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Netbet Casino Review

Netbet Casino is a strong growth reality that presents itself with a site entirely in American and very well done, with an interesting games catalog and with many very rich bonuses. He still has some sin of youth to serve but it's all to try.


  • Good senza deposition
    50 free giri
    Bet requirement: 35x
  • Welcome bonus package
    Up to 200 $ + 100 rpm for free
    Bet requirement: X40
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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2001


💬Chat 10:00 - 22:00
📞Phone 0694804442
e-mail [email protected]
Bonus every day
Rich input bonus
Excellent games catalog
3 diverse App Mobile
Site entirely in American
Excellent choice of payment methods
Live casino section to be expanded
Some categories of games to be enriched

A welcome to you readers, and welcome again among our pages for the latter novelty, the review of NetBet Casino, a game portal that has conquered enormous consent thanks to a series of positive characteristics all for the benefit of users.

Have you already heard of them? In this case we already know that you have heard of it well because there is no alternative given the quality put on the plate, if instead you are among those who still do not know Netbet then it will be with our great pleasure that we will inform you about all the most important details that concern this game portal.

And Casino Online That, to start entering a little on the merits, it offers us a lot to begin a very rich and complete site in which it is very simple to navigate by finding each section and subsection completely intuitive, an experience of use made even better also by the fact that the portal is totally available in American.

But that's not all because Netbet Casino operates in USA strong in the ADM certification which attests to the total legitimacy of action while guaranteeing its quality from all the most immediately connected points of view connected to the safety of users on the portal.

🎰 casino Visit the website
🎁 Welcome bonus Fino a 200$ + 100 free spins
🎲 games Slot machines, casino, sports betting, roulette, blackjack, video poker, board games
🇮🇹 License She, adm/aams

In short, we are talking about a reality that has entered our list of the best online casinos and that we can't wait to tell you detail after detail hoping to transmit every aspect of the quality that characterizes its services.

But now let's end it with these preambles and dive into the heart of the Netbet offer starting from the bonus policy that distinguishes this game portal.

Netbet Review: our experience on the platform

If you are one of our usual readers, you will surely already know, but if you have arrived on our site only to read this review then it will heart up to you to know that all our guides, therefore also including this relating to Netbet, are written only after spent long time trying and trying the site far and wide So as to mature an in -depth direct experience with each of his features and the details of his offer.

Know in detail Netbet, given its great availability of games and sports bets, has naturally taken a long time and we can tell you it was Time really well spent which allowed us to know any facet as well as have a lot of fun: an experience that not only allowed us to draw up this review in a timely and full of nuances, but which makes us take for granted that You too can only have the same as By choosing it as a reference portal, whether your passion is the sporting bets that you prefer instead the online casino games.

So we just have to wish you good fun, first reading our review and then focusing on the game played thanks to the thousand possibilities of Netbet.

Netbet Casino Bonus: what promotions are waiting for us?

It turns and turns up always starts from here, from promotions: that detail capable of capturing the attention of all players in the world who inevitably remain sensitive to all those offers capable of enriching (and often in a truly remarkable way) the game experience on a platform.

Netbet Casino has a policy of bonus Very interesting, whether we are talking about welcome bonuses dedicated to those who make their debut on the platform or instead refer to the game bonuses with which to meet convenience at any time.

Would you like to know more? Are you trying to get a precise idea of how these bonuses are? We are here on purpose.

Welcome bonus

How do we be welcomed when we register on the Netbet platform? We are welcomed very well, indeed, doubly well because there are two promotions dedicated to new subscribers in the form of a welcome bonus to be "pocket" immediately, and are the following:

  • First deposit bonus: just register and make the first payment to see the amount deposited immediately doubled thanks to a 100% additional bonus up to a maximum of $ 200.00.
  • Check bonus: when we then proceed to verify our account by sending a copy of identity documents we have the right to a second bonus of 20 free spin.

We speak in essence of a very simple and linear but also very effective and fun offer because it immediately turns into so much more game activities and, of course, in even greater possibility of winning that are added to the existing ones.

Game bonus

Speaking of gaming bonuses, let's face a surprise that we have sincerely enjoyed: at this moment Netbet makes available to its users almost a special bonus a day making practically daily the satisfaction of being part of an online casino that really takes care of its users.

What are the bonuses at the time active?

  • Monday: 50 Free spin If deposits at least $ 20.00 playing at the day slot.
  • Tuesday: a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $ 200.00 depositing at least $ 20.00.
  • Wednesday: 100 free spin if deposits at least $ 20.00.
  • Friday: a 50% bonus on the games made up to a maximum of $ 150.00.
  • Saturday: with a deposit of at least $ 20.00 you are entitled to a surprise gift.

But that's not all because there is still an extra bonus: a prize up to $ 100.00 bringing new users to register on the platform.

no deposit bonus

The promotional offer of the site, rich in both welcome bonuses and gambling bonuses, it is not as enriched by a Netbet no deposit bonus, this because to obtain the promotion of entry it is still necessary to register and proceed immediately to the first payment of funds.

