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To attract more and more people, in most cases the software providers insert special bonuses, objectives and animations to the latest fashion in their games. But this does not always prove to be a winning tactic.

The Starburst Slot and a crush test. Developed by netent, this slot online It is a simple product, but which has been able to attract the favors of many players. Shining colors and effective animations, they launched this slot in the Olympus of favorites from players around the world.

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Starburst Slot: features of a winning slot

The atmosphere that you breathe in the Starburst Slot is almost surreal. This online slot is considered one of the most successful masterpieces developed by the famous Software House Netent and is one of the most played ever.

The rules developed for this slot machine are simple and essential. As often happens with many other online slots, here too there are symbols with which it is necessary to go to compose certain combinations to win money or access the round bonuses.

The symbol most appreciated by the Starburst Slot players is certainly the Wild, a sort of joker that can facilitate the winning composition of the combinations. Furthermore, once released, it is able to occupy different positions on the rollers and in the lucky cases it can even cover an entire roller for fantastic winnings and free turns.

Graphics and game modes

Starburst Slot has always been considered a masterpiece from a graphic and sound point of view. Its quality spuries joy from all pixels and your elements are detailed like few others.

The stars that shine on the slightly blurred scenarios (deliberately) give life to truly exceptional environments. By playing this online slot you breathe a serene and tranquility air, a real cure -all for those who want to escape from daily stress.

How to win at online slot

In the Starburst Slot there are five rollers and three symbols are exhibited on each one, so in the screen we will have a total of fifteen images to be combined. Payment lines 10.

The value of the episode ranges from a penny of $ up to 1 euro round round. In the slot it is also possible to activate the comfortable function of "automatic game", which will make the rollers turn until the entire episode is exhausted. Possibly, the winnings will also be automatically credited.

The main purpose is to drop the star that explodes from above, hence the name Starburst, which is a sort of joker symbol and in most cases it guarantees excellent winnings.

Starburst Slot: round bonus e free spin

There are several game modes offered by this slot machine and who have passionate about millions of players all over the world:

Win in both directions:
In most online slots, you will have to combine symbols along a line from left to right. In the Starburst Slot, however, the winnings are paid both from the left and from the right. This increases the chances of winning and makes this online slot the favorite of many players all over the world.
Wild mode:
Wild that appear on the Starburst Slot can also expand, to activate the free spin function. Every time a Wild expands, it can cover an entire roller and the symbol will remain in that position even when the rollers resume turning.
Free spin:
The free spin function can be activated up to three times, which is more than enough to ensure excellent winnings, without risking a single cent of your capital!

In short, there is always fun with this online slot!


Starburst Slot is the most popular game in the world developed by NetEntnull Despite having arrived on the market in 2012, it is still one of the most played online slots of our day and it is easy to understand why.

The game is graphically wonderful and the fluid animations hide its age well. Although the gameplay is very simple, it is also incredibly rewarding, but also surprisingly profound in its bonus features. Take a tour today and join the millions of players who had fun playing Starburst Slot.

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