The best sports betting sites in USA of 2022

The best betting sites and of gambling They allow the player to have fun to the maximum, enjoying a pleasant and at the same time potentially profitable experience wherever they are.

Thanks to sports betting sites, today you can connect and make your investments from home, office or during a train journey with your PC or smartphone, also using dedicated apps.

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There are many betting sites, each with their own characteristics.

That's why the player, before registering and loading the bill, must carefully read the info, the terms and conditions.

But also to perform a quick evaluation relating to what are the sports available on the site, the deposit and withdrawal methods, if the streaming is present as well as to the welcome bonuses available.

How to choose the best betting sites?

Choosing among the best betting sites is difficult to date the large offer that there is day day online.

When we talk about sports betting, in fact, the player must carry out a rather objective and critical evaluation and see if Betting's laws are respected.

That's why a visit to the company's conditions and info page is always necessary.

In addition, the site that is perfect for one user, may not be for another. Everyone has their own needs and during the choice they must be taken into consideration.

For example, a player may prefer a high number of available shares, another instead a more substantial welcome bonus.

The same goes for those looking for the possibility of depositing and taking with Bitcoin instead of PayPal.

Within this guide we will propose a series of useful ideas to choose the best platform to play, where to register and thus start betting and watching streaming sport.

Offer: the catalog of available sports

The new customer of a betting site is always looking for a wide offer and a schedule as varied as possible.

This is because a good betting site must first entertain.

If the sporting events and the number of games are few, inevitably the user will go in search of something more stimulating elsewhere.

The best betting sites make the most important football matches available to its members, for example the Champions League, but also minor championships.

This both from desktop and app. Football, however, is not the only interesting sport, and here is a good Betting on the web portal must allow you to be able to make the episodes on sports such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and even niche minor sports that passionate many people.

Each Betting site usually offers a casino section on its portal. They also apply bonuses and dedicated prizes respecting the laws on the subject. Inside the player can find slot machines, poker and black jack rooms, roulette etc.


The theme of security is important when it comes to betting on the Internet, for this reason it is good to deepen it.:

When a user enrolls on a betting platform he must:

  • Enter your private data and send a copy of the identity document
  • Connect a current account or electron wallet to the platform
  • Make deposit and withdrawal transactions in a more or less recurrent way
  • Accept the tracking through cookies

That's why today the law throughout Europe is quite rigid when talking about safety and privacy.

All the best betting sites do everything possible to guarantee their members the best possible reliable service. How?
Through the installation of the SSL certificate, the platform thus guarantees its customers a safe data transmission.

In fact, all transactions are encrypted and this allows you to make safe transfers.

All bookmakers must have a license to operate in the area.

The only legal considered on American territory today is la licenza ADM (ex AAMS) Which establishes the conditions for playing, as protects the investment of each player, forcing the portal to follow precise rules.

Finally, today the computer security speech is also important, here is that a Betting site has to block cookies in advance and accurately inform its users of how your personal data is used.

To see the safest online casino, Click here.

Bonuses and promotions

There are many players who choose a betting site rather than another based on Bonuses and promotions made available.

In particular, the welcome bonuses, almost always with deposit, which allow to obtain up to 100% more on the first deposit made on the bookmaker account.

It is not money immediately withdrawable but, once the episode requirements are met, which change according to the casino, the virtual money offered as a bonus allows you to obtain real and withdrawable winnings.

There are also i Welcome bonus no deposit, however, the figures are decidedly lower (it is difficult to exceed 10 $) and the episode requirements also 20, 30 or 50 times higher.

Above all, they attract those who want to test a certain betting site without losing real money. They are a good alternative to free demo accounts, available only a few times within the bookmakers.

The platforms apply different conditions, that's why if the user visits the information page he can immediately know what awaits it.

There are many types of bonuses, such as VIP bonuses, bonuses for their birthday, or bonuses made for a single sporting event.

More information can also be found within our guide.

The best betting sites on the web, however, are not limited to pampering new subscribers, but also users already retained with betting bonuses aimed at all their visit.

Here always propose other promotions such as those on lost bets, or according to the number and value of the shares, or as already said small prizes for the day of birthday or in the case of substantial deposits.


The best betting sites are also evaluated on the basis of strictly technical characteristics, such as shares.

The share in the world of sports betting is the possibility that the outcome of a bet is favorable.

