Fivebet Review | The American casino with crazy bonuses and a thousand games

Fivebet Review
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📞Phone 081.528.86.33
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Let's go back to this site once again to present you an online casino that could not be missing, Fovers, a portal in great growth in USA.

If you are our usual readers, you know well how much attention we pay on the realities born in our country, and Fivebet is among these since it was born from Vincitu Group S.r.l to submit to the closest ADM regulations through the GAD 15201 authorization that not only legitimizes the operations , but which also certifies the full respect of all the safety traits.

The portal is naturally in American and is quite easy to navigate, the offer is wide but well rationalized, which makes it easy to reach any desired content, whether it is the casino area with its games or that bet with its sportbook null

In short, as we can see of characteristics to be analyzed to discover up close Fivebet there are many and we are here on purpose to illustrate them all, from its bonus policy to its games catalog, focusing as usual even on all the most important practical details of the portal.

🎰 casino Fovers
🎁 Welcome bonus Unavailable
🎲 games Slot machines, casino, card games, sports betting, scratch cards, lotteries, poker
🇮🇹 License Sì, ADM/AAMS

What about more? Fivebet proved to be very interesting and we decided to make it part of our selection of all Casino Online that we met and reviewed for you over time.

Let's start with our journey to discover the American game?

Fivebet Bonus: all bonuses offered

From what world and world the first detail that is discovered and revealing a new game portal is its promotional policy and all the bonuses that it has to offer to its users, both to new ones in the form of a welcome bonus and a All the others through the game bonuses.

As we know, the policy of the bonus of a portal speaks volumes about what is the way of looking at its customers and now you have to find out how Fivebet behaves in this detail of fundamental importance.

We tell you immediately, the result is certainly very good and now we tell you specifically starting from what is the prize reserved for all new users who decide to give confidence to the platform.

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Fivebet welcome bonus

We know that after our premise this news will sound strange, but Fivebet does not have gods Welcome bonus, or at least he did not have them at this moment, leaving a door open on possible future changes.

It is normal that it is a bit surprising not to see any entry bonuses recognized and we are sure that many people have not taken this detail at all positively, but it is also true that the bonus policy of a portal can be managed in particular and That explains everything.

Is it a detail that "disturbs" us? No, surely it amazes us but we have our explanation that we will share immediately with you.

Game bonus

And it is precisely in the game bonuses paid by Fivebet that we see the explanation of the choice seen a little while ago, because what is proposed to users is a promotional policy not only very rich, but above all varied to the point of actually rewarding any game activity is Your favorite.

The game bonuses are many and divided by area of the site, and this is the same way that we will present them to you to give you an example of how the portal behaves in terms of bonuses, remembering that these are temporary promotions that update in time.


The game bonuses dedicated to the Casino section of the site present on Fivebet at the moment are the following and as you can see they go to reward users in so varied ways as we are rich in the game experience on the platform:

  • Magic Travel: a special classic for playing six slots with an additional prize pool of $ 2,000.00 $ and 100 extrabonus.
  • Crazy Farm: another classic to play six other slots with an additional prize pool of $ 2,000.00 and 100 extrabonus.
  • DANGEROUS CANDY: Six slots with which to climb a special ranking and aspire to an additional prize pool of $ 1,000.00.
  • Battle for Glory: six slots to aspire to 100 bonuses for a total value of $ 1,500.00.
  • Epic Stones: Six slots to aspire to 100 bonuses for a total value of $ 1,500.00.
  • Funny Derby: many slots to chase 150 bonuses for a total value of $ 2,500.00.
  • Empire of Fun: many games to aspire to 100 special bonuses for a total value of $ 2,000.00.


Even the bonuses inherent in the poker section are many and very rich, but above all they have many ways to contribute to the special benefits that lead to the lucky players who manage to make them.

What are the bonuses intended for poker? Here they are:

  • Tournaments with guaranteed prize pool: large selection of tournaments with growing prize pools
  • Tournaments with Extra-Bonus: every evening at 9.30 pm a special tournament with prize pool and extrabonus
  • KO Tournaments: Knock Out tournaments that give the right to a special bonus for each eliminated opponent
  • Red Carpet: every week a special prize pool of $ 2,500.00 for a reserved ranking
  • Velox: tournaments with fast tables that also allow x6000 on the buy in
  • Super Sunday: every Sunday at 9.00 pm a special tournament with dedicated prize pool

Fivebet Casino: Is there a VIP program?

