Guide 2022 | Online roulette without secrets: everything you need to know

We present our new guide to the ROULETTE online To discover the history and secrets of one of the most loved table games in the world both in the traditional and in precisely digital version typical of online casinos.

There are many players who appreciate roulette seeing it as entertainment from strong feelings and moments of palpitation. Many feel their luck in the online roulette and end by winning large sums of money, often preferring to many others Casino games Although very rich.

Curious to discover everything on roulette and online roulette? Let's start with a little history.

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History of roulette

In the seventeenth century, the mathematician Blaise Pascal, entrusted to devices that exploit the perpetual motion to produce an entertainment game: thus the roulette was born, which will be tested for the first time in public in Paris in 1796. However, according to some, the Game would be born in the same century in USA with the name of Biribissi. Its American denomination, however, will be proclaimed for the first time in 1716 at the Hôtel de Soissons in Paris.

The structure of the roulette, as we know it today, is the result of a modification of the brothers Louis and François Blanc invented between 1842 and 1843. Instead, the initial version represented a small wheel with 36 numbers, a box indicating zero e Another indicating double zero. This provision did not attract much clientele because it appeared not very advantageous in the eyes of the gambler and to remedy this problem the director of the Hamburg casino and brother of him removed the "double zero" box.

This improvement led to the construction of new models, thanks to the removal of this box, in fact, it was possible to eliminate the problem of the presence of 2 consecutive red numbers, leading to a total redistribution of the numbers on the wheel and thus the European roulette was born.

Other variants are also born, similar for principles and presentation to the latter. This is the case of the American roulette, of the English one with an American and American manufacturing carpet. The latter, unlike the others, has two indicating boxes 0.

Roulette rules

The rules of the roulette are similar to those of the boule: the instrument in fact includes a swivel circular cylinder on which there is a sleeve with red squares and numbered numbers randomly from 1 to 36. The green box is that of 0. During the Match you have to guess the box on which the white ball will stop that moves inside the wheel due to the centrifugal force. And everything happens according to a precise process.

Before the start of the game, the Croupier must announce the amount played and the total feasses available. On the game table, the 37 Roulette boxes are represented by 3 columns of 12 boxes the green box. On the side of the carpet there are the boxes to make multiple combinations.

With the phrase "Do your game", the Croupier allows players to deposit their bets on the boxes chosen by them of the gaming carpet.

Once the bets have been validated, the ball is launched in the opposite direction compared to the movement of the roulette wheel. In order for the game to be valid, the white ball has to perform 3 laps.

When it stops, the winning color and number are announced and the lost bets are withdrawn. The winnings are paid in increasing order starting from the last position.

At the end of the game it may happen that the ball stops in number 0: the bets placed are all losing. Those who play simple quotas lose half of their value in the English roulette or the entire value in the American roulette.

In the American variant, the sum of money bet is taken for another lap of wheel: if on the second lap the ball stops on the chosen box, the player returns to his money, otherwise he loses it permanently.

Roulette scoreboard: what is there to know?

The roulette table as we have seen is made up of two main elements: the wheel, divided into boxes on which first moves and then stops the ball, and the scoreboard, which is then where the play takes place.

Although the Roulette scoreboard, the so -called green carpet, we can say that it is in general rather intuitive to understand sections and operation, but we still want to highlight its main characteristics:

Internal points section

This is the main part of the scoreboard, where we find all the boxes relating to the single numbers including 0, naturally ordered in a sequential way and with the corresponding red and black alternation. It is in this section that we place our fiches when we want to focus on a single number (or on horseback, transversal, square or sestine).

