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Final judgement : Levelup Casino is a portal with a license from the Curaçao government that offers more than 2000 games and which offers many very rich bonuses, starting with a truly top welcome bonus

The casino does not have an ADM license


  • Good senza deposition
    Bet requirement: Unavailable
  • Welcome bonus package
    Fino a 400$ + 200 Free Spins
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🔗Website Levelupcasino.com
📅Founded 2020


💬Chat 24/7
Catalog with more than 2000 titles
Live casino with almost 200 games
Comfortable payment methods
Mobile optimized version
Authorized by the Government of Curaçao
Manca version located in American

Everyone ready to make a new acquaintance? We really hope so because with this new one Review levelup casino Let's meet a very interesting reality that is perhaps less known than it deserves, which is why we chose it as the protagonist of this new study.

Levelup is not a game portal included in the Adm/AAMS list, but it operates on an international scale going strong of the license obtained by Curaçao government which allowed him to "land" also in Europe, where he grew up and is growing constantly by gaining more and more consent: a type of success that has completely caught our attention by making us choose to review it by inserting it in our counteraro gicksters Best online casino In circulation.

Like many of the youngest online casino on the market, Levelup also decided to propose itself aggressively by focusing everything on two elements in particular: promotional policy, which is as rich as varied, and an important games catalog that matters More than 2,000 titles coming from the most significant manufacturers in the world.

But as far as we are concerned, the starting point is always the same, that is, the bonuses made available by the site, which in this case are also the real element that we consider prominent in the whole levelup casino offer: a level games catalog It is undoubtedly important, but today as today it is not so rare to find, while certain promotional policies are truly able to make a difference.

So without further preambles we immediately enter the heart of our review of ours starting precisely from all the bonus rich What Levelup Casino offers its users starting from the much loved welcome bonus.

Ready to start? We are here!

Levelup Casino Italia: all bonuses

If you are of our usual readers then you are ready to make you tell all the bonuses of Levelup Casino Italia, but if instead you have ended up on our site for the first time then it is right to tell you that for us it is customary to start always from the promotions of the casino Online that we review, this is because it is precisely from the bonuses that you can understand the true philosophy of a game portal.

How do we think it is the general philosophy of Levelup? It is very, very, generous: judging both from the promotions and even from the wealth of the games catalog we can certainly say that in the mission of this online casino there is the desire to satisfy users with wealth and abundance.

And if it is true that good morning we always see from the morning then we immediately begin to talk to you about the welcome bonus proposed by the site, which is really very explanatory of the general philosophy mentioned a little while ago.

Welcome Bonus of Levelup Casino

It comes by itself that the first bonus in every sense is always the welcome bonus, which undoubtedly represents the most loved promotion by all players in the world.

Levelup offers a very juicy welcome promotion, both for content and form: we like it very much that it provides prizes both in game credit and in the free spin And we even like it more that these prizes do not end quickly arriving "everything immediately".

Oh yes, this is because the portal rewards all the first four deposits, which naturally gives much more time to enjoy everything, that is, a sum of prizes that can arrive at a total of $ 400.00 and 200 free spin.

How does the distribution of the Levelup Casino welcome bonus work? Here it is schematized here:

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 100.00 and 100 rpm for free (using the LVL1 code)
  • Second deposit: 50% bonus up to $ 100.00 and 50 rpm for free (using the LVL2 code)
  • Third deposit: 50% bonus up to $ 100.00 (using the LVL3 code)
  • Fourth deposit: 100% bonus up to $ 100.00 and 50 rpm for free (using the LVL4 code)

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The game bonuses

But it did not end here because Levelup promotional policy goes beyond the welcome bonus also providing for a large choice of Game bonus mostly based on deposits prizes.

The result? The convenience of the platform is not limited only to what happens at the beginning of its gaming experience, but continues to make a way by always offering an opportunity to get something more than necessary.

