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William Hill Review
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Do you want to have fun playing and betting online referring to one of the most historical names that exist in this world? William Hill Casino has a tradition that dates back to 1934 and in almost a century has always shown himself to be a top reality capable of making any player in the world happy.


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🔗Website www.williamhill.it
🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 1998


💬Chat Live Chat
📞Phone 800 790 293
e-mail [email protected]
Very rich bonus policy
Immense games catalog
2 diverse App Mobile
Lots of payment systems
Excellent customer service
Mobile apps that can be improved with multiple titles

It is a real pleasure to find us today to talk about a piece of gambling history with this review William Hill Casino, a real milestone.

Mr William Hill had founded his company in the now very distant 1934, in a period in which the gambling was not yet legal in England: in the decades this agency (so it was definable at least at the beginning) was evolved by passing of Hand in hand until you are today, almost seventy years later, one of the most important online casinos in the world.

It is normal that today, in the middle of the digital game era, a brand like William Hill presents itself to the public with a game portal that was born to be immediately one of the best and that offers its users an experience of using very first category.

But a real revolution was that of the titles available, because if it is true that William Hill is a brand that has always existed and that has always means sports betting, it is also true that all the excellent work done towards casino games is Instead an opening to new horizons.

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In any case William Hill Casino operates in USA with the certification n ° 15038 Adm and AAMS and is therefore completely legitimate and regulated according to the requests of the American government, detail that is somehow doing the pair with the version entirely in American of the site and with the total integration of our sporting events.

In a nutshell William Hill enters our collection in our collection of Casino Online And all that follows is the analysis work that we have done to tell you its quality really in detail

William Hill bonus: all available offers

Also this time we start our investigation starting from the bonuses made available on the platform, or the number one appearance that most players around the world goes to check as soon as he is in a new online casino.

What do we think of the William Hill bonus policy? It is decidedly rich, whether we speak of welcome bonuses that in fact is giving bonuses.

But we enter a little more in detail:

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus currently available on the William Hill casino is a prize of $ 215.00, of which $ 15.00 are immediately obtained at the time of registration on the portal and the other $ 200.00 are received as we move The first steps playing on the portal. Triple Welcome Bonus Vegas: $ 10 Immediately + 1000 $ + 200 free spin for verification.

Game bonus

Let's now take a look at what are the game bonuses active right now in the William Hill casino, taking the opportunity to remind you that the other sections also have dedicated bonuses, such as it happens in that betting rather than that in that poker.

But let's do some clarity using the bonuses dedicated to the casino as an example:

  • 100% game bonus: a bonus available on a wide selection of slots with which to obtain a refund of up to $ 10.00.
  • HI-LIVE: many special prizes for those who play this title as soon as they land on the platform.
  • 200 free spins: this is won by participating in the promotion dedicated to the Casino section.

William Hill: the compound points program

The one proposed by William Hill is not a real VIP program as we have been used to seeing on other playing realities, it is rather a points collection, precisely of compound points, which allows you to mature a growing score as you play and to See it go back at least in part in the form of additional bonuses.

How does it work? It is quite simple:

  • Every $ 10.00 that we use to play earning 1 point comp.
  • Every 100 points composed that we accumulate we have the right to a bonus of $ 1.00.

It is not precisely one of those VIP programs that make us climb rankings and qualifications giving us more and more benefits, but it is an old and dear collection very practical points which, albeit with not particularly equivalent conversion relationships, allows you to see a recognized one economic value for your game activity.

Casino William Hill: we discover the Games catalog

And now we really enter the heart with the William Hill Casino going to talk about its games: of all those software, including classics and latest releases, which make the virtual game room that this online casino has excellently organized alive and populated.

All games are as always divided into main sections and subsections, which we will respect (almost) to the letter to make you get an idea of how rich the games catalog of this platform is.


Once you enter the Casino section of William Hill the first subsection we see proposal is that of the slots, but then one after the other we can see all the most important groups of games that we are normally used to.