I no deposit bonus To be obtained at the time of the registration of the account and even before making the first deposit is a promotional form always in greater expansion, therefore we do not exclude that in the future it will also be contemplated by Netbet, which proves to be in any case a site particularly attentive to the system's appliance of its users in terms of bonuses.

We just have to wait hoping that it will arrive soon, however this without this lack of it can represent a discriminant in what it is and remains a rich and satisfactory promotional policy.

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Netbet Casino: Is there a loyalty program?

We tell you the answer immediately: on Netbet Casino there is no loyalty program, or at least there is not at this moment and as we know things can change quickly in this type of world.

Honestly, this discovery has not struck us much and does not affect much on our general opinion regarding Netbet, also because our idea we did it and it is that when you have a bonus policy that recognizes prizes every day you are already doing A loyalty program regardless.

In any case it is not said, it would really not be surprised if tomorrow maybe a VIP program also landed on Netbet.

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Casino Netbet: what are the titles to play?

Once ascertained that Netbet has a very rich bonus policy, the time has now come to ascertain that the Netbet Casino games catalog is also equally, because in the end the heart of an online casino is right there that pulsates.

To begin with, we must say that as soon as you enter the Netbet site you find yourself in front of what is all in all a novelty: the sections in which the site is divided are only four, Sport bets And live bets, casino and live mess.

Already from the home page it is possible to directly reach all the subcategories of games, we therefore decided to tell you in detail everything you can find starting from the order proposed by the home page.


In the section dedicated to Slot machine It is possible to find more than 120 titles of any kind, there are games of all the most important software house and all types of variants are available in practice. We really like the graphics and the display order, however, we admit not to love the division for "thematic families", which we actually find quite weak.

Progressive jackpot

It is a section that collects 10 slot-machine titles that allow you to play for high jackpots that even increase day after day that someone hurries them. They are all software created by Softbet and are also among the latest born to innovate in this category of slot.


Of course, there is no shortage of the roulette section with which to dive into the heart of the green table enjoying the most classic of the great classics and of course there is no lack of all possible variants because there are 15 roulette tables on Netbet, including being able to find:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Progressive Roulette
  • Roulette 3 Wheel
  • America 3D


Very similar speech is the one that also applies to Blackjack, with the difference that the tables available are 8 like as many are the versions of this game which is always one of the most loved in every mess in the world, online or traditional.

Video poker

Also in this case it is now a great classic and Netbet offers us 33 among which it is always possible to find any variant more aggravates us. The reference software house is another time softbet that has made available all these titles by proposing only the newest and best.

Table games

In this section we find other 8 board games that complete all the great classics, we find some repetitions as a type but also many innovations that were missing until now.

Any examples of Netbet board games?

  • baccarat
  • Casino hi-it
  • Stud Poker
  • European Roulette

Netbet betting

It must be said immediately that Netbet betting, as well as the name of the portal can widely make you imagine, it is the section that represents the sense of existence of this portal that only subsequently expanded its horizons (and with much quality) with the creation of an online casino: it is not So a case that the section dedicated to Betting is so developed and full of possibilities.

Netbet offers users a huge variety of possible sports betting that embrace 38 different discipline, among which football is as always the main one, but in which tennis, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey and some of the most popular eSport also stand out.

Its quality is not only demonstrated by the large amount of events and by the variety of possible types of betting to which he can have access, but is also characterized by first -rate shares and from an organization of the section it gives Very simple access To everything that most may interest you specifically.

Separated from the main, there is also a section Netbet Scommesse live dedicated to events (this time referring to 8 sport different) on which it is possible to focus at the very moment in which they are taking place: a section in great development as well as the attention by users towards this type of sporting betting that is able to further increase the level of Adrenaline and fun already inherent in Betting.

Netbet Casino Live: play live in the Live casino

As they say "not all the donuts come out with the hole", which perhaps it is a way to say a little heavy in this situation but which still makes the idea: this is to say that Netbet Casino has a very improveable live section.

Which does not mean that what is present is not valid (on the contrary, they are excellent software) but that it is simply too little to withstand the comparison of what the other quality casinos make available to their users.

Let's say this because there are only 2 live tables on Netbet, more precisely:

  • BlackJack Live
  • BlackJack Common Draw Live

Netbet Casino Mobile: apps for mobile devices

If we were bad for this lack of live game, we immediately recover, going to see how instead if the Netbet in terms of mobile apps and here the smile is immediately back because the work done is simple but also a lot rich and effective.

Netbet has made 3 smartphone apps available for free, in both iOS and Android versions:

  • NetBet App Casino
  • NetBet App Scommesse
  • Netbet app slots

Netbet online casino: what payment methods does it allow?

But let's take a later step, in this case completely practical, going to see what the payment systems supported by Netbet Casino are to allow you to do the cash in and cash out operations in the most comfortable way possible for each user.

As we know, the more the methods of payment supported the more we can consider the quality index both specific to this aspect and general about the casino, so let's see how many and what methods allows you to use Netbet:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • postepay
  • Neteller
  • Hipay
  • WorldPay

Netbet casino: safety first of all

As always, the time comes to ask yourself a particular question in front of which everything we have seen so far becomes in some way "small": how does Netbet Casino behave in terms of security?