External points section

It is normally located on the left side of the main section (or divided into ambitions the sides in the American version) and is where we find the spaces corresponding to the possible episodes, or the presence of the following boxes:

  • 1 - 18: half of the scoreboard corresponding to this interval
  • 2 - 36: half of the scoreboard corresponding to this interval
  • 1st 12: the numbers ranging from 1 to 12
  • 2nd 12: the numbers ranging from 13 to 24
  • 3rd 12: the numbers ranging from 25 to 36
  • Equil: to focus on the corresponding numbers
  • Odd: to focus on the corresponding numbers
  • Red: to focus on the corresponding numbers
  • Black: to focus on the corresponding numbers

Playing in online roulette

To get to the heart of the played part we can say that there are two types of online roulette betting, each to be used in specific cases.

Which ones are they? They are called internal episodes and external episodes and now let's tell you more in detail:

Internal episodes

In the case of the internal episodes, the earnings are greater, but the probability of winning is lower because in this case the bets plan to focus on the exit of a single number among the 36 possible, thus giving access to a win of 35 times the amount bet.

Depending on the case, there is talk of pointing your money with one of these combinations:

  • in full, or on a single number
  • on horseback or on 2 numbers
  • in transversal, in a full transversal or 3 numbers
  • square, or on 4 numbers
  • in sestine, or simple transversal or 6 numbers

External episodes

Bets external to online roulette, on the other hand, mean greater probability of winning, even if the earnings are often minimal: bets are made on multiple numbers simultaneously with simple quotas in red, black, peer, odd, manque and passe.

Each of these bets corresponds to pointing their money on 18 numbers of the online roulette: the last two, in particular, concern respectively the numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36.

To multiply the possibility of winning, the player must bet on 12 numbers: he can therefore put his chips on dozen on the top 12 digits, on the 12 central or final numbers, in order to double his profit.

Also for this purpose, the episodes can be made on the lower part of one of the 3 vertical columns of the online roulette gaming carpet, betting on horseback and for 24 numbers by focusing essentially on 2 dozen or 2 columns. The victory, in this case, is half of the amount bet.

Many gambles consider an advantage of online roulette to bet with different techniques simultaneously, even if only in a single game until the limits of the table established by each online roulette are respected.

An example of online roulette play

Let's now make a small game of imagination, because what follows is the description of an ideal play on one of the most common online roulette that we find in circulation: a small exercise that will allow us to view all the most important moments of the operation.

For convenience in the example, we realize that we play the European roulette, but clearly it applies in a similar way also for the others. Ready? Let's start immediately.

  1. I choose the roulette and get ready for the episode
  2. The games open and I decide to focus $ 10.00 on the odd and $ 5.00 on number 27
  3. The episodes are closed and the ball begins to turn
  4. The ball is stopped and one of these three variants occurs:
    • He stopped on box 27: full win, and the amount that is up to us is 35 times $ 5 for the winning single more 2 times of $ 10.00 for the simple odd combination, for a total of $ 195, 00 against $ 15.00 of an episode.
    • He stopped on an odd box (but not 27): we lose the episode of $ 5.00 relating to the single number, but we win $ 20.00 for the simple odd combination by creating a profit of $ 15.00.
    • He stopped on another box (not odd): unfortunately we lose the entire amount of the two episodes, or $ 15.00.

Strategies to win with online roulette

Game purely gambling, online roulette is one of the most difficult to play because the percentage of probability of winning is not advantageous for bettors: to be able to play without losing too much money, you must first of all choose an online casino that offers the insurance rule.

Respect for the set budget and the use of one of the many game strategies are the keys for success. Furthermore, to stay in possession of a good sum of money, it is advisable to perform several minimum value bets. You can also cover your bets by focusing on the missing numbers.

To increase the probability of victory, many strategies are implemented, including that of Martingala and that of the Alembert system: united with good precision, these methods allow to maximize earnings.

Use a martingala

This technique applies only to the episodes for which the result is double: it is the case, for example, the bets placed on black or red color, on equal or odd numbers, on internal or external numbers.

The traditional or simple variant, therefore, is to double the bets for all lost matches every time: if you win go back to the initial bet, and so on.

With the great Martingala the process is almost the same. The only difference is that, in addition to double the previous bet, the player must also add another bet.

