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Digital Game is a portal all designed for the American market and proposed by the world giant for online game Bwin, a very rich casino for both games and bonuses characterized by a truly total security protection with which to have fun in always a healthy way.


  • Good senza deposition
    Bet requirement:
  • Welcome bonus package
    Fino a 500$ + 300 free spin + 50 FS su Book of Ra Deluxe
    Bet requirement: 30
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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2008


📞Phone 0689280309
e-mail [email protected]
Very rich bonus offer
Huge games catalog
Very well done VIP program
Four mobile apps available
Lots of payment methods
Total security
Some games have fewer variations than others

Here we are still all together to add another precious piece to our collection with this review Digital game casino, a gaming portal that has captured us attention so much to begin as a representative of Casino Online Americans of great quality.

As you know, we pay close attention to all the most valid realities there are in circulation, but by force of things the American portals interest us in particular, also because of quality to sell they really have a lot and we find it right to give them the greatest visibility possible in moment when they deserve it.

The digital game brand operates in USA on behalf of Bwin, a real giant of the online game that everyone knows that he has decided to move in our country with a site entirely made in USA for the public of American players, who have clearly tasteful more specific than the international public as a whole.

Digital game is clearly strong in an ADM certification with the concession n ° 15028 of the Monopoly Customs Agency that authorizes its operations in USA in the perfect fulfillment of all American laws on gambling, which obviously guarantees absolute safety from all points of view.

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🎁 Welcome bonus Fino a 500$ + 300 free spin + 50 FS su Book of Ra Deluxe
🎲 games Casino, Live, Game Shows, Jackpot, Betting, Bingo, Poker, Card Games
🇮🇹 License Sì, AAMS/ADM

The site is precisely made entirely of American and is very simple to navigate thanks to an intelligent management of content through easily navigable subcategories and also thanks to a simple and light graphics that makes the site completely pleasant in exploration.

In practice digital game Casino has everything you need to demand our attention and to be included in our list of the best online casino, a choice that we will explain in detail through this review.

Ready to find out closely? Let's start immediately!

Our experience with digital game

Let's start to immediately get to the heart of this guide to discover digital game by telling you how our experience has gone with this game portal: of course, to write a guide or a review we need to discover in detail any facet of an online casino and to do it There is no better way than to subscribe and use it for some time so as to have a first hand experience with all that it has to offer to its users, it is therefore natural to have dedicated similar cure also to this site.

The time we spent on digital game was simply exceptional, both for the games and for the bonuses that allowed us to discover them immediately in the most convenient way possible, but not only: first of all, and we have realized this since Very first use, this online casino welcomed us with an extremely well -made site and absolutely simple to navigate by simply entrusting us to its extreme intuitiveness.

We are talking about a welcoming portal that shows all its most characterizing details well, immediately giving ease of access to a series of incredibly convincing content both for quantity and for quality: as always we have experienced and tried any facet of its offer and that That we can ensure is that whatever your most specific passion will be satisfied in a total way by giving you the feeling of having played on this site practically always.

But that's not all: to get an even more precise idea we also tried the mobile version using both the iOS and Android devices that we have at our disposal and the result was equally happy: all the ease of use that we found in Desktop version then found it also on smartphones for a really top experience!

Digital Game Bonus: all the offers on the site

The first step we move in the discovery of each new online casino goes in the direction of the promotions proposed, that is, we immediately find out what the bonuses proposed by digital game casino are in the most common and beloved mode of welcome bonus with which to reward all the new ones members who trust the platform, which in mode Game bonus with which instead keep the desire to have fun high.

As we well know, the policy of the bonus of a game portal is one of its most significant aspects, or at least it is one of the aspects that are first verified by the players when they have to choose which online casino to refer: for this reason we immediately enter the detail of what digital game does.

