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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2004


💬Chat 09:00 - 20:00
📞Phone +39.0424.587.187
e-mail [email protected]
Wide variety of games
Very developed live mess
Due App per Smartphone
Very high levels of safety
Great variety of payment systems
Lack of a welcome bonus
Lack of a VIP program

Well found to all and welcome to our new excursion in the best of the Casino Online With this review Replatz Casino, an American reality that has made great space.

Replatz's offer is definitely vast and ranges in any direction the gambling can move, going from pure fun with casino games to the thrill of sports betting, passing through bingo, lotteries, horse races and even scratch cards.

🎰 Casino Replatz Italia (
🎁 Welcome bonus Unavailable
🎲 games 500+ slot machines, card games, sports betting, horse racing, poker, live mess, scratch cards, lottery
🇮🇹 ADM license Yup

All this offer of fun is so much to start absolutely safe because Replatz is a ADM Authorized Casino With the Gad 15073 license which certifies the full fulfillment of all the most important guidelines that underlie the rules of admission provided for by concession by the American government.

The portal is therefore very safe, but not only because it is also decidedly functional to navigation and well divided into sections that in any case are usable and well organized as evidenced by a home page that immediately creates a perfect "sorting" in any direction the user intends to move.

The premises are not good, they are excellent and Replatz becomes by right a new protagonist of our collection of all the best online casinos that populate the web and this review is our way to tell you the most precisely possible what the portal has to offer.

Update August 2022: But to better enjoy the offer of Replatz Casino it is better to wait a little longer, the site is in fact close to publishing a new update that will make the happiness of all new users.

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Replatz Bonus: all the promotions planned

As usual, the first point of view that we consider in our analyzes is that relating to the policy of bonus of a portal and we must say that the choices made by replatz casino are at least interesting.

Normally the promotional offer of a portal consists of welcome bonus acts to reward all users who have just landed on the platform as well as as a game bonus with which to always make the customer's activity always active on the portal for some time: Replatz is definitely released From the Municipality and offers us a different formula, perhaps singular, but certainly worthy of note.

Curious? Let's find out what it is.

Welcome bonus

Replatz is the only one, or if not the only one certainly one of the few, online casino that we met and reviewed not to predict a Welcome bonus For new users: it is probably a momentary lack that we will correctly correct when it should change, but now as now there are no active input promotions.

It is clearly a particular discovery since it is normally in the entrance bonuses that the attention of potential new users is concentrated, but we feel to say that it is somehow justified, or at least compensated, with the remaining part of the promotional activity of Replatz, which instead is very rich and diversified by proving above what is commonly offered.

Game bonus

The promotional activity of Replatz in terms of game bonuses is precisely extremely varied because the bonuses offered are different for any different section of the site we intend to use: these are promotions in continuous rotation that occasionally overlap but that in any case always make live each section of the portal.

Really difficult to mention them all and therefore we will do some examples by quoting both active promotions and in some cases those just ended merely exemplary to understand the promotional logic of Replatz.

Replatz Casino bonuses and slots:

  • Crazy Farm (active): a special bonus up to $ 2,000.00 on a selection of slots dedicated to the initiative.
  • Wild and Lucky Side (finished): a special bonus up to $ 2,500.00 on another selection of slots dedicated to the initiative.

Bonus in Poker:

  • Tournaments with extra bonus (active): every evening at 9.30 pm a special tournament with guaranteed prize pool and very rich extra bonus.
  • Red Carpet (Active): with the Red Tournaments rankings an extra prize every week of $ 2,500.00.

And these are only small indicative examples to allow you to get an idea of the general offer of Replatz, however, we advise you to browse carefully on the site to also find everything else that is available.

If you are looking for gods no deposit bonus come i free giri, you can read our detailed guides or our comparisons.

Replatz: the loyalty program

At this point, it will not be surprised to discover that the Promotional Policy of Replatz Casino does not provide even a VIP program with which to retain users, a somewhat optional choice that we find consistent with that relating to welcome bonuses.

We like loyalty programs when they are well made, but we admit to notice them as a poor detail when instead they are evidently "made to do" and at this point we respect much more the choices of a portal like Replatz which, at least for the moment, prefers not have one rather than having just mentioned it.

In any case it is a potential growth area for the portal.

Replatz Italia: the Games catalog

But let's go immediately to the real "center of the question", that is, the catalog games with which Replatz Casino entertains its users whatever their taste tastes, and if it succeeds in this mission successfully it is only because its site contains all that that a gambler could look for.

