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🛡️License Adm
📅Founded 2000


📞Phone 840 320 109 (from USA) or +44 203 580 9064 (from abroad)
Very rich bonus
First category games catalog
4 App Mobile
Very advanced customer support
Many payment systems
Some areas still to be developed by number of securities

In our continuous search for first level game realities, the review was missing Betfair Casino, an online casino that developed a lot.

This ever growing success is certainly due to all the details that draw the main qualities of Betfair, characteristics that of course we will analyze one by one in this review, but an important signal comes from the history of this very history Casino, which was born in the now distant 2000 with headquarters in England and Ireland.

The Betfair site is available in all main languages and obviously also includes American, detail this which has not favored the spread of this portal also in our country, a portal that for the rest stands out for graphic clarity and excellent experience of use , fluid and intuitive in each section.

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🎁 Welcome bonus Up to $ 1000
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🇮🇹 License Yup, Adam/Arms

But now let's move a few steps forward and find out what are all these positive characteristics that are pushing Betfair towards Olympus of the best online casinos, quality that of course all return to the direct advantage of the players.

Betfair Bonus: an excellent bonus offer

To start entering the specific merit of the offer of Betfair Casino we like to go and find out how the portal behaves in what is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated aspects by users from all over the world, that is, his bonus policy that We find much more than satisfactory.

As we know, it is precisely from the promotions that one of the most decisive criteria of choice passes when it comes to elect your favorite online casino and Betfair is undoubtedly a reality capable of making everyone happy, both in terms of welcome bonuses and bonuses of play, which we now go to argue specifically.

Welcome bonus

Il Welcome bonus It goes by that it is the most sought after by players from all over the world, that once they arrive on Betfair they will only be able to remain enthusiastic since we talk about one of the game portals that proposes more promotions dedicated to new users.

So what can we expect to receive when we register on Betfair Casino? What are the promotional offers with which the portal tries to deserve our registration?

Let's see it immediately up close by starting to say that the first dedicated surprise is a bonus of $ 25.00 no deposit to be obtained immediately, to which another of $ 1,000.00 is added that we can unlock while we play.

But this is what concerns the Casino section, because that betting for example offers a bonus of $ 25.00 more than the first deposit made (the minimum deposit amount is only $ 10.00), to which it is added Also a bonus of $ 5.00 per week for 40 weeks for all new members.

The latter is an objectively very valid offer of which we appreciate that it will be "spread" over time so as to make not only the beginning of our gaming experience but also the whole first period in which we will frequent the portal (and we are talking more or less 10 months !!)

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Game bonus

Obviously Betfair's promotional policy is not limited to rewarding only the new members because the game bonuses on which it is possible to rely are also various by choosing this platform. It is in the very nature of the bonuses to change continuously, but we are sure that only by illustrating those available at the moment it will be more than exhaustive to get an idea of the wealth of the offer.

What are the game bonuses currently present on Betfair?


At the moment only the welcome bonus from $ 5.00 is available for the Casino section without deposit More $ 1,000.00 unlockable by playing that we have seen a little while ago. To find out more about the Free spin Check our guide.

Bonus Sport

For the Sport section, at the moment there is the welcome bonus of $ 25.00 additional more $ 200.00 companies that we mentioned earlier to which the multiple club is accompanied, a bonus of $ 5.00 per week to play precisely on Multiple bets.

Bonus Exchange

For the Exchange section, a 100% reimbursement bonus on losses up to $ 10.00 to be enjoyed for five weeks and another $ 20.00 reimbursement bonus to make their first bet without too many concerns are provided.

Betfair USA: the VIP program

In the Betfair Casino universe, a VIP program is not yet available: a lack that we have actually seen many online casinos that evidently prefer to do without or for promotional issues or for technical reasons.

In our opinion, in the case of Betfair, it is a choice due to the presence of so many bonuses and games to make them central also in the path of use of users, but this is only our assumption that perhaps will be denied shortly with the opening of a New loyalty program.

In any case, even if it is also a lack is a fairly irrelevant lack in the overall judgment of the service.

