Tax on online winnings: how to adjust with the tax authorities?

The world of online casino is not free for taxes. It can attract many for profits, for the continuous challenge to luck pending their turn and to have large sums of profit, but perhaps ignore the most important aspect: the winning winning.

Nobody worries about it, but you have to pay taxes for the state for the Best online casinos.

It is so globally, including USA. Gambling constitutes part and source of income, consequently there are taxes and taxes to pay.

However, beginner players find themselves unprepared: how does it work? How should the winnings be declared? Slot machines, casino, betting? What is the difference?

We wrote the Guide to Tax Winning Game on the Web to play responsibly and Essee in compliance with the tax authorities.

How does the gambling tax work?

Until a few decades ago the gambling, totocalcio, lotteries like the enalotto, were not affected by taxation and therefore the subjects had no tax from the state to be paid.

Today, taxation on game winnings (slots, lotteries, etc.) in USA is one of the highest at European level.

It is since 2012 that the lotteries have a 6% tax on winnings over 500 $.

And a new article in 2017 is the cause of provisions that have affected numerous games.

The casinos, and lot and lotteries, win for life, the scratch card, etc. They were taxed by the preu (single taxation), also reaching 19% in some cases.

The government with the Dignity Decree of 2018 brought further taxes on the casino game, and the court and long advertisements of the gambling is forbidden. The provisions for taxes for VLTs have risen 6.25% and for slots to over 19%.

The taxable point of withholding tax is the overall normal value of the awarded prizes, c which is determined pursuant to art. 9 of the Tuir (c.m. 7.3.97 n. 69).

The application of a withholding tax (art. 30 of Presidential Decree number 600/73) is on income deriving from prizes and winnings.

The aforementioned law of article 30 provides that they make income:
  • Prizes assigned to subjects for whom the same assume income relevance, pursuant to art. 6 of the Tuir
  • Services and prizes other than those given by securities
  • Winnings deriving from luck, from several games of skill, from the activity of prize competitions, predictions and betting.
The withholding tax has the following rates:
  • of 10% (and lot, lotteries, tombole, peaches or charity benches authorized in favor of charity bodies and committees)
  • of 20% (games carried out on the occasion of radio-the-television shows, sports competitions or events of any other kind
  • 25%, the rest of the cases.

The criteria for determining the normal value refer to the beneficiary of the win, as income recipient (resolution no. 54/E/2004).


The deduction on casino is 25% of the sum won by the single player and applies on the amounts equal to or greater than 100 $.

The winning that the person gets is already net of the tax deduction. It will be the work of the operator to pay the state liquidations of the taxes against him to the State.

The maximum threshold of cash payment is 199.99 $, this for the laws against recycling.

In case of greater win, the payment will be made by bank transfer or another digital and traceable method, such as the check.

In the case of casino on the web, the award is given by crediting the player's account.

Sport bets

The betting tax (sports and non -sporting) is fixed altitude (Legislative Decree 504/98) and is applied on the difference between the sums played and the winnings.

The rates are 18% for physical collection and 22% if the collection is at a distance. The article (art.) 1, paragraph 945, of the law of 28 December 2015, n. 208, provides for this from 1 January 2016.


The most famous lottery in USA is the Superenalotto, which arrives in the lives of the bettors on December 3, 1997 with the first extraction.

The winning winning was brought to 6% with the decree law 50/2017 (first only one percentage point was provided, as established by art. Of law 699 of 6/08/1967).

Questa imposta colpisce anche il Gratta& Vinci e si applica a vincite di somme maggiori di 500 euro.

Lotto is the oldest game and loved by Americans. The management is entrusted by the Ministry of Finance to Lottomatica and for the winnings of winnings equal to or greater than 500 $, the tax is 8%.

The 10eLotto game rate went from 8% to 11% to July 2019.

Video lottery are subject to a preu (unique taxation) at each click of the play key and then on each single victory.

However, the rate went from 2% to the current 7.9% up to 12% for the most substantial winnings.

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Should the winnings from games abroad be declared?

Yes, those approved by AAMS are the games (slot, etc.) on American online sites. In fact, in case of winning on platforms abroad, the player who must declare all the winnings as a taxpayer and thus avoid a dispute for tax evasion.

When do you have to declare your winnings?

The winnings must always be declared, because for the provisions of the government they constitute a source of income.

If the game was carried out on a AAMS license system, the winning will already be taxed and consequently paid net without tax point. However, the Revenue Agency can check the activities over time.

Our recommendation: always play on authorized sites

The advice is to operate on legal and authorized systems. The prizes are already taxed and one of the services is the bank documentation necessary in the event of tax checks.

In case of illegality, the sanctions are given to both the operator and the player. The electronic receipts of the victories and related withdrawals attest to the origin from a standard platform.

Botta and response on online winning taxation. A complete guide, however it is not always easy to extricate yourself between terms such as: tax, law and government, withholding, services and provision.

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  • How do the gambling taxes work?

    The gambling winnings on operators with the much -mentioned AAMS license are already taxed and provided net.

    Welcome bonuses and promotions are not taxed: in fact they cannot be taken, but must be played on the platform itself. The application of a withholding tax is on income from prizes and winnings.

  • I won money in an online casino abroad, do I have to declare my winnings?

    The winnings must always be declared and in any case they must respect the rules of the tax authorities.
    In fact, if the winnings are credited to a foreign current account, they must be subjected to tax monitoring (paid by the taxpayer), as a source of income.

    It is the obligation of the aforementioned compilation of the RW framework in the tax return, in the PF income model for all natural persons who are residing tax in USA and hold investments abroad.

    The winnings abroad are deemed income from foreign source taxable in USA. However, this obligation is always there, even if in addition to the tax period, the user no longer has investments or financial activities abroad.

  • What happens if I don't declare my winnings?

    You risk big. If the subjects use unauthorized operators carry out criminal offense (art. 1, legislative decree number 496/1948).

    In fact, both the operator and the player are acting illegally, cash payments for the game in USA are reserved for the state.

    The advice is always to choose a legalized operator in USA, regulated and with regular license.

    The player must ensure a safe, legal and transparent experience to play: in fact, online victories at the legalized dealers from the government in the Bel Paese are already a subject of taxation and taxes.

    Everything that has no license is monitored by the tax authorities, and American banks are required to periodically communicate to the AMS all the transactions that their customers make, deriving from game accounts on casino without license and non -legal lotteries.

    In case of control and provisions by the Revenue Agency, this causes evasion phenomena.

  • How are the winnings of casino winnings without license?

    You must always pay each tax on the winnings even if the site is foreign. AAMS without license are considered non -legal.

    For example, if the operator has no American license, but curecao, the money won adds to the tax base that is taken into consideration in the calculation of the IRPEF.

    Obviously, the higher the base, the more the IRPEF percentage to be paid will be high. The marginal Irpef rate can be up to 43% for an annual income of more than 75 thousand $.

    The winnings will be put in the tax return, bringing them back to the single model (the 730 is not valid) as a source of "different incomes".

    In any case, for any cited cause, the advice is to ask the accountant advice.

How do the gambling taxes work?

The gambling winnings on operators with the much -mentioned AAMS license are already taxed and provided net.

Welcome bonuses and promotions are not taxed: in fact they cannot be taken, but must be played on the platform itself. The application of a withholding tax is on income from prizes and winnings.

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