How to play Lotto online: the best sites in USA

The lot is historically one of the Gambling games Most loved by Americans, a real element of the culture and tradition of our country.

Think, in addition to the game itself, of going to the receiver once a week to play their numbers but also to the films in which he appears, up to the Neapolitan grimace ...

Obviously the times change, the world goes on and we live in the internet society and the tradition could not resist the change: the receiver has given way to the PC and can be played directly from home on the internet.

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How does it work online?

This guide on the best sites is used to explain what this revolution consists of and how to continue playing the lot sitting on your sofa.

For some years now the agency that manages the monopoly of the game in USA (the ADM even if it is still known by the name of AAMS) has moved the draws on the internet, and even if there is still the possibility to go to the receiver and check the results on the Internet.

The interesting aspect is that even if Lattomatic It manages and coordinates the operations just open an account on one of the main American game platforms and start aiming.

It will only be enough to fill in the card on the web in the same way as the trusted receiver where to make your play, then checking the result both on the platform where it was played and on the official platform.

In practice, you will choose the numbers, the amounts that you want to put on the various combinations and the cities on which you want to make the episode, you pay directly using your account and just wait for the extraction.

There are the extractions on the classic wheels but also the legendary Superenalotto and the 10 Elotto, one of the most recent variants of the game and a whole series of activities managed by Lottomatica.

How to collect the lotto winnings?

In case you get a win by playing on the internet there are two variants in order to collect how much it is up to, depending on what has been won.

In the event of a "low" figure, that is, under 10500 $, the money can be accredited directly on their account on the chosen platform, after validating the relative extraction.

In the event of a high figure, i.e. greater than $ 10500, it will be necessary to proceed with a written request containing your references to a branch of Intesa San Paolo or at the IGT Lottery prizes office.

The procedure will be done within 60 days of extraction and then the AAMS will check that the card and data of those who submitted the request correspond.

At that point the sum will be credited to the winner's account.

You face these technical issues, now let's see how to choose the portal that will be a receiver in the Internet era and what are the game chances offered.

How to choose a site to play lotto?

The sites to have fun today are many, given that it is a function that the authorized platforms provide directly thanks to Adm, unlike Casino 'or betting on sport (football and tennis the most popular).

The important parameters when evaluating which platform to make their own receiver are basically the safety of the portal, which must be guaranteed by ADM, any bonuses that allow you to have fun without risk and the lotteries available to the player, to vary their chance of victory.

Let's start with what is the first point and discover them one by one:


Safety should be the first point to worry those who work on the Internet.

However, if with other types of gambles you have to pay close attention to where an account opens, with the lot it is possible to rest assured.

Because the platforms have the connection with the monopoly and make it feasible to play the card in fact it is necessary that they are certified ADM (license still known by the name of AAMS).

This means that the platforms that allow you to play Lotto, Super Enalotto and in general to the prizes managed by the State are always guaranteed and under the control of the state, so there are zero risks of scams or even simply loss of money because the platforms are unable to pay directly.

Bonuses and promotions

ADM certified platforms very often try to attract new players with many promotions, usually the most important to the opening of an account and related to how much money are deposited.

Although the promotions are usually oriented to the casino 'or sports betting, the best platforms where playing the lot on the internet offer a bonus that also allows you to participate in some competitions.

How much won it is sometimes bound and goes part of the balance on the platform, where it must be used in the casino 'or on sports betting such as those on football or tennis.

Available lotteries

The last factor to be taken into consideration by choosing your "online receiver" is the amount of available competitions.

In addition to the lot, in fact, the offer of the state monopoly also extends to Super Enalotto, 10 Elotto, and in the case of what are the best platforms also other competitions, or the various other state proposals on special occasions.

A novelty of the last few years is the arrival, on the platforms with ADM license, also of the scratch cards and win electronic, equal to those that can be purchased in the receiver but usable directly using their PC or your smartphone!

The best sites for playing the lot online

Now that we have the information on what are the parameters to evaluate when you decide where to open your account, let's see what we think are the best platforms.

We have chosen three, Snai, Sisal and Lottomatica, because we believe that they are the easiest to use, those where there are more important volumes and therefore offer the best promo.

However, we must say that since it is in all cases of ADM license, the choice remains above all personal, and other portals that offer these activities outside our list can also be excellent solutions.

The draw is however the national one managed directly by the ADM and therefore there is no risk that on a platform you can see a certain number and another portal appears another.


The first site we consider is that of the famous Snai, leader in bets on football, tennis, basketball and other sports.

Snai offers many other alternatives since these have passed from the internet receivers, and represents one of the best choices if you want to start.

The opening of the account is made in a few steps simply by entering their data and sending the documents, and immediately start to think about which wheels (Rome, Turin, Palermo, Milan, Florence, Naples, Bari, Cagliari, etc.) e What numbers to put in your system, also at risk 0.

