightning competitions, are all collected in this section and are many, just as there are many special promotions involving poker enthusiasts and which periodically peep in this area of the platform.

Betting Bet: the Live Casino

Finally, the games offer is completed by the 36 live tables present on betting Casino Live, which seems to give objectively much room for this innovative game variant that allows you to play virtually on real tables that are managed remotely by a real croupier.

Compared to what are the usual standards we can say that the live casino of betting is one of those richest in tables, and in all this variety it is naturally possible to find all the games that you would expect to find, many other variants all very compelling null

Which games can make us entertain live in the Live casino?

  • ROULETTE online
  • Auto Roulette Live
  • American Roulette Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em Live
  • Three Card Poker Live

Betting mobile: playing from smartphones with the app

If until now we can say that both the bonuses and the portal games catalog are characterized by an evident abundance of choice, less we can say it by talking about mobile applications, because at least for the moment by betting Casino does not have an app for smartphones to offer to its users.

A just partial lack that we have seen to be common to many other online casinos that rather than release apps have preferred to enhance the use of the site from mobile devices: this is also the case with betting, which does not offer dedicated software but which has one Mobile version of the site very well done that allows an experience of use capable of exploiting the benefits allowed by touch devices.

Betting Bingo: the payment methods permits

An always important aspect in the analysis of a game site is the one inherent in the payment systems permitted to carry out the cash in and cash out operations in a comfortable and safe way. The way of evaluating this aspect is one and simple: just look at how many options the online casino offers and what the seriousness of each of them is.

How do you get away by betting Casino in this regard? Really well, but you can also judge it by you simply by observing which options allows:

  • Credit/ debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro).
  • Bank transfer
  • postepay
  • paypal
  • Skrill

Betting App: guaranteed security

It comes that one of the most important aspects ever when we consider an online casino that we do not know is that relating to its safety and the level of protection that is capable of guaranteeing its users: we start immediately from the answer, betting Casino is a Portal in which security is high and in which users can play with all serenity.

The General safety of the site It is guaranteed by the ADM certification of which it is moving strong, an authorization that can only be obtained with full respect of the highest protection standards and only this is enough to dispel any doubts; The same is true by talking about transactions safety, which as we have seen are protected and guaranteed by giants of the Visa, Mastercard or Paypal rash, to give some examples.

Finally, by betting, it should also be considered very active towards the third sense of safety that we are used to contemplating, namely that of the player himself towards the risk of ludopathy or all forms that gambling dependence can take: like all the certified ADM portals also Betting puts the safe game prevention campaign in place and is constantly working to promote it.

Betting s: Customer Service of the Site

Like payment methods, another practical detail of primary value is the efficiency of customer assistance, a role that remains on the sidelines only until it suddenly becomes fundamental.

Betting Casino comes out with his head held high also in this respect, proposing an active customer service every day from 9.30 to 23.30 which is simple but well done that it offers a lot to begin quick and courtesy answers.

But that's not all because the first assistance action by betting it directly on its portal, offering an assistance section and a FAQ capable of giving many answers that often prevent the need to actually come into with an operator.

If then someone's intervention is what we need, by betting these possibilities to get in touch with those in duty:

Contacts betting casino

  • Email: using the [email protected] address
  • Telephone: By calling the American number +39.0831.382.020
  • WhatsApp: using the number +39.331.1083447

Betting reviews: our conclusions on betting Casino

This our review of betting Casino, a game portal that has really interested us a lot, turns to the end after accompanying us among all the most important details of the platform so makes us an overview as complete as possible on an American online casino that will not be The most popular in our country, but which has all the numbers to aspire to become it.

As we know, there are many American realities to be well made and completely advantageous for users, it is therefore not easy for a portal how to bet a road without risking to stay a little in the shade, but luckily the quality always rewards and slowly Piano the site took the visibility it deserves, even gaining so much consensus.

Our general opinion is that it is an excellent portal, with a huge offer and with a delicious bonus policy, we think it still has some a little bitter areas such as mobile apps or i Video poker, but we also know that when the general quality is easier it becomes easier to mature well what still has to grow a little.

By betting Casino is an American reality and it is a quality reality, it is therefore wise to know it closely and maybe give it a chance.


  • Betting: promotions and attractive bonuses?

    Betting is an all -American game portal that we have analyzed in detail starting from what is its promotional policy, a bit because it is the feature that anyone who immediately goes to discover, and a little also because it is about A very rich bonus offer From the start, starting from the welcome bonuses offered to new subscribers: four different possibilities that allow you to get up to $ 500.00 of bonuses with which to start their experience on the platform. And the same also applies to all active gaming bonuses at any time and constantly updated.

  • Betting Bet: are bets only on football?

    By now there are very few gaming portals that allow you to bet exclusively on football and betting is exactly the opposite: it is a portal in which the bet makes it as a queen and it is possible to exploit dozens of different pretexts to prove its adrenaline. Of course there is football, but also any other sport, just as there are horse racing, virtual bets and live bets. A very vast offer that we can also take for granted by a portal that has taken its own name from the idea of bet.

  • Betting has obtained AAMS authorization and ADM license, is it therefore safe?

    The betting activities are perfectly regulated by the American guidelines necessary to be able to obtain the ADM license with which you are officially entitled to entertain the public between casino games and sports bets, which clearly means that Betting is a safe portal and capable of guaranteeing any protection to their users and their personal data. Above all, since it is a portal born in USA, and therefore already conceived upstream to respect certain guidelines, we can ensure that the safety is of Serie A.

  • Betting: Is PayPal a possible payment method?

    To find out all Payment methods permits By betting we suggest you refer to the relative chapter of our review, but what we can tell you immediately is that for all those who are used to using PayPal there is good news because it is a supported method as are other electronic wallets such as Skrill. , not to mention the credit or debt cards included Postepay. If the deposit or sampling operations are in some way worried then we suggest you to be calm because by betting they will be comfortable and safe.

Betting: promotions and attractive bonuses?

Betting is an all -American game portal that we have analyzed in detail starting from what is its promotional policy, a bit because it is the feature that anyone who immediately goes to discover, and a little also because it is about A very rich bonus offer From the start, starting from the welcome bonuses offered to new subscribers: four different possibilities that allow you to get up to $ 500.00 of bonuses with which to start their experience on the platform. And the same also applies to all active gaming bonuses at any time and constantly updated.

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