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Betfair Casino Opinions: the games catalog with which to win

Entering the casino section of the Betfair site, you are going to compare with what is the game offer made available by the portal, and finally you get an idea of how rich and varied the catalog of this online casino is rich.

Of course, each type of game involves its section or subsection and from this point of view we must note that the site is rather well organized, as much as necessary when the site contemplates so many titles of all genres.

But we enter a little more in detail and go to see what are the main characteristics of all the most important categories of games.

Slot machine

On Betfair the section dedicated to Slot machine It is probably one of the richest ever and has more than 80 slot machines including all the most popular at this moment and all the real great classics.

It is an offer characterized by a very high technological level guaranteed by the presence of all the best software house in the world and all the possible variants that enrich the universe of slot-machine.

It is of course one of the sections that most attracts users and it is not surprising that it is also one of the best organized.

Table games

The section dedicated to board games is instead a little less developed and only 6 tables counts, but to be honest, it must also be said that many of the games that are normally found in this section find themselves in a separate dedicated to card games.

In any case we can find six ralette variants, in the particular European Roulette, Live Roulette, Age of Gods Roulette and Dragon Jackpot Roulette.

Card games

As mentioned a little while ago, the most famous casino card games have their own dedicated section in which it is possible to find another 6 tables, among which obviously all the most important and most played all over the world are found. Which? Here they are!

Video poker

Also the section Video poker It is quite sketched, this is because it counts only one available title: Jacks or Better.

A situation that in our experience can be said to be common to all those sections that are about to develop exponentially and that every now and then are left for some time in running -in before making them ready to leap.


With the Vegas games section we return to interesting numbers because more than 40 titles are available going from great classics to those of the moment. Also in this case it is an offer characterized above all by a first -rate quality and technological standard which apparently is a little part of Betfair's general philosophy.


Il poker With Betfair he lives in some way in a world apart, to begin with because he has a section of his own separated from that mess and secondly because it provides for the use of a dedicated client which is currently possible to download only in the Windows version ( For Mac users, the portal recommends the use of bootcamps to be able to start your Mac also using Windows).

In qualsiasi caso si tratta di una sezione ricca di tantissimi tornei, di tavoli Sit& Go e di classifiche dedicate agli obbiettivi più diversi, tanto che si è appunto meritata un’area a parte da dedicare alle migliaia e migliaia di utenti attivi specificamente per il poker (al momento della nostra visita sul sito solo in questa sezione erano attive 1.462 persone!)


But there would be no real thrill if there was also a section entirely dedicated to the games and tables with which to aspire to Jackpot even superlative: in this section it is possible to find something like almost 50 titles that offer Jackpot who (at least at this time) go from $ 176.00 to $ 2,900,000.00 and for which the average value is around $ 150/200,000.

In short, an interesting section made on purpose to make users who seek the famous "bang" dream and who prove to be absolutely fun thanks to the beginning of the great variety of different games of games with which to try their luck.

Betfair Casino Live: there is also live game

At this point no one will be surprised to discover that Betfair Casino also offers a live casino with which to enjoy the last bulwark that divides the gaming experience into an online casino with that of a traditional casino: we are obviously talking about the live game that allows you to sit virtually at real tables.

As we have seen some sections of Betfair are still in development and we think that this will soon find themselves extending his specific catalog, which now has 4 live tables: an offer certainly to be increased but which has very high quality titles that again than again they underline the choices of the portal.

What are the tables available in the Betfair live mess?

  • Live BlackJack Lobby
  • Live Roulette Lobby
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Spin a Win

Mobile Betfair: play everywhere thanks to the app

Betfair's offer is decidedly rich in terms of applications for mobile devices to bring the world of this online casino even in your pocket in your smartphone, iOS or Android that it is.

Betfair has decided to divide its features on various applications and has made available to its users 3 apps + 1 apps, which we now explain in detail:

  • Betfair Vegas - Slots and Games: the app to access the entire Casino Vegas offer present
  • Betfair Sport - Betting: the app to access the whole offer inherent in the betting section
  • Betfair Exchange - Betting: the app to access the entire Exchange betting catalog

To which you add a fourth not dedicated to the game:

  • Betting.betfair - Sport News: an app (currently in English) to disseminate all the sports news related to the world betair betting world

Betfair Casino: possible payment methods

We know well that the quality of an online casino also passes through at all secondary details such as the payment methods present to make all transactions, both of cash in and of cash out.