The Alembert System

Invented by Jean Le Rond d'Alembert, this system is used on bets that provide for the gain of a sum of money equal to that initially bet.

Also called the pyramidal system or of D’Alembert's Montante, in the case of loss consists in adding a unit to the new bet with respect to the previous one. In the case of winning the approach to follow is the opposite one, in other words the player must reduce the sum of money bet in the online roulette.

Tips for playing Roulette with safety

In short, as always, talking about digital game and online casino, our advice is always to have fun in healthy and safe way, but how to apply it by talking about betting on an online roulette?

Regardless of the fun there are some tips that we suggest to always keep in mind as real gold rules capable of always keeping a prudent and conservative attitude:

Establish a maximum budget
A figure that allows you to have fun, but that is never too high compared to the total of your gaming account.
Leave a margin
An example is to calculate the game budget 85% of the real one, so as to keep a control margin.
Choose a strategy
Beyond instinct choices, it is better to know immediately how you intend to play and then follow firmly.
If you win, keep aside a little
Have you made a win on a game? Tienine 20% aside adding it to the separated margin before.
If you lose, don't panic
Don't look for desperate moves, if things are going badly entrust yourself even more to your strategy and keep in mind that you always have a margin.
Whether you are winning or losing at some point, stop, take a break and think if it is appropriate to play again.


A little while ago, talking about some of the possible strategies to be applied, we mentioned Martingala's importance in online roulette, a principle that we want to explain a little more in -depth so as to make it absolutely clear.

To begin with, as we have seen, Martingala applies to the episodes with double possibilities, therefore to red or black, with equal or odd and to internal or external numbers, and has as its fundamental objective to maintain control of its budget by balanced any losses.

Example applied by Martingala

Let's take a practical example of Martingala passage for passage:

  • I make a first episode of $ 5.00 and I lose, from a budget of $ 50.00 now I have $ 45.00.
  • I make a second episode of $ 5.00 and I lose again, from a budget of $ 45.00 now I have $ 40.00.
  • In the third game I apply Martingala and point $ 10.00 winning, to my $ 40.00 budget is added the earnings of $ 10.00 just made and now I return to $ 50.00.

Example applied by Grande Martingala

Now, however, let's make an applied example of great Martingala:

  • I make the first episode of $ 5.00 losing, from a budget of $ 50.00 now I have $ 45.00.
  • I make the second episode of $ 5.00 losing again, from $ 45.00 now my budget drops to $ 40.00.
  • In the third episode I decide to apply a large martingala, then point $ 20.00 ($ 10.00 to cover the previous games + $ 10.00 of relaunch) and Vinco, to my $ 40.00 budget is added the earnings of $ 20.00 just made and now I have $ 60.00 having smooth out the loss and made an increase.

A fundamental strategy, but not exempt from risks: by applying a martingala and losing the loss and subsequent martingala, it must be increasingly onerous to repair the damage.

The variants of online and traditional roulette

As already mentioned, there are different variants of online roulette as well as the traditional one and are mostly based on different interpretations of the cases 0 and 00.

Depending on the number of boxes "0" there are 3 main variants of casino roulette. European online roulette, including the English and American ones, have a single "0" box. The American online roulette has two "0" boxes, while Royale Roulette has a progressive jackpot.

As for the Mexican online roulette, rarer than the previous ones, it has three "0" boxes. It may also happen that some casinos offer a roulette without boxes "0", where the player and the bench have the same chance to win.

But let's see specifically the main characteristics of the most popular roulette:

European Roulette

The most common European roulette is the American roulette is undoubtedly the most common variant and most loved by players of every level of experience.

This roulette has 37 boxes in total, 36 uniforms between red and black with numbers ranging from 1 to 36 a box dedicated to 0.

It offers greater possibility of winning than the American one, but also realizes on two rules not present in the other version: en prision and starts them.

English Roulette

The English roulette is very similar to the American one, with which it shares the presence of 36 numerical boxes one dedicated to 0 for a total of 37 boxes.

