Scratch and win online: the best sites to play in USA | Guide 2022

Welcome back for this new guide with whom to discover i Scratch and win games online, other little great protagonists of the digital game.

We bet that no one exists who do not know what the scratch cards are or the instant lotteries, but perhaps not everyone knows that in reality that there is also an online version capable of making us play and win at any time.

Of course it "scratching" only virtually with scratch cards and winnings online, but they are still one of the Casino games More loved also in the digital world.

Ready to find out everything?

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History of scratch cards online

To start from the origins of the history of scratch cards and win online you must go back until February 12, 1991, when the Ministerial Decree of the American Government was published to authorize its existence under the management and control of the ADM (Customs agency and monopolies) first known as AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies).

The scratch cards had a very simple shape: small tickets to scratch to reveal combinations of symbols which, if winning, entitled to the corresponding cash prize.

What was the success in USA of the scratch card is part of its history since they have now become a daily practice for lovers of lotteries and prizes, but the true present of this game is precisely its consecration also through The web.

Scratch and win online how does it work?

From the point of view of their rules, the online scratch cards online are absolutely consistent with the paper ones, to change there is only the shape with which we have access to it: it scratches virtually instead of physically, but to win everything it remains the same.

To define the rules of the scratch cards, very few words are enough: once a ticket is purchased, just scratch it and discover the combinations of symbols or hidden numbers, if the combination is winning then we will get the corresponding prize.

Only at the moment are there more than fifty scratch and win variants and each of them has a different operating mechanism, therefore the most specific rules depend on the version that we choose and are always very well clarified on the back of paper tickets and in the description of those online.

Play with the scratch cards online

How do individual play with scratch cards work online? Of course it depends on the title that we choose: however they are based all on the same principle there are in truth different variants.

Some scratch cards for example support the presence of special symbols with which to win a jackpot prize, or on combinations capable of winning the sum of all possible prizes, or there are still titles that include more types of play at the same time.

A very pleasant aspect of the scratch cards online is that all the characteristics of each title are clarified in a very easy way right away, which will give you the opportunity to orient yourself among all the possibilities.

Example of play with scratch cards and win online

Just as the rules are, even the practical functioning of the online scratch cards and win is equally simple and therefore describing an example of typical play becomes absolutely very linear.

But we also like to clarify what should already be clear, so the following is a game dynamic described passage for passage:

  • We access the Scratch and Win section of our game portal
  • We select the desired one by choosing from the titles available at the price for us right.
  • We take careful vision of rules and relative prizes
  • If ready to play, we buy our digital scratch card
  • We proceed to the "virtual grated"
  • Let's find out if we won or not

Scratch and win online: the strategies to win

As we already imagine suspicious, scratch cards online can hardly be considered strategy titles, we speak of a genre of fun totally based on the randomness that it finds in this imponderable much of its charm.

But a small point in some way "strategic" still is there and it is an approach method that we find very correct to enjoy scratches and win:

  • Prefix a maximum budget: whether consistent or small we suggest you give you a limit and respect it.
  • Choose the scratch cards well: to have more consistent winning possibilities, we suggest you manage your budget on one or more scratch cards with a larger amount. To give an example, rather than buying n ° 5 coupons from $ 1.00 it will be wiser to buy one of $ 5.00 capable of offering richer prizes.

It is precisely to keep in mind that the most expensive the scratch cards will be chosen the most proportionally the prizes will be rich to which it will give access, both in terms of secondary prizes which, above all, according to the first prize.

Are there tricks to find the winning ticket?

The beauty of the scratch cards online (as well as its paper version) is certainly in the fact that there are no tricks to "cheat" going to a certain outcome and it is undoubtedly this, combined with theimmediacy with which they give their result, to have sanctioned the absolute success over the decades.

But what in some way we can still call "a trick" is actually and it is a way for increase statistically Your possibilities of victory: it consists in choosing different scratch cards and winnings different when we want to proceed in multiple games.

Certainly it is not one of the famous "cheats", but speaking of instantaneous lotteries it is precisely against the statistics that we play and it is statistically difficult to imagine that on many scratch cards there are many winnings, for this our advice is to act in random jumping from a type of instant lottery to the other.

Always talking about "tricks" capable of statistically increasing the chances of winning, another advice we can give you is to Always choose games with higher payout percentages, even if to attempt the fortune of the "bang" by regaining the richest prizes, exactly the opposite is worth.

What is the probability of winning?

As you well know of scratch cards online (as well as the paper ones) there are many and of very different from each other and it is therefore impossible to establish a probability of unique win that is worth for everyone, so to better define the question it is better to speak of the probability of average winning who have the scratch cards as a whole.

These instant lotteries offer an average winning 1 : 3,36, a value that of course considers the winnings as "each other" by equating those equal to the value of the coupon to those instead millionaires and to enter more specifically we can say that there are some scratch cards online capable of offering 25 % of the possibility of winning, others that instead give 14.90%.

