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Dead or alive slot

Dead or Alive is the first of a series of western themed video slots of the Netten, the protagonists are five outlaws: Della, Belle, Billy, Apache and Jess, ready to devaluate banks and attach trains, all in perfect Yankee style, with a lot Of shootings, pistols and cowboy boots, high RTP (96.82%) and 3 runs!


Simple and intuitive graphics
Free turns
Sticky Wilds
Winning multipliers
RTP alto: 97%
There is no jackpot
High volatility

Dead or alive slot It is a real cult for all lovers of Slot machine Online. Developed by Netent, Doa has been able to conquer many players in a very short time thanks to its captivating graphics and the interesting gaming dynamics.

It is a western themed slot, and its protagonists are the most famous outlaws of the time. We therefore offer you an exoustive review that analyzes the content of this slot.

Dead or Alive: main information

We report below some essential information su Dead or Alive Slot.

  • Doa is a five roller slot with nine payment lines;
  • The minimum episode is a coin for the round, while the maximum episode is four tokens;
  • The cost of the coins ranges from 0.09 cents to 18 $ per lap;
  • The video game is combined with some basic icons and accessories such as Stiky Wild, a scatter, free spins and characteristic additional bonuses;
  • Payments are assigned for at least three identical images aligned from left to right on the active line;
  • When a winnings are calculated, the scheduled episode is multiplied by the coefficient of the current combination;

The slot uses 10 basic symbolsnull The cards 10, J, Q, A and K return the lower winnings. The glass cards of bourbon, boots with spurs, cowboy hat and pistol return medium winnings. The paper Sheriff's star returns the highest win;

The Netent website provides for a version of the demo freenull With this mode, each player can try the content of the video game without committing real money.

Rules of the game

Making winnings on Dead or Alive is simple and fun. The winning combinations they consist of three identical figures, two runs on any playline or by the figures combined with the Sticky Wilde.

The episodes are very advantageous and suitable for any kind of player: In fact, it starts from a minimum of 9 cents for each lap, while the maximum episode is 18 $. The function AUTOPLAY Allows you to select 10 to 1,000 automatic rpm, but it is possible to stop them at any time.

Further customizable options and accessory items are present in the section Advanced settings.

Developer and software

Dead or Alive was developed by NetEnt, a company based in Sweden originally founded in 1996. In its catalog it boasts over 200 games, including the titles under license of franchise, Nettend is one of the most important recreational software companies in the world. Over time it has in fact become synonymous with quality and reliability.

The DOA software, as shown by many reviews, is fraud -proof, transparent and subjected to severe checks and constant technical monitoring. After the review we can ensure that there is no danger of manipulation, since its protocol of generation of random numbers used by Netten is theRNG, one of the most valid in the Igaming sector. Among the workshops that perform the operational tests, it is possible to mention the itech, the ultrasound and the TST & fifl.

Features of the Slot Dead or Alive

The Dead or Alive Slot structure is quite simple, but it is not less captivating than other more elaborate slots. The visible section of the slot consists of 15 boxes in totalnull To each episode you have the possibility of deciding If you play with 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 payment lines.

In the lower part of the slot you can find a round button on which they are depicted Two arrows: By clicking on this content you can start the roller. Next to it are on the left the command that allows you to activate the automatic play and on the right the command that leads to massimo Your episode.

Always below, on the left, you can Manually select your episode And the coins, while on the right side you can keep under control both the total amount of the capital and the amount chosen for the current episode.

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Dead or Alive: Payout and combinations

According to various reviews Dead or Alive is an excellent slot machine for all those who love gambling that allow anhigh percentage of return To the player. An excellent news is that the payout is around the 97%Therefore this slot can be defined as really convenient.

It is in fact possible to create winning combinations not only with the symbols and figures, but also through the Scatter And it Sticky Wild.