The main differences are instead recorded in terms of number of players (which is limited to no more than 7 at the same time) and in the lack of the EN Prision rule.

But the most significant difference is related to the treatment in the event of the release of 0, which will entitle to losing only half of the episode.

American Roulette

It is the variant actually more distant from the European one and the main difference is the presence of the 00, which brings the number of total boxes to 38 lowering the chances of winning for the player and promoting the counter.

In this case, the rule of the en prision is missing and the arrangement of the numbers on the wheel also changes, in which the consecutive numbers between them are positioned in front of the other at two extremes of the roulette.

The graphic arrangement of the external episodes also changes, which in this case are all positioned on the left edge of the scoreboard and not on both sides.

The best online roulette software

More than in the rules we mentioned a little while ago, in the case of online roulette a significant difference lies in the quality of the software used.

In this regard, an excellence are the tables provided by Evolution Gaming, which can be considered among the most loved and frequented ever.

But what are the most loved and used evolution gaming roulette?

Immersive Roulette – Evolution Gaming

This online roulette represents an innovation that is attracting thousands of fans all over the world. And for a good reason: it offers an online gaming experience with real Croupier playing live. This is possible thanks to numerous video cameras on the different corners of the Casino of the Evolution Gaming company.

The result are close viewing effects. The game also allows you to enjoy HD videos and high definition quality with its 200 frames per second.

Speed Roulette – Evolution Gaming

This is one of those cases where the name says it all. In fact, this roulette with live croupier is the fastest and dynamic on the market. It allows you to play in just 25 seconds thanks to the recognition system of winning numbers based on a video.

Players must therefore expect to make series games without pauses. These are generally observed during the bets, in order to immediately send the winnings to the player's account.

Double Ball Roulette – Evolution Gaming

Two balls that run in the wheel are the fundamental feature of this online roulette: double the probability of winning, a captivating graphic environment, more fun, are the other peculiarities of this novelty of Evolution Gaming.

The presence of a royal croupier that plays live is identical to that of other online roulette. The difference lies in the fact that the professional, with a button, moves two balls instead of one. These stop on two different numbers, thus increasing the chances of winning for the player. Equally, the winnings are automatically sent to the player's account, which can immediately start a new game.

The advantages of playing online roulette

In an online roulette you can meet many types of players, women and men of all ages. In this game, usually, participants are looking for:

The profit
This type of people have only one goal: to obtain maximum profit as possible. For this reason it has a great knowledge of the rules, tactics and techniques to increase the possible win to win online. He also knows how to set a right budget without aiming too much and know how to accept defeat.
The difference between this online roulette player and the amateur is the limit they give to the game: in fact, the one dependent on the Gambling knows no pleasure in playing nor limit to shopping. He needs to find himself in online roulette and to overcome any loss. Most online casinos try to avoid this behavior in their customers and suggest a limit not to be exceeded.
Fun and pleasure
It is thanks to this type of player that the online roulette tables are truly animate. In fact, he considers the game as a hobby, a way to relax. Consequently he does not lose himself to analyze the situation, he limits himself to making jokes about his performances. Even if he loses he is happy to be able to start playing online roulette.

Is it possible online roulette, is it possible?

It is a question that many ask themselves very often, but is it actually possible to play free online roulette?

The answer is not only affirmative, but we can also add that playing for free offers many advantages to players, to begin with if novice.

But how do you play for free? Which online casino do they allow it? What advantages do you offer?

Let's find out immediately:

Where to play for free

There are mainly two ways to play Roulette for free, one consists in choosing the online casinos that also offer the possibility of playing in demo mode, the other is instead referring to a game portal that offers a no deposit bonus.

Let's see what each possibility allows:

Play demo

Playing for free is so much to begin with it possible where there is the possibility of playing in demo mode, that is, using a virtual credit that allows you to make your games without nor win or lose real money focusing exclusively on the pleasure for the game.

