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13 different welcome bonuses
69 different game bonuses
More than 2,000 games and 194,522 possible bets
11 mobile app for iOS and Android platforms
All the main support systems supported
Guaranteed security
The VIP program is missing

Here we are together again for another very interesting review, this time talking about BetFlag Casino, an online gaming portal born in USA that offers an extremely complete site.

The Betflag brand was born in 2009 from Betflag Spa, an all -American company that operates in an absolutely legitimate way in our strong country of the concession n ° 15007 with which it is authorized by the American Monopoly Customs Agency and therefore to be considered not only completely legal but also with guaranteed quality.

The site as we said presents itself in a decidedly complete way, perhaps too much at a first glance, but as soon as you start navigating between the various clear menus you immediately learn to appreciate a very schematic logic that organizes a really important amount of subsections well.

In short, Betflag is a Casino Online Which has captured our attention to the point of inserting it in our selection of the best online casino through this review with which we will try to tell you every detail with all the attention and curiosity that this game platform deserves.

Our experience with Betflag

This of ours of ours on Betflag is a new example of the application of our favorite working method, A method based on the direct analysis of the game portals And which provides for a great dose of time entirely dedicated to discovering every detail of what they have to offer and doing it in the same way they will do our readers: playing and having fun.

Writing a guide means for us spend hours and hours playing with the whole amusement catalog proposed by the online casino as well as trying all the practical features they offer to its users: an analysis that not only allows us to speak to the reason, but which also gives us the opportunity to offer our readers with quality and really first hand content, I wait for this that we cannot say that accounts all the information sites on the digital game.

So what? What was the hours spent playing and replacing with Betflag? First of all, the fun remained, because the hours have passed in an absolutely fluid way by simply making themselves compelling whatever the game we have chosen, both those of the online casino and in terms of sports betting, But there is also a widespread sense of quality that we found in every detail of this site full of content and very well done in the "container" it offers to its users.

In short an excellent experience which has allowed us to detailedly write of any aspect of the portal that you will find described in this guide, through which we hope to be able to transmit how much quality there is at stake.

What are the Betflag Bonus?

The first step in Betflag's analysis, just as it is always for all the online casinos reviewed, we move it by finding out what the bonus policy that characterizes the platform is, dividing a lot to begin what is the welcome bonus dedicated to the new ones Registered by the gaming bonuses that everyone can always enjoy.

But time at the time, we go by degrees and immediately discover which promotions Betflag Casino Popone to its users:

Welcome bonus

It is no mystery that it is the Welcome bonus The first detail that a potential user discovering a new online casino of which he is curious is indeed rather normal because it is precisely with this entrance bonus that we find the momentum to start our gaming experience.

What proposes Betflag to all new users?

To begin with, we can say that Betflag offers a bonus of $ 10.00 without deposit, which means that it is enough to register to get it, but when we then make the first payment we finally have access to the real welcome bonus.

And here comes the beauty because Betflag proposes one to choose from 13 differentus, of which we report those who have interested in the most:

  • Welcome Bonus Slot fino ad $ 1.000,00
  • Welcome Casino bonus up to $ 1,000.00
  • Welcome Bonus Casino Live up to $ 1,000.00
  • Welcome Bonus Poker up to $ 1,000.00
  • Welcome Card Bonus up to $ 300.00

To find out more about free giri of online casinos, read our guide.

All bonuses

To say that the Betflag bonus policy is not limited to the welcome bonus is truly an understatement because the offer of game promotions has literally impressed us: we are talking about one of the most massive bonus policies we have ever met.

It would be really impossible to report all the bonuses made available, just know that there are 11 categories of bonuses (one for each type of game) for a total of 69 active promotions !!

But some examples we want to make it anyway and we report below the bonuses relating to the slot category, online casino, live casino:

  • Bonus $ 1.000,00 come Welcome Bonus Slot
  • Bonus $ 1.000,00 come Welcome Casino
  • Bonus $ 1.000,00 come Welcome Casino Live
  • Bonus $ 30.00 Without deposit for WMG slot
  • Bonus $ 30.00 no deposit for casino microgaming
  • Bonus $ 30.00 no deposit for microgaming slot
  • Bonus $ 30.00 no deposit for Casino Live Evolution Gaming
  • Bonus reimbursement of 60% of the amount played/winnings

And this is really just a taste!