Any examples of the game bonuses currently scheduled on Levelup Casino? Here are them:

  • Workaday Reload: reloading at least $ 20.00 in a midweek day you are entitled to a 50% deposit bonus up to $ 100.00 20 free spin
  • Weekend Reload: reloading at least $ 40.00 on the weekend you are entitled to a 50% deposit bonus up to $ 200.00 40 free spin
  • Workaday Special: once used the Workaday Reload bonus, recharging at least another $ 40.00 in a midweek day you are entitled to a 75% deposit bonus up to $ 200.00 40 free spin
  • Top Weekend: reloading at least $ 90.00 on the weekend you are entitled to a 50% deposit bonus up to $ 1,000.00 50 free spin

LevelUp Vip

To complete the entire promotional panel of Levelup Casino, let's talk about his now Program VIP, which is as simple as it is effective by exploiting an automatic points collection system that allows you to climb the 20 levels available by accessing increasingly high prizes.

The extent of the prizes in question is considerable, even if it clearly reaching the levels that give access to the richest ones still takes a long time.

Some examples? We don't want to bore you with a list of 20 levels So we will mention some as the most significant leaving you to get an idea of how intermediate ones can be.

Here they are to you:

  • Level 1: 10 free spin prize
  • Level 2: 20 free spin prize
  • Level 5: award of 75 free spin
  • Level 7: $ 10.00 prize to be played on slots
  • Level 10: award of $ 70.00 to be played on the slots
  • Level 13: $ 200.00 prize to be played on slots
  • Level 15: award of $ 1,000.00 to be played on slots
  • Level 17: award of $ 4,000.00 to be played on slots
  • Level 20: award of $ 30,000.00 to be played on slots

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Levelup Casino Review: its games catalog

As said at the beginning Levelup Casino seems to have focused all their energies on its promotional policy and on their own Games catalog, of which the first has already been in -depth and the second takes its space right now.

We have already mentioned the fact that the titles available are More than 2,000, a real abundance, but now we want to focus on for a second on another very important aspect: the variety and quality of the software house involved, which are More than 40 Among which to find names of the caliber of Netent, Evolutiongaming, Betsoft, Pragmaticplay or Habanero.

But to return to the titles made available, nothing is better than dividing them for the major categories in which they are collected:


As always, the slots represent a large slice of the games catalog, which in the case of Levelup means that they are quasi 2.000, among which obviously the variety of variants and solutions for all tastes is wasted.

The quality of the proposed software is simply perfect and as we have seen is completely guaranteed by names of producers who represent the maximum of the world industry.

Table games

The question does not change instead of board games and great classics, collected in a separate section where you can continue to make scroll for hours. Because? Because in this case too the titles are counted hundreds.

The games are all the most famous, but abound in different variations and interpretations from different software house, which guarantees that it finds not only its favorite title, but also its ideal version for us.

What games can be entrusted on?

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • baccarat
  • Three Cards Poker
  • Poker Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Poker

LevelUp Casino Live

Of course, in the face of the vastness of its catalog, a section dedicated to the game on live tables cannot be missing: let's talk precisely about the casino live Levelup, which makes the beauty of 186 different tables available to users.

Also in this case we talk about all variants and reinterpretations of the most loved games in casinos around the world.

Here is an idea:

  • ROULETTE live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • Texas Hold’em Live
  • Poker Live

Levelup da smartphone

Today as today one of the most urgent issues to be addressed for an online casino is represented by having to make available to its users a solution capable of making all the contents accessible also from Smartphone.

Levelup is one of those game portals they have opted for the creation of a version of their site Optimized for mobile which allows a truly top quality use experience with any kind of smartphone.

A road increasingly traveled by many online casinos around the world and which is leading to excellent results without the need to install any apps on your device.

Payment methods permits from Levelup

Always speaking of practical details of the online casino in question, another aspect capable of making the difference is that of Payment systems Supported to allow users to do at ease all the main economic transactions.