Play with no deposit bonuses

Another possibility to play Roulette for free is to do it where our online casino also offers us a no deposit bonus, or a promotional figure that allows us to play before even having made our first payment. A possibility of this less extensive in time, but which allows you to be able to make real winnings and not only virtual.

The advantages of playing for free

What are the advantages in playing Roulette for free? They are different, including some also subjective, but certainly we can consider the following of the main reasons to do it:

  • Have fun simply playing
  • Learn new games without risk of losses
  • Get impracted with a new platform before aiming seriously
  • Try and try again strategies by perfecting them in all serenity

The best digital mess for online roulette

What are the best online casinos for all those who love to play roulette? The choice is as always rather vast considering that it is one of the most popular games ever, but as always we can offer you what we think is the real top 3 of the digital casinos with which to enjoy the online roulette in the best way.

And here they are for you, remembering that a very complete study is available for each of them:

🎰 Casino
🌟 Vote
💰 Bonus
Up to 1000 $ + 15 $ Free
Up to 1000 $ + 100 rpm for free
Up to 200 $ + 20 rpm for free

Possible bonuses for online roulette

In the roulette the greatest possibility of winning by the player or bank lies in the number of boxes indicating "0": in the event that the ball should stop on a "0" or "00" box depending on the variant, it is the casino who wins.

In that case the counter wins all the episodes on the table. The advantage for the counter in the English and American roulette is therefore 2.7% and 1.35% when the rule of imprisoning the win as in the case of American roulette is applied. American roulette has an advantage of 5.26%.

But speaking of specific bonuses for online roulette, another chapter opens again, or the promotions of each online casino intended as a welcome bonus or gambling bonuses: prizes that allow us to enjoy even more than our passion for individual games in particular , including roulette!

Can you play online roulette also from Mobile?

Certainly yes, the "mobile revolution" of digital casinos naturally also includes online roulette, which is actually even one of the most chosen titles with which to play on the move from smartphones, all the more in the Speed versions that imply very rapid play.

By now almost all the most important online casinos offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, and the portals that do not have them offer instead optimized sites for mobile with which to obtain the same result.

Is there a live version of the online roulette?

Also in this case the answer is more than affirmative, as we have mentioned previously we can in fact say that online roulette gives its best in the live version.

Live casino with live tables are one of the greatest revolutions of the digital game, the only one capable of making the game experience as similar as possible to the real one: all this benefit is enjoyed 100% by playing at the roulette, where The role of the Croupier is central and having a real one changes everything.

Online roulette: our conclusions

We also think this time we have offered you a rich overview, in this case centered on the online roulette, one of the most loved and attending games in all the online casinos in the world.

As we have seen, there is a lot to know: history, scores, winnings, tricks and advice, all collected in this study and ready to return useful every time you need useful answers to learn to win even more and even better.

And if you liked this overview of the universe of online roulette, we can only suggest to discover too that relating to online slots: another step towards knowledge and winnings!

Che dirvi di più? The games are made!

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  • How do you play online roulette?

    The rules of the roulette in the online version are the same in the traditional one and we have deepened them in the relative paragraph by explaining in detail what changes from roulette to roulette in terms of regulation and possibilities.

  • Which online roulette are available?

    There are really many online versions of Roulette: from the most famous American, American and English versions, described in the chapter relating to all the main versions, up to dozens of others expressly dedicated to online game.

  • Is the online roulette also exists live?

    As deepened in the paragraph relating to live game, Roulette can also be enjoyed in the live tables, actually resulting one of the games that most enjoys the benefits of the live tables and also one of the most used in this version.

  • Can you play online roulette also from smartphones?

    Of course yes and we explained it in a paragraph on purpose: Roulette is also the protagonist of the game on the move from smartphone and is available on all iOS and Android smartphones thanks to numerous apps made available by online casinos.

How do you play online roulette?

The rules of the roulette in the online version are the same in the traditional one and we have deepened them in the relative paragraph by explaining in detail what changes from roulette to roulette in terms of regulation and possibilities.

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