In fact, the portal offers a 50% bonus up to $ 20 on the amount played in the first week of activity.

In addition to everything exposed, with the account on Snai you will also have the chance to divert what was won on the casino 'and on sports betting without having to make a new registration.


The second portal that we consider is that of SISAL, Another historical brand in USA.

Also on this portal you can participate in all ADM competitions but also in the casino 'Until sports bets with a single account.

Account that opens in a few clicks by entering their data and loading the documents in order to verify the account and be enabled for the withdrawal.

The bonus offered by Sisal is among the best in circulation, as it gives the chance to get 50 $, 40% of the above with the first top -up. The platform then tends to offer recurring promotions to members, sending such info directly to the players's email.


The last portal we review is that of Lattomatic, which in addition to managing the extractions directly has its own portal to focus on.

Although obviously specialized in Lotto, Super Enalotto and other competitions, the platform today gives the chance to aim for roulette, bingo, slot machine, or focusing on various sports such as football and tennis.

Like what happens with the other two platforms presented, the opening of the account is practically immediate, once you enter your personal info you have 30 days available during which to send your documents, and then be able to proceed with the withdrawal of what was won.

The extra who is offered to those who try the first time is $ 10 with a minimum value charging $ 10, therefore it is 100% on the first deposit.

Furthermore, at the registration of the document it is received with a package of $ 15 which also includes $ 1 to be played on the lotteries.

What are the online lotteries?

We have reached this point and we have not yet faced one of the most important points: in addition to the classic version on what is the tip? What are the competitions offered on American sites?

From the times when we went to the receiver to focus on the wheel of a city a lot has changed, the chances of fun have increased and also those of winning!

Let's see the various options we have today on the internet in addition to the classic sheet.

10 and lot

10 Elotto is one of the latest found in the family, and allows you to choose from one to ten values (hence the name) from 1 to 90.

The 20 winning numbers are extracted with three different drawing modes (every 5 minutes, connected to the wheels and instantaneous) and among these the gold and double gold number is then drawn, which give the possibility to win extra.

It is also possible to take advantage of the chance to participate in the draw of 15 extra numbers, among the 70s left after the first draw, increasing their chances of victory.

Scratch and win

Also Scratch and win By now they are part of what is the offer on the Internet, and can be purchased exactly the same way as the traditional receiver.

They are found in various cuts and in various types just equal to those that can be purchased in tobacconist, the only difference is that on the web it scratches with the mouse.

Depending on what are the winnings obtained, money can be obtained directly on the game account, or you will have to work in order to get the bank's payment, for example in the event of winnings that give the right to prolonged payments over the years.


Eurojackpot is a lottery that combines the whole European continent, similar to Superenalotto (7 numbers, 5 normal and 2 are chosen which are called Euro Number).

The draws take place on Friday and the potential win is really very very interesting.

Also in this case, those who focus online can see the money directly on the account of the casino or bookmaker chosen or will have to work in order to have the bank transfer on the account in the event of high figures.

The game of the lot

Let's get to the great classic!

The online lot works exactly as in the receiver, draws, cities and numbers are the usual of when you go to the receiver.

The draws take place three times a week on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays and are common for those who focus on the web and for those who make the system in the receiver.

Once the winnings have been checked, we will have to proceed according to the information that we have explained higher on how to get the payment of your play.

Other lotteries

In addition to what is listed there are many other competitions on the various platforms affiliated with AAMS and with the state monopoly starting from the super-enalotto.

This game, very popular a few years ago for the millions that allowed to win, includes a formula similar to that of the oldest brother but with a "unique" wheel on which, three times a week, six numbers are extracted and a joker.

The card that totals at least two correct numbers is paid, although the most interesting prizes are those with more values guessed, at least 4.

Other competitions in which you participate online are presented during the year on the chosen platform or directly on the official page of the competition

The best online lot bonuses

The casinos that we mentioned previously are not indicated at random as the best to play the lot and lotteries. In their welcome offers, in fact, they apply specific bonuses for this game category, which certainly will be able to throat each user interested in the drawing draws. In particular:

  • Snai It allows, during the registration of the game account, to select the Lotterie bonus. There is the possibility to redeem the promotion of the site also with the BB_Lotorie code. By deciding to choose this offer you receive 50% cash bonus up to a maximum of $ 20 on each lottery play made in the first 7 days from the registration;
  • SISAL It offers a welcome bonus that gives the opportunity to choose between Lotterie and Bingo. The promotion gives a 50% bonus on the first top -up, up to a maximum of $ 50. The CASH Fun provided for by the offer is divided to 50% on the Superenalotto cards and 50% on any other game of the Loterie and Bingo sections;
  • Lattomatic Give $ 10 on the first deposit (with minimum charging of 10 $) to play Lotto, 10 Elotto, Millonday. To obtain the promotion you must select the Lotto Promo and 10 Elotto when registering the game account and, then, perform the first deposit.

