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Sweet Bonanza


Do you know Sweet Bonanza? It is by far one of the Slot machine More widespread and popular there are, a title known all over the world that we want to tell you in detail in order not to really leave it hidden any of the characteristics that have contributed to its enormous success in all the main online casino in the world.

Ready to find out how to win with this six roller slot and five "world" excellent lines, excellent pragmatic play? Also put comfortable because DOP will not be able to play this reading, perhaps even free by exploiting the many bonuses that often include this slot as the protagonist.

Let's begin.

Features of the Sweet Bonanza slot

Sweet Bonanza of Pragmatic play It is an medium -high volatility slot machine that offers an RTP of 96.5% and which is based on a 6 × 5 scheme, or with six rollers and five lines of game, a slot that presents itself with a very very graphics Pleasant and relaxing that somehow recalls Candy Crush, this is not so much about his success as of his easy identification.

Among the various most interesting features there is the possibility of playing one of the three speeds of the game, ranging from Normal to Turbo, going from Fast: you will choose the rhythm with which to try to put together at least eight equal symbols among those Which will go down to waterfall, this to meet a win, which in some cases is really high value and allows to obtain a real sack of money.

An important note is that the symbols do not necessarily have to appear in line every time to bring to a win, but they simply have to appear in the game quadrant, this trying to obtain above all the much loved lollipops, of whom four are already enough to get immediately Ten free laps as a bonus game: the free spin, the dream of every player who allows you to win money against free moments of game.

And it is precisely the bonus game that makes the difference with Sweet Bonanza, because this is how you can have access to the "win winnings", or the most consistent values: how to get it? Precisely collecting at least four licks to have ten free laps with which to exploit it, or even buying it 100 times the stake with a 20x multiplier.

Payout and combinations

Sweet Bonanza's payout is 96.51%, which makes it precisely a medium -high volatility slot machine compared to those that are the standards in the world of gaming: a feature that basically can be translated a possibility of winning less Frequent but much higher in terms of money than the other lower volatility slots.

What are the combinations of winning symbols? Here they are with all their sweetness, because in Sweet Bonanza reign supreme the greedy sweets there are:

  • Banana: from 12 leading to a payment of 1.6x compared to the bet
  • UVA: from 12 leading to a payment of 3.2x compared to the bet
  • Watermelon: from 12 leading to a payment of 4x compared to the bet
  • Plum: from 12 leading to a payment of 6.4x compared to the bet
  • Apple: from 12 leading to a payment of 8x compared to the bet
  • Blue oval candy: from 12 leading to a payment of 9.6x compared to the bet
  • Green caramel with diamond: from 12 leading to a payment of 12x compared to the bet
  • Square purple candy: from 12 leading to a payment of 20x compared to the bet
  • Red candy to heart: from 12 leading to a payment of 40x compared to the bet
  • Lick Licking (Scatter symbol): from 6 leading to a payment of 80x and unlock free laps
  • Caramella Bomba (present only in free laps): pays with a 2x multiplier to 100x

Theme and graphics

As already mentioned, Pragmatic Play for Sweet Bonanza has studied a graphics absolutely inspired by Candy Crush and therefore based on a world made of delicious delicacies both as regards the winning symbols (fruit, candies, lollipops and other desserts) and however instead It concerns the graphics outside the game lattice, in which cotton candy, candies, chocolates, cakes and ice cream reign.

Everything is represented in a very clean and welcoming way, a pleasant sensation that is accompanied by a very cheerful and light -hearted music and sound effects that another time still brings to the sweet flavor of a cart for ice cream that passes on a summer afternoon.

How to win at Sweet Bonanza

Among its various game functions Sweet Bonanza allows you to choose immediately with which number multiplier to play and based on the choice we make changes not only the possibility of winning, but also the game itself.

It is possible to choose a 20x episode multiplier, which, among other things, allows (at a cost of 100 times the episode) to buy the free laps mode, or it is possible to choose a 25x episode multiplier that also gives access to the symbol Scatter (the lollipops) with which to access the free laps.

There is also the possibility of playing using the so -called tulent function, thanks to which it is possible to win continuously by seeing all the symbols present, both the winning and all the others, remove from time to time, this until you do stop collecting winning combinations.

Everything we have just said is worth whatever the episode with which we want to play by choosing between a minimum episode of $ 0.20 and a maximum of $ 125 and in any case, by regaining the highest multiplier that is absolutely there which is 21,157x : a very large money value range that allows you to have fun every time any is the extent of our funding.

Sweet Bonanza: free spin and game bonus

We have already had the opportunity to explain several times how it is possible to obtain the free spin of Sweet Bonanza, or by collecting at least four run symbols (the lollipops that immediately offer 10 free spin) or by buying the free spin mode at a cost of 100 times their own Episode: The first possibility is accessible when we play by choosing the 25x game multiplier, while the second when we choose to play in mode with 20x multiplier.

As for the multiplier symbol, the bomb candy, as they descend its value, is added by multiplying the prizes obtained by how many times we have received it: another delicious possibility to achieve very substantial and to say the least very substantial prizes.


Here we are concluding this in -depth analysis on the beautiful Pragmatic Play Sweet Bonanza slot, a real bestseller slot that can be found in all the most important online casinos ever: a game that is making thousands and thousands of players win and have fun all over the world that choose it Both for his playability and for the great prizes that allows you to win.

But not only that, because one of the reasons for Sweet Bonanza's success is also his graphics, absolutely one of the most loved that there are ever.

Find out immediately, demo or real mode you want to choose to play.

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