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Betpoint Casino Review
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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2011


📞Phone +39.080.573.9765
e-mail [email protected]

Still back together for a new discovery with this review Betpoint Casino, an online casino that could not remain excluded from our overview of ours.

Update August 2022: Overview that will be even more complete as soon as Betpoint Casino will release the latest update they are working on, thus making it more advantageous to wait a moment before registering.

Betpoint S.r.l. It is a company that operates under the concession of the autonomous administration of the State Monopolies and which is strong in the concession n ° 15131 ADM which authorizes its operations in USA while testifying to the total compliance with all the most important safety and protection standards of the public involved in the game activities.

As soon as we look out on Betpoint's home page we can immediately understand how complete and lively this portal is, in which all forms of gambling find space, betting And possible lotteries, offering users a real multitude of options to have fun at any time.

Despite all this wealth, the site is still easily navigable and all the contents are neatly rationalized in sub -categories that become as small "fun departments" in which to always find everything we like most.

Basically we can say that since the premises there are all the numbers to enter Betpoint in our selection of the best online casinos and everything that follows is the detailed review with which we intend to explain our choice.

Betpoint Bonus: all possible promotions

The first stage of this detailed analysis is the promotional offer of Betpoint Casino in the form of both the game and welcome bonuses, that is, all the prizes dedicated to users who join or who are already part of the platform.

As we well know, the bonuses are one of the topics that are most close to players from all over the world, but it is not only a matter of advantages because through the analysis of the promotional policy of an online casino it is also more generally possible to understand its way of relate to their users.

So let's see how Betpoint behaves in terms of promotional initiatives, starting from the welcome bonus with which he thanks the new subscribers and then discover the game bonuses with which instead they reward those who are now faithful to the platform for some time.

Follower welcome bonus

What happens to all new members? What is the gift that Betpoint reserves them? Is called Welcome bonus Follower and consists of an additional 100% bonus on what is the first deposit, effectively doubling the investment up to a maximum of $ 1,000.00.

The amount to which you are entitled in the form of a bonus is unlocked as the game activity proceeds, thus becoming available in your game credit slowly over time proportionally to what "you are busy" having fun on the platform.

To give some examples, we unlock $ 1.00 every $ 12.00 played at the card tables or slots, as well as we unlock $ 1.00 every $ 50.00 played in the bingo or every $ 100.00 in lotteries.

Game bonus

In terms of game bonuses at this moment there is no active formula in particular if not a deposit bonus that is normally equal to 100% of the paid amount and therefore doubles the pleasure for fun in the portal.

As we well know, the promotional campaigns are always in rotation and still concern a defined portion of time, and this is why we advise you to verify from time to time if some new promotion has not been published that is not present at this moment, by singing Our will take care of doing the same to update this section as soon as there are news.

To find out more about Free spin e no deposit bonus, read our guides.

Betpoint Casino: His Vip Star program

Although on Betpoint, at this moment, particular game bonuses are not active, users can still rely on the VIP Star program that rewards users' loyalty allowing them to climb a ranking with which to be entitled to ever growing benefits with which to make the experience of play every day more intense.

The reference levels of the VIP Star program are three and they climb simply by playing: as the game activity continues we get ranking points and every 200 rp accrued we get n ° 1 diamond.

Is it with the accumulation of the diamonds that the prizes arrive, some examples?

  • 12 diamonds: $ 2.00 bonuses
  • 24 diamonds: $ 5.00 bonuses
  • 80 diamonds: $ 25.00 bonuses
  • 130 diamonds: $ 50.00 bonus

The more we go up the level the more it becomes simple to mature the ranking points, the more the prizes become when the periods of calculating the scores are close, but how do you go up from one level to another?

  • Silver: da 0 a 2.500 Ranking Point
  • Gold: da 2.501 a 10.000 Ranking Point
  • Platinum: da 10.000 in su Ranking Point

In short, we are talking about a very rational loyalty loyalty program that those who accompany those who play after playing along our entire activity on the platform making us feel more "larger" and more experienced every day.

Betpoint it: the games offer

As we have already said in the premise of this review Betpoint Casino is an extremely varied game portal that offers a truly massive game offer, and it is therefore complex to tell it all in detail, but we have our method and in this case we are sure to have managed to do our best to describe it.

To begin with, we have always given greater importance to the whole casino area and in any case dedicated to green table games, but as we have already seen and as even better we will see, there are many other sections still on Betpoint to complete an offer of fun which could hardly be more varied.

