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Final judgement : Betmaster Italia, while being born as a collateral mess of a sports betting site, has come to establish itself as an independent game portal that provides more than 3,000 quality titles, 200 live tables, rich bonuses and a series of technical details all of quality

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Catalog with more than 3000 games
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Welcome back together for a new adventure of discovery, this time with this Betmaster USA review With which we want to present you a complete game reality to the point of being born as a sporting betting site, however, also coming to establish itself as the highest quality online casino that recalls players from all over the world.

Betmaster is a site with an international license issued by Curaçao government, therefore it is not a portal with an ADM/AAMS license but it is in any case reachable also for American players, as well as guaranteed by an authorization of international stature that fixes its safety levels, which are convincing to the point that they can be serenely inserted This portal between the Best online casino that we know.

Clearly one of the main peculiarities of this site is precisely its "double nature" in terms of games, allowing precisely to live the portal both as an online casino and as a reference point for the sportbook: a decidedly not very common feature that returns to the Everything in the pocket of those who love both activities.

But if we are interested in games and not bets? Betmaster is and remains a fantastic point of reference also in this case thanks to a very rich games catalog and an excellent organization that separates very well "the two worlds" making them completely independent among them.

To be clearer, however, we just have to apply our favorite method: to analyze the site from all its most important points of view by starting a lot to begin with the promotional offer with which it enriches the game experience of its users.

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Betmaster Bonus: all promotions

One of our reviews cannot be considered such if it does not start from the analysis of the promotional offer presents on the site in question, therefore it is not to be surprised if we begin this path of in -depth analysis right from Betmaster Bonus: the offers that the site provides to make players' lives always rich and compelling.

The choice to start right from the bonuses is far from casual and is due to the fact that every time we meet a new online casino this is precisely the first detail that is to check: a move that not only allows you to understand which benefits to We meet, but which also suggests what is the "philosophy" of the site in terms of prizes.

And what is the first of the bonuses that we immediately want to find out when we enter a new game portal? Without a doubt the Welcome bonus Dedicated to all new members on the platform, the most loved promotion by all players in the world.

Curious to discover the welcome bonus proposed by Betmaster USA? There is no wait further, here it is, here are ready to be appreciated.

Betmaster Welcome Bonus

The entrance bonus reserved for all new subscribers on the Betmaster platform is quite particular, this is because it consists of two main "half", one rich and rather typical and another very rich and decidedly unique in its kind.

To begin with, once registered on the site, in fact you get a Bonus on the first deposit of 100% up to $ 1,000.00 additional credit, to which "ex officio" are added 10 rpm per week for the first four weeks of use of the platform.

And so far we have presented the "normal" part of the bonus, to which if he adds a very greedy for which a pinch of luck is needed: among all the new subscribers, one will be extracted that will receive a Voucher at $ 3,000.00 To make a trip in 2021.

A benefit that as we said turns out to be quite particular and that will be able to give a very special "moment" to anyone who will be lucky to win it.

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The game bonuses

However, Betmaster's promotions are not limited to the welcome bonus only, this is because they come periodically published Also other capable of making the game experience more dynamic on the portal at any time, even when our registration on the site is more "dated".

At the moment we are waiting for the release of all the new promotions to update this list precisely, as soon as available you will see them immediately appear below!

Betmaster Italia Vip

In the promotional offer of Betmaster Italia, at least for now, a Program VIP designated to reward the loyalty of users on the platform, a lack that as far as we are concerned is to be considered not particularly serious and in any case most probably temporary.

Starting from the fact that in our humble opinion it is still better not to have a VIP program than to have only sketched and not very functional, in truth the "feeling" is that sooner or later it will arrive, this is because all the promotional policy of Betmaster seems to be completely completely in becoming and constantly growing.

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Betmaster Reviews: The Games catalog

The analysis on Betmaster USA's promotional policy has been exhausted, now our attention goes to move to his Games catalog, which is also the true center of the question when we go to discover an online casino.

Because? Because of course no bonuses, benefits or winning feature can nothing when the catalog of titles made available to users' fun is not of an adequate level: it is precisely in the games that we find the ultimate goal to choose an online casino and it is therefore essential to tell it well null

How do you get the Betmaster catalog? Very very well, we talk about More than 3,000 titles Among which they can find all the most important software house in the world.

But as always we like to enter a little more on the specific merit of the titles in question, for this reason what follows is a brief analysis of all the main game sections on the site.


Of 3,000 and passes titles present in the catalog the most They are precisely Slot-Machine, the most searched, more developed and more technologically modern games ever that we can undoubtedly consider as the true "center of the question" also on Betmaster.

It is a number of titles so great that you can go safely to find us all that best approaches your personal taste in terms of rules, themes and game technologies, this precisely by relying on all the best proposed by the most important producers of the planet.

Table games

The section dedicated to board games (and including cards) is certainly not equally supplied as the one relating to the slots, but it is still another example of variety and wealth in terms of fun in which to find all the real great casino classics.

What are the main titles of this section? Precisely all the classics, but also a true infinity of variants of the same through which to have fun without ever having drops in tension.

Some examples? Here are someone below

  • baccarat
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Poker Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Poker

Betmaster Live

To complete the offer of game titles proposed by Betmaster Italia, hers takes care of it casino live, another great example of wealth and variety of titles that make the fortune of all those who love to play on live tables living as protagonists the last great frontier of online gambling.