In the home page of Replatz we find ten sections in which the offer is divided and in each of them there is a small world dedicated to each possible variety of gambling:

  • Sport bets: where to find everything that composes the replatz sportbook
  • Live bets: where to find the Replatz sportbook relating to all live events
  • Poker: where to find the whole world of rankings and tournaments dedicated to poker
  • Casino and Slot: where to find everything about green board games
  • Virtual Bets: where to find everything about replatz virtual bets
  • Card Games: where to find everything dedicated to card games on Replatz
  • Bingo: where to find everything related to the famous game
  • Scratch and win: where to find the whole world of Replatz dedicated to instant lotteries
  • Lotterie: where to find everything replatz dedicates to lotteries in general
  • Horse: where to find the whole world of horses and bets on horse racing

But as always we will enter more specifically going to see how the offer contained in the Casino and Slot section is made up as in that Card Games, so as to make us a more precise idea for what concerns us in any case more closely.

Casino and slot

What do we find in the world dedicated to the green table of Replatz? There are all the games that we could expect, underlining a general predisposition of the portal towards the Slot machine and digital games compared to the most traditional casino.

Let's see what are the subsections in which the offer divides:

  • Slots: there are more than 500 slots on the portal and of course they collect all the possible variants that could be expected from such a multitude of software all characterized by very high technological research.
  • Board games: another 51 titles with which to play great classics such as roulette, BLACKJACK, Baccarat and dozens of variants.
  • VIDEO POKER: in this case there are 17 other titles dedicated to this category, a less developed section than others in which however the quality is the master.
  • Jackpot: a selection of 22 other securities with which to aspire to constantly growing Jackpot which now range from a minimum of $ 4,500.00 to a maximum of $ 1,996,000.00.

Card Games

This separate section is dedicated to all the card games most loved by the American public who, however, are not exactly among the titles that we would normally find in an international mess.

What are these games? We are talking about the titles that entertain and fight the Americans for generation and generation, among which they stand out:

  • Burraco
  • Ace takes everything
  • Scala 40
  • Broom
  • Scopone
  • Treette
  • Baccarat Lobby
  • Briscola
  • Beast
  • Airlic

Replatz Live: all rooms live

What we have seen is a large part of the game offer, but it is not yet all because Replatz Casino also has a highly developed live casino section, a area dedicated to live game in which to find another 34 tables with which to enjoy the most current of the revolutions of the online gambling, or virtual participation in real gaming tables.

What are the main live live games on Replatz? Here they are below, remembering that there are only some examples of the entire offer:

  • American Roulette
  • Automatic Roulette
  • ROULETTE online
  • Blackjack HD
  • Baccarat Live
  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Dragon Tiger

Replatz App: the mobile application to play from smartphones

Another aspect under which we can say that Replatz has done well, but perhaps not yet very well, it is that of the mobile applications dedicated to playing on the move from their smartphones.

Perhaps so said it sounds a little unfair, also because in any case there are available for free both for iOS and for Android two different replatz casino apps, but we admit that a third is missing for us.

We explain better, the apps available are at the moment:

  • Mobile replatz scommesse
  • Replatz Poker Mobile

But in our opinion, the third that is missing should perhaps be called "Replatz Casino Mobile", also giving access to this part of the game offer which instead seems to remain penalized in current applications for mobile devices.

Replatz it: all payment methods

Leaving for a moment from this immense quantity of information inherent in the offer of replatz games and bonuses, the time has come to go to see what all the payment methods are expected on the platform are, remembering that the variety and quality of the permissions systems They are also a fundamental variable in comfort, but above all in safety, of all the main financial transactions carried out in the online casino.

What are the payment methods with which Replatz allows you to make the cash in and cash out opera? Are they safe and simple to use methods? Is it also understood what you consider your usual and favorite payment method?

Now we will discover them up close, but first of all we want to reassure you on one thing: Replatz Casino is very safe from this point of view.

Here are the payment systems permits:

  • Credit/ debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Bank transfer
  • postepay
  • Skrill

Replatz game: let's talk about security

Another evaluation of priority importance in our reviews is that dedicated to the levels of Safety With which a game portal protects its users in the various possible variations in which we can understand security: as we said Replatz Casino is a very safe fun platform, but why?

To begin with, we must mention the safety of the portal in general, which is very high and which is certified by the ADM concession, a very difficult authorization to obtain that has the prerogative the perfect adhesion to the highest standards of safety and customer protection.

