Merkur Win review | More than 1,000 reasons to love him, in addition to his bonuses

Merkur Win Review
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  • Good senza deposition
    Bet requirement:
  • Welcome bonus package
    Up to $ 630
    Bet requirement:


🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 1957


💬Chat 10.00 - 17.00
📞Phone +39.02.3045.0230
e-mail [email protected]
Many bonuses for all sections
More than 400 slot machine
Excellent selection of live tables
ADM certificate
Site in American
App Mobile solo per poker
Some play areas to be expanded

If we meet here together today is for this brand new review Merkur Win with which we decided to enrich the "collection" of all the "collection" of all more precious piece Best online casinos.

We are talking about a reality born in Germany in the distant 1957 and which over the decades developed until we landed in the world of online game, in which it has been successfully moved from the beginning, going strongly with a great experience and a very serious attention to the news technological.

Merkur Win's website offers a great variety of game options ranging from the most typical gambling to sports betting and is a very well structured site in which it is definitely very simple to reach any possible area of interest.

Considering the importance of its catalog as that of its brand, Merkur Win operates in our country in a totally legitimate way going strong in the Gad 15099 authorization of Adm and of that 6233/1/9595 of SIAE, which in addition to regulating its activities attest to its total safety and absolute respect for the major regulations for the protection of the user.

But its ever -growing success in USA is also due to an excellently made site in our language that it really allows anyone to find themselves at ease once on the platform, ease which is then enriched by many bonuses and by an offer games that such as We have seen is very very rich.

But time at the time, we go step by step and start discovering Merkur Win in detail, the newcomer among our reviews of Casino Online And the next online casino to give a test!

Merkur Win Bonus: Excuts all bonuses

Bonus, entrance bonuses, no deposit bonus, special promotions, Free spin... these are the words that run in the head of a player the first time he goes to browse in the offer of a new online casino and these are the first details that we go to check in our reviews.

The only question that matters right now is: as if Merkur Win gets out of promotional policy?

As we know, there are several ways of developing their promotion activities and the two most popular tools are precisely welcome bonuses and gambling bonuses, which are also the first elements of the Merkur Win offer that we will discover.

Merkur Win welcome bonus

Speaking of entry bonuses (or welcome you want) Merkur Win has decided to reward new users by offering them not one, but two possibilities to make sure that the prize comes exactly where the player is the more active and the more he can feel awarded null

There are a Welcome bonus Reserved for the Casino area of the Merkur Win portal and one instead referred to the betting area, for all the details you can see below:

Casino welcome bonus

When we carry out a first top -up for a minimum of $ 20.00 we will have the opportunity to choose the bonus dedicated to this game area, immediately obtaining a 10% bonus on the first deposit carried out up to a maximum of $ 50.00.

Then when we find ourselves for the first time to play the slot machines in the Casino section we will automatically unlock the remaining part of the welcome bonus to which we are entitled, or another 100% bonus on the sum paid to the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 500.00.

Welcome Bonus Betting

If at the time of the first top -up with a minimum of $ 10.00 we will choose instead for the Bonus Bonus betting, we will see each other immediately recognizes a 50% bonus on the amount paid for a maximum of $ 75.00 to be used in the same section null

Also in this case, a second part of the bonus, equal to 50% of the amount deposited up to a maximum of another $ 75.00, will also be paid once bets on multiples on a minimum of three events with a minimum share of 1, 80, whatever the outcome.

Bonus $ 5.00 Additional

Whatever the entry bonus with which you choose to be rewarded you will then have the right to further recognition of $ 5.00 as soon as you send all the necessary documents to validate your account and you have made a first top -up for a minimum of $ 10.00 null

We take this opportunity to point out to you that the account validation procedure will still have to take place no later than 60 days from the date of opening of the account.

Game bonus

Merkur Win's bonus offer then also expands to the game bonuses with which it also goes to recognize prizes also to all other users who have been playing on the platform for some time now, also in this case it is bonuses relating to various gaming areas responding to the main tastes.

The game bonuses are promotions active only for certain periods and new ones always come out, those that we report below are therefore the offers present at this moment and are worth a lot to start by way of example.

Bonus Casino e Slot:

  • Spring Free Spin: a bonus up to $ 5,000.00 for a free spin race on pragmatic slots.
  • Thursday slot day: every Thursday a special cashback of 10% up to $ 250.00 on all WMG slots.