Digital Welcome Bonus Game

Digital game welcome us four times, or rather there are four different ways to get the main door of the casino open and it is only to us to choose which one based on our most specific interests, also because in any case it is a success:

  • Welcome bonus Casino: a 100% additional bonus on the first deposit up to $ 500.00
  • Bonus Welcome betting: with a minimum deposit of $ 30.00 you receive a bonus of $ 5.00
  • Bingo Bingo bonus: a 50% additional bonus on the first deposit up to $ 50.00
  • Poker Welcome Bonus: a 100% additional bonus on the first deposit up to $ 500.00

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Digital Game No deposit bonus

After underlining the wealth of the digital game Bonus Welcome we must record a detail that honestly has not "troubled": a digital game is not available at the moment no deposit bonus, that is, that type of promotion that allows you to play by proceeding only to registration on the site and not to the deposit of funds on your gaming account.

It is a lack of small importance as far as we are concerned, this is because to complete the registration on the portal it is sufficient to deposit only $ 10.00, that is, an almost symbolic figure which, however, from access immediately to the deposit bonus and, above all, to 300 Free spin Data as a gift to the novi users: a very small effort that is rewarded in a particularly generous way, however, attesting itself as an absolutely convenient operation for users.

Having said that, we do not exclude that in the future a digital bonus game without deposit is also inserted, this is because the site often changes its promotional offer and because it always seems to go in search of new ways to create satisfaction in users, but in any case we are sure that Already so the satisfaction cannot be missing.

Game bonus

As for the game bonuses there is a real overabundance because each section proposes several simultaneously updating them periodically: it is a continuous and very rich promotional campaign that clearly goes all in the player's pocket.

It would be really very dispersive to bring you all the bonuses present at the moment, but to give you the opportunity to make you get a complete idea of how the digital game policy is in general in general, we still want to mention some examples divided by category.


  • Vampires: on the Vampire Princess of Darkness and another 9 slot playtech there are special bonuses up to $ 5,000.00
  • Road to Spring: throughout the month of March every day prizes and special promotions on a different game
  • Gemme and Cowboy: every week Free Spin and special prizes in the Pignatta made available to all subscribers

Bonus Bingo

  • Bingus Maximus: a special prize pool of $ 14,000.00 to be won by playing in Bingo in March
  • Bingo Pallino: every day a free and special extraction with which to aspire to cash prizes, free spin and great bonuses.

Betting bonus

  • #Rewards: a special reimbursement campaign that allow you to return to any losses to say the least advantageous.
  • Shot Taker: una classifica a premi molti speciali dedicata ai tavoli veloci Sit& Go.
  • High altitude: a special ranking with which you can win up to $ 1,000.00 per week even if the bets are not winning.

And these are only examples to make you get an idea on how rich and diversified the offer of digital game is rich, which evolves from week by week with ever new initiatives but which remains constantly active to make life on the portal always more compelling.

Digital Game: the VIP program of the site

But there are not only the bonuses to make the experience of use richer and more juicy, because on digital game casino there is also a very well -made VIP program that further increases the potential for convenient for the game activity on the Potal.

How does it work? It is very simple and it is practically automatic: as our game activity proceeds we accumulate points that make us rise in categories through which to acquire the right to increasing bonuses, major reimbursements and special richest steps.

Let's see what these levels of reference are:

  • Green Member: it is the starting level that all new members belong.
  • White member: it is the second level and you reach it by accumulating a minimum of 400 points.
  • Yellow Member: it is the third level and you reach it by accumulating a minimum of 1,000 points.

Digital Game Casino: the games catalog available

We now arrive at the real "center of the question", or the catalog of digital game games of the casino around which satellite all this promotional activity: the real beating heart of an online casino and real reason for interest for all the players of the world.

Let's start by saying that digital game is a very well organized site in which all the reference sections prove to be absolutely simple and intuitive to navigate, before which it is obviously the casino section in which to find all the reference games.