The Casino Betflag and its VIP program

If until now we have seen a truly above average offer here is that coming to the VIP program chapter we must record a first flaw of Betflag because it is not expected, there is no loyalty program right now and obviously it is a out of tune note.

But is it really a problem? It would be if we were talking about an "normal" online casino, but when we talk about Betflag Casino which also matters 69 total bonuses that can then be enjoyed it is evident that the company policy is clear, clear and round.

Betflag Casino and an immense games catalog

Here we are getting to the "center of the question" or to the catalog games that acts as a spine to the whole Betflag online casino: what is there to say about it? There would be and there will be a lot to say about it and we will do it soon, but first of all it is interesting to make you immediately a symbolic summary in numbers.

Here's what Betflag offers as the possibility of fun:

  • Locking machine: 908
  • Casino Games: 989
  • Live games: 176
  • Live sporting events: 326
  • Possible bets: 194,522

Impressive right?

But the numbers are not everything and now let's see a little more specifically as the games offer is organized and to do this we will use the same order that is proposed on the site, however, taking some freedoms.

Slot machine

As we said the offer of Slot machine It has 908 different titles, an innantic quantity of different ways to play and win enjoying all possible themes, game mechanisms and any imaginable characterization.

There is talk of games that come from all the best software house in the world and that can also be played by saying to really important jackpots, the highest present at this moment is $ 56,318.00 !!


Here we enter the section that has more than all the others, almost a thousand and of course they include any possible green table game and each of its conceivable variant.

All this mammoth of game tables is organized very well and the casino section is divided into 5 sections to which a sixth is added that collects all the titles indiscriminately.

Let's see what these sections are, inside each of which you will find dozens of dedicated tables:

  • Roulette: European, American, American and other original variants of the most loved game
  • Card games: Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Baccarat, Punto and Banco and many others
  • 7 and a half: two tables of this great game classic
  • Video poker: 17 different videopoker with as many themes and rules
  • Game Show: the opportunity to finally participate in the wheel of luck


In the section dedicated to poker there is instead the ideal environment for anyone who loves to play by choosing from many different tournaments, sit and go tables and 8 rankings each with a different goal and award: in essence all the possible variants to respond to as many different tastes.

We play more directly from the site or downloading a free client (available for Windows) and in both cases there is talk of a very pleasant and fluid user experience which is obviously also the first successful reason for this section Ta Poker enthusiasts.


Outing virtually from a mess and going to play in the best American taverns, we find ourselves in this section where all the funniest great classics of the card games of our culture are collected: American cards and Neapolitan cards, but above all many many prizes.

Which games are we talking about? Here they are:

  • Broom
  • Scopone
  • Burraco
  • Scala 40
  • Tressette
  • Briscola
  • Ace Pigliene
  • and many others!!

Other sections

The sections in which the offer of Betflag Casino is divided do not end with what has been seen so far, because there are many other sections that for convenience we collect here: we do not misunderstand, not only we do not speak of minor sections but rather some of the most important and rich in the site.

Let's discover the other available sections:

  • sport
  • Sports
  • Cavalli
  • Exchange
  • Virtual
  • lottery

Are you ready for the Betflag Casino Live?

But it is still not over because we are missing a very important very important section, that of the live mess with which Betflag allows its users to play on real tables with Croupier real enjoying the new frontier of the live broadcast that brings together the game experience of online casino still one step towards that of traditional casinos.

As we mentioned before Betflag offers 176 live games in total, but when we enter the section it is all very well organized and intuitive, there are five subsections with which to find what we look for one that collects them all together:

  • Live Roulette: all possible variants of roulette as well as all traditional, live
  • Blackjack Live: many, many tables with any possible limit or entrance fee
  • Live Baccarat: also in this case many tables with different limits and entrance tokens
  • Live Poker: Texas Hold'em, Casino Hold'entre, Caribbean Stud and many others all live
  • Game Show: eight different live variants to experience the thrill of the wheel of luck

Betflag Sport bets

If a little while ago we have illustrated far and wide the offer of the Betflag online casino, now we want to explain in the same way how its offer is in terms of sports betting, the more considering that it is a portal that was born first of all to say its own in sport betting.

