Game of Gambling responsible and prevention of dependence risks

Il pathological gambling must be fought and replaced by a Responsible game, enrolling in Best online casinos with the sole purpose of having fun.

By investing only a small part of their revenues, and keeping away from the risks that an addiction like that of ludopathy involves.

Playing responsibly is possible, just impose limits and not seek in this kind of activity the solution to your personal difficulties and with your family.

In this article we will explain how to play with responsibility, what are the causes and symptoms of the Gambling addiction, the care and treatment to be adopted.

How to play the online casino responsible

And Responsible game Inside the online casino allows you to have fun, spend time pleasantly and trying your luck without risking losing more money than you could in truth.

Game dependence is a serious problem, there is a strong need to prevent it as any disease through a series of responsible behavior, both on a personal and social level.

Within this guide, our experts make useful advice available to maintain the control of your money, playing in compliance with their economic provisions.

Ask what are you looking for in the game?

Why do an individual nowadays decide to play in a casino, the bar slot machines or do sports betting?

Those who approach this world should first of all understand why they do it. If users register for an online casino they should do it mainly with the aim of To have fun, and attempt luck from time to time; The hope of an unexpected win is certainly not evil. Instead, there is talk of gambling dependence if there is hope at the base and in some cases the certainty of being able to enrich itself by participating in an online casino.

In order to stay away from ludopathy, that is, from the pathological addiction towards the game, it is necessary to keep perpetually clearly that first of all it is a form of fun, a way to entertain with something you like.

And the ADM operators who manage the game rooms have among their objectives to keep users from this danger, which is a real compulsive obsessive disorder

Bet only the money you can allow you to lose

Preventing pathological gambling requires one series of strategies, which must also be adopted by those who think they don't run risks regarding ludopathy.

In fact, any compulsive behavior was born over time, in the repetitiveness of an action. That's why the first step is precisely to understand what the budget daily, weekly or monthly that could be affected inside a casino.

The budget corresponds exclusively to that more or less high inputs that the person has the possibly possibly of losingnull Therefore, the essential expenses are removed (mortgage, bills, food, school of children etc), the money that you want to save money and the extra annual expenses to face, thus remain some money to spend for example in slot machines or other games null

Fix a budget and a limit to how much you can bet

If the person is clear what is the percentage of money from his salary he could lose, then he could start to fix a Budget dedicated to the bet.

In fact, not everyone has the same possibility, there are those who at the end of the month can invest in the casino no more than 50 $ and who instead 500 $. It depends on economic revenues, expenses, lifestyle etc. To this first calculation on the budget it is possible to add a percentage of expected money obtained from any winnings in the casino.

By assuming that the user invests 100 $ per month and, after 30 days, he recovered the initial investment and maybe earn 50 $ more, he could choose to reinvest 50% of the clean revenues obtained, putting the other money to the side.

Rigioca all the sum that has returned and the one won, would otherwise lead to a doubling of the time spent in the casino and consequently, a greater danger of adopting a cognitive behavioral approach that slightly induces the game addiction.

Avoid gambling under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol clouds the mind. More precisely, the effects of alcohol interfere with the brain communication routes, and can compromise the functions of the brain if it is under its effect. An individual who drinks Don't think clearlyIn fact, his behavior and mood changes. And it is precisely for this reason that there are many people who fall into this type of dependence, the false illusion that everything is fine.

For the same reason, experts suggest that it is highly risky to play under the effects of alcohol.

Without realizing it, a person can start playing more than necessary, overcoming the budgets that has self-imposed, erroneously thinking that at that moment he is kissed by luck. Thus forget that the totality of the games are dictated by the probability of the win, absolutely random.

Diversify your activities

To avoid falling into pathological gambling, it is a good idea to try to diversification things to do as much as possible during the day. On the one hand, for example, avoid betting all the budget with slots, poker, or sports betting.

On the other hand, however, it is necessary not to focus on a single hobby, but having more things do during the day. Divide the free time between the game, a sport, the exits with friends, read, see the TV series etc.

In fact, diversifying allows you to not focus all attention towards a single type of hobby, thus avoiding entering a mental scheme where the mind needs to invest more and more time, energy and money on her.