To complete this overview of its promotional policy we can also add that Fivebet do not take any VIP program for users of the portal, a choice completely in line with the one seen a little while ago in relation to the welcome bonuses that leaves full space to the whole bonus offer platform game.

Also in this case we do not think that it is a very serious lack, always because the promotional policy of the site is in any case rich and well done for at least heterogeneous of others "spreading" the prizes on various possible ways.

Fivebet Casino Italia: all games present

But the real offer that is at the center of an online casino is that relating to its titles catalog, which is then what is truly able to make a gambler satisfied with the portal that uses as a reference point to enjoy his passion null

As introduced also at the beginning Fivebet offers a real multitude of possibilities to have fun and are all very well organized in the system of sections and sub -sections in which the portal is divided, a system very similar to what we will use to tell you this offer in detail.

What are the main sections of Fivebet? How many titles are there in each of being? If they are quality titles? All the answers are below:


The casino area is as always the one that interests us and is a very rich and well organized game area in which the People's Casino brand reigns that provides the service.

Within this section there are obviously all the games that you would expect to find in an online casino and are in turn very well organized in a few clear under sections:

  • Video Slot: there are almost 500 Slot machine On the site and is a real triumph of variety and possibilities in which any type, regulation and style inherent in all the most famous slots in the world is collected proposed by the best software house in circulation.
  • Board games: there are 51 different tables, a real enormity if we consider what are on average the reference numbers of the other online casino and obviously you can find all the most popular games such as roulette, BLACKJACK, Baccarat, Casino Hold'em and dozens of other variants.
  • Jackpot: there are 34 games with jackpot and are mostly slots with which it is possible to aspire to incredible special prizes, at this moment the minimum jackpot is $ 451.00 while the maximum one is $ 1,99,000.00 And they are constantly growing.
  • Videopoker: in this case there are 15 titles available, not an exaggerated number but still higher than the general average, but it is not only a matter of quantity because the quality of the proposed software is truly first class.


The section VIDEO POKER Fivebet is almost a separate site, a totally dedicated area dedicated to this game where you can find everything that is available on the site: Sit and Go tables, tournaments, rankings, promotions, regulations and any other detail goes In support of this game from the many fans in the world.

It comes by itself that for many users it is this section the reason itself to attend the site and for how it was created, it is receiving many reviews and testimonies of plot.

Card Games

Leaving from what is most typically the offer of card games dedicated to the casino rooms, Fivebet also offers a section in which to find those titles that perhaps belong more to the real American game halls of the past.

A selection of all the games most loved in our part, in the particular 11 tables among which stand out:

  • Rummy
  • Burraco
  • Broom
  • Scopone
  • Briscola
  • Ace takes everything
  • Tressette

Other sections

But Fivebet's offer is certainly not limited to these games, there is also much more in which we will not enter in specific detail to leave a little surprise effect when you go to browse the portal, but in any case we are talking about others "Game families" in which to find hundreds and hundreds of more reasons to have fun.

From bets to bingo, to lotteries, all the more sections that you will find on Fivebet are as follows:

  • betting
  • Virtual
  • Scratch and win
  • lottery

Fivebet it: play live in the Live casino

A very important below section in the Fivebet offer is the one dedicated to all live tables, which as we know are the real great revolutionary event in the world of online game because they managed to further shorten the distance between the gaming experience of a mess digital and a traditional.

The live tables with which to play directed by Croupier Royal, being comfortably seated in their own home are 38, really many if we think of those who normally can find on most of the game portals.

What titles are there? An infinity, among which they certainly cannot be missing:

  • American Roulette Live
  • American Roulette Live
  • ROULETTE online
  • Black Jack Live
  • Caribbean Stud Live
  • Baccarat Live
  • Monopoly live

Fivebet App: le App Mobile per Smartphone

Going to discover the relationship between the portal and the mobile applications we can discover that Fivebet has made available to their public two different apps that we present below:

  • Fivebet Casino Mobile (available for iOS and Android)
  • People's Poker Mobile (available only for Android)

Fivebet Services: what payment services are supported?

We promised you that we would enter the specific merit also of the most important practical details of Fivebet and so we now presenting the payment systems supported by the platform to make all the main financial transactions, cash or cash outs.

As we know, this is a detail capable of making the difference not only in terms of convenience of the user experience, but also of safety, and is therefore of a primary importance.