These percentages, as also mentioned a little while ago, are inversely proportional At the entity of prizes to which they give access: the greater the lowest percentage are the paid prizes, the lower the highest percentage can be (it is therefore not a coincidence that the new billionaire mega, the richest scratch card ever. , both among those who offer 14.90% of winning percentages).

Tips for scratch cards online

All the greatest advice we can give you regarding the best possible management of fun with scratch cards and winnings online are in truth suggestions related to the approach with them and self -control.

We have already told how it is a game totally based on the case, and it is therefore difficult to give you "technical advice" to make it as winning as possible, but those that follow are in our opinion precious points to always remain lucid and in control over their fun null

  • Establish a budget and do not exceed it
  • Choose the most sensible scratch cards for price/winning ratio
  • In case of winning, only a part of the same will be reinved by creating a profit anyway
  • In case of loss, do not feel forced to try to recover
  • If you play for a long time, every now and then take a minute to ask yourself if it's worth continuing
  • Over time, calibrate your future budgets on the winnings made, so as to always play on an active

The different types of scratch cards online

At this moment the versions present of scratch cards online are fifty -six, clearly all characterized by more or less different game systems and rules, but above all by different price ranges to which naturally correspond increasingly consistent prizes.

It would be a little complex, or in any case dispersive, all one by one tells them, so the one that follows is their distribution for price ranges:

  • Scratch and win from $ 0.50: 11 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 1.00: 13 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 2.00: 13 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 3.00: 3 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 5.00: 9 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 10.00: 5 titles available
  • Scratch and win from $ 20.00: 2 titles available

The most popular scratch cards in USA

A lot has passed since the first scratch cards and made its debut in Tabaccai and Received, it was called the Fountains of Fortune and was released on February 21st 1994: in all this time a lot of water has passed under the bridges and not only the game mechanism of the scratch cards has evolved a lot, but above all the variety of games possible has increased even more after the arrival of the scratch cards online, which today are ben 66 And they offer winning percentages, game mechanisms, absolutely varied prices and prizes.

All this is of course also to say it would also be very dispersive to make a complete list of all the scratch cards online existing on the market without giving life to an infinite and probably boring list, and this is the reason why we decided to tell you those On the other hand, they are part of the top 10 of the most popular and loved ever according to those same people who use them for their fun, or the players who choose them.

Curious to know what are the online scratch cards that we are talking about? Here they are accompanied by their cost:

  • New Maxi billionaire and $ 20,00
  • New 100x Mobile and $ 20,00
  • New 50x Mobile and $ 10,00
  • New mega billionaire and $ 10,00
  • Turbo Cash and $ 10,00
  • New billionaire and $ 10,00
  • New 20x Mobile and $ 5,00
  • Numerissimi and $ 5,00
  • Golden Evolution and $ 2,00
  • Space invasions and $ 1,00

The best scratch -winning sites in USA

The online scratch cards are not any games, as we said right away we talk about the digital consideration of instantaneous lotteries authorized directly by the American government under the management of ADM and are therefore not "random" software from any manufacturer null

The truth is that the software used are ordered and proposed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and are available only in American online casinos who have an ADM/AAMS authorization to which they are given in concession of use.

The advantages in playing us online

Another interesting aspect to evaluate is what are the advantages in accede to scratch cards and win online rather than in their most common paper version that can be purchased in all authorized receivers.

As we have seen the games in question are in all respects, but we can undoubtedly say that by playing online we go to some more benefits, let's see immediately which ones:

  • Comfort: the scratch cards can always be available without going out to look for them
  • Variety: not always every receiver has all the titles available, online yes
  • Budget management: often we buy scratch cards as the rest of another expense, playing online the management of the budget will be more serious and "square"
  • Immediate collection: whatever the win, the process to collect it will start immediately

Scratch and win free online

A question that someone will certainly have asked himself, maybe reading this page until this point, it is whether it is possible to play free of charge at the scratch and win games online: a question that we imagine can play rather attractive for anyone and that will surely please know possible null

Playing for free with scratch cards can be done, it is not a common or automatic practice but it is in any case possible and now we explain how:

Where to play scratch cards online for free

There are not precisely many sites on which you can play scratch cards for free, just as you don't have to expect to find something that allows us to make a routine, but the possibility is precisely and is linked to the welcome bonuses offered above all The major adm online casino that propose them.

As we said, the scratch cards are an ADM product and on their official website, as well as on some other associates, it is possible to have access to a bonus of $ 10.00 to be used in the purchase of digital coupons.

Scratch and win online without registration

The greatest advantages of playing scratch cards for free are the possibility of being able to get an additional dose of:

  • Fun: simply playing
  • Winnings: who would come against no investment
  • Curiosity: trying scratch cards that otherwise we would not buy
  • Experience: the number of games increase without expenses

The best online casino for scratch and win games

The selection of digital casinos through which you can have access to scratch cards and win online, as can be understood after the latest explanations, is possible only on all ADM authorized realities, which clearly narrows the circle only to the best American portals.