Bonus Poker:

  • Network rankings: by participating in the Velx ranking of can aspire to a special prize pool of $ 60,000.00.

Betting bonus:

  • X-Treme Betting Bonus: a series of special bets where you can also double what was aimed at.

Merkur Win Italia: the loyalty program

Another possible promotional method as we well know is the structuring of a loyalty program, or VIP that you want, but Merkur Win apparently decided to do without it because this possibility, at least for the moment, does not seem to be part of the Offer of this online casino.

It should be emphasized that it is so precisely now, but that it is not said that it does not change in the future since promotional policies, as well as everything else, are always in constant evolution.

Merkur Win Casino: all the games offered

As already mentioned in the introduction, Merkur Win's offer is not only very rich, but above all complete: there is everything we can expect whether our main way to have fun are the casino games that we like to bet.

The home page of the site is very simple and essential and it is therefore very easy to immediately access the desired section without wasting too much time to orient yourself: once inside, the time comes to enjoy the excellent organization of the content in subsections.

Let's see now what are the main content of Merkur Win.


Of course, the most interesting section for us is as always that relating to the casino games on the site, and it is a very large area and really well nourished as both titles and excellent examples of technological development of this sector.

Curious to know what are the main game categories in this section of Merkur Win? Here are it below:

  • Roulette: there are 4 roulette available, not many but really excellent on the software plane.
  • Blackjack: we can find a table for the BLACKJACK, even in this case, little choice but a lot of quality.
  • Board games: in this case there are 13 tables and you can find all the major games such as Baccarat, Caribbean Stud or HI/Lo.
  • Jackpot: we are talking about 20 other titles to play for consistent and continuously growing jackpots with.
  • Bar slots: there are 23 slots, a category a little different from the usual but no less fun slots.
  • Slot machine : In this section there are 422 titles and include an infinite number of crying software and other examples of excellent technological development.


The other half of the Merkur Win universe is undoubtedly its area reserved for Sport bets In which hundreds and hundreds of betting possibilities are made available to users for as many events always leaving (including a selection of live events) concerning all major international sports.

A peculiarity of this section, in addition to reserved bonuses, is the presence of extremely advantageous shares that are often multiplied to double thanks to the commonly promoted special events.

Casino Merkur Win: the Casino Live

To the whole offer proposed games, a little while ago, the one relating to the live rooms with which Merkur Win allows its users to play live, virtually reaching from the house of the real tables managed by Croupier real that operate in streaming, must also be added.

That of the Live Casino is one of the last real great evolutions of online gambling and Merkur Win did not find himself unprepared by offering 14 live tables with which to access all the main casino games, including in the particular:

  • ROULETTE live
  • Casino Hold’em Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • Live Monopoli

Merkur Win App: Playing from smartphones with the mobile app

Nowadays, an online casino cannot ignore its offer, also to the mobile applications with which to bring their catalog in hand -handed users through their smartphones: Merkur Win is doing well in this regard, but can do better.

At this moment a mobile app relating to sports betting is available on the site, an excellent software that is collecting great consensus, but you still feel the lack of a similar application for the Casino section.

Merkur Win: Which payment services are supported?

A practical aspect of the technological offer of online casinos that we review on which we are used to dwelling is that relating to the payment methods allowed by a game platform to carry out all the financial transactions that are of withdrawal or deposit.

On the variety and quality of the payment systems provided, the comfort and safety of users also depend on the time of operating any economic exchange, which comes by itself represents a moment of fundamental importance in the game dynamics.

How does Merkur Win behave about it? Very well, because it provides all the main credit cards as well as the most used digital wallets, such as:

  • Credit/ debt cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Bank transfer
  • postepay
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • JCB

Merkur Win Aams: let's talk about security

Another topic of great interest is necessarily the Safety that distinguishes a game portal, a concept that must be said has several important ways to be interpreted that range from the safety of the portal itself, in the case of Merkur Win guaranteed by the certifications presented in the introduction, reaching the safety of the economic transactions carried out on the platform null

Transactions is another form of security that is guaranteed a priori and that does not directly depend on the game platform, this is because economic transactions are protected by the safety systems of the payment methods that operate them, or financial companies of world importance capable of offering any protection to users.

A last way of understanding security, even this very well addressed by Merkur Win, is that of the safety of the user himself compared to ludopathy and all the possible variations of gambling dependence: the portal proposes the campaign to play in this regard Responsible with which to have access to many information and sources of assistance to get to know and better manage these pathologies.

