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Starvegas Review

Starvegas is a sporting and game betting site that has satisfied our needs and is one of the leading sites in the sector. We appreciated the welcome bonus and promotions. The platform is simple and efficient. In short, a success in our opinion!

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Here we are again to talk about Casino online presenting one that we must say was missing among the pages of our site, Starvegas Casino.

The first thing you notice as soon as they entered the Starvegas portal is the extreme simplicity with which the site presents itself, so rich in contents as well as well rationalized in a very simple and effective system of sections and subsections.

The site is available entirely in American, which has clearly favored the spread of Starvegas in our market, also thanks to the perfect regulation that makes this Casino Online totally legitimate thanks to certification n. 15231 issued by ADM who authorize him to operate in USA.

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Starvegas was born in 2006 in Malta by the will of the Greentube Malta, the gambling company that has created and marketed this portal which is now also part of the Novomatic group, world -class software house that clearly hosts all online casino all more innovative titles published.

In USA Starvegas began to operate in 2012 and since then it can be said that it has met a constant growth that has projected it by right in that group of online casino that can come with a good reason considered the real top 10 of the portals of Games active in our country, a position that clearly also had to mean its insertion in our selection of the best online casinos to which American players can refer.

But now enough with the introductions and we immediately enter the heart of what Starvegas has to offer to its users

Starvegas bonus: all the promotions present

As always, the first aspect in which to move our analysis is the policy of bonus Promoted by Starvegas, whether we mean the promotional action made to attract new users thanks to the so -called welcome bonuses, that that move to reward those who instead always prove to be faithful to the platform through all the game bonuses.

As we will soon see the Policy of the Starvegas Casino bonuses is in any case very rich and all for the benefit of the players, which of course is one of the first reasons of success for this portal that knows well, as we also know, that i Bonus are always one of the first important aspects for attracting users' attention and consent.

Curious to know how structured this bonus policy is? And we are very curious to tell it!

Welcome bonus

The offers dedicated to new users are different and all very attractive and together they form a "welcome committee" certainly very convincing that has contributed so much and is contributing to the success of this online casino.

What are the promotions reserved for new users on Starvegas?

Let's see them in detail:

  • Registration Bonus: Get a $ 30 bonus 60 Free spin Simply by completing the registration and checking your new gaming account.
  • Profit boost bonus: all new users get a 100% extra bonus on their first bet.
  • Welcome bonus: just make the first deposit to be recognized an extra bonus of 100% up to $ 300.00 as well as 30 free free spins.

Game bonus

As mentioned, the Starvegas bonus policy does not stop only for welcome because many game bonuses are obviously granted while our business on the site continues.

The bonuses proposed have a periodic duration, so now we report some of those present at the moment with the explicit purpose of using them here also by way of example how Starvegas is used to dealing with these promotional dynamics for the benefit of its users.

  • New weekend bonus: to celebrate the arrival of the weekend, special prizes are offered every Friday on all the most popular games.
  • Sunday classics: every Sunday all the most classic games give access to a special bonus of 30 free spins.
  • Invite a friend: for each player who brings a friend to registration, $ 50.00 in bonus are recognized for each new user registered.

And these are not precisely examples of bonuses that are periodically changed, however, always leaving the maximum convenience and liveliness to users, who always have a new promotion to meet.

Casino Starvegas: the proposed loyalty program

Starvegas' promotional action does not end with the bonus chapter because it continues parallel to our game activity through the VIP program promoted by the portal to reward us as we play.

Starvegas Casino's loyalty program works in a very simple way: every $ 2.00 that we play in the mess we get 1 point in exchange, as we get one every $ 0.40 that we play at slot-machine.

Every month the total of the accumulated points is recalculated by giving us the right to any advancement in the ranking of the loyalty program that is structured as follows:

  • Bronze level - Starting from the first accumulated points, no bonuses
  • Silver level - starting from 5,000 points, cash bonus $ 3.00 per month
  • Gold level - Starting from 5,000 points, cash bonus $ 7.00 per month and 50% of the more points
  • Platinum level - starting from 55,000 points, cash bonus $ 20.00 per month and 100% of the more points
  • Diamond level - Starting from 180,000 points, cash bonus $ 100.00 per month and 100% of the more points
One aspect of this promotional system that we like very much is that the loyalty of users does not reward "one -off", but that it becomes a monthly resource on which to always rely on and that we will see growing with the intensification of our game activity. An uncommon system that we find very intelligent.