Levelup from this point of view does quite well, does not propose an infinite number of alternatives, but in any case it contemplates some that certainly come useful to most people.

What are the major payment methods supported? Here they are to you:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • NeoSurf
  • Ecopayz
  • Chip

Levelup safety

To come back in some way to the starting point we want to take a small space to underline even The level of safety Offered by Levelup who, although not an ADM/AAMS online casino, is guaranteed by the international license issued by the Curaçao government.

It is a license that is issued only if in the face of compliance with all the major safety and protection standards of users and is therefore valid to witness the virtuosity of the portal.

Security that is also of the first level on the computer level, thanks to a system of 128 -bit encryption who watches from external intrusions.

Levelup Customer Service Casino

Here we are at the last of the most important technical topics, namely that ofCustomer service Through which Levelup takes care of its users when there is something wrong or that still needs clarification.

The customer service of the site is really very simple and well done, it responds quickly and decisively, always taking the situation in hand, whatever the reason why it is asked.

How to put in touch? It is possible to reach it 24/7 using one of the following methods:

  • Livechat: using the window on the site
  • Email: using the Applet on the site

Conclusions: our final opinion on Levelup Casino

We arrive at the end of this review of LevelUp Casino Sure of having kept the promise made in the introduction, that is, being sure to speak of a reality of great value that is probably less famous and known than it should.

The wealth of content, both in terms of the catalog and promotions, and the seriousness of all the most important practical aspects in an online casino, outline the perfect profile of the portal that could explode at any moment, quickly becoming one of the top realities null

To us Levelup Casino intrigued a lot and after analyzing it we can be only that postive about it, as often happens to us with sites from high potential as well Betmaster Italia: all realities that will make people talk about themselves.

We really suggest you find out closely.

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📕 Frequently asked questions about Levelup Casino

  • 🚀 Levelup Casino has a level catalog?

    To tell the truth, the catalog of Levelup Casino games is one of the real prominent elements that are most distinguished when the quality of the site is deepened: there are more than 2000 titles provided by more than 40 world -class software house and therefore the variants of quality literally are not counted. In any case it is possible to deepen the question in the section of this review that we have specifically dedicated them: there is really a lot to know about it!

  • 🚀 The Levelup Casino Live has many tables?

    For all live game enthusiasts on live tables, this is excellent news: Levelup Casino has just under 200 tables for you and they are all the highest quality software that are continuously updated coming from all the most specialized manufacturers in live game. We have dedicated an entire section of our deepening to the Live Casino of this site and we are sure that you can find us inside all the answers you are looking for most.

  • 🚀 Levelup Casino has a welcome bonus?

    Not only Levelup Casino has a very rich welcome bonus, but more generally it has an extremely generous promotional policy that we have told in detail by dedicating a chapter of this review that we suggest to deepen. In any case, the promotion of entry dedicated to new users rewards all the first four deposits made also reaching $ 400.00 in game credit through deposit bonuses and instead ensuring 200 free spin with which to have fun immediately taking advantage of the huge Slot catalog made available by the portal.

  • 🚀 Levelup Casino has a mobile app?

    The answer to this question is no, but this of course does not mean that Casino Levelup does not allow you to play even from mobile: this is because the portal has chosen not to release any apps but to focus everything on a version of the site optimized for mobile devices that reaches The same effect with a truly incredible quality and simplicity. In any case, if you are looking for more information about it, we suggest you read the section dedicated to the smartphone game of this review, in which you will find everything you need to know.

🚀 Levelup Casino has a level catalog?

To tell the truth, the catalog of Levelup Casino games is one of the real prominent elements that are most distinguished when the quality of the site is deepened: there are more than 2000 titles provided by more than 40 world -class software house and therefore the variants of quality literally are not counted. In any case it is possible to deepen the question in the section of this review that we have specifically dedicated them: there is really a lot to know about it!

bonus Fino a 400$ + 200 Free Spins
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