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For some time now we have accustomed you to all this more interesting in terms of online game and even today we will betray the expectations by presenting you SlotYes, and online casino relatively recent birth.

The fact that Slotyes is a young portal does not mean that it is born out of nowhere, it is indeed accompanied by all the main authorizations and certifications, among which it stands out AAMS authorization (Accredited Asset Management Specialist).

Slotyes is a site but also 5 other sites because, all under the Admirallyes platform, it also offers Casinoyes, Pokeryes, Sportyes and Bingoyes, each with its own domain and color code but all connected to double wire together.

We will soon begin to get to the heart of this Slotyes analysis, but what we have already learned in a few lines is that we are talking about a young, dynamic game platform, absolutely reliable and guaranteed by the first -rate experience that people have at shoulders of the project itself.

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🎁 Welcome bonus 500 euro
🎲 games Sport, slot, casino, live, poker, bingo, lotteries
🇮🇹 License Sì, ADM/AAMS

The premises apparently are the best and now we just have to find out why we have decided to insert Slotyes in our selection of the best online casinos.

Slotyes Bonus: all site bonuses

Let's go now focusing on what is the bonus policy of Slotyes, which immediately presents itself rather interesting considering what is the welcome bonus.

Slotyes welcome bonus

The Welcome Bonus put on the plate is $ 20.00 ($ 10 to be used for Slotyes + $ 10.00 for Casinoyes) and you immediately receive the opening of the account, to which another of 100% additional one is added up to one Maximum of $ 500.00 which will instead get to the first recharge of the gaming account.

Game bonus

But let's go to the other possible bonuses, taking into account that these are examples and not all the promotions available at the moment, that there are really many:


Invite your friends to reach you on Slotyes and you will receive a bonus of $ 5.00 for each friend enrolled up to a maximum of 10 total friends presented to the platform.

Bonus Last Curva Sportyes

Make your bet on who you think will win the next F1 Grand Prix and if your pilot cannot do it but it will still conquer the podium your bet will be refunded you.


Play at the Sit and Go tables of the Velx variant of the Texas Hold'em using the variable prize pool and you can multiply the winnings up to $ 30,000!

To unlock i no deposit bonus is and free giri, you can consult our detailed guides.

Slotyes Registration: the Vipclub loyalty program

But that's not all because Slotyes and all its slot machines are covered with further charm thanks to the Vip Club, the Slotyes loyalty program that allows you to mature a score.

What happens with the points accrued? You climb the level ranking on level, enjoying increasingly high multipliers depending on the level and meeting the rich additional bonuses that we will schematize below:

  • Iron level: it is the first level, the starting one in here each euro played gives the right to a prize point without enjoying any multiplier
  • Bronze level: it is the second subsequent level immediately, in which an X4 multiplier is obtained: $ 1 is equivalent to four points prize.
  • Silver level: in the third level, the intermediate one, instead you are entitled to an X6 multiplier: $ 1 is equivalent to six points prize.
  • Gold level: the Gold level, the fourth and penultimate, then gives access to an X8 multiplier: $ 1 is equivalent to eight points prize.
  • Platinum level: reached the maximum level, the fifth, the prize is also Massimo because the multiplier becomes X12: $ 1 is equivalent to twelve prize points.

How to use the accrued points? Simple, with the cash bonus!

  • With 40,000 points you get a bonus of $ 10.00
  • With 180,000 points you get a bonus of $ 50.00
  • With 360,000 points you get a bonus of $ 100.00
  • With 1,020,000 points you get a bonus of $ 300.00
  • With 1,640,000 points you get a bonus of $ 500.00
  • With 3,280,000 points you get a bonus of $ 1,000.00

If you are great savers with 4,500,000 prize points we will have the right to a bonus of $ 1,500.00 and with 5,600,000 prize points we will have the right to a bonus of $ 2,000.00!

Casino Slotyes: all available titles

But let's take a further next step and go to see closely what is the actual offer that Slotyes offers in terms of games and different sections.

To begin with, we can say that a portal called Slotyes promises to concentrate its offer on everything that are slot machines and in general online casino games, and so it is actually just observing the order of the sections on the home page where slots and casino They precede sports betting, but Slotyes really has to say his own in terms of Sportbook, as we will soon have to deepen.