But time at the time because below we are about to discover all the most important subcategories seeing also what are the most significant titles of each of them:

Slot machine

There are almost 700 titles in this section, a real triumph of diversity and technology with all SLOT Most played in the world as well as many instead exclusively for digital game. The Housees software in question are all the greatest ever: there is an incredible selection of playtech games, microgaming, novomatic and whoever has more put them more, just as there are many titles with which to aspire to very high jackpots, to moment even over $ 870,000.00.

Table games

A selection of 31 games with which to enjoy all the best of the board games made available by the site, also in this case through first level software provided by all the most important programming homes globally.

Some examples of games that can be found in this section?

Card games

Being a game site expressly designed for the American public, a section dedicated to all the most famous card games in our country cannot be missing, even if they are perhaps not the typical ones that we would find in an international casino.

A few examples also for this category?

  • Broom
  • Burraco
  • Scala 40
  • Briscola
  • Tressette
  • Ace takes everything

Instantaneous win

Another selection this time of 13 games with which to aspire to very rich prizes to win at any time with the same identical logic of the instant lotteries: a collection of titles with which to try their luck at any time and have fun with the maximum of the adrenaline possible.

GD Poker: the digital game poker column

For poker digital game provides an exclusive separate section in which to find the client to download for free to find yourself projected in the middle of special tables, exclusive rankings and tournaments of all kinds through which to enjoy all possible fun with the game of Green table cards par excellence. It comes that in this section it is also possible to find all the promotions dedicated to the game of poker in general.

The section VIDEO POKER Digital game is well thought out and offers players an incredible gaming experience. Whether you are a poker expert or a beginner, you can fully have fun and learn the best strategies on the GD Poker platform.

Digital game Slot: catalog of the best slot machines

As very often happens in all the most important online casinos, the slot machines are also the protagonists in the digital game catalog, which has almost 1200: a truly impressive offer not only for number, but also for quality and variety, capable of going I meet practically 100% of the possible tastes of the most diverse users.

When you find yourself in front of such an offer, the risk of having to unstruct in a sort of disorder that digital game resolves in an excellent way through a structure in subsections really very well made are often run.

It is of course possible to view them all together, but clearly everything becomes easier when using the main categories in which they have been divided, "families" of slot machines united by similar characteristics capable of immediately finding everything that most responds to personal taste.

What are these categories? Here are the main subdivisions with which digital game proposes the slot machines in the catalog:

  • More play: the section in which to find all the slots most chosen by the users of the site.
  • Daily Slot Race: every day a new race slot is proposed to compete for special prizes to be obtained by playing a series of different slots to be found here.
  • New: In order not to miss any novelty of the slot world proposed by the site, simply keep an eye on this section, in which all the most recently published slot machines are collected.
  • Megaways: passionate megaways slot, the most customizable slot machines there are? This section is capable of showing you all those present in an instant.
  • Jackpot Mania: in search of the most incredible jackpot? Taken by Jackpot Mania too? This section is the one that can all put them at hand.
  • Top Exclusive: if you are looking for all the most loved titles among those exclusively for digital game, this is the ideal section to find them.

Digital Game Bingo

According to the completeness of this online casino, certainly a Bingo digital game section could not be missing, a type of fun that is certainly not the most popular ever but which still collects a large number of enthusiasts who can find huge satisfaction on this site.

The section dedicated to the Bingo has more or less the same general characteristics as all those we have presented so far: it is very rich, both for quantities that, especially for quality.

Not only does digital game includes special bonuses expressly dedicated to Bingo, but "breaks" its offer in two main categories: the bingo to be played with real money, which of course allows you to win equally real money, and the one to play instead with virtual credit , which instead limits itself to offering great fun to users who choose it.

Speaking of the Bingo rooms in which to play with real credit we must say that the offer is really large: there are seven and present different folders and increasingly high prizes.

Even those in which to play with virtual credit are seven and offer characteristics of all kinds that allow you to have fun in the way that the more it responds to everyone's taste.

Digital Betting Game

In the offer of the portal there is clearly even digital betting game, the world dedicated to sports betting in which Betting enthusiasts can really find bread for their teeth thanks to a huge selection of sporting events on which to bet at any time.

