Our tips to collect your winnings on online casinos

When you decide to play on Gambling platforms it is important to know how to take winnings from the mess.

In this way, if the player should get positive results by betting on the site he knows what the procedure to be respected to get hold of the amount won.

In any case, i Best online casino They always have a section in which all possible options are clearly indicated to collect the money.

In this review we will see how to withdraw the winnings, what are the conditions to be satisfied and what any charges to be paid.

How to take winnings from an online casino?

The procedures we verified before drawing up the following review belong to the regulated betting portals.

We are talking about telematic realities that have licenses and authorizations issued by the competent government bodies.

In USA, the certification is that issued by the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, also known with the acronym Adm ex Aams.

To collect the winnings from an online casino you need to have an active account on the platform. In addition, it is necessary to have made money top -ups, and of course having won with the games available on the portal (e.g. slot, poker, etc.)

If the player has accumulated winnings, and wishes to get hold of that sum must follow the following steps:
  • Access your account;
  • Click on the "Cassa" item, "portfolio" or any item that allows the user to view the details on the account;
  • Click on the "withdrawal" item which, generally, is positioned right close to the sum indicated;
  • Select the method with which it is understood to withdraw money from an online casino (it is preferable to use the same tool used for deposit);
  • type the amount that you want to obtain payment;
  • confirm and wait for the operation to be completed for free.

As you can see the steps are really simple, and just have a minimum of familiarity with the PC to be able to perform the entire procedure in a few minutes.

The times that affect the monetary transaction are directly attributable to the selected method.

This is because there are tools that allow instantaneous credit and others that need a few days to be processed correctly.

If one of the voices listed in the tutorial, mentioned above, should not be present or easily traceable by the user, do not despair!

As there is the possibility to customer support (free) and ask for info on the cards (eg Postepay), on the deposit, on slots and other details.

Check your identity with an official document

Users kissed by fortune who wish to collect the winnings from the deposit of a mess must check their identity, providing an official document.

This procedure is required by most Gambling portals, especially regulated by the one.

It is a protection addressed to the customer, which serves to avoid accrediting money on the wrong bank account and to stem the fraud.

When providing your documents to a betting portal, it is legitimate that the doubt that concerns the way your data will be processed.

But if the mess in question is in possession of AAMS license or equivalent, the user knows that his data will be kept safe, because there is the rigorous respect for the current privacy rules.

The account verification takes place following several steps:
  • The casino to which you are playing sends an email in which a confirmation link is contained, which redirects to the verification process;
  • The user must scan a valid identity document (license, passport or identity card), taking care to demonstrate both the front and the back of the cards;
  • Also scan the credit card, the ATM or the postepay with which it is understood to be reloaded and then take casino winnings;
  • After carrying out a deposit on the account, the receipt of the payment to the administration of the casino must be sent.

All this information is sent by the Customer to an email address dedicated to assistance or customer support.

If the user had difficulty finding the information, it is almost always a live chat that allows you to obtain immediate assistance.

We have noticed that some online casino require compliance with particular standards, which mainly affect the format and size of the documents sent.

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Satisfy the conditions of the bonuses

In compliance with the anti -money laundering law, the welcome bonuses given by online casinos are not taken.

However, the winnings obtained with them can be taken, in compliance with the turnover requirements.

Il turnover bonus It is the sum of the amounts that must be played/aimed at being able to transform this figure from not taken to which can be used.

In essence, we are talking about those who, in jargon, are called the episode requirements.

Each promotion presents the aforementioned requirements and it is good that all the players that access the bonuses take a look at the terms and conditions of the latter, before requesting them.

To find out if those who have fun with the games satisfied the conditions of the welcome bonus, just access the personal area and go to the section dedicated to promotions.

There you can find all the details, including the amount that you still have to aim to reach the turnover.

Read the terms and conditions of withdrawals

The betting platforms provide for terms and conditions that concern the methods of withdrawal.

Before subscribing to a platform, it is good that the user supports on the rules governing the withdrawal of money from the mess.

The reason why it is necessary to take a look at the withdrawal regulations concerns some conditions that characterize most of the betting platforms.

We are referring to:
  • Costs and commissions on withdrawals;
  • limits on the retreat of money;
  • Speed with which the operation is concretized.

Costs and commissions on the withdrawals

The main methods to collect money from an online casino do not include accessory costs or commissions.

The charges are almost never applied by the gambling site: they depend on the tool used to perform the operation.

If you use a system that applies costs on incoming operations (see PayPal) it is advisable to avoid carrying out many small operations.

In these circumstances, in fact, it is preferable to withdraw the casino winnings from time to time, to achieve significant figures.

The free sampling methods, or those that do not provide costs or commissions, are to be preferred to any other tool that holds a rate on the win.

Visa, Paysafecard, bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill are many tools used by online casinos and do not charge any cost.

Sampling limits

The casinos, regulated and not, provide for limits on withdrawals, this to combat or money recycling phenomena.

Travelers belonging to the VIP category have slightly higher limits than all other accounts.