But now it really is enough with the introductions and let's see what specifically Slotyes has in its catalog of online gambling:


The Slotyes online casino presents itself with a look of its own, or rather with a name and its own logo: Casinoyes, the kingdom of casino games neatly collected in Slotyes.

But no fear, the login, as well as the personal control panel and their gaming wallet, are absolutely one and only one, operational in the same way in all sections and the only reference to your account.

So how does Slotyes entertain us beyond appointing all sections in a decidedly effective way? Let's find out what are the various games in the catalog.

Slot machine

The Slot machines Available on Slotyes are about 130, not a huge but still many really, especially considering that they represent a worthy selection of the most technologically advanced slot machines proposed by all the major software house.

Brand brands are collected, the first of which is not surprising that it is Novomatic, and there are clearly many slots that allow you to aspire to a dream jackpot that we will soon deepen.

Table games

The Casinoyes branded table games section offers 11 possible tables among which you can find all the most important classics:

And several other 3 tables among which they cannot be missing:

For a total, at least at the moment and before further additions, of 16 game tables made available by Slotyes.


For now on Slotyes it is possible to play for Jackpot only through the slot machines, of which 11 are dedicated to jackpots that have variable values that change from moment to moment based on how many people play.

An example of some jackpots of the moment?

  • The Capecod Slot Machine at the moment has a jackpot of $ 20,854.00 and goes up all the time!

Video poker

The living room VIDEO POKER Slotyes certainly cannot be said that it is the nerve center of the online casino made available by the brand, in fact there is only 4 titles that we imagine can only increase gradually over time in what is the continuous updating of the site.

The titles in question are actually excellent examples of technology in the sector, but objectively the offer cannot be considered wide at all.


When you enter the poker section of Slotyes "change everything": not only the page has as brand pokeryes, but also has an elegant dark red livery that differentiates this game area from all the others, focusing attention on an environment The only one to think exclusively of poker and everything that is made available to enjoy them.

You have to download a separate software to access the game platform but once done you are projected in an environment where it is possible to find tournaments, single matches, sit and go contest, both weekly and monthly rankings and generals with which to aspire to important prizes , and much more.

The poker world of Slotyes is really complete and well done and it is not surprising at all to discover that it is one of the sections of the site that enjoys the most successful on an audience now retired for years thanks to all the absolute quality that Slotyes offers.


Ditto as above, new section, new logo and new color: this time we are talking about Bingoyes, a dominant fuchsia and 4 bingo rooms to play with using both real money and virtual credit not losing anything.

The possibilities of the game are really many, the games begin continuously and offer folder costs as prize pool of the most different, so as to go to play conditions really suitable for everyone.

Sport bets

New section, new face: the section Sport bets It welcomes us as a sportyes and it is all green like a football field, that same sport that will not surprise anyone to discover that it is a tow to all possible bets but which is also accompanied by many other sports.

The betting section of Slotyes is truly rich and is also very well organized, allows you to access all its content in an extremely simple way by creating a very clean and functional betting environment that already acts as a reference to thousands of users.

Slotyes Site: play live in the house live

Speaking Slotyes Live Casino, on the other hand, see an example of very satisfactory numbers, because the available games with which to play live from real salt with real Croupier are 30, that is, much more than what is normally found in the other live mess.

The games made available are neatly card by gender and among the various titles there are no shortage:

  • Roulette Venice
  • American Roulette
  • baccarat
  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

Mobile Slotyes: all smartphone apps

The mobile world of Slotyes is really very very rich and allows you to always keep preferential access in your pocket to any of your favorite games, this is that you have an iOS device and one Adroid.

What does Slotyes' mobile world have so rich? To begin with the quality, because the apps made available are really well made, but also the quantity because all apps are neatly divided by play.

What app can be found both on the App Store and on Googleplay?

  • Slotyes by Admiral: the whole world of slot machines collected in a single app with which to live a unique and totally fluid user experience.
  • Casinoyes by Admiral: the same quality that we have just mentioned but voted to give you access to all the casino games on the platform.
  • Sportyes by Admiral: ditto as above but in this case dedicated to sports betting, for which all features will be accessible.

The Pokeryes and Bingoyes apps are still missing, but we are sure that over time we will see them add to complete this already excellent bouquet of applications for mobile devices.

Slotyes Opinions: what are the payment methods permits?