Betfair proposes a range of very nourished possibilities, among which to really find all the most common and used ones, which clearly represents another important piece in the description of the value of this portal.

What are the support methods supported?

  • Credit cards (Visa, Visaelectron, Mastercard, Maestro) - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 6.00
  • ApplePay - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 5.00
  • PayPal - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 1o, 00
  • Neteller - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 15.00
  • Skrill - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 10.00
  • Paysafecard - For Cash, Min. of $ 10.00
  • Bank transfer - For Cash In and Cash Out, Min. of $ 15.00

Betfair assistance - Customer Service

Another practical question of first importance in the evaluation of an online casino is the one with which we discover how his assistance service works, which is called to guarantee us full support whatever the problem we find using the service.

So how is Betfair customer support? It is a very well -made and technological assistance and is structured in a simple way that we see below:

  • Message from the site: by accessing the guide and section, a drop -down menu opens that allows you to choose the reference problem and send a message directly from the customer's assistance section that deals with that specific topic.
  • Telephone: you can you by phone by calling 840 320 109 (from USA) or the number +44 203 580 9064 (from abroad), this every day from 10.00 to 18.00 (GMT +1)

Betfair Casino Reviews - Conclusions

And we arrive as always at the time of having to sum up leaving you with some final comments regarding Betfair Casino, a casino that we like very much and that we are sure is only growing: one of the first assessments that we are doing is that we do not see there 'Now to review it again in a few months, bet that all the areas now less developed will instead be luxuriant.

We speak precisely of a game portal still not perfect but certainly well started in that direction, there are some details still to be filed and the sections to be enriched, but the identity of the site is clear and is completely devoted to technology and quality.

But also all the characteristics related to the relationship with users have become appreciated, referring in particular to the bonus policy, the games and customer assistance catalog, with a particular mention also for the apps that are however above the average compared to how much you can find around.

In a nutshell, Betfair has convinced us and now the ball passes to you giving it a chance!

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  • How important is the sport section of Betfair?

    Betfair was born first of all as a portal for sports betting specialized on any kind of sport: football obviously is the masters but the available possibilities are a real infinity and all offer access to top -level altitudes. In our review we go as always to emphasize the casino area of the portal but it is right to underline how sport and sportbook are actually the true soul of this excellent gambling portal and bets of any kind.

  • How do you connect your gaming account on Betfair to your bank?

    As you can see in specific detail on this page, the quality of Betfair also passes through all the most significant practical aspects that in any case are part of its offer and more generally of the experience of use, first of all the variety of systems of payment with which it is possible to connect your gaming account to your income statement in the way you prefer, so as to carry out all the cash in and cash out operations with convenience and Safety: not only bank account and credit cards or debt, but also Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and many other possibilities.

  • How many mobile apps are made available to Betfair users?

    Betfair has done a really excellent job by talking about applications for mobile devices through which to play on the move, there are even four available to users of the platform and they are all free for both iOS and Android devices: it is possible to find three apps Dedicated to the main play areas (slots and games, sports bets and Exchange bets) a fourth that instead allows you to know all the most relevant sports news for betting purposes.

  • Is it true that the Betfair site often goes into down?

    The answer is absolutely not, the Betfair site is completely stable and reliable and offers every guarantee: in the past some episodes of instability has happened (as on the other hand happens to all the platforms for many possible different reasons) but it was precisely A question of isolated cases that, moreover, no longer occurred after the various updates to the site. Often the unfortunate negative experience of someone is enough to make certain memories remain longer than necessary, but we can assure you that now the portal now offers high -level performance.

How important is the sport section of Betfair?

Betfair was born first of all as a portal for sports betting specialized on any kind of sport: football obviously is the masters but the available possibilities are a real infinity and all offer access to top -level altitudes. In our review we go as always to emphasize the casino area of the portal but it is right to underline how sport and sportbook are actually the true soul of this excellent gambling portal and bets of any kind.

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