Our evaluation is very positive, Netbet is a safe mess exactly as all the most serious and legitimately regulated realities are, which in some way really cannot sin of practically perfect safety standards from every point of view.

And what are the main points of view when taking the security of an online casino?

portal safety

To begin with safety, it must be that of the platform itself, which must be guaranteed by the respect of all the standards necessary for user protection: a decidedly very important topic that is resolved, however, equally easily if we consider that the ADM certification does precisely this by guaranteeing compliance with all security standards for the benefit of the user.

Transactions safety

Somehow similar speech is that concerning the safety of transactions, which then represent the area in which the user is somehow more exposed since it allows the online casino to "communicate" with their favorite payment method: also In this case, the safety is maximum and is more guaranteed upstream by what is the protection system of the payment method chosen, and considering that we are talking about world financial giants we can certainly be sure that the level is high.

Player security

But the aspect of security that we consider more and more significant than any other is the one inherent in the security of the players: we all know how great the passion for the game is and if you are on this site it means that we share it, but we also know that in some Cases can transform itself in dependence on ludopathy and that this is a real evil that we must prevent and cure.

Netbet like all Adm casinos adheres to the Moderate play campaign, which offers a healthy vision of gambling and which also offers many tips to identify all the risks of ludopathy by suggesting all the reference realities that could help us or a Someone who know that he has this problem.

Free Casino Netbet: Customer Service

Before going to pull our latest conclusions there is still a practical aspect that we are used to taking care of, or the evaluation of the assistance service of the online casino that we review, a very important detail that serves only when needed, and is So it is essential that it is of quality.

How to evaluate a customer support service such as Netbet? To begin with, going to see what are the ways to get in touch:

  • Live Chat: available every day from 14.00 to 22.00 and directly reachable on the site
  • Telephone: referring to +39.06.9480.3332 every day from 14.00 to 20.00 or also at other times leaving a message to the secretariat
  • Email: referring to [email protected]

Netbet online casino: conclusions

Also this review of Netbet turns to the end leaving us just the space of some final conclusion, which is overall very positive and satisfactory despite the fact that this online casino is still going on, still along the road to a top that has not yet reached definitively.

The site is well done, it is safe, it has all the necessary guarantees and has an infinite list of payment methods. We like the graphics and obviously the games catalog, as we can say that the bonus policy is more than intriguing, but as always there is a but: the live section is still too immature and in general there is no large numbers to which i Top casino have accustomed us.

We do not misunderstand, as far as Netbet Casino is concerned, it is a first -rate reality that can even grow in the future finally stating to the top positions, but at the moment there is still a margin to separate it from the level of the real sacred monsters of the game Online gambling.

We are sure that Netbet is giving so many satisfactions to many people, and this is also testified by the infinite amount of very positive reviews, and we are sure that many of you can also find us on their new reference online casino.

Just try it and immediately enjoy the bonuses!

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  • Netbet Casino holds the comparison with competitors?

    One of the qualities of netbet on which we have repeatedly found ourselves returning to our review is the ability that has had to "under the same roof" many different forms of gambling by mixing them in a portal in which it is central to being central To begin with fun: and this is can be found by entering the casino section of the site, a multitude of quality titles to which is added a first category bonus policy. How to say whether or not the comparison holds? It all depends on your taste, but the quality to face it is really all.

  • Netbet: welcome bonus and quality game promotions?

    Of course, the quality of Netbet also passes from the variety and extent of the promotions that grants its users, welcome or game bonuses that they are: for new subscribers, the platform offers a rich entry bonus in two phases that allows you to obtain up to At $ 200.00 with the first deposit 20 free spin at the time of checking the account, for all the others there are many game bonuses, almost one for each day of the week. In short, Netbet makes promotions a daily issue with which to live an ever -intense game experience as possible.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Netbet Casino Live?

    Netbet, in its more than rich and varied offer, also offers a live casino section that allows you to play enjoying the emotion of a real live table, but it is a section that in our section we have simply defined "improved": i Titles available are excellent, both on a technological level and for a more genuine fun, but there are only two tables and both referring to Blackjack, objectively something to be improved over time at least in terms of quantity.

  • Netbet mobile app, download from the site or stores?

    Speaking of downloading apps for mobile devices offered for free from Netbet to its users, we must first say these are three different applications with which the offer has been divided very intelligently: app Netbet Casino, App Netbet betting and Netbet Slots app. The apps are available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded directly from the Netbet site as well as by Apple Store or Google PlayStore, it all simply depends on how you are more comfortable to do.

Netbet Casino holds the comparison with competitors?

One of the qualities of netbet on which we have repeatedly found ourselves returning to our review is the ability that has had to "under the same roof" many different forms of gambling by mixing them in a portal in which it is central to being central To begin with fun: and this is can be found by entering the casino section of the site, a multitude of quality titles to which is added a first category bonus policy. How to say whether or not the comparison holds? It all depends on your taste, but the quality to face it is really all.

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