Given this "genesis", it comes that Betflag really has a lot to offer as a bookmaker, this both as regards ordinary and live bets To be done on live events: a catalog of events departing at any time on which to focus on Excellent shares completely in line with those proposed by all the best existing bookmakers in circulation.

But let's go by degrees and first discover What are the sports present In the betting of the site, which are really several and very different from each other: There are 21 disciplines contemplated, some of which are among the most popular in the universe of bets while others much more particular that are growing much by making themselves capable of attracting more and more attention to themselves.

As always, the richest sport of possibilities is football, so much so that we will talk about it more specificly shortly, but precisely many are the most relevant sports disciplines, of which these are only some examples:

  • Soccer
  • Basket
  • Ice hockey
  • Volley
  • Tennis
  • handball
  • Cycling
  • motorsport
  • Rugby
  • Table tennis

Speaking instead of the "Sport Principe", football, Betflag has a separate catalog in which it is possible to find all the most varied possibilities of bet with which to play their possibilities by taking all the main national and international competitions as a reference point by meeting a real multitude of options.

What are the already important football championships proposed? Here they are:

  • Italia: Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, American Cup and Female Serie A
  • England: Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, National League, Premier Division, Premier League U23 e Premier League Cup U23
  • Spain: The League, League 2, First Division, Copa del Rey and Second Division
  • Germania: Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, 3 league, regional league e Oberliga
  • USA: Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National E Coupe de USA
  • Europa: Champions League, Conference League, Europa League, Europei Femminili, Uefa Nations League, Uefa Youth League e Women Champions League
  • FIFA: World Cup 2022

But that's not all, because as soon as they are mentioned, all the major championships of 57 different countries To which they also add all the most important competitions present in Africa and Asia

Betflag Mobile, the app to play anywhere

If you are wondering how Betflag behaves in terms of the mobility on the move, you also put comfortable because apparently in this case the key word is "exaggeration" because there are 11 Betflag apps available, almost all available both for the platform iOS that for the Android one.

But let's try to do a little order and make everything clearer saying which they are:

  • Betflag Betting app (for iOS and Android)
  • PAYFAGS App Lottery (Per IOS a Android)
  • Betflag horse racing app (for iOS and Android)
  • BetFlag App Exchange (per iOs e Android)
  • BetFlag App Carte (per iOs e Android)
  • BetFlag App Slot (per iOs e Android)
  • BetFlag App Roulette (per iOs e Android)
  • Betflag App Seven and a half (for iOS and Android)
  • BetFlag App Three Reels Hi-Lo (solo Android)
  • BetFlag App Poker (solo Android)
  • BetFlag App BlackJack (solo Android)

Payment methods in the Betflag casino

Leaving the game tables and forgetting us for a moment of bonuses and catalog, let's talk about a detail that is not so detail: the payment methods with which Betflag allows its users to carry out the cash in and cash out operations null

As we know, the quality and quantity of payment methods are capable of making the difference not only in the general quality of the site but above all of the user's experience of use, for which we can use the usual payment method is a very important null

And what to say about the methods allowed by Betflag except that even in this case abundance is a question of philosophy and below you will understand why

  • Credit/Debt Cards (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron) - Immediate payment and withdrawal
  • Electronic coin (Paypal, Skrill and Neteller) - Immediate payment and withdrawal
  • PayPal - Immediate payment and sampling
  • Bank transfer - instant payment and withdrawal in 2/3 working days
  • Paysafecard - Payment only, instantaneous

Is the online casino Betflag safe?

The concern for the Safety Not only is it normal but it is also very wise when we talk about online and gambling reality, so much so that when we talk about it we must actually distinguish safety in two different ways of understanding it and we can immediately tell you that Betflag is very good in both Cases: both in terms of user safety and platform safety.

User safety

As we all know the love for gambling in certain cases can turn into something that turns against the player in a very serious way in the form of ludopathy, what is in fact the game dependence disease, or the only one real risk in this passion.

Betflag in this regard, as well as all ADM certified online casino, proposes the campaign plays responsible to raise awareness of players towards a healthy use of online casinos and giving all the most suitable advice for how to recognize and manage the prodromes of ludopathy.

Platform safety

Clearly also the safety of the platform must be considered as in favor of the user because it is clearly the one capable of protecting both the transactions that we make and our personal data.

