Betting bonus: our selection of the best and what you need to know

For bookmaker, casino, poker and bingo sites and every web platform life is a continuous struggle to conquer the next player. There are several weapons that these sites have available but the main one is certainly the Betting bonus.

How many times has happened to find in the lanes of a supermarket and staff offers a taste of a new product, makes a mixture of coffee tasting or gives a sampling of a new detergent? The idea is precisely to bring the potential consumer closer, making him try the product, hoping that he then returns to buy it. The same thing happens on betting sites Bonus with but the difference that a cheese cube is not tasted but welcome credits are obtained to be placed on your sporting predictions!

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Best Bonus of betting sites

It is impossible today for a sports betting site not to allocate an important part of your budget to Marketing, commercial initiatives and sponsorshipsnull The American regulation on remote game, through the ADM (Customs Agency and Monopolies), which absorbed the activities of what AAMS was, is very detailed.

To be able to respect every aspect, avoid running into infringements or fines that could also revoke the license, the Aams bookmakers scrupulously follow all the dictates provided even when it comes to commercial initiatives. The American law for remote game is one of the most detailed and only the best operators manage to respect it by offering a safe environment for bettors. The bonuses also have special directives to follow. The result is that this type of promotions in American sites are among the clearest and do not conceal any pitfalls.

What are?

Info bonus
55$ gratis + 200 free spin
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
15 $ FREE
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
5 $ FREE
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
50 free giri
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
200 free spins
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
100 free giri
noDeposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
50 free giri
no Deposit Min.
Unlock the bonusReview
100 $ + 30 Giri Free
noDeposit Min.
This type of promotional offers provide the bettor with the possibility of trying, without risking their own money, the functionality of the platform, to become familiar with the types of betting up to also collecting a win. THE Bonus betting sites They provide different types of promotions but the sector standard requires that these initiatives must always be present. Based on the type of promotions you can have gods no deposit bonus, welcome offers with deposit, promotions for charging the account on certain days of the week, increases in the figure paid and much more. That of the welcome bonuses is therefore a varied world and rich in opportunities to take on the flynull The well -organized bettor can draw several occasions from bonus betting sites, managing to increase your budget and increase potential winnings.

How do betting bonuses work?

According to the type of welcome bonus, different actions to be performed can be requested. Once the bonus is paid, The bettor will find its updated balance with the amount ready to be used for your predictions. Entering the details of the account you can view the division between real money (if present) and fun bonus. At this point understanding this difference becomes an important step to avoid misunderstandings with the operator himself or supervisors that a withdrawal can be made when in reality it is not yet possible. The total balance of a betting account is in fact made up of two items:

  • real money coming from the deposits made and the results of previous bets;
  • Fun Bonus The figure that the bonus betting sites accredito on the account but that it is still not possible to collect but only play.

Understanding this difference is essential. In fact, the sums received in homage are not immediately withdrawable but are disbursed in the form of fun bonusnull A little like the tribute tokens given to the fun parks for turns on the rides. They have an intrinsic value, the cost of the race, but at the same time they cannot be spent elsewhere except for the rides themselves.

In the case of sports betting sites this fun bonus can be played several times Until, if luck does not assist, it runs out, or generates a lap of money that transforms the winnings obtained into real cash and therefore withdrawable. It follows that it is possible to start from a certain figure obtained as a gift and get to collect a minor or greater figure of the starting sum.

This total movement to be achieved, which is always specified in the terms and conditions of the promotion, takes the name of betting requirementnull This is the most common name but it is also possible to find it appealed as: game requirement, turnover, playthrough or wagkering. These are all synonyms of the same concept. The bet requirement, therefore, It is not a figure to be paid by deposit But a total to be achieved by making one or more bets. In the personal account on the bookmaker, an indicator will indicate what is still missing to reach the bet requirement and be able to see the real cash bonus transformed.

How to unlock betting bonuses?

A no deposit bonus, welcome with deposit or other types it is not immediately takennull The betting requirement serves precisely to prevent the welcome gift from being immediately taken. The welcome fun bonus can therefore be used, the expression "unlock" is generally used, only reaching the turnover imposed. It might seem a little confusing but it is only a matter of placing one's bets in a normal way until a certain sum moves. The game requirement is expressed in a multiplication value. An example clarifies everything better.