What are these national excellences? Here they are to you:

🎰 Casino
🌟 Vote
💰 Bonus
Up to 1000 $ + 15 $ Free
Up to 1000 $ + 100 rpm for free
Up to 200 $ + 20 rpm for free

Snai Scratch and Win

The offer of Scratch and Win online proposed by Snai is really excellent, not only because it is possible to find them all, but because the page that collects them was made in an intelligent way which allows you to range by enjoying all the possibilities that its organization grants.

The detail we like most is undoubtedly the possibility of Filter all the scratch cards By price range by selecting only those responsive to your budget, but there are really several collections: there is a selection of the most played, of those that most have made users win in the last week, of those just born as there is one division into truly incredible families.

Visit Snai Casino

Lottomatica scratch and win

The section dedicated to the scratch cards online by Lottomatica is rich to the point of being considered absolutely complete, but it is not only a question of the types of scratch cards existing: what we like very much is the organization with which they are proposed, which leaves nothing to chance and which is highlighting all those that can most do to your case.

You can find them divided among the most played and among those highlighted by the provider, also accompanied by the Statistics on prizes won Proposals absolutely (with an average of more than $ 500,000.00 per week in distributed prizes) which type per type: a perfect way to guide your choice whatever your style of play.

Lottomatic Visit Casino

Sisal Scratch and Win

Sisal also presents an offer of scratch cards online as complete as it is extremely well organized And this is naturally "vital" on a site that perfectly embodies the spirit of all organized struggles existing in USA.

Without a doubt the aspect we like most is another time the organization with which the contents are proposed, which in some way resembles that used by Snai even for the possibility of filtration All scratch cards depending on their cost and to be able to choose them according to their novelty on the market, their popularity between users and the amount of prizes they have distributed in recent times.

Visit Sisal Casino

Scratch and win online bonus

The most important example of bonuses relating to the online scratch cards online is precisely the one reported a little ago about the promotion of $ 10.00 on their official website and also proposed by other connected portals.

It is a non -enormous bonus, but still very interesting to try a new way to have access to amusements that most of the people not strictly passionate about digital game enjoy in the "analogue" form.

Are the scratchy and win games online exist for mobile?

Certainly yes, innovative products such as the scratch cards online could not remain excluded from the most innovative playability form of the moment what is the use from smartphones through mobile app.

But that's not all, because most of the ADM casinos (naturally included the official one of the scratch cards) even offer an app totally dedicated to these games, available free of charge both for iOS and Android devices.

Scratch and win online: our conclusions

We are sure that even if there had been some doubts linked to the scratch cards and win online, after this long study in this regard it has finally been dispelled.

As we have seen we talk about the same beloved game that we have been used to for almost thirty years, simply in a new form and more consistent with the technologies of the moment!

And if you liked this study on scratch cards and win online, you absolutely must give an eye also to the one on online slots, another true must of today.

Ready to scratch their luck? Good luck!

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  • Is it possible to find scratch cards and win online for free?

    Of course yes! As explained in the relative paragraph there are bonuses that allow you to try the scratch cards and win online through a free credit: a truly unique possibility that allows you to have access to many advantages.

  • Are the online scratch cards online from the paper ones?

    Absolutely not, only the form through which we enjoy it, this one that we have deepened in the section inherent in the rules of the scratch cards online changes.

  • Are new scratch cards also find online?

    Absolutely yes, and not only, it is online is that it is possible to immediately try all the news and have access to the entire catalog of scratch cards and win online of the moment, an possibility that cannot always be feasible for paper.

  • Is there a scratch and win app?

    We have dedicated a section of this guide to the possibility of playing from apps with scratch cards, possibility not only existing, but absolutely very comfortable whatever the device you have available since the apps exist for both iOS and Android.

  • How to buy Scratch and Win online?

    Buying a scratch card online is absolutely simple and it is a question of only a few clicks: just go to the page that collects them all offer of your reference online casino and simply choose the one you are most interested. Once this is done, all that remains is to select and pay it and then move on to what is the actual play, nothing more and nothing less than this.

  • How to check the scratch cards online?

    The beauty of the scratch cards online, as of their paper version from which they originated, lies in the immediacy that distinguishes them (not for nothing they are called "instant lotteries") and therefore the golden result is immediate and immediately readable: just play , "Scratching virtually" and then immediately receive their outcome, which of course will be easily readable exactly as it has always been for all the scratch cards never existed.

Is it possible to find scratch cards and win online for free?

Of course yes! As explained in the relative paragraph there are bonuses that allow you to try the scratch cards and win online through a free credit: a truly unique possibility that allows you to have access to many advantages.

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