As always, football is the sport that allows the most possibilities to bet, but there are also many others missing since digital game betting takes into consideration 26 different sports including basketball, tennis, volleyball, rugby, formula one, boxing and hockey on ice.

As for football, of course we are not only talking about Serie A, Serie B and Serie C, but also of the Premier League and Liga, this in addition to the main European cups.

The reference shares are really excellent and not only in terms of events on which to bet in advance, because digital game betting It also includes many live bets to do on live events at the very moment in which they are underway so as to live the emotion of Betting.

And thanks to all this we can say that we are not only in front of a large online casino, but also to a very high quality bookmaker.

IT Digital Game: The Live Casino to play live

An online casino rich as a digital game casino cannot be lacking in a section entirely dedicated to the live game: we naturally refer to the live mess on the portal with which to have fun enjoying the definitive gaming experience, namely the one that allows us to play virtually on royal tables managed by Croupier Reali.

What are the games proposed by this section? As always many, there are even 41 live tables, a enormity if compared to the general average of what the other online casinos make available to their users.

As always, it is difficult to mention them all, we will therefore only bring you some examples below with which to start getting an idea of how rich the 0 offer of digital game is rich:

  • ROULETTE live
  • Baccarat Live
  • BlackJack Live
  • Hold’Em Live
  • Live Banco Punto
  • Lighting Dice Live
  • Caribbean Stud Live

Mobile digital game: the app to play from smartphones

For what we have seen so far we can say that Casino digital game is a reality completely projected to the future that offers a lot of everything, therefore an offer relating to the mobile apps with which to play from smartphones on the move could not be missing.

But even in this case they have not simply limited themselves to creating one, because they literally made themselves in four: many are the software for iOS or Android mobile devices, and each separates one of the main sections of the portal by rationalizing the offer by category.

Let's see how the offer for mobile application is immediately made:

  • Casino digital game app
  • Digital game app betting
  • Digital Poker game app
  • Bingo digital game app

Digital Game Casino Opinions: Payment methods expected

However, the quality of an online casino is not measured by the game offer or from the promotional policy that distinguishes a portal, because there are some practical details capable of making the difference in the experience of use exactly how much the reference games do: there We refer in particular to the variety of payment methods permits to carry out with comfort and safety the cash in and cash out operations.

Which are the Payment methods that can it be used on digital casino game? Let's start by saying that there are many and that this naturally leads everything to the benefit of the user.

Let's find out which it is:

  • Credit/debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • postepay
  • paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Skrill 1 tap
  • Paysafecard
  • Tustly
  • MuchBetter
  • CashToCode
  • Bank transfer

Free digital game: is security guaranteed?

Yes, digital casino game is absolutely very safe, and now we want to explain to you why we are so convinced: our way to verify the safety of a portal consists in examining that the protection of the player is the protagonist in all three aspects that we consider priority for understand security as a whole.

How do you interpret safety by enhancing every aspect? What does digital game do to guarantee it whatever the meaning we give them? We see it immediately in detail.

Safety of the game portal

It is the General safety of the site and of its respect for all the technical and organizational standards necessary to guarantee users a game environment that respects each protection feature: a series of obligations that in the case of digital game are all testified by ADM certification who claims that the mess is "in place" in all these aspects to be granted.

Payment safety

The same applies to the safety relating to all financial transactions carried out on the platform, which clearly must be completely safe: another aspect under which digital game is good going strong of all the guarantees that are upstream and that are offered by the systems of Specific safety of all permissions payment methods, which as we have seen are managed by Vere Superstar of online finance considered 100% safe.

User safety

Last but certainly not by order of importance is the security of the player compared to what is the greatest risk that gambling can represent for a fan: that is, the dependence on the game, the more than notorious ludopathy that can be developed by playing without control.

Digital game in this regard, like all Adm casinos, proposes the campaign plays responsible through which it provides all the most important tips on how to avoid the risk of ludopathy and how to treat all those situations that reveal the risk of a game addiction already in progress.