But time at the time and we start to see what are the sections in which Betpoint Casino's offer is divided, starting right from the Casino and slot section which is however the fifth in the menu after those relating to sports betting.

Casino e Slot

By entering this section you have immediately access to another series of subsequent sections that divide all the different games between them very well creating almost "a site on the site" which becomes the point of reference for all those who in an online casino They look for a lot to start the green tables.

What are these under reference sections? The first two are dedicated to the Top Games and the latest news, but immediately afterwards we find:

  • roulette: they are 11 tables with as many variants of the most loved game in casinos around the world
  • Slot machine: instead more than 400 slots to play with, any possible rule and variant
  • Board games: another 24 tables to enjoy other classics such as BLACKJACK, Baccarat, Texas Hold'em the Punto Banco
  • Video poker: there are 18 reference titles for this section, here too there are many variants


Another of the main sections is that dedicated to poker, which lives in another world separately from the rest that allows you to have access to dozens of tables, fast tables, tournaments, quick tournaments and rankings of all kinds with which to have fun Thanks to your passion for poker.

As soon as we enter the section, the first fundamental choice opens immediately which gives access to the three main gaming areas relating to the as many possible poker variants: once in each one to be possible it will be possible to find all the content proposed.

What are the variants of playable poker on Betpoint?

  • Texas Hold’Em
  • Poker a 5 Carte
  • Omaha


In this section it is possible to find 13 other tables relating to real great classics of American cards, games perhaps not always protagonists in the international mess but which make perfect hours spend in all the most traditional game clubs in the Belpaese.

Some examples of the games available?

  • Half past seven
  • Scala 40
  • Burraco
  • Briscola
  • Tressette


For lovers of the genre there are 4 rooms in which they can play at any time by exploiting different costs of entrance and ever increasing prize pool, just as there are also 4 other rooms where you can play only with virtual credits for the pure taste of the game without risking to lose (but not even win) nothing.

Other sections

As we have said several times Betpoint is divided into many sections to compose a very complete offer on all fronts: it would be a little complex tells in detail everything and therefore we decided to collect all the other sections present below.

What are all the other sections in which Betpoint's offer is divided?

  • betting
  • Scommesse live
  • Exchange
  • Virtual
  • Lotto
  • 10 and lot
  • Million Day
  • Lottery
  • horse racing

Betpoint Live: the casino live

In this vast offer, of course, there is also a section that Betpoint Casino dedicates to the Live Casino and live tables with which to also have the last frontier of online casino games available, in which it is played virtually on real tables managed by equally true Croupier.

The tables in question are 16 and collect all the games that you would expect the most the major variants used in casinos around the world, all precisely characterized by a live environment that will make the game never more engaging.

What are some of the games that can be made live on Betpoint?

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live BlackJack
  • Live Texas Hold’em
  • Live Caribbean Stud

Betpoint Mobile: the app to play from smartphones

A very interesting job Betpoint Casino did it with its mobile apps, because it is evidently an aspect in which this online casino believes and on which it is investing a lot.

We know that most of the game portals now makes available to mobile applications to play from smartphones, but there are not many as Betpoints that offers 6 for Android and 4 for iOS, a certainly important number that divides very well for apps The game offer exactly like the sections do on the site.

What are the mobile apps made available by Betpoint?

  • App Betpoint Skill Games – disponibile per iOS e Android
  • App Betpoint Slot-Machine 2 – disponibile per iOS e Android
  • Betpoint Seven and a half apps - available for iOS and Android
  • Betpoint betting app - available for iOS and Android
  • App Betpoint Slot-Machine 1 – disponibile solo per Android
  • App Betpoint Poker - Available only for Android

Betpoint: connected payment methods

But we all know very well that the quality of an online casino does not depend only on games and bonuses or mobile applications, because there are much more important practical peculiarities than it seems as for example they are the payment methods made available by Betpoint Casino for make all financial transactions.

Is it not just a matter of comfort in carrying out operations in the way we are most used, but above all it is a question of security that we will deepen shortly, and as if the Betpoint quarry about it?

What are the payment methods contemplated by its platform?

  • Credit/ debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro).
  • postepay
  • paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Postagiro
  • Postal
  • Charging card

Betpoint Italia: let's talk about security

Clearly a very important understanding in the in -depth analysis of the offer of an online casino is that relating to the level of Safety Which is able to offer its users, they remember that there are several ways to understand the safety of a portal and that they are all very important.