A second fundamental aspect of Replatz's security is that which protects financial transactions, which obviously represent a sensitive dynamic among those that characterize the activity on a game site: the safety of operations is guaranteed upstream thanks to the quality of the services payment used and who are responsible for this type of protection in all respects.

To conclude, the security of the players must then be mentioned, for which the risks related to gambling are also hidden in fun: a theme that in recent years is fortunately more sensitive and towards which Replatz makes his own adhering to the safe game program promoted by all online casinos authorized by ADM.

Replatz s: his customer support

To conclude with our overview of the various main details of the portal, now the time has come to present the Customer Service of Replatz Casino, or that part of the site that is called to help us when something goes wrong and we have immediate need for quick and more answers possible comprehensive.

Replatz customer support is certainly very performing and allows you to be ed in every simplest and most practical ways whatever your habits in terms of comfort.

What are these methods? Here you are immediately.

Replatz Casino s

  • Helpdesk: using the Applet specially prepared on the site.
  • Email: writing to [email protected]
  • Telephone: By calling +39.0424.587.187
  • Fax: writing to +39.0424.582.405

Replatz Casino: our final opinion on Replatz

So the time has come to end this review on Replatz Casino, a very interesting and very rich game portal, especially candidate to hold in the future a prominent position among the competitors at least on the American market, which is then that in any case of referment for the portal.

As we have seen of quality there is so much as so much is also to quantity: abundance and satisfaction, two obviously winning ingredients when preparing a delicious dish to be proposed to an audience, such as that of American players, which we can say that it really has The palate until the choice of high -level online casino, whether we are talking about national realities and foreign sites.

But Replatz is not still immune to defects, which is overall good news because it will become an excellent reason to improve this online casino still and still stirring to a perfection that however remains an ideal for everyone.

An example is that of the mobile apps, which evidently be a topic to which Replatz is careful, in which he did a lot and did well, but in which it is still possible to improve simply by following the natural growth path of a portal that is however All in all young and who does not have ten -year experience as well as other Made in USA game portals.

We REPLATZ CASINO LIKE, we like it now and even more we will like it in the future, it's up to you now to find out closely!

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Replatz bonus: is it true that welcome bonuses are missing?

    A fairly particular feature of Replatz, as we also pointed out in the paragraph relating to the bonuses of our review, is that it does not include any welcome promotion for new subscribers, which clearly is an unusual choice that hardly makes new potential users happy. But our suggestion is not to stop at this and to really deepen the promotional policy of the portal, because at that point it becomes possible to discover that Replatz is an online casino with many game bonuses proposed to make any section of the site more fun at any time You will find yourself attending it.

  • 🚀 Is the Replatz Live Casino really one of the best supplied?

    As you know the comparisons are always difficult, but we can certainly say that the live mess of Replatz is among those capable of proposing more choice to its users, this thanks to 34 live tables in which to find all the most popular titles, from all More famous blackjack roulette, from Casino Hold'em: all interpreted in the most advanced technological key and all designed to make the 100% user experience immersed in the charm of live game, or the last big frontier with which the game of Digital gambling takes another step forward again towards the pleasure of the game in a real traditional casino.

  • 🚀 Replatz makes everything easy as he says?

    One of the strengths of Replatz's communication is linked to its ability to propose a lot of simplicity at any phase of the process of using its portal and its services: a feature that is clear from the registration to the Site and that accompanies the user Even during the deposit and withdrawal operations of the funds, as well as clearly during the game activity. This simplicity is clearly favored by a site entirely available in American, but it is not only a question of language as generally the result of a set of choices made by always putting the user at the center of attention.

  • 🚀 Replatz: Is the green number for customer support the only method?

    If something should go wrong while using Replatz, the solution will obviously be referring to its more than performing customer support service that can be reached both by phone (in truth it is not a toll -free number but a normal user) But also via email or using the computer applet proposed on the site, which will allow you to get in touch with the most specialized expert in the case studies in question. The result is that whatever the method you choose to Replatz customer support, in a short time your problem will be solved.

🚀 Replatz bonus: is it true that welcome bonuses are missing?

A fairly particular feature of Replatz, as we also pointed out in the paragraph relating to the bonuses of our review, is that it does not include any welcome promotion for new subscribers, which clearly is an unusual choice that hardly makes new potential users happy. But our suggestion is not to stop at this and to really deepen the promotional policy of the portal, because at that point it becomes possible to discover that Replatz is an online casino with many game bonuses proposed to make any section of the site more fun at any time You will find yourself attending it.

Replatz Casino
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