It is the bookmaker that determines it before each event. It is also used to calculate the value of a win, to do it the player must multiply the episode with the quota.

Some Betting on the Internet enthusiasts are always looking for the best odds. And it is normal in fact, because it is precisely a share that commands, under a certain point of sight, both the loss as the victory.

The best European betting sites in fact try to keep up with the times, offering the best possible shares both for football and for other types of sports.

In this way the user does not need to move from one platform to another to make the episodes on his favorite events but he can always rely on his favorite bookmaker.

A good review on the chosen site is always a source of useful information.

User Experience of a platform

We leave aside the sports schedule, safety and shares.

Among the most important things when it comes to betting sites we find the user experience, i.e. the ease of use of a platform.

When a user enters the first time in a portal he should immediately understand how to register, identify the categories present etc. at a glance.

Leaving the home page, it must remain the same ease of use.

Those who create a Betting site must therefore put themselves in the role of an average player who is not very experienced in technology, to make the entire platform easy to use and understand.

If the customer considers the bad user experience or in any case difficult to understand, in a short time he will abandon the site to look for something more in line with his skills.

In these cases, the possible review of the site will be relentless about the experience of using it.

Payment methods

Never underestimate the importance of the payment methods made available by an online bookmaker, they are the ones who allow the player to make deposits and withdrawals inside the platform.

Before registering, in fact, it is necessary to make sure that the method you intend to use is present.

The most famous online betting sites in fact try to offer a number of payment methods as higher as possible, so as to guarantee all their members to identify one of their liking.

A self -respecting site should give available to the member:

  • Main debit and credit cards
  • Paypal and other electronic wallets
  • Bank transfers
  • Criptovalute ( Bitcoin,Ethereum,etc.)

Depending on the platform and the payment method, the timing can change. Usually deposits are immediate while samples can take from a few hours to a couple of days.

Customer service

During the game, technical problems or doubts to be solved can be presented and therefore we need customer assistance.

For example, a player may have some uncertainty about the functioning of the bonus with deposit for football betting, without being able to complete the recording, or there may be a technical problem that prevents continuing with the bet.

Customer support serves precisely for this. He intervenes and helps the member to move forward, solving doubts and problems.

Before registering, you need to make sure that:

  • Customer support is in American or in any case in a language that is spoken and understands fluently.
  • Be quick to answer and without too long waiting times.
  • The methods for ing the technicians are more than one. Usually the bookmaker allows you to customer support through emails, a telephone number and a live chat.
  • The times when operators are available.

Scommesse live

Live bets are seen among the most interesting by the players. It is for this reason that the best betting sites have decided to invest a lot in this direction, offering a schedule and an increasingly higher number of events.

Among the best supplied we find for example the Bookmakers Sisal, Eurobet and Betfair.

In-play bets allow you to focus during the events themselves, also guaranteeing total betting control.

Inside the live section, the game is broadcast live (streaming), there are statistics and freedom of action is higher, just think that a bet can also be collected in the middle of the event.

Live bets do not apply on all sports, but on the most important yes.

Most of the portals offer them on football, tennis, volleyball and basketball. And for other live games, consult The selection of live casino.


Playing on the move has become a necessity for many.

We spend less less than at home and here people choose to make the mobile sports episodes when they find themselves on a meter, at the bar drinking a coffee or simply on the lunch break.

Bookmakers around the world have had to adapt and create dedicated apps, so as to improve the user experience both from smartphones and tablets.

It happens that some decide to offer bonuses dedicated to those who want to make football betting with app mobile.

Withdraw your winnings from online betting sites: our guide

To write this quick guide we analyzed the best AAMS betting sites.

The aim of playing online and doing sports bets is to win. At one point, the time to withdraw the winnings from online betting sites.

The mechanism more or less is always the same, however taking into consideration that there may be small differences from one platform to another.

It is a rather simple operation to do and below we explain to the player to do it:

  • Log in on the bookmaker from which they want to take the winnings
  • Click on "Your account" or the relative item
  • Click on "withdrawals"
  • Choose the payment method you intend to use
  • Type the sum to be taken, which must be the same or less than that won and present on the account.

Rollover and release conditions

There is talk of rollover and conditions of release of a bonus when a bookmaker makes available to its members special prizes, both for new subscribers and to the loyal ones.

The term Rollover indicates the number of times that a bonus must be played before you can take the winnings obtained. In the betting sector therefore is the minimum number of events.