What subsections can we find? Here they are:

  • Slot: there are 73 different slots, including the best software in circulation and some great classics of the genre, a number certainly not immense but still full of possibilities and above all of quality.
  • Roulette: instead 14 roulette on the site are, with obviously all the most popular variants such as the European Roulette, the American roulette and the American Roulette.
  • Cards: The tables for card games are 28 and it is possible to visit us all the most famous games from Blackjack to Casino Hold'em.
  • Jackpot: The games with which to be able to rich jackpots are 32 and allow you to play for prizes of all entities, at this moment the highest jackpot is $ 759.170.00!


As often happens, poker on William Hill is in a separate world: it enjoys a section of its own from which to be able to download the game client for free, and it is then from what you have access to all features, tables, rankings, tournaments and chased to the premiums included.

It is a well -made and very popular section that allows a perfect experience of use on the technological and very lively level on the purely playful one.


The Vegas section dedicated to all the slots of this category is probably one of the richest both for number and for variety because we are talking about a total of 137 games from all the best software house in the world, among which it is obviously possible to find any possible variant Both in fact of type and theme.

We like that they are inserted in a separate section separate from the other casino games because we believe that you create greater order while giving even more emphasis to this category of very loved games which, however, often ends up incorporated among all the others.


For fans of the genre there is also a bingo section in which to see the doors of 4 rooms open with entrance tokens and prizes of any category: one of the peculiar aspects of the bingo on William Hill is the continuous presence of draws and the always nourished presence of other players.


Never forget that the story of William Hill starts from Sportbook we want to tell you briefly also of the betting section, which is also the first that is proposed on the site, coming in some way considered as the main at least in terms of tradition.

William Hill's betting room is also a world apart, a section of the separate site in which to find all the past and future events for any sport in any country, a detail that makes you remember how synonymous with sports betting it is really in everything the world.

By betting with William Hill it is possible to refer to hundreds and hundreds of live events and at very advantageous altitudes, this without counting all the reliability added by the brand.

William Hill Live: play live

Another example of evolution for a brand born in 1934 is that of the total opening to the live game through the Casino Live section, which is one of the flagships of the platform and which represents the last frontier of online gambling for Getting to offer users an ever closer game experience to the one that enriches an evening in a traditional casino.

William Hill's live casino allows you to play comfortably seated from home but having fun simultaneously on a real table with a royal croupier that guarantees us the maximum of the experience.

The rooms available are 16 and allow all the most popular and loved games including:

Some examples?

  • ROULETTE live
  • Baccarat Live
  • BlackJack Live

William Hill Mobile: Apps for mobile devices

Always speaking of tradition that turns to the future, William Hill has not been behind smartphone apps to enjoy its catalog also on the move, this is that an iOS device is used rather than Android.

The apps made available free of charge and in practice "divide" the William Hill universe into two half:

  • William Hill Scommesse – (iOS e Android)
  • William Hill Casino – (iOS e Android)

They are two well -made software that allow a fluid and simple user experience, but we are also expected to be honest, we also expect the exit of an app specifically dedicated to poker as perhaps only one for the Vegas titles, which are many and would deserve "a" world aside ".

William Hill Reviews: Payment methods supported

Leaving the play area of the William Hill website we now want to go to see what the main payment systems are contemplated to facilitate cash in and cash operations by going as much as possible to meet the needs of users.

As we know, the quality of an online casino is also evaluated by these details and cannot be different for William Hill Casino, who gets away very well from this management point of view.

What are the support systems supported? Soon said:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • postepay
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer

William Hill Italia: Security first of all

We now come to one of the certainly much more important points than our reviews, the one dedicated to the security that characterizes William Hill Casino, which is so great and that puts users from ease from all the points of view where you want to consider and understand.

Oh yes, because even if security is only one word, there are various meanings that we can give it, in the particular three that we go to explain immediately below:

Site safety

Speaking of site safety, we mean everything that concerns the technical part and that characterizes the user's experience on the portal: a level of safety that is definitively sanctioned by the certifications we were talking about at the beginning of this review, in the particular ADM one And Aams who can only be obtained in the face of respecting some qualitative and technical trappings that basically demand the guarantee of this type of safety.