Starvegas: the games catalog to have fun with

But let's take a later step and finally enter into the merits of the true offer of Starvegas Casino, that is, that of the games that populate the many and well -organized sections of the site.

As always, this is the central topic, because no promotional campaign can ever be effective enough if the catalog of games made available does not prove equally valid for wealth and quality.

The sections in which the site is made up are many and very well rationalized and we will use their own logic to illustrate in detail everything that can be found in the portal:


It is the first of the sections that are proposed to us by entering the site and is separated probably by virtue of the immense number of titles that are collected here, which are almost 200 and collect all the types of Slot machine imaginable both in terms of operating rules and of technological level.

There are also many titles with which to aspire to very important jackpots, as well as subsections with which to immediately identify both the slots with the highest prizes and those that require the most contained games suitable for everyone. Another time again a real victory just to begin the organization of the contents.


The casino section instead presents itself a little more scarn than the municipality with only 8 tables, but it takes place because many of the contents usually included here are present in other subsections, leaving in this all the titles that we are most commonly expected to find in a casino area null

Some examples? Here they are to you

  • Starvegas Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • Grand Hold’em


To collect all the variants of this game there is a special section in which you can find another 14 tables with all possible variants and differences in entrance tokens, an organizational choice that rewards fans of the genre and that makes it easy to keep it below 'Watch out all the possibilities relating to this title.


Even the greatest classic of the green table enjoys a section in itself in which to find 9 dedicated tables with all the main reference variants including:

  • Auto Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • ROULETTE live


It is in a way a separate universe that of Sport bets, which on Starvegas have a section dedicated to them in which they can literally find hundreds of events of any kind with which to have fun enjoying truly special shares.

As visible even just at a first glance, Starvegas is an online casino that is definitely more oriented towards gambling, but the reference sportbook is really excellent and for fans of the genre is a real institution.

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Starvegas It: Live Casino to play live

An element of quality that could not be missing on Starvegas Casino is the section dedicated to live games, those with which it is possible to play live on real tables enjoying 100% of the last level of user experience landing in all the most advanced online casinos and important.

There are the remarkable number of 26 live tables on Starcasino and it is possible to find us inside all the most popular general ones including:

  • BlackJack Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • ROULETTE live

Starvegas Mobile: apps to play anywhere

To respond to the ever -growing need to make available to users of the mobile application with which we can play from smartphones wherever we are, Starvegas Casino has made available an app both for iOS and Android devices with which to have access to all the slots available on the site.

The app is very well done and offers a very complete and fluid user experience, but perhaps by comparing this offer to that of other online casinos we can say that it is an area in which Starvegas will be able to develop further in the future by offering more apps for all Sections of the portal.

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Starvegas Casino: all the planned payment methods

Continuing in the analysis of all the practical details of which the Starvegas casino is made, let's then take an eye to what are all the payment systems allowed by the site with which to carry out the cash in and cash out operations in a simple way , quick and above all safe, respecting your habits as much as possible in online transactions.

What are the payment methods supported by Starvegas Casino? Let's find out closely:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • paypal
  • Neteller
  • postepay
  • Skrill
  • Skrill One Tap
  • Paysafecard

Starvegas Opinions: all possible security

But let's get to a point of fundamental importance now: what does Starvegas casino do for security? Is it a portal that we can consider to a good reason safe?

Starvegas is very safe and is committed to all fronts to guarantee its users the maximum protections from all possible points of view, among which there are three that we always consider of primary value to the point of being ingredients essential for quality general of an online casino.

What are these three aspects of security proposed by Starcasino? Here they are briefly explained here.

portal safety

The first level of security to be considered in a game portal is that relating to the portal itself, that is, the need that respects all the technological trappings necessary to allow users to play by being protected upstream by the portal that hosts them: a level that is guaranteed From the certifications that legitimize in the online casino, in this case the ADM license that can only be obtained when this safety is guaranteed.

Transactions safety

It is the second level of security and concerns the protection of all the financial exchanges necessary to operate on the game platform, in essence we are talking about the safety relating to the Cash in and Cash Out operations which is instead guaranteed upstream of payment systems used.

It is naturally of primary importance that is treated in a totally satisfactory way enjoying the protections guaranteed by those who are in all respects of the real giants of finance that have their first reason in safety to exist.