What are the payment systems that can be used on Fivebet? Here they are:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • postepay
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer

Fivebet Sports Betting: Safety

In all our reviews we also leave room for all the most significant evaluations in terms of Safety, which is obviously a theme of priority importance to which nothing of all we have seen so far, because it would not be very necessary to be all this quality if Fivebet was not also an extremely safe portal.

By defining it safe, we mean that Fivebet is a portal capable of guaranteeing all the protections testified by the certifications and authorizations of which it is in possession, which guarantee a perfect user experience sheltered from any risk.

So it is also talking about financial transactions, which are protected by the safety systems of the providers who operate them, and so it is also for the users themselves towards what is the risk of ludopathy, a topic towards which Fivebet proposes a lot of attention and material of support.

Fivebet: customer support

Another very important practical detail in the evaluation of a game portal is then the one inherent in customer assistance that makes available to those situations in which there is a need to get in touch with someone capable of giving quick and exhaustive answers in front of the difficulties.

Fivebet's is an excellent customer service easily accessible with which you can get in touch using the following methods:

Fivebet customer support

  • Telephone: you can call +39.081.528.8633
  • Fax: You can send to +
  • Email: it is possible to write to the address [email protected]

Fivebet Opinions: our conclusions on Fivebet

Always with great regret comes the time to go and conclude our review leaving you with some last final comment about our experience with Fivebet, a game portal that we liked very much and that we are sure will grow over time.

It is not easy to assert yourself in an environment full of top players as is the world of online casinos and even less it is for those American portals that are having national and international giants as competitors, but Fivebet is doing well and is conquering more and more market and more and more consent.

It is from this determination, and of course from a site full of possibilities and prizes, which we see our optimism motivated by feeling sure of the fact that Fivebet will find itself both to grow where it is already strong as to improve in all those potential areas of intervention that They still attest to some bitterness.

However, we are talking about a portal that overall we liked it a lot and that we decided to insert in our collection without thinking about it twice because it is an excellent example of the Made in USA quality that we always interest it a lot to enhance: we have believed and we believe it, now It's up to you.

Fivebet really deserves a chance and it is up to you to grant it!

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📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Fivebet Bonus: Do you have a winning promotional policy?

    That of Fivebet is a promotional policy Very interesting because, as you can discover in detail with our review, the portal offers an innumerable amount of special prizes and promotions, but proposes them atypically. What do we mean? First of all that Fivebet turns out to be one of the few online casinos that do not include a welcome bonus for all new subscribers, which clearly is quite particular, all the more if on the game bonus front we find a derivative of promotions.

  • 🚀 Fivebet or Replatz poker? Where is the funniest poker?

    The Poker section of Fivebet is a real point of reference for the entire portal, a separate world in which only the rankings, tournaments, tables and special prizes expressly dedicated to this game so loved all over the world command. The quality put on the plate is such that many people often compare Fivebet poker To that of Replatz, famous for being a very compelling playing field: what do we think about it? As always, it is all about taste, it doesn't surprise us at all that someone prefers Fivebet.

  • 🚀 Fivebet or People's bets? Which one to choose?

    Continuing with the theme of parallelisms, another comparison that is often encountered is the one between the betting platform of Fivebet and that of the largest People's, which is certainly a first level portal but which again seems to represent a fairly risky comparison since We are talking about two deeply different platforms for size and corporate philosophy. What we can tell you for sure is that the Fivebet Sportbook is respectable and that collects a great number of users who arrive on the platform for that.

  • 🚀 Fivebet 24 hours of insured fun, but is it all true?

    Is it really true that on Fivebet there is the possibility to play 24 hours a day? The answer is absolutely affirmative, not just because His online casino He really never closes (not even the live!), But also because the same thing applies to sports betting: the reference events are so many that at any time of the day and night there is always the possibility to choose new sports adventures on which to bet enjoying quotas every time among the most competitive.

🚀 Fivebet Bonus: Do you have a winning promotional policy?

That of Fivebet is a promotional policy Very interesting because, as you can discover in detail with our review, the portal offers an innumerable amount of special prizes and promotions, but proposes them atypically. What do we mean? First of all that Fivebet turns out to be one of the few online casinos that do not include a welcome bonus for all new subscribers, which clearly is quite particular, all the more if on the game bonus front we find a derivative of promotions.

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