The issuing conditions change according to the casino. Aams betting sites usually include a rollover superior to those that instead use the care license.

The best thing to do is to always read carefully the terms and conditions of a platform, so as to evaluate what is the episode requirement for the welcome bonus and obviously the maximum time to satisfy it.

Specificity of online betting sites in USA

Online betting sites such as William Hill, Eurobet, Snai and Sisal are among the most famous and everyone has the ADM (ex AAMS) license that regulates the American gambling market.

It should be considered that USA opened to the Betting sector definitely later compared to other countries, in fact until 23 years ago any type of cash bet within the football and sports sector in general was illegal.

On June 27, 1998, the gambling was regularized with a law, and the first football event on which it was possible to bet the world football championship.

It seems strange that only in such recent times the sporting bet in USA was regularized, also because in the time of the Roman it was an already widespread practice.

Only from 1946 the first game linked to sport was made legal, it was the Totocalcio, which allowed to establish the outcome of 12 games according to the rules established by AAMS.

The real change and step forward, however, comes in 1998 when thanks to the ministerial decree number 174, the entire sector is regulated. In a short time the American Betting sector has grown and the Totocalcio was instead put aside by the multiple occasions made available by the bookmakers.

However, it will be necessary to wait for 2002 so that it is possible to make bets not only in the qualified workshops but also through the web.

It is the Directorial Decree number 128 of 21 May 2002 to establish it and here the bookmakers around the world have started to create dedicated platforms, making available to customers different ways of investing.

ADM license

The ADM (ex AAMS) license is the one that regulates the sports betting sector and in general the gambling in USA.

It is issued by the customs agency and Monopoli. In addition to checking the games sector, it also checks that of tobacco.

Initially he was responsible for countering illegal gaming facilities and checking the scams. He continues to do so, however it also verifies that the behavior of the best betting sites is correct.

Its headquarters is in Rome, however, operates throughout the territory with offices scattered in all regions. The ADM authorizes licenses and monitors each member of the platforms, the various transactions and screw prizes.

Getting the AAMS license from the various online casinos and bookmakers is not so easy because it is necessary to have different types of requirements, as well as paying several hundreds of thousands of $ to the state monopoly.

The ADM license is issued only to those portals that guarantee a high level of safety and respect the laws of the sector, where there is a staff of expert technicians who work every day with the aim of checking that it is all in order.

He must then possess the RNG system, which ensures that the platform is not rigged, in addition to having the SSL system as a guarantee that the exchange of data is encrypted and finally, each American bookmaker must create a contract with all the players.

The most popular categories for online betting in USA

In the online betting sector in USA there are more popular categories than others.

The offer is quite wide and for this reason it is important to always get the right info to understand which is the best -suitable bookmaker.


The sport section is the most famous and the sport on which players decide to aim more money is football.

That's why it is important that the schedule is always full of events, so as to satisfy everyone's needs and tastes.

It is important that it also has good odds and maybe some dedicated bonuses.

In addition to football, other sports must be present, such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf etc. Among the most famous sports betting sites there is Betfair (ex Paddy Power), Lottomatica and William Hill.


Live bets are constantly growing and the request from American users who prefer them to traditional ones is increasingly high because they offer a better episode margin.

For example, it is possible to stop the bet half of the event and collect the winnings. Among the best bookmakers that offer live bets we find Eurobet, Betfair with the possibility of Exchange and Snai.


Finally, the online betting platforms that make a large virtual sport section available are increasingly more and more.

They prove to be perfect for those who, for example, do not want to follow a whole game or simply do not want to wait for an event of their own interest to bet on. In a few minutes it is possible to know if it has been lost or won.

To find out more about sports betting and on the types of sports available, read our detailed guides:

How to open an account on online betting sites?