The safety of the Betpoint Casino portal itself is guaranteed by its certifications, as we said at the beginning it is a portal with ADM license And this already acts as an official seal on its general security state.

Very similar speech is that concerning the safety of payment systems, which is another meaning of fundamental importance and which is in any case guaranteed regardless of what are the safety systems of the services that manage transactions.

Last but certainly not for reasons of importance is the level of security that directly concerns the player compared to all the risks that gambling activities involve how for example the ludopathy, towards which Betpoint like all authorized casino Adm offers The responsible game campaign.

Betpoint Contacts: Customer Service

Staying on the fundamental practical aspects in the correct analysis of an online casino we have to go to see how Betpoint Casino's customer service is doing when something goes wrong and we need answers to solve our problems.

Betpoint seems to be doing very well, the methods are manifold and the hours of activity are absolutely very generous, as well as assistance (both telephone and email) proves to be as courteous as it is effective and acts in actually narrow times.

Betpoint Casino s

  • Email: using the address [email protected]
  • Telephone: by calling the American number +39.080.573.9765 from 9.00 to 19.30 during the weeks and from 9.00 to 19.00 on Sundays and holidays.
  • Fax: using the number +

Betpoint classical version: our opinion on Betpoint Casino

Here we are to get to the final jokes of this review with which we discovered all the characteristics that make Betpoint Casino a special game portal, an American reality that puts under the same roof a difficult offer repeatable of possibilities of fun for all lovers of the game D 'Azzardo in general.

As we have seen the points in favor of this online casino are really several as very few are the weak points, which in truth practically do not exist: we had to be a lawyer of the devil in search of any flaw we find ourselves a lot in difficulty and perhaps We would focus on the finger on some sections of the casino area that could be expanded, but we are talking about improvements and not corrections.

For the rest we have a rich, safe portal, with an interesting bonus policy as far as they are currently partial and with an abundance of mobile applications made available for free of all: and these are just some of the highlights concerning the portal, which in Its complex is really excellent.

What to tell you more? As we wrote at the beginning of this page we are always very happy to review value online casinos and even more we are when it comes to realities born and grown in USA and expressly dedicated to us, who are the people of American players and that We have tastes that only a 100% made in USA portal can understand.

Betpoint Casino is a reason for pride for all of us, and we advise you to find out immediately!

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Is Betpoint bonus policy so rich?

    We all agree that the perception of "wealth" or "poverty" of a promotional policy is somehow subjective, but it is really difficult not to consider the one made available by Betpoint a real multitude of bonuses And promotions: welcome bonus, game bonus, very rich VIP program, what can you want more? It is true that the game bonuses are not always varied as in other casinos, but a minimum is always available a deposit bonus usually equal to 100% of the paid amount, which in our opinion is always and in any case a good start.

  • 🚀 How many slots and casino games on Betpoint are?

    By deepening our review will be completely clear how Betpoint is born from sports betting and is still generally known first of all for his sportbook, but it is also true that his mess over time has been enriched at truly top levels coming to count More than 400 slot-machine And more than 500 games in total: a catalog of level casino games to which are also added a section dedicated to poker and one where to find all the live tables. In short, Betpoint was born yes for sports betting, but it is now also a real top quality online casino.

  • 🚀 Is it complex to proceed with the registration on Betpoint?

    The registration process on Betpoint is absolutely very simple and really takes place in very few steps: the personal data necessary to carry it out are the most common and the compilation of the form requires very little time, the same is valid for the combination of the favorite payment method, which The first payment is then immediately available to make it (if you wish). The validation of the account will then take place later once a copy of the requested documents will be sent, but it is an operation that must not necessarily be done immediately and that does not preclude the possibility of using the platform in the meantime.

  • 🚀 What are the methods available to Betpoint customer support?

    The speed and effectiveness of theBetpoint customer support It is one of those practical details of the platform that we liked very much and that we consider an added value abundantly described on this page. Customer service is not only fast and decisive, but also very courteous and prepared and can be achieved using the favorite method between emails, telephone or fax by relying on very large working hours that make the support service that can always be reached.

🚀 Is Betpoint bonus policy so rich?

We all agree that the perception of "wealth" or "poverty" of a promotional policy is somehow subjective, but it is really difficult not to consider the one made available by Betpoint a real multitude of bonuses And promotions: welcome bonus, game bonus, very rich VIP program, what can you want more? It is true that the game bonuses are not always varied as in other casinos, but a minimum is always available a deposit bonus usually equal to 100% of the paid amount, which in our opinion is always and in any case a good start.

Betpoint Casino