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Fowl Play Gold

Fowl Play Gold is one of the most loved slots, which after years still does not stop amaze and earn. Symbol Wil and Scatter, bonus, this videoslot is the hen with gold eggs, a bonus of up to 500 $, try it immediately is free!


Wild and Scatter symbol
High possibilities of winning
Ease of use
Funny sounds
RTP not exhilarating
Little innovative
No free rounds (free spin)

Main informations

Many have clicked "play" on the fabulous bonuses that makes Fowl Play Gold available, one of the Slot machine Most loved by video games of the best online casinos.

A game on the web that allows you to get advantageous prizes or simple fun with a fun hen that threw itself on the screen.

The Fowl Play Gold slot machine was known to the general public because it was present in many gaming halls, until she landed on the web mode.

It is possible to access you without any deposit, totally free in APK on Android or on the website.

Among the entirely American games products, it is one with the most fun symbols, in fact passionate about many gamers.

Read our review full of details to find out how to use Fowl Play Gold and earn by having fun with this video game, we will explain which symbols are used and their value when playing.

Rules of the game

Fowl Play Gold is made up of 5 rollers and 10 lines For a potentially considerable Bet winning.

By clicking on the "spin" button in blue you start playing. A screen will open where there will be the "Autoplay" and "Bet" keys.

The latter is used to set up with the number how much you want to aim while playing. After that the various payment lines are set.

The "game of the golden hen" promises to earn with its golden eggs.

Arranged in the center of the screen, Each egg has a different value.

Each symbol that a user could meet, has a meaning. Each version produced tries to stick to the previous one as far as possible without totally upset it. In fact, this software is often updated.

The minimum episode is small, only 20 cents of deposit, less than coffee in a bar, which allows you to start games to be successful starting from minimum investments.

3 equal symbols are enough To have a first chance of victory.

Developer and software

Developed by WMG, it was his fortune not only for the good winnings that promises both on the web and in the physical version, but above all for captivating graphics.

Furthermore, it is a real old style game So we would say vintage. The software house has also developed other interesting products such as Vikings Fortune, Luck, Haunted House and Aliens.

The Magly Electronics company is located in Padua and has dedicated itself to the production of these products since 1994, first those of bar and VLT paragraph 6a, then virtual ones.

Serious, reliable, it has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for quality management systems. In addition, he collaborates with CMS Gaming, an English house that gave life with Mag to Wmg Gaming.

Slot characteristics

As we told you, before having the casino winnings and having bonuses with this long -lived video game, it is mandatory to obtain 3 equal eggs in one of the laps.

It is of a truly disarming ease, it takes very little to learn how to work and start getting the first earnings, the free demo version without deposit is also possible.

When the rollers left you have to wait a few seconds to find out the result of the spin and winnings, after which it is possible to choose to keep some coils and continue to make others turn to have more possibilities.

If there are problems, it does not remember how functions and what to do: the rules are at hand. At the top there are three bars on a black background, accessing the hypertext connection you could review how functions.

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Payout and combinations

The payout for this type of machine bar is maximum of 74%, but in the case of the version of this review it is 90.2%, so there are many more chances to win.

With the bonuses, those who play this slot arrives up to 500 $ of payout.

It could also be used in the casino in "autoplay" mode, so as to be absent from the computer while continuing to earn. The number of spins to be performed are defined and in the meantime it is done.

Payment table and lines

To get the Bonus game 3.4 or 5 equal symbols are needed.

A hen will appear and based on the egg that will deport you will have the awarding of the prize. The highest value are silver, diamond or gold.

The reward should also be loaded on Visa paper previously indicated by the player, within 72 hours of the winning in gaming. Or you can continue to try the fate.

There are no tricks in gaming to get a winning bet, but the bonuses can help.

The best players often started with a free demo online and then started using real money. No player becomes a millionaire from one day to the next with this WMG Gaming product, but with time and without tricks one could come to have a considerable familiarity.

Combinations symbols

Symbolism recalls the rural life, in which the courtyard animals freely scroll through the allegra farm. And it is precisely from this bucolic image that the various figures present and its own that make the experience of use even more fun.

On the coils you will see an alternation of Factory themed icons except when the word "bar" or 7 Red will appear in above, attributable to the tradition of terrestrial game machines.

But what are these icons that appear and disappear on the display? Let's see the main ones together:

  • Wheat cob, rooster and bar: We associated these three figures because they have the same identical low value. We hope for you who often don't appear on your screen. But let's enter detail: if they focus on the maximum allowed of 4 $, seeing these representations appear only 40 cents for the combination of three, 80 cents if they appear 4 times in number. Finally, the maximum obtainable is 4 $, only if they appear on each of the five rollers. It goes without saying that a mere entry is the one that comes from them.
  • Bag of coins or chick: In this case too, the association is due to the same payment conditions. In fact, with the maximum episode and the bonuses allow you to get exactly the previous ones, but only for the combinations of three and four symbols. However, if they are on 5 rollers, the prize reaches 8 $.
  • number 7: the Red Seven, so common to players in the cafes, was already possible to find it in the ancient fruit machines, near the colored fruits. Typical of vintage games, it is worth more than those figures examined so far. With Max Bet the best result is 80 cents with a mix of three symbols; After that $ 2 are obtained with one of 4 in number, while the maximum is episode $ 10, only if it is on all the coils.
  • Sheaf: This image of nourishment and rural life can get the same result as the historical Red Seven if you see a combination of three, four or five.
  • Golden egg and wolf: they entitle the player or players the same quantity as Money, but with some differences. In fact, the first is a regular, the second is the wild. The proceeds are of an episode 5, 20 and 50 $, only if they are on the rollers from a minimum of three to a maximum of five times.