Suppose that among the new bonus betting sites, one particularly attracts attention to its no deposit welcome bonus. The bookmaker allows you to get a no deposit bonus equal to $ 20 on which there is a game requirement of 12x. Multiplying $ 20, the figure of fun bonus paid, for 12 a total of $ 240 is obtained. This is the threshold to be moved in total by betting and what will result at the end of the handling will be automatically transformed into real money. When you reach the threshold in the gaming account, you will notice the movement from Fun Bonus to royal money to the balance available. Now we take these $ 20, we divide them and place them on two bets of as many football games. On the first the fee is 1.60 while on the second 1.90. Since we are football experts, we guess both predictions and the totalizer in the account marks $ 35 derived from the two winnings of $ 16 and $ 19. We have already moved 35 out of 240 to reach the release of the bonus.

Let's proceed with one new bet $ 20 on a team with a share at 2.40. This time the prediction is more risky and we lose the $ 20. However, this movement is also counted in the total making 55 $ handled even if only $ 15 are left available. Now the goal is to be able to go on and reach the upright that is required without losing everything before reaching it. In the latter hypothesis then the bonus is exhausted, we played for free, perhaps testing some particular strategy, but we were unable to withdraw anything from the promotion from which we started. If, on the other hand, we arrive at the fateful 12x of our example, the resulting sum will be transformed into real money, highlighting it in the account on the betting site. Now it is real money, playable again without any episode or collectable requirement.

It should be taken into account that there are conditions to be respected on how the bonus and winning winnings can be used to reach the planned turnover. These may be limits on minimal shares, a maximum time available or be able to play only on specific sports or championships.

Types of the different betting bonuses

Bonus betting sites offer one variety of promotions with or without deposit. Knowing the various types of opportunities that are available helps to better understand if the welcome offer does it to your case or it is better not to accept it. Each bookmaker decides autonomously and arbitraryly what kind of promotion to activate, that figures to provide and that terms and conditions place the bettor. Here are the fun bonus that can be obtained to play on Best online bookmakers.

Bonus betting no deposit

This is the most sought after welcome bonus. It is reserved for new members who decide to try a sports betting platform that you have never used so far. The Welcome bonus no deposit He rewards the new bettor almost on trust allowing him to play without paying a single euro and must not even enter the numbers of his credit card. In the past it was widely used by bookmakers around the world, today it is a little less widespread. Unfortunately, it is one of the effects derived from those who were accredited by the offers without deposit and then immediately passed to the collection or only after an episode on many low altitudes. However, this welcome promotion is still widespread in our country are different Bookmakers with AAMS license who use this marketing system to conquer the trust of many new bettors. The action required to obtain a no deposit bonus It is the registration on the site and the verification of the account. This means that the bonus is credited only after the bookmaker has received, in addition to the online form, a copy of the identity document of the account holder. You can send a scan of your identity card, passport or driving license, obviously everyone must be valid. This is used for the bookmaker to identify the owner and check that the name is not present in the list of AAMS self -exclusion blocknull If this happens it is not possible to open the account and therefore the bonus is not obtained. It will be necessary to wait for the deadline expiry, if it is a temporary exclusion, or request, after minimum six months from the activation, if it were an exclusion without expiry. Once opened and verified the account the player will see his balance with the bonus and can immediately proceed to place his first bets. The no deposit bonus could be directly a figure, generally between $ 5 and $ 20, or a free bet of a certain value.

Welcome Bonus Bonus

The welcome bonus with deposit is the one by definition. This is achieved by subscribing, as described on the previous bonus, and making a first deposit. The amount that decides to pay will be increased by a certain sum expressed as a percentage. The increase can also be higher than 100% indicating that the deposit carried out will be more than doubled. However, the average of the welcome bonuses with deposit ranges from 50% to 150% of increase. There are some things to know about the welcome bonus with filing for sports betting:

  • generally provides for one maximum amount obtainable, well indicated, of the "Bonus 100% maximum 200 $";
  • may not be paid if the deposit took place with certain payment systems;
  • Sometimes it is not accredited immediately but only after the whole amount of the deposit has been played;
  • often the welcome offer It is not only on the first recharge of the account but on the first two, or more, payments which can each deliver a different percentage of increase;
  • It can only be requested if the deposit takes place within a Certain number of days from the opening of the account.

Like any welcome bonus, it is then subject to the Playthrough to be able to be taken available.