Symptoms and diagnoses of pathological gambling

The pathological gambling, also known as ludopathy, is a recognized disease Similarly to all other conditions of non -physical dependence (such as compulsive shopping for example) thanks to a series of signals and behaviors.

Who should also alarm relatives and friends, often in fact those who suffer from it do not realize them and believe they have everything under control.

Those who have a game addiction cannot resist the wish to bet in those games where there is probability, at least at theoretical level, of being able to earn a lot of money. Without instead calculating how high the danger of getting everything is also high.

If the risk is acceptable and moderate when a person is aware of being able to lose their money and plays by pure spirit of entertainment, it becomes a serious question if you enter the ludopathy sector.

A bit like it also happens with being physically dependent, those of alcohol or drugs, in gambling there is an immediate one feeling of pleasure and well -beingnull In the very act of playing there is in fact the hope of returning to those few cases that being able to obtain a substantial win.

Symptoms of pathological gambling, recognize them to seek help

Let's see what are the typical attitudes of users when this was found by the experts compulsive disorder, so that even family members can intervene once the awareness of what passes.

Game dependence signals gamble:
  • The subject refuses to accept his condition and minimize his passion;
  • Strong attraction towards games that involve a good probability of winning but obviously even higher loss;
  • bet high sums of money;
  • think continuously about the game, to such an extent that it makes it difficult to work, participate in social events etc.
  • Birth of guilt feelings for spent too much money in the game and request for loans to play again and recover lost money;
  • lie to family members on the time spent playing and losses;
  • game in uncomfortable conditions;
  • Inability to stop playing despite efforts.

As the law in force explains, the presence of at least four of the signals listed above within 12 months, can be considered a sign of a ludopathy.

The causes of addiction

The causes of pathological gambling can vary a lot.

Recognizing them allows you to maintain the situation under the eye and possibly intervene with the right therapy so as to be able to return to the normal state of well -being. It is not enough to make the warnings of addiction disappear, but the person must be helped not to fall even in the future in the same type of behavior.

Mental health: Personality with Trends of Dependence / Mental Health

There are people who run the greatest risks to meet becoming employees than others.

The ludopath seems to have a trend higher than vulnerability a neurobiological level, and among the disorders it has some difficulties in terms of reasoning. At the base there are alterations of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Among the characteristic signs of people most tending to suffer from addictions we find impulsiveness, failure to control, antisocial, narcissistic and borderline personality, but also a tendency to depressive, anxious and panic states.

This does not mean that all people who suffer from these concerns or particular situations are certainly encountering dependencies, however there seems to be a greater predisposition to the risk of many experts.

External factors: stress, loneliness, ...

A subject can approach this problem also for external factors, triggering causes that induce him to seek in a hobby such as the game a consolation towards his difficult family situations, a mourning, a separation, a sudden change of home etc.

Stress induces the subject to withdraw from social activities every time he has the opportunity, so as not to have to live situations that further increase his anxietynull Here takes refuge in different occupations, more introspective and that do not require direct with people.

The online casino for many represent an excellent valve of outburstnull The same goes for those who find themselves living in a condition of solitude. Those who are far from the family and have few friends leads a rather solitary existence and to "kill boredom" here everyone interfaces with different occupations, from the search for a hobby such as reading or writing, up to online games.

Unfortunately, switching from a simple and funny occupation to a more or less rooted condition of ludopathy does not require as long as you can think. No years are needed to see the first signs appear, but it happens very often that the first signs for friends and family see them late.

That is, only when the various complications related to dependencies have reached a rather high level, when they are already more difficult to manage.

Personal problems: love life, family life, money

Personal difficulties (which, not forget, each face) make people look for people relief valves, commitments that distract them and do not make you think.

Complicated situations in the family, with parents or children, any separation from the partner after a long time, the discovery of a betrayal, a mourning among their closest affections ... personal problems and in the family remain among the most common causes They push first occasional and non -pathological gamers, to spend this more time every day inside the online casino.

Here the commitment makes itself as the most frequent and in time this becomes without a shadow of a doubt quite more difficult to manage.