Which are instead the Special symbols?

  • The Wild: We have already met him is the great voracious eaten of poultry, the bogeyman of children: the wolf. Not only does it have a value independently, but becomes a joker to this purpose and capable of replacing everyone except the scatter, in order to be able to obtain the most profitable composition.
  • Lo Scatter: The white hen with golden eggs could only be the most important symbol of the game. How do you earn with her? A bonus game is accessed that allows you to reach a maximum win of $ 500. Just find it 3, 4 or 5 shifts.

Fowl Play Gold game bonus

As we said above, the Bonus Game di Fowl Play Gold It is The Chicken That Lays Golden Eggs, or the golden egg hen.

How do you present? Upon taking the "x" moment, a series of poultry will appear on the display on the display.

Based on the amount of hen symbols obtained, there will be three, four or five chickens perched on a nice bright trespolo. Each of them will continue the treasure, a beautiful egg of various types.

Diamond, white or silver, These are the three possible variations that will show themselves when the user has made his choice.

It will be an attempt with fate, there is no trick that allows you to find out what will be behind the feathered. The player's task is simply to focus on one or the other, hoping to obtain that type that has the highest value.


The Gallina slot machine can make you win up to 50,000 coins with the maximum bet. But it is very difficult, however it is more likely to be able to obtain small sums that then added to give a considerable result with a bet.

It does not give access like other types of super mega jackpot, but instead it allows you to have good results in the long run.

Free spin

In AAMS online casinos it is possible to find free spin but only on the basis of what they are arbitrarily established by them, Fowl Play Gold has no free spin among its characteristics.

For those who want to learn, it is more advisable to opt for the online free demo slot that allows unlimited possibilities of free spin.

RTP and volatility

The Fowl Play Gold RTP is 90.2%, enough usual in this type of vintage pastime that comes from terrestrial devices so in vogue for a long time.

Volatility is medium and this allows you to have frequent and small quantities of money thanks to the results that are achieved.

Theme and graphics

One of the strong points of this chicken coop is precisely the theme and graphics, although it must be considered by some obsolete given the modern effects of the other virtual experiences, in reality it is a "slot evergreen" here that never goes out of fashion.

Just think that the parent company has created a whole series of other similar video games precisely for the great demand recorded, and always with the same type of theme.

Nonetheless, this cheerful farm of the times that were never fashion. The experience in front of the computer or smartphone is fun and makes it joyful. What can you want more? And then with constancy you can get good performances.

Come vincere a Fowl play gold?

To earn money you have to activate the bonuses, otherwise you turn empty. But how to get there?

Some gamers have developed tricks, but we cannot ensure that it really works and always since the platforms make scrupulous checks to prevent them from exploited for other purposes or improperly.

But let's see the suggestions that the best gaming experts have given:

Press all the buttons simultaneously when you have to choose the poultry. In this way, confusion in the software should be created, creating a real small bug, and this would give access to concealed profit possibilities.

  • Straw trick: as soon as they light up, deselect them all. This should give access to higher payouts. But be careful, this bug could resolve in the latest versions.
  • The doubling: start with one euro and fifty, then point to 100. If you lose pass to 50 bets. Afterwards return to 100 and then 200 until it reaches. Reached 51 $ of prize and immediately lower by 0.50 cents.

We remind you that these tricks are not absolutely safe, for many they are real metropolitan legends, so you could earn how to lose.

Therefore we advise you to use them in the demo slot versions and if they work, then experiment with those in which you invest money.

Fowl Play Gold Free: play on the demo version to practice

For beginners who have yet to discover all the characteristics of this Fowl slot machine we highly recommend the use of the free demo slot.

Thanks to it it will be possible to try Fowl game tricks, learn how to dominate emotions during the game and develop a sense of the game safely and with the times everyone needs, without any stress.

The platforms that offer this possibility are many, some require compulsory registration, others are not, just press the "play" button and start, a real virtual gym where to practice free.

Play Fowl Play Gold with real money

Playing and being winning with this video game is possible. Not immediately, after a careful study because as we have shown you in this article, you have to be prepared, and of course have a lot of luck.

There are numerous online casino or website that offer this famous vintage style videooslot.

Some small attention will allow you to have fun and earn low impact, such as making short breaks while you are in front of videos, or smartphone.

In this way you can "detach" and have time to reason about your choices, continue or not, invest a certain amount of money or another.

Walking your legs, get up from your chair and then take back.

The luck of the online casino is that they have no times: 24 hours a day can be played wherever you are and in any outfit you use. Take your time.

To choose the right one for you, you will have to pay close attention, and choose a safe one with ADM/AAMS license and possibly with a good welcome bonus.

Conclusion: our opinion on Fowl Play Gold

Our opinion on the slot in this review is certainly positive.

Different from the usual videoslot that is seen around the net, he manages to conquer despite his simplicity.

Simple, intuitive, pleasant in many aspects, it is a moment of leisure to go alone.

The gameplay slot is really simple, so much so that it is appreciated by both the very young and the most adult people, it is also accessed with great ease to the bonuses, so that users are encouraged to continue the experience.

We recommend starting first with the free demo slot to get familiar, once you make free turns there, you can best use these games in the version with real money.

Don't let yourself be discouraged by the first unsatisfactory results, but give an extra chance to this fun game.

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