Promotions and further bonuses

Without deposit and welcome bonuses are the main categories but not the only opportunities introduced by bookmakers. For those who are already registered and continue to play there are many recurring promotions. This type of offers serve to make the better retain so that you continue to play on the same platform. For Betting professionals, being always updated on these promotions is one of the key points to increase your bankroll available. There are offers of all kinds: from the bonuses on the warehouse made on weekends, winning increases by playing on multiple, reimbursement offers for waste immediately in a period of time or on a specific event. Lately promotions are also spreading dedicated to those who place their predictions using the Bookmaker's mobile app.

Betting bonus based on sport

Another interesting opportunity is that represented by the bonuses relating to a specific sporting discipline or particular championship. It often happens that a bookmaker wants to conquer fans of some niche sports trying to become the leading betting site for that sport. Here then I can come free bets for events of a less common sport. Today the best bookmakers have sports schedule of all kinds, unthinkable until recently. Today it is possible to play easily on MMA meetings, on arrow races, billiard matches or the increasingly popular e-Sports. So, it is not uncommon to find specific offers for sports that allow you to try bets on new disciplines and maybe discover a new passion!

Terms and conditions of betting bonuses: what you need to know

In addition to all that already written and to the betting requirements to be respected to monetize a bonus, the golden rule is to read all terms and conditions well. Each AAMS operator must well specify all the conditions on the offer page. Among these, they must be well indicated (if present):

  • limit time within which the bonus can be used;
  • On which sports and types of bets it is not possible to place bonus bets;
  • minimum shares accepted for bets with the fun bonus;
  • maximum amount of bets accepted with bonus money;
  • Maximum available figure from the winnings obtained with the bonus.

All this serves to evaluate the offer and decide whether to accept it or not. The acceptance of the welcome bonus is not mandatory. In case it is understood that the conditions are too stringent enough not to waste time. In addition, it is also possible to give up a bonus already disbursed, or used in part. To do this, just Bookmaker's customer support.

Advantages of betting bonuses

Choosing not to accept a bonus is a personal decision but all the advantages of the situation must always be evaluated. A bonus in fact allows you to:

  • testing the platform of a bookmaker that is not yet known;
  • Try special gaming techniques;
  • bet on more risky quotas than those that are used to;
  • Having fun without risking money by your own pocket;
  • Take confidence with a sport on which you have never bet.

Of course, the final goal remains to guess the predictions and generate profit but often to get to this you have to test techniques, championship and sports that are not known. Might as well be to try with the operator's money, or not?

The limits of the betting bonuses

I no deposit bonus And the welcome ones can only be obtained by new users and never registered with the platform. As per the condition posed by each bookmaker, the bonus is paid only once per name, IP address or family unit. This means that if you subscribe and take a bonus, you use it and then you delete the site you cannot get back the same offer by reincribing. This also applies to people of the same family or that connect from the same Internet line. To enroll other members of the family, such as the ninety -year -old grandmother or the cat, does not bring any results except a permanent ban from the bookmaker himself.

How do sports betting bonuses differ from casino bonuses?

A comparison between the bookmaker bonuses and the casino bonuses is interesting. Many sites have both the betting part and the casino area but provide different bonuses. When registering, the user will choose which welcome bonus to accept. This will automatically exclude other offers possibly present. By making a comparison it is verifiable that the casino bonuses have much higher amounts, both as figures and as percentages. It is easy to find offers with an amount that reaches up to $ 1000 with percentages over 150%. In the face of higher figures to play there are also more asphyxiating terms as betting requirements over 35 times and reachable only through some types of games.

Conclusions: our advice on sports betting bonuses

Betting on sport is a fun and pleasant pastime. He combines the passion for sport and for his own team of the heart to the possibility of making profit. Using welcome bonuses is a method to increase fun and the chances of winning. Furthermore, they allow you to bring people who are still not practical to the world of Betting without making them lose too much money. The opportunities are there, accepting them is the first step, but using them is a duty to try to bear fruit! Are you interested in the bonuses and do you always want to find out of new ones? Give these pages:


  • What are the best betting bonus platforms in USA?

    AAMS authorized bookmakers offer a safe game with excellent bonuses and recurring promotions

  • Are there any without deposit betting bonuses?

    Yes, among the American bookmakers AAMS there are several offers of no deposit welcome bonus, read our reviews to find the best.

  • Is it possible to win with betting bonuses?

    Yes, it is possible to guess the predictions inserted and be able to monetize the sums won by reaching the betting requirement linked to the bonus.

  • Do betting bonuses have a time limit?

    Yes, they have time limits both to request them and to use them. Expired these will not be possible to use them.

What are the best betting bonus platforms in USA?

AAMS authorized bookmakers offer a safe game with excellent bonuses and recurring promotions

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