Opening an account on online betting sites is quite simple and the mechanism is very similar in all the platforms. There he is:

  1. Enter the bookmaker platform to which you want to register
  2. Read the terms and conditions. If the info and the offer that apply are right, continue
  3. Search in the upper part of the screen (usually on the right) the Register button
  4. Enter the requested personal data
  5. Choose the favorite currency
  6. Complete the registration by clicking on the link that arrives via email
  7. Send the copy of a valid document against the laws of anti recycling
  8. Collect the welcome bonus

The security of online bookmakers

The reliability and safety of the bookmakers is one of the fundamental aspects to be evaluated when you have to choose a site to play your bets on. Protecting your account from scams or hacker attacks that aim to stole sensitive data is in fact essential. So here are the elements that make a betting site safe And that, before creating a personal profile, they must be carefully examined:

  • Regular license - Authorization to operate in the gambling sector indicates compliance with the laws in force on the subject and is essential to guarantee users' safety. In USA this license is issued by ADM (Customs Agency and State Monopolies);
  • Encryption - It is a security measure that prevents external actors from seeing the sensitive data of users. It is essential to make transactions safe, such as deposit and withdrawal operations;
  • Responsible game - The sites that follow this policy allow users to have useful tools at their disposal to contrast ludopathy or other non -healthy attitudes. These tools are the possibility of blocking your account and set weekly or monthly deposit limits;
  • Efficient assistance - Live chat, email and telephone s are used to obtain support in the event that problems are found with the site or games available in the schedule. Active assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days out of 7, possibly in American, offers a guarantee of continuous, effective and efficient support.

Online betting tips

In light of what is reported in our guide on online betting sites, we can summarize some essential points or advice that must be followed to ensure a quiet, safe and truly able to offer healthy and responsible fun experience:

  • Bet responsibly - The ultimate purpose of those who play on betting sites must not be to win and, thanks to the game, to change their lives. Despite being such a possible scenario, although not very likely, you only have to bet how really you are willing to lose and never forget that the bookmakers exist for a purely playful purpose;
  • Choose the platforms with a large and varied schedule - Having different types of games at its disposal is certainly preferable to find restricted betting possibilities. The choice, of course, must be made according to their needs and preferences: those who love football should first consult how many championships and tournaments are foreseen for this sport, while those who prefer less common disciplines should verify the possibility of betting on their favorite sports (eg curling or ice hockey;
  • Security first of all - Many sites offer particularly attractive and clearly exaggerated offers and welcome bonuses. These can attract a good number of customers, but those who play responsibly must first of all check that the site operates in compliance with the laws in force, so as to be able to count on safe collection of the winnings and on the protection of their data.

Conclusions on the best online betting sites

The world of sports betting is large, varied and able to satisfy any type of bettor. Both beginners and professionals of this field, however, must follow some Basic rules that allow them to live The best possible gaming experiencenull These lead to verifying the security of the site, as well as the presence of efficient customer assistance and able to solve any type of doubt or problem can be found.

Playing responsibly is the key word both for gambling and for sports betting. As a last advice, therefore, we invite you to treasure any information and advice present in our review and apply them for any game choice you have to make before interacting with betting sites.

To facilitate the latter, we also invite you to visit the sites BetFair, Bwin, william hill, EuroBet, Snai, SISAL e Lattomatic, whose portals are in possession of regular ADM license And they allow you to bet and have fun choosing among the best sports, offering interesting promotions or bonuses and adopting regular shares both on websites and mobile apps.

If you want to find out more on the list of online games and casino sites, visit the following pages:


  • How to recognize scams?

    The ideal is to only the ADM (ex AAMS) authorized bookmakers.

    However, this does not mean that those who do not have it are scams, they are simply not authorized to work in USA.

    For example, they may have the care license. To recognize a scam, make sure that the site has the SSL protocol and do a Google search relating to company data.

    Inside this review we only talked about safe and reliable sites.

  • How do the odds work?

    The share is determined by the bookmaker before each event. It indicates the possibility that a specific sporting bet is favorable. It serves to calculate the value of a win with the multiplication of the value of the episode with that of the quota.

  • Can I collect my winnings if I used a bonus?

    To withdraw the winnings obtained from a bonus, it is necessary first of all to meet the episode requirements imposed by the platform.

    Then you can collect the bonus from your game account equal to any other prize.

  • How to become a professional betting professional?

    To become a professional betting professional you need to have a strategy and follow precise patterns and systems, without ever betting compulsively.

  • Can I look at streaming games on betting sites?

    Most sports betting sites allow you to look at free streaming football matches. Among these we find Snai and William Hill. However, it is mandatory to open a gaming account.

How to recognize scams?

The ideal is to only the ADM (ex AAMS) authorized bookmakers.

However, this does not mean that those who do not have it are scams, they are simply not authorized to work in USA.

For example, they may have the care license. To recognize a scam, make sure that the site has the SSL protocol and do a Google search relating to company data.

Inside this review we only talked about safe and reliable sites.

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