Merkur Win reviews: Customer Service of the Site

To complete the overview of all the practical aspects of first importance, let's now see how the Merkur Win assistance service is close, an undoubtedly less flashy detail than the bonus policy or the game catalog of an online casino, but of importance basic in those cases in which we find ourselves a sudden to need answers from someone who is there to help us.

How do you evaluate an assistance service? To begin with the methods it offers to be ed, and then clearly from the speed with which we receive answers and from their quality: all aspects under which Merkur Win has nothing to envy to the most structured online casinos.

What are the ways to get in touch with Merkur's assistance?

Contatti Merkur Win

Active every day from 10.00 to 17.00 and reachable by:

  • Helpdesk: using the form available on the site.
  • Email: sending a message to [email protected]
  • Telephone: By calling +39.02.3045.0230

To all this is added the assistance section and its FAQs, a series of aid that very often allow you to solve the most common problems without even needing to get in touch with customer support.

I am somined to winmination: Internight: Alight opens as my surone after my wins

And here we are always reaching our final conclusions, the last jokes of a small journey that in this case allowed us to meet Merkur Win, an international reality that as we have seen has so much to say in the global panorama of online gambling.

There are many areas of light and few shadow observing this online casino as work and what we certainly liked, apart from the large reference catalog, is undoubtedly a simple but very effective bonus policy that allows you to reward each where The more he feels rewarded.

But we also like the practical details that distinguish this portal, such as the variety of permits payment systems or the reactivity of a serious and effective assistance service, even if as we have said there are some flaws that make Merkur win a perfectible platform: we refer In particular to some sections of the casino area that are a little scarne compared to the average or work with which to improve mobile apps.

Having said that we all know that what are the shadow points of today are the areas of improvement of tomorrow and everything is to how an online casino carries on its growth, aspect under which Merkur Win is doing only well and in Which of course seems to be promising.

What to tell you more? As always, it is all a matter of taste, after our analysis we can affirm you with certainty that Merkur Win is a rich, serious and safe portal ...

… Now it's up to you to give him an opportunity!

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Merkur win and legal?

    Many will sound like a superfluous question, but there are still those who do it: for this reason in our review we take the right space to explain that Merkur Win operates in USA thanks to the GAD 15099 authorization of ADM and that 6233/ 1/9595 of SIAE, and therefore not only is it completely legal, but also perfectly within the narrow national rules who legitimize only those realities capable of guaranteeing maximum respect and protection for their users and their personal data, allowing them to always have fun and only in a completely safe way.

  • 💚a Ings won the winter:icoposacaus the missteo?

    The Merkur Win bonus policy is so rich that it occupies an excellent part of our review, this is because the portal offers various welcome bonuses for all sections and A real infinity of game bonuses which allow you to live a very engaging and active user experience. The bonus program is missing, but we do not find a particularly penalizing flaw precisely because under all other points of view Merkur Win's promotions are rich enough to balance everything very well making the overall result completely positive.

  • 🚀 Merkur Win app Android and iOS, has a good job have been done?

    On the mobile applications front with which to enjoy the Merkur Win catalog even from smartphones on the move we can say that the work done so far is qualitatively very good, but perhaps it can be even better when the app offer will be wider: for now it is available , for free for both Android and iOS, An app relating to the betting section of the site, which turns out to be very well made and that we hope will face the way and inspiration also one for all casino games and one dedicated to poker that are still missing.

  • 🚀 Merkur Win: How to interpret discordant reviews?

    We know well that the web is full of information that is not always reliable and this is a problem that also concerns reviews of online casino, how to understand when it is appropriate to trust? We have a method through which we analyze every detail of the gaming portals, even the most practical ones related to their use, but more than anything else we only review realities that we have tried in detail: these we think are the real trappings that make a credible review , whatever the online casino we are talking about and including Merkur Win herself also the protagonist of this in -depth analysis.

🚀 Merkur win and legal?

Many will sound like a superfluous question, but there are still those who do it: for this reason in our review we take the right space to explain that Merkur Win operates in USA thanks to the GAD 15099 authorization of ADM and that 6233/ 1/9595 of SIAE, and therefore not only is it completely legal, but also perfectly within the narrow national rules who legitimize only those realities capable of guaranteeing maximum respect and protection for their users and their personal data, allowing them to always have fun and only in a completely safe way.

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