Tutti questi siti mettono a disposizione di chi gioca una pagina Termini& Condizioni utile per ottenere ulteriori informazioni su come riscuotere le vincite.

The advantages and limits of online lotto

Playing the online lot brings several undeniable advantages, first of all that of having a Online ticket officenull Virtual cards are simple to manage, just a simple mouse click to select the number you want to "blacken". The winning combinations can always be consulted in the appropriate "results" section hosted by the various Lotterie sites on the web and they come immediately accredited on the game account of the user.

The convenience of playing from home or from your smartphone also translates into the possibility of filling in one or more cards at any time you want it, without having to respect the opening hours of tobacconists. When information on game rules, they are always all present in the pages of the regulation, therefore if you have any doubts, just reread them or, if you are not the answer to your question, it is always possible to the assistance service.

I game limits For the online lot, they are the same as for physical cards and, in general, for gambling. The latter, in fact, is forbidden to minors and all the lotteries sites that respect the regulations imposed by ADM (such as Snai, Sisal and Lottomatica), They prohibit the game for children under 18null In order to promote the responsible game, moreover, the sites that offer the web lotteries also allow you to set independently Limits on the daily deposit, weekly e monthlynull Last measure, at the discretion of the user, provides for theautoesclusione of your account, a measure that you can choose as permanent or temporary.

The possible winnings of the online lotto

The winning combinations of the Lotto online are identical to those of the game with physical card. Gaming sites, however, the divide into two categories:

  • Low -end winnings;
  • High -end winnings.

In low -end winnings all amounts are included lower than $ 10,500 and are immediately credited to the user's game account. The same, according to the laws, are subject to withholding tax equal to 8%.

The High -end winnings, on the contrary, are all those who exceed the limit of 10,500 $ And to collect them you have to personally perform a collection request at a branch of the Intesa Sanpaolo bank. Alternatively, it is possible to send identical application to the IGT Lottery prizes office. During the procedure you will have to provide an identity document, your tax code and the identification number of the winning game. The collection process of high -end winnings, if each data provided is correct, ends within 30 days of sending the request.

Online lot: play easily from your furniture

In the year 2021 the internet game is essential from a mobile app, whether it is roulette or to focus on the final of a tennis tournament, super enalotto and various competitions were not an exception.

To focus from mobile you have two possibilities: one, the most comfortable perhaps for those who also have fun at the green table or with bets, is to use the app of what is the reference platform.

However, since it is not a product created specifically, it could be not very immediate in use, or some info could be missing.

The second option is to install the appropriate app developed by ADM, it works perfectly, reports the possible win in real time and placing the game is immediate.

The problem using the ad hoc app is that as many apps are available as there are games, one for basic, one for the 10 Elotto, one for the euro jackpot.

However, this is the best choice for those who focus regularly and want to have everything under control.

Lotto conclusion online

Thus we arrive at the end of our guide-record on this great novelty.

It is clear that the new mode does not replace the receiver in full, but it represents an alternative certainly more comfortable for those who are still linked to the more traditional among the American fortune games.

From what we have been able to appreciate, there are only advantages to moving your personal receiver online: you aim when you want, how much won it is communicated immediately and you always have the necessary info.

In addition to the main online competition, winnings can also be obtained with the draws of Eurojackpot and Super Enalotto, as well as having access to what are the scratch cards on the market.

In addition, those who also love to aim for the green table or bet on football, tennis or other sports will also be able to use the account for these activities without having to make money between the various portals.

If you still were not convinced, you cannot give that a tip: try to record an account on a platform, it can be performed in a few clicks by entering name, surname, date of birth and some other info and you immediately ready to place the own episode by exploiting the welcome promo!

If you want to discover other games, read our guides:


  • When do you play the lot?

    You can participate in draws every day in any hour with the exception of the day of the draw itself, in which the episode closes at 19:30. Farewell hours of the receiver, with the internet we are aiming when the inspiration comes!

  • How do you win at the lot?

    To win at the lot, you must guess what the extracts will be on a certain "wheel" (historically connected to an American city).

    Based on what are the chosen combinations, it is possible to win with 2, 3, 4 or 5 values guessed.

    Unlike the casino or betting on football and tennis in which the amount won is predetermined, with the lot depends on how many people will be winning in a certain extraction.

  • When are the draws of the lot?

    Lotto draws are Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays.

    If someone wanted to play in other moments, other prize competitions are available such as the scratch card, the results of which are immediately seen.

When do you play the lot?

You can participate in draws every day in any hour with the exception of the day of the draw itself, in which the episode closes at 19:30. Farewell hours of the receiver, with the internet we are aiming when the inspiration comes!

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