The aforementioned constraints can refer to temporal or amount parameters.

When it comes to temporal sampling limits, however, reference is made to the maximum number of outgoing transactions that any enthusiast of online games (e.g. slot and poker) can carry out in a certain period of time.

Often the time interval to which we refer is daily, weekly and monthly.

The limits that affect the amount, on the other hand, refer to the figure that players can collect on their bank account for all single outgoing transaction.

Some online betting sites allow, in the face of specific circumstances, to obtain sums of money that exceed the expected limits.

This happens when the winnings made by the user is particularly high, this is because further constraints may take over the tool used to perform the operation.

In fact, the economic transaction tools provide for their limits that may not correspond with those imposed by the online casino.

Payment speed

The speed with which the outgoing pecuniary transaction ends depends on the tool used by the user.

Most of the options available on a common online gambling portal include 2 to 3 working days.

Generally, the most famous methods of sampling of the mess are:

Credit card belonging to the Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Visaelectron circuit;
Electronic bags such as: Skrill, Neteller and Paypal.

In recent times, many online casinos have accepted payments/withdrawals also in cryptocurrencies (e.g. bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), we speak of platforms such as William Hill, Betfair and 888.

The fastest payment methods are those that include the use of e-wallet, such as PayPal and similar realities.

These tools, in fact, allow you to have instantaneous credits against a small cost.

If you choose to use credit cards and bank or postal tools such as Postepay, the times are expanded from a minimum of 2/3 days to a maximum of 14 days for the transfer.

The withdrawals can also be canceled when they are still in the processing phase and is not "escaped".

To perform this operation, you must access your personal area and access the section dedicated to outgoing transactions.

Choose the best sampling method

  • The choice of the best method depends on multiple factors:
  • security level;
  • sampling speed;
  • temporal limits and amount on outgoing transactions.

Before using a tool to charging or a withdrawal, it is good that the user take a look at the terms and conditions of use.

In fact, the same vehicle can respond to constraints different from casino casino. It is the job of the players to check the regulations before deciding to open an account and commit your money on a gaming platform.

Be careful not to reverse the withdrawal

In this review we could not fail to mention the reversal of a withdrawal, it takes place when a user decides to reverse the payment request by returning the money to the game account.

This possibility is available on all the best Aams casino that adhere to the initiative of "Play responsibly".

Not surprisingly, in the last period many sites are significantly reducing the time span during which the user has the opportunity to reverse a retreat, in order to combat addiction to gambling.

Other mess, on the other hand, are promoting the reversal of withdrawal by proposing conspicuous bonuses to those who cancel the output transfer (up to 40% of the withdrawal).

However, this attractive promotion is often only a mirror for larks, due to the bet requirements that, those who love slots or other games, must respect to obtain the bonus.

Conclusions: Team's advice on the retreat of winnings

To collect the winnings of a game site it is advisable to choose the same tool used to make the deposit.

In addition, it is important that players carefully read the section relating to the terms and conditions of use.

In this way, the sampling limits and any charges to be paid are clearly clear, avoiding unpleasant last -minute surprises.

Finally, the rules rule always applies: to choose a regulated casino, in fact, this is the only effective way to take shelter from scams and rip -offs of various kinds.

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  • The casino blocked my winnings, what can I do?

    It may happen that after obtaining a winnings or having requested a levy the game account is blocked. If the casino is not regulated, there is little to do.

    In the case of authorized sites, with AAMS license, it is necessary to customer support to understand the reasons for the blockade, which may be:

    • Problems with the identity document (not recognized, expired, sent late, etc.);
    • withdrawal that exceeds the limits set by the site;
    • Opening more than one account from the same user;
    • Errata password insertion beyond the number of times allowed.
  • Can the casino forced me to replay my winnings?

    An online casino hardly obliges its customer to play the sums of money won.

    The cash on the user's account can be used at the total discretion of the latter. In some cases, episode requirements are provided (number of times in which a bonus must be aimed) that require the user to play in order to monetize the promotion.

    But this is not an obligation, but only a rule that must be carefully read before requesting a promo.

  • What is the fastest withdrawal method?

    The fastest sampling methods are electronic wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and Paypal.

    Lately online gaming sites are also accepting cryptocurrencies as an exchange currency, this is another system that allows you to perform transactions that came out in a short time.

  • How often do I have to collect my winnings?

    The frequency with which the won cash should be withdrawn depends on several aspects including: the temperature and amount sampling limits, the need of the user to get in possession of the amount won.

    Furthermore, if the way it works provides for accessories for the withdrawal, it is advisable to carry out this operation a small number of times.

The casino blocked my winnings, what can I do?

It may happen that after obtaining a winnings or having requested a levy the game account is blocked. If the casino is not regulated, there is little to do.

In the case of authorized sites, with AAMS license, it is necessary to customer support to understand the reasons for the blockade, which may be:

  • Problems with the identity document (not recognized, expired, sent late, etc.);
  • withdrawal that exceeds the limits set by the site;
  • Opening more than one account from the same user;
  • Errata password insertion beyond the number of times allowed.
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