Even the payment methods with which to make cash in and cash out operations with Slotyes are very comfortable and offer many different possibilities, many to be really perfect for everyone.

How is it possible to make deposits and withdrawals? With a method of your choice between:

  • Credit/debt card (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay)
  • paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PaySafe Card
  • Bank transfer

Casino Slotyes: let's discover security

Definitely fundamental is all that Slotyes has to offer talking about Safety, a topic that comes by itself is of primary importance and that we want to deepen in detail from all points of view.

The first reason for security is that relating to the portal itself, which as we have seen is full of all the most important authorizations on which among all the AAMS stands out and which therefore can guarantee the maximum protection of users who act on the portal.

The second is then the one inherent in the financial transactions, which are protected from the payment methods themselves and therefore enjoy the protection of the best IT systems that there are absolutely therefore becoming very safe.

Finally, as always we have the attention that Slotyes, like all the best online casinos, places in the protection of players towards the risks of ludopathy and all the events of gambling dependence, a very serious topic that is promoted through a continuous awareness campaign in this regard.

Slotyes betting: Customer Service

How do you get in touch with Slotyes in case of need?

There are really several methods and we are sure that there is certainly one suitable for your needs.

Choose your favorite between:

  • Phone
  • email
  • Live Chat

Slotyes review: our conclusions on Slotyes Casino

If we like Slotyes? We like it, we like it to start for its catalog, even if over time we are sure that it will expand, and we also like his way to say the least unique to have divided all the sections.

Five game areas and five sites with five different domains and graphics, but the same beating beating Admiralyes that created a truly exceptional game platforms and online casino.

So our opinion? It is not that positive, above all thinking about how Slotyes can grow in the future and the satisfactions that can give to all those players who choose to enjoy the quality already put on the plate today and then grow together with the platform over time

To briefly summarize our opinion, we can tell you that Slotyes is a portal that we will follow over time, curious to see how far it will be able to do well!

And are you ready to try it?

📕 Frequent questions

  • 🚀 Slotyes has an adequate welcome bonus?

    When you subscribe on the Slotyes platform you have immediately entitled to two welcome bonuses that we have detailed in our review, one of $ 20.00 which is immediately obtained at recording, another that can also reach $ 500.00 when we proceed to the first deposit. In short, in our opinion it is a respectable promotional policy to make the welcome feel, especially when then to this are added all the numerous and rich game bonuses that the platform makes available daily: to therefore answer the initial question, The result is much more than valid.

  • 🚀 could the casinoyes games catalog be better?

    Casinoyes, the section dedicated to Slotyes' casino games, has more than 100 slot machines, 16 board games, 11 with jackpot and many other titles again: a rather wide selection in which they are not even considered (because in other sections) the Poker, bingo and sports betting. As far as we are concerned, it is a very satisfactory offer that, among other things, is expanding over time, so to answer the question we can say that in the end everything can always be improved, but that the starting point is already excellent in itself.

  • 🚀 Is that of the Slotality Vipclub is a promotional formula that works?

    An aspect of Slotyes that we have deepened with great pleasure is the one inherent in his VipClub, or the loyalty program with which he promises to make the users' gaming experience more compelling and profitable, this day after day by exploiting a points collection system And of levels to be achieved which, once scaled, can give access to many quality benefits and above all to great cash prizes to be reinvest immediately, prizes that can also reach $ 1,000.00!

  • 🚀 Slotyes Do you have discordant reviews? Here's how to read them.

    If you are our usual readers you will know that we often touch this point: on the web there are too many reviews that are not based on real analysis or on a real direct experience, and this clearly has a negative effect also on many online casinos. From this point of view we suggest you take our method as a reference point to evaluate the seriousness of a review: we rely only on our experience and we go to analyze any detail of a game portal, not just the titles and bonuses But also everything related to the rest of the user experience.

🚀 Slotyes has an adequate welcome bonus?

When you subscribe on the Slotyes platform you have immediately entitled to two welcome bonuses that we have detailed in our review, one of $ 20.00 which is immediately obtained at recording, another that can also reach $ 500.00 when we proceed to the first deposit. In short, in our opinion it is a respectable promotional policy to make the welcome feel, especially when then to this are added all the numerous and rich game bonuses that the platform makes available daily: to therefore answer the initial question, The result is much more than valid.

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