To measure the safety of Betflag Casino, just say two things: the first is that the safety of the transactions is guaranteed by the many services that we have seen a little while ago, which already in Monte blind our financial exchanges, the second instead is that the safety of the platform It is guaranteed once again by the recognition of the ADM, which is obtained only when all fundamental security parameters are guaranteed. <

Betflag customer support

Another important "technical" evaluation criterion is the quality of customer service made available by Betflag, which in this case is measured by the quantity and variety of methods to support.

All in all it is easy to evaluate a service when everything is fine, but as we well know the unexpected ones can happen and it is therefore important to know what you are going to meet.

And what are you going to meet when we have to put in touch with Betflag customer support? In what ways can we do it?

Here they are:

  • Telephone: Using the Green Number Free 800.900.333 (available every day from 9 to 21)
  • Email: using the [email protected] or [email protected] (for the press office)
  • Fax: using the toll -free number 800,900.422
  • MMS: using 342.1716.392
  • Post: using the address Betflag S.p.A. Z. I. Baragiano Scalo - 85050 Balvano (PZ).

Our conclusions on Betflag IT

In short, even this time we made a very large overview of a new online casino, in this case Betflag that we must say has impressed us. But now it comes as always the time to leave us by pulling some conclusion and to be honest we are so affected that it becomes difficult to remain synthetic.

To summarize our feeling to the fullest, it is that Betflag is a real giant: it seems based on the words "abundance" and "wealth" and it shows it that we speak of quantity of bonuses (huge) or we talk about the games catalog (mammoth) Whether you go to observe small great details such as customer support, payment methods and safety up close.

What about more than Betflag Casino has imposed himself among the most important American online casinos by force of large numbers, and it is not surprising that large numbers are also those of the new users who record every day.

He really left us speechless.

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Really Betflag offers 13 different welcome bonuses?

    It is normal that you sound like an oversight, but Betflag really offers 13 different welcome bonuses, all aimed at making the promotion of entry as personalized and satisfying possible. But that's not all because the promotional offer of the site is also giant in everything that concerns the game bonuses, regarding which at this moment we can say that even 69 different promotions are active: a truly enormous number with which not We are used to dealing every time. His bonus policy is certainly one of the most popular reasons for this site and to discover in detail because we advise you to deepen this review.

  • 🚀 Is Betflag registration always simple for everyone?

    A fundamental feature in any game portal is the possibility of being enjoyed by anyone who is the attitude of the use of the Internet: Betfair is certainly a user friendly site capable of putting anyone who is at ease and this is an aspect that is clear From the moment of registration on the portal, which is simple to the limits of the banal and which can be successfully completed in a few minutes by everyone.

  • 🚀 Really Betflag offers 11 different mobile apps?

    Also in this case it may seem a typo, but I serious Betfair proposes 11 mobile applications And this makes one of the online casinos that most focused on the use of the game content from smartphones or tablets. There are 9 apps downloadable for free both for iOS, to which are added two that bring to 11 the total of those made available for Android devices: a real enormousness that is well accompanied with all the other examples of abundance that Betfair He proposed to us and that we well described in our complete review.

  • 🚀 Betflag also has a section dedicated to poker?

    It certainly cannot be missing A section dedicated to poker, non certo in un’offerta così ricca ed ampia come quella che caratterizza ogni singolo aspetto di Betfair: la sezione Poker è anzi ricca e molto vivace, ben costruita e ben strutturata grazie ad otto differenti classifiche e ad un’infinità di tavoli Sit& Go con cui ambire a premi sempre ricchi e a montepremi speciali ciclicamente messi a disposizione degli utenti. Lo stesso vale per bonus e promozioni particolari, che sono sempre presenti e che sono mirati a rendere il Poker ancora più avvincente da giocare e ricco da vincere.

🚀 Really Betflag offers 13 different welcome bonuses?

It is normal that you sound like an oversight, but Betflag really offers 13 different welcome bonuses, all aimed at making the promotion of entry as personalized and satisfying possible. But that's not all because the promotional offer of the site is also giant in everything that concerns the game bonuses, regarding which at this moment we can say that even 69 different promotions are active: a truly enormous number with which not We are used to dealing every time. His bonus policy is certainly one of the most popular reasons for this site and to discover in detail because we advise you to deepen this review.