Payment table and lines

To get a win, the Playline will have to contain at least 3 symbols or equal figures, 2 Scatters or two symbols/figures the Wanted symbol (which replaces any other box).

The game mechanics They are traditional:

  • Start the game by clicking only once on the button with the arrows;
  • The PlayLines pay the highest win;
  • If you get more winnings on different playlines, these are added;
  • In the free spins mode the winnings doubled.

Now let's see in detail what are the series on the DOA box and what awards can be obtained for each episode.

  • Cowboy hat: 3 symbols generate 15 coins, 4 symbols generate 75 coins, 5 symbols generate 400 coins.
  • Sheriff's star: 3 symbols generate 20 coins, 4 symbols generate 125 coins, 5 symbols generate 1,000 coins.
  • Sheath with gun and bullets: 3 symbols generate 20 coins, 4 symbols generate 100 coins, 5 symbols generate 750 coins.
  • Glass of whiskey: 3 symbols generate 10 coins, 4 symbols generate 50 coins, 5 symbols generate 200 coins.
  • Symbol a: 3 symbols generate 10 coins, 4 symbols generate 20 coins, 5 symbols generate 100 coins.
  • Symbol q: 3 symbols generate 4 coins, 4 symbols generate 12 coins, 5 symbols generate 50 coins.
  • Symbol K: 3 symbols generate 5 coins, 4 symbols generate 15 coins, 5 symbols generate 75 coins.
  • Symbol j: 3 symbols generate 2 coins, 4 symbols generate 10 coins, 5 symbols generate 40 coins.
  • Symbol 10: 3 symbols generate 2 coins, 4 symbols generate 10 coins, 5 symbols generate 25 coins.


All symbols on the roller recall the setting of the old Westnull It is therefore possible to create different combinations with a cowboy hat, the typical boots, a gun or a whiskey glass.

The boxes can also be divided into Four types:

  • Symboli base (A, K, Q, J and 10);
  • Symbols with figure;
  • Simbolo Sticky Wild;
  • Scatter symbol.

The Sticky Wild and the Scatter activate Additional features of the slot machine and allow you to make record winnings. In particular, the Sticky Wild symbol helps to get more winnings, replacing any other symbol except for the run and completing the various combinations. The latter, on the other hand, gives the right to players to obtain free laps, which can be accumulated up to a total of 29 free giri.

Game bonus

On Doa Slot you can take advantage of Two types of bonuses: free laps and symbols Stuky Wild blocked. When 3 or more symbols appear on the roller, you will receive 12 free episodes and all the winnings made during these rounds will be doubled.

When the free spins function is also active, the Sticky Wilde symbols that appear on the roller are blocked and remain still for the entire duration of the free laps. The symbol also changes and a famous criminal appears.

Scatter give the right to receive a prize in money: the amount of the latter can reach 2,500 times that of the basic episodenull The combination of the two bonuses can therefore give life to record winnings.

If you have any doubts about how the free spins bonus works you can click on "Preview”, The key to the bottom right of the screen corner.


Unlike many other online slot machines, Dead or Alive Does not include a jackpot cumulative. Each episode can therefore generate winnings or losses that do not go to compose an additional prize. As stated by the most careful reviews, however, the possibility of obtaining free laps through the Scatter and functionality of the Stiky Wilds optimally make up for the absence of the jackpot.

The video game therefore works on the single win. The maximum winning during the basic episode is 3,000x compared to the basic episode. During the free laps, on the other hand, it is possible to get a win of up to 12,000 times the basic episode.

With Doa, everything is reduced to luck, so make sure you have set precise credit limits before starting to run the rollers. Playing without a strategy suitable for your availability could make you run the risk of losing all your credit before having made a satisfactory win.

Free spin

I Free spin They are activated when a series of 3 or more shots appears on the roller. With 3 Scatter get 12 free spins And during the latter the winnings increased with X2 multiplier.