Security of financial operations

A second level to understand the safety of an online casino is that relating to the guarantees on financial transactions carried out to do the various Cash in and cash out operations: a topic that is naturally of fundamental importance but which is also guaranteed by immense realities in financial sector.

The safety of transactions is not only guaranteed by William Hill, but above all by the supported payment systems that we know to be world giants of finance and therefore protected from top -level systems.

User security

The third way with which we are used to defining safety is referred to the direct one of the user, more specifically towards the risks of game dependence and the so -called ludopathy, which is the true "dark side" of the pleasure of the game and that goes contrasted from the root recognizing it in time and facing it adequately.

In this regard, William Hill, like all Adm casinos, offers the "responsible game" campaign through which to receive many tips on how to identify play addiction and how to react to make it harmless. It is a campaign promoted in collaboration with the American government and is therefore the official one that this online casino is affiliated.

William Hill assistance: customer service

Another management aspect that we always go to check when we analyze a new online casino is that of its customer support, or the organization that has been designed for all those rare times (hopefully) in which something goes wrong and you have to get in touch with someone who can answer our questions.

For the great world reality that is William Hill Casino, his Customer Service could only be excellent and the numerous ways in which it is possible to get in touch, as well as the 24/7 availability of someone who can assist us, demonstrate this.

How can we get in touch with William Hill's customer support?

William Hill Opinions: Final conclusions

As always, the time to pull the final conclusions, each of our pages uses this space to briefly summarize everything seen in detail in each review and so it is also in the case of William Hill Casino, a giant of the online game as it is for seventy years of the game in general.

As we said at the beginning from a brand of this level we can expect only an online casino accordingly, also because the experience and resources to do well are not lacking, and therefore the result is this: a global reference point of the game D 'Azzardo that offers a top quality online casino entirely in American in which to find practically anything that makes us fun more in a gaming room.

It is obviously not a coincidence that William Hill is also depopulating in USA and it is not even the fact that it has fully returned to the characteristics we are looking for in each of the truly quality online casinos: we are in front of one of the real top mess and we have to make everything the merit.

It is a legend that immediately deserves a test.

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  • William Hill Casino deserves the fame he has?

    The origin of William Hill dates back to 1934, it is therefore normal that almost a century of activity in the world of sports betting and gambling has created a certain "aura" around this brand also now that it is online with His excellent digital casino Also available in USA, but the point is precisely this: William Hill Casino is an extreme quality portal that has a lot to offer to its users, and this clearly feeds on one side and supports the weight of its own fame on the other.

  • William Hill casino bonus important?

    The promotional policy of William Hill Casino it is undoubtedly consistent, but we can certainly say that you do not create any "wow effect" if compared to that of other portals that take a less heavy name: as available in the relative chapter of our in -depth analysis, the Bonus di Benvento at this moment reaches up to $ 215 , 00 while the active game promotions are three, a catalog of promotions certainly valid and interesting, but precisely far from being the richest we have had the opportunity to analyze.

  • William Hill Casino also offers a mobile version?

    Clearly William Hill Casino could not fail to propose a mobile version with which he could access his services by taking advantage of the potential of a smartphone, and in truth he decided to propose two apps, both available for free both on the Apple Store for the iOS version and on Google PlayStore for the Android one: it is William Hill Casino Mobile and William Hill Mobile betting, both of excellent quality and extreme ease of use.

  • Is William Hill customer support always easily accessible?

    There are not many occasions in which the need to come into with Customer Service of William Hill Casino, this because the portal is practically perfect and very easy to use, but any circumstance is created by making answers necessary here we find ourselves referring to a service that works 24 per day 7 days a week and which is reachable in an countless inn variety of ways. But the most important thing is that the answers come immediately and are always decisive, a little great quality detail that we have deepened in the relative paragraph of our review.

William Hill Casino deserves the fame he has?

The origin of William Hill dates back to 1934, it is therefore normal that almost a century of activity in the world of sports betting and gambling has created a certain "aura" around this brand also now that it is online with His excellent digital casino Also available in USA, but the point is precisely this: William Hill Casino is an extreme quality portal that has a lot to offer to its users, and this clearly feeds on one side and supports the weight of its own fame on the other.

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