Betmaster's live casino counts the beauty of almost 200 Tables live, among which you can go certain to find everything that best known and famous accompanied by dozens of all exciting variations.

Any examples of the games in question ready to be enjoyed with a live experience? Here are someone to get an idea:

  • Baccarat Live
  • ROULETTE live
  • Poker Live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Texas Hold’em Live

Betmaster Mobile reviews

Practical detail of primary importance is the solution found by the portal to allow its users to enjoy all the features of the site also from mobile devices, which then has now become the main way to carry on the game activities.

The solution prepared by Betmaster is the simplest and most common, or the availability of due app (one for iOS devices to download from Apple Store and another for Android devices available on Google Play) that allow full access to all features already available in the desktop version.

The result? The experience of use is to say the least excellent, to the point that today as today most of the traffic on the site comes from these apps.

Payment methods on Betmaster

Another absolutely important management aspect is then that of economic transactions, in the particular those related to deposits and samples to and from their gaming account: a key detail capable of making the difference in a unique way since any activity on the site depends on this.

The simplicity of the financial transactions is directly proportional to the quantity and quality of the payment methods supported by the game portal, which in the case of Betmaster are objectively varied and all of excellent quality, also going to include all the main cryptocurrencies.

What are the most important and widespread payment methods allowed by the site? Here are some examples below:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller
  • Ecopayz
  • QIWI
  • bitcoin

Betmaster USA and its safety

Nothing seen so far would actually value if Betmaster was not in any case a site Safe and reliable, and this applies because there can be no form of fun if the protection of players is first guaranteed.

The safety of the portal, as anticipated since the introduction, is precisely testified by the authorization that Betmaster has obtained from Curaçao government, an international license that can be obtained only in the face of the profound respect of all the most important guidelines in terms of users' safety.

But that's not all, because even the IT security is of the first level, as guaranteed by the system of 128 -bit encryption which protects everything that happens within the site itself.

Betmaster customer support

Last practical aspect of Betmaster that we want to deepen in our review is the quality of his service Customer service, an apparently secondary detail that however becomes fundamental when a moment of need occurs.

Also in this case, the portal is very good by making a customer service available available 24 hours a day every day, a service that has the merit of responding very quickly and professionally to any need by resolving it in a short mail.

To get in touch with Betmaster customer support, just refer to one of the two methods proposed on the site: the Applet to leave a message and the link to the live chat with which to communicate immediately with a customer service officer.

Conclusions: our final opinion on Betmaster USA

Despite all the information we have tried to deepen as best deserves, this review of Betmaster Italia It turns in any case at its end, with the hope that what has been seen can be useful to everyone but primarily to all those who are looking for a new online casino to refer to.

As we have seen the qualities put on the plate by the site are really several and they all contribute to outlining a perfect identikit of a rich, reliable and above all safe online casino: everything you need to go sure you have made the right choice in any case.

To conclude, we can therefore invite you to deepen the question even more by visiting the Betmaster Italia website, sure you can find us a quality reality similar in some way to 7Bit Casino Both for wealth and virtue.

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📕 Frequent questions about Betmaster Italia

  • 🚀 Is the Betmaster Italia games catalog valid?

    The Betmaster Italia Games Catalog is not only valid, but it is also one of the richest that can be found in circulation: as well as explained in this review in the relative paragraph precisely to the Game Catalog, the site offers users more than 3000 titles available Coming from the world's major software house, a true enormity. The majority is undoubtedly represented by all these titles represented by slot machines, but there is no shortage of all the great casino classics, board or cards that are.

  • 🚀 Betmaster Italia has a live mess?

    In the Betmaster Italia Games offer there is certainly a large variety of live tables neatly collected in the Casino Live section: these are more than 200 games also in this case provided by the most important manufacturers of the planet, this time selected from the most ones I enter the development of technologies dedicated precisely to the live game typical of live tables. What is it about? Of nothing more and nothing less than the last great frontier of online game.

  • 🚀 Betmaster Italia has quality bonuses?

    One of the main peculiarities of Betmaster Italia is represented precisely by its promotional policy, based mostly on deposit bonus and free spin. It is no coincidence that the welcome bonus of the site, in detail described in the relevant section of this in -depth analysis, is made up of 10 free laps per week for four weeks and a bonus on the first 100%deposit. But the real peculiarity of this bonus is that it allows you to participate in the extraction of a voucher worth $ 3,000.00 to be enjoyed for a holiday.

  • 🚀 Betmaster Italia also have a mobile version?

    Of course Betmaster Italia has also been able to well provide for the fundamental need of the moment: the smartphone game that has now reached and almost exceeded that carried out by the desktop platform. The online casino offers an application for iOS devices and one for Android to download for free from the appropriate stores and it is a high quality solution that allows a completely fluid and engaging experience of use.

🚀 Is the Betmaster Italia games catalog valid?

The Betmaster Italia Games Catalog is not only valid, but it is also one of the richest that can be found in circulation: as well as explained in this review in the relative paragraph precisely to the Game Catalog, the site offers users more than 3000 titles available Coming from the world's major software house, a true enormity. The majority is undoubtedly represented by all these titles represented by slot machines, but there is no shortage of all the great casino classics, board or cards that are.

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