During the free rollers, all the STicky Wild symbols on the roller are maintained until the end of the session. If an additional 3 or more shots appear during the bonus session, the free laps are reactivated (it is possible to accumulate up to 29 rollers per session).

When the Sticky Wilde changes and the roller appear at the same time i 5 bandits Jess, Belle, Apache, Della and Billy get an additional 5 laps for free.

Theme and graphics

The entire slot machine focuses on the topic Westernnull The symbols recall the most common objects of the context, it is in fact possible to find the cowboy hat, the cowboy boots, a sheath with gun and bullets, a whiskey glass and two crossed pistols.

When the Sticky Wilde symbol appears during the free bonuses, it turns into the poster of a famous refined. There are five different "bad and dangerous"Banditi: Della, Belle, Billy, Apache and Jess.

The video game design is relatively simple, but perfectly captures the heart of the true old West. The background is quite skinny: you will see a desert background, with a lonely wind pump and an oscillating lantern.

The themed design of the slot and the strong sound effects make the lack of a real main theme evident. Apart from an occasional whistle reminiscent of i old western movies, some creaking tables, brushwood brown and a hungry crow, there is much more to hear. There is no music, even while turning the rollers. The most exciting sounds that you will hear are the snap of the whisk if you open one of the information screens, the gallop of the rollers and some jingles that play when you get a win.

The absence of a basic theme, however, captures the typical desolation of the desert quite well, and gives an extra touch to the setting as a whole. This feature also allows players to remain well focused on their strategy.

The only moment in which there are some news is the one in which i round bonusnull During the bonus rollers, in fact, you can listen to a typical saloon music.

RTP and volatility

If you are passionate about online slot machines, you must always pay extreme attention to the concept of PAYOUTnull This will allow you to choose the most convenient slots and make the best winnings.

The term Payout (RTP) means the Back to the player of each single slot. In the case of Doa it is possible to obtain a return of 96.82%, really excellent then. This means that for every $ 100 engaged in the Slot Machine, the player can receive at least $ 97 in return.

However, the return of the slot is highly variable. This means that with a single play it is possible to create a high winning, as are different consecutive losses, the volatility of this videooslot is high.

Come vincere a Dead or Alive Slot?

There are no real tricks to win at a slot machine, but it is possible to follow a series of useful basic rules for having more winning chances, but also less chance of losing money. Here are some:

  • Decide a personal strategy according to your goals and availability;
  • Playing in a safe casino in line with American laws, then with an ADM license;
  • Give yourself a limit of episode and time to devote to the game;
  • Read reviews and info. with all the rules of the video river.

Dead or Alive Slot Free: play on the demo version to practice

Dead or Alive Slot offers the possibility of exploring all the functionality of the platform through one demo versionnull This version is highly recommended for all the less experienced players or even for professionals who simply want to understand its mechanics and only then play with the slot machine with real money.

Play Dead or Alive with real money

If you have decided that this slot machine is for you, for play real money You must follow these few simple steps:

To get real money to transfer to your bank account you must play using real credit;

access the chosen game platform and make a first deposit;

Recharge the balance by choosing between the available shipping and reception methods (Paypal, Paysafecard, Trustly, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill);

After recharging the account, access the slot, it will be possible to set the episode and start making the roller turn!

Conclusion: our opinion on Dead or Alive Slot

According to the latest news there is a real "boom" in the gaming industry, Dead or Alive Slot is an example, since he has had various sequels. Netennt always knows how to surprise his players by finding something attractive to attract them.

With this theme and the various bonuses offered Doa continues to be one of the most loved and refined slot machines, ultimately a solid, well -connovated videooslot and with a really high RTP

If you are lovers of old western, we want to give you some interesting information on articles of the world of music and cinema related to this setting.

By way of news Dead or Alive It was also the name of the band famous for the single and video you spin me Round (Like a Record), and the title of a film with the leading actress Devain Aoki and directed by Corey Yuen.

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