Support and help centers (in USA and abroad)

When the pathological need to play is recognized, it is important to specialists To undertake a treatment that allows to restore the correct state of health. Fighting the disorder with the right therapy allows the player to be able to resume his existence.

They are the same ADM (ex AAMS) casinos accepted by law that incite the responsible game between its users, helping them to set limits and adopt a rule of behavior correct and healthy.

Gambling Therapy

In USA and in the rest of the world there is a Free Online Service made available to the player who aims to help him resolve the disorder in question.

Gambling Therapy is a charity body of the Gordon Moody and is managed by an international team of experts including psychologists, consultants and qualified psychotherapists.

Inside the site and application you can find a series of useful information on ludopathy and there is also a live assistance line to talk to a consultant in all languages.

Anonymous players

Anonymous players is an association designed for People suffering from pathological gambling. A way to find the strength to solve your problem, and get to a good control of the stimuli that lead them to adopt compulsive game behavior. Those who want to join the anonymous players simply have to feed the real desire to stop betting.

There are no taxes to support to join these groups.

Harmony of mind

Harmonia Mentis, specialized in active improvement through writing, offers a series of Services and suggestions Useful on how to proceed on various types of disorders, including that of pathological gambling.

For example, it suggests cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, when there is to be concentrated on the mechanisms that underlie the player's disorder. In fact, there is to learn to control the game stimulus and eliminate the false belief at the base of all dependence disorders.

If, on the other hand, there is a consolidated pathology behind it, the most suitable cure could be the one based on drugs. The drugs are useful especially if an anxious-depressive state is associated at the base.

Finally, among the services there is psychological support. In this case, in addition to being able to turn to a professional, there are also self-help groups to be able to face this dependence that can have serious repercussions on his everyday things a little more positive.

Tips to prevent dependence risks

For example, before resorting to the use of drugs, specialist treatments to combat compulsive behaviors and targeted therapy, it is good to try to prevent the risks of addiction.

Here are some of the most useful suggestions in this case:

Don't just be with your problems

Each individual must keep in mind that it is never alone if he is facing a more or less difficult situation.

In fact, we have seen that among the main causes there is precisely to seek gambling a relief valve. If betting with a slightly more aware method to try their luck from time to time it certainly does not represent a concern for one's well -being.

It becomes if you believe that by playing, you can finally change your situation that is not easy thanks to huge winnings. Unfortunately, it has been shown that a continuous game over the years leads only to great losses. In front of the difficulties for example of an emotional, family, working, economic nature etc. It is much better to look for alternative solutions.

Often good psychological therapy helps from the beginning to see the negative things that happen in the right perspective, so as to seek solutions rather than vices in which to take refuge.


A first index that allows you to understand if the game has become an addiction, it is that of not being able to take breaks. The thought remains constant on the fixed in the game, with an inability to focus on anything else. Start immediately to make bets with a certain responsibility.

And predetermined budget And only a few days a month for example, they allow you to manage poker games and slots for example, as a pleasant pastime and not as a habit of which you can do without.

Choose Aams casinos

Aams casinos, known today as an ADM casino, are those authorized by the Customs and Monopoli Agency. I'm legal platforms According to the law in USA, and are structured in such a way as to help people use casinos with responsibility.

When the user enrolls he always has the way to set the weekly or monthly bet limits, so as not to be able to bet more without first ing assistance, and explaining the reasons for this decision.

These sites offer all the assistance necessary to fight and prevent ludopathy, in order to keep the game fun and pleasant, but not an addiction.

Conclusion: the word of the team on responsible game and addiction

Bet online in the various Gambling platforms is an activity fun and pleasant, which allows you to spend a few carefree hours trying luck.

Precisely for this reason we like to promote the best authorized online casinos, so as to offer people who love Gambling a safe place to do it.

Il occasional and controlled game It does not represent a problem, and it could very well never become if you are aware of what any risks are, how you fall into a pathological game etc.

That's why our suggestion is to make bets in a conscious and careful way, limiting itself with weekly and monthly deposits, and always playing intelligently, without looking for an outlet for other scratch cards in this hobby.

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