Which provider software can be found on the digital game casino?

We now come to a very important "technical" point by discovering which are the Provider of games that enrich the catalog of this online casino: a real selection of best of that would be really difficult to list from A to Z given the amount of software house present.

But what are the most important names that stand out in this offer above? Here they are:

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Play n’Go
  • PlayTech
  • Novomatic
  • ISoftBet
  • IGT
  • Quickspin
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Yggdrasil

Digital game prizes and official awards

Digital game as we have had the opportunity to explain in detail is a truly excellent game portal that manages to give satisfaction to all types of users, but the satisfactions are also capable of taking them through many official recognition of the quai obviously the most significant is in the number Also growing of customers who choose this site for their online fun.

But that's not all, because in recent years he has also managed to collect excellent placements in the Egr Awards, or the annual prize that establishes what are the best online gaming providers.

Digital game assistance: how does customer service work?

To return to the practical details of greatest importance, let's see now to see how the Customer's Digital Game Service Cales, a secondary aspect when everything proceeds as a program that however becomes a priority when we have some problems that requires the immediate intervention of whom can solve it.

Customer support not only responds immediately, but also responds in a decidedly specific way thanks to a very intelligent organization that we have seen a similar only on very few other online casinos: digital game provides an IT Applet that allows you to define more and more specifically the Problem in question then directing the most suitable method (between emails, telephone or live chat) with which to get in touch with the specific department of assistance in question.

Digital Game Reviews: Our conclusions

And here we are always to get to the last final bars with which to pull once and for all the sums regarding the digital game of Casino, a portal that we find really excellent and that completes the offer of the best online casino made in USA and specifically designed precisely for the our market.

We are talking about a game portal full of titles, full of bonuses and characterized by total security that accompanies the player in every area of his fun activity: a very first category reality that offers fun and winnings to all American players.

And you? Have you already tried digital game? This is your time.

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Digital Casino Game Login and registration on the site: how simple how does it seem?

    Digital Game is an all -American online casino that we appreciate a lot to begin thanks to its extreme simplicity of use, a feature that is completely clear at any phase we find ourselves confronting the portal and with its services, starting even only from the most Simple and trivial login or registration operations. Oh yes, with digital game the recording is also quick and without hitches, whatever the level of computer attitude of the new user who proceeds to register.

  • 🚀 Digital Game: are they promotions and bonuses from top -level casino bonus?

    As you can deepen in our digital game review, it is directly aiming for the top of the best online casinos that are in circulation and this climb begins even from its promotional policy, which is really first class: the portal offers four different welcome bonuses, A real infinity of game bonuses and a VIP program that allows you to really never get bored for all your game career on the site. A truly unique bouquet that unites this all -American portal to the great international giants.

  • 🚀 Digital game: better the betting or casino area?

    The beauty of using a complete online casino as a digital game is so much to begin the fact of not having to be forced to choices that we would not easily make: whether they are betting or casino games, whether they are stickers or that it is poker, digital game In any case, a real point of reference remains that keeps the scrutiny of quality firmly high, always proposing only the type of passion that leads you to enter an online casino.

  • 🚀 Is Bingo digital game a valid solution for those who love this game?

    As we said, digital game has aimed at an offer as wide as it is abundantly characterized by high general quality, a balance that in the right way also the section entirely dedicated to the Bingo, which remains in its own way a sector that is still very busy of the casino thanks to An excellent variety of gaming rooms and even very rich reference prizes.

🚀 Digital Casino Game Login and registration on the site: how simple how does it seem?

Digital Game is an all -American online casino that we appreciate a lot to begin thanks to its extreme simplicity of use, a feature that is completely clear at any phase we find ourselves confronting the portal and with its services, starting even only from the most Simple and trivial login or registration operations. Oh yes, with digital game the recording is also quick and without hitches, whatever the level of computer attitude of the new user who proceeds to register.

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wagering 30
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