Player security

Lastly, we mention it but in truth it is the most important aspect for us: the one that worries about the direct protection of users towards those who are all the very serious risks related to addiction to gambling that can epilogue in ludopathy.

Starvegas like all Certified Casino ADM offers the campaign it plays safe through which to obtain all the most important information and advice with which to recognize and face all the simplest and most lighter symptoms that unite the situations in which the pleasure for the game risks becoming something else.

Starvegas Contacts: Customer Service

There is still another important topic in the general evaluation of an online casino and is the one inherent in the quality of its customer service: a resource certainly secondary when everything is fine but which instead becomes a priority when we need answers instead.

How do you evaluate the quality of an assistance service? How if Starvegas get away in this regard? The evaluation takes place so much to begin by taking into consideration how many and what are the methods contemplated to get in touch with customer service, aspect in which Starvegas casino undoubtedly excels remaining available every day from 8.00 to 22.00 except Sunday and holidays in which it is You can get in touch from 8.00 to 15.00.

How can you Starvegas assistance? In one of the following ways:

  • Telephone: By calling +39.045.4580.214
  • Email: Referring at any time at [email protected]

Starvegas Reviews: our final opinion

And here we are always getting to pull the final conclusions with which to summarize what is discovered and told in this review Starvegas Casino, which has allowed us to discover another high quality game reality that further enrich the range of possibilities for everyone further American players.

As we have seen, it is a rich game portal that offers extremely attractive bonuses, but which has also done excellent work from a management point of view by making available to users one of the best examples of organization of content beyond a more than complete selection of the best payment methods possible nowadays.

We like everything about this online casino, we like its technical setting as well as we like the general vision that is evidently behind: if forced to identify an appearance that can be improved "we point the finger" to the mobile apps, which probably could be enriched. What is there is excellently conceived but today as today perhaps more titles are needed with which to rationally divide the proposed contents.

In short, Starvegas is one of the online casinos that has convinced us most and now it is up to you to find out to see if it will make the same effect to you too!

Try it and let yourself be conquered.

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Starvegas slot machine and casino games, how is the games catalog?

    The one proposed by Starvegas, and described by us in our review, is A rather supplied games catalog Which is even more growing over time: it would be objectively improper to consider it on a par with the offer of the great "sacred monsters" of the online gambling, but we also talk about a younger portal at this moment, however, proposes hundreds and hundreds of titles among the What the quality really reigns supreme. Our general opinion is therefore that it will certainly be able to grow over time, but that it already has so much of which to make it happy.

  • 🚀 Starvegas bets has a quality sportbook?

    Another of the peculiarities of Starvegas is certainly the presence of a betting area that for many represents the reason itself to attend the portal: There are hundreds of sporting events of reference And they concern any possible sport among which football obviously holds an excellent slice, and the reference shares are always incredibly competitive. This without forgetting all the live bets that can be done practically at any time enjoying a very wide choice of events that start at every moment.

  • 🚀 Starvegas birthday bonus, is there still?

    At the moment it seems not to, even if as you probably know Starvegas has often proposed this promo with which to be rewarded on your birthday: a nice possibility, we admit it, and it is also a type of promotion that is often made available also available by Other platforms, but for us in truth the important thing is that the promotional policy of the site is in general winning and so it is. If you want to get an idea of how promotional policy is of Starvegas go to browse in the relative part of our review that we have dedicated to the subject.

  • 🚀 Starvegas Download Mobile App: can you also do from the site?

    To allow you to play with all its catalog also on the move using the smartphone, Starvegas has created A very well made mobile app which allows you to have access to practically the entire offer of the portal. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can of course be found on Apple Store and Google PlayStore available for free download, but if for some reason you think you prefer the download directed by the Starvegas website there is no problem, however, It is already ready for you on the portal page dedicated to mobile devices.

🚀 Starvegas slot machine and casino games, how is the games catalog?

The one proposed by Starvegas, and described by us in our review, is A rather supplied games catalog Which is even more growing over time: it would be objectively improper to consider it on a par with the offer of the great "sacred monsters" of the online gambling, but we also talk about a younger portal at this moment, however, proposes hundreds and hundreds of titles among the What the quality really reigns supreme. Our general opinion is therefore that it will certainly be able to grow